21 Ways to Get Free Stocks for Signing Up

What could be better than owning stocks in growing companies and increasing your wealth with stocks? Get those stocks for free! It may sound strange, but it is actually possible to get free stocks through a number of different methods. There are a lot of companies and apps that give away stock in order to get people to try out their services, so you can take advantage of these freebies with little effort.

The goal of this article is to show you how to get free stocks that you can hold for the long run or resell at a profit.

Free Stocks: How to Get Them

We’ll examine the best offers in detail. You will often receive a free bonus when you sign up or create an account with these offers. You may need to deposit a specific amount to qualify for the bonus. By taking advantage of more than one offer, the rewards can really add up. However, these offers are subject to change at any time.

APP Key Feature

Best For

WebullStocks, ETFs, Options, & Crypto

☆ 4.7 / 5
Self-directed investors and intermediate traders
Commission-free trades
Five free stocks with a $5 deposit, valued between $27 – $9,600 and $5 worth of crypto for making one crypto trade

Public.comCommission-free social investing

☆ 4.7 / 5
New investors with limited capital
Commission-free trades
$10-$70 free stocks for signing up

Free automated investing

☆ 4.3 / 5
Passive investors
$0 trading or automated investing
$30 sign up bonus with $1,000 deposit

GroundFloorShort-term, high-yield real estate investing

☆ 4.8 / 5
Real estate investors looking for flips
No fees to invest, No AUM fees
$10 toward first investment

Allocate your portfolio with one click

☆ 4.2 / 5
Investors seeking a community of engaged investors
$4.99 per month if <25 trades on the platform; $4.50/trade after making 25 trades
Free cash to buy stock worth between $10 to $1,000
RobinhoodStocks, ETFs, Options, & Crypto

☆ 4.4 / 5
Basic stock and ETF investing, options
Commission-free trades
Free stock with sign up

StashInvesting, banking, educational resources

☆ 4.6 / 5
Young investors looking for a complete personal finance platform
$1/month – $9/month
$5 stock bonus for making a deposit of $5 or more

DiversyFundCommercial real estate

☆ 4.3 / 5
Commercial real estate investors looking for private REITs
No fees to invest, No AUM fees
$50 Amazon gift card with $500 minimum investment. Use code “Diversy50”

AcornsNo tax-loss harvesting features
☆ 4.8 / 5
Investors in college looking for a complete personal finance solution
$3/month – $5/month
$10 sign up bonus when making a first deposit at account opening

FirstTradeUp to $150 million account protection provided.☆ 4.5 / 5
Mutual fund and target-date fund investors
Commission-free trades
Free account bonus commensurate with contributed funds

EtradeTradable Securities
Stocks, mutual funds
☆ 4.5 / 5
Options traders
Commission-free trades
Free account bonus commensurate with contributed funds
UNestSpeed: Can get started in just 5 minutes☆ 4.5 / 5
Age-based investments in a custodial investment account
$3/month – $6/month
Matching bonus with $25 initial deposit ($25 bonus)

SoFiRecruitment Management,

☆ 4.6 / 5
Fee-free active trading and automated investing
Commission-free trades
Free stock worth between $5 – $1,000

CoinbaseEasy to use for cryptocurrency beginners
Support for a large number of cryptocurrencies
☆ 4.8 / 5
Best for crypto-focused traders looking for altcoins
Commissions vary by trading volume$5 to sign up and up to $25 total for altcoin learnings


With the Webull app or desktop, you’re able to trade stocks, options, ETFs, and crypto for free. Besides free trades, Webull also offers a wide range of tools, reports, and market commentary for in-depth analysis that can help you make the right investment decisions. Webull is therefore a popular choice among experienced investors.

Webull accounts are free and there are no minimums, so they are a great choice for investors. Additionally, they offer extended trading hours and 24/7 online support. The company frequently runs promotions involving a free share of stock, plus additional stock bonuses with an initial investment.

Commission-free trading
There are no minimums
You can also trade options and crypto
Analyzing tools and reports

Getting Free Stock from Webull

Webull is currently offering 5 free stocks worth up to $9,600 to new users. For signing up, you’ll receive two free stocks (each worth $3 to $300). When you fund your account with any amount, you’ll receive three more free stocks (worth $7 – $3,000 each). Get free stocks with this offer, it’s one of the best available, so be sure not to miss it.

2. M1 Finance

Free automated investing is offered by M1 Finance. As a Robo advisor, M1 Finance has some features and functionality. However, it is free. There are more than 80 expert investment portfolios available, providing plenty of investment choices. You can choose specific securities for your own portfolio or choose from more than 80 expert portfolios. You can also purchase fractional shares of any investment offered by M1 Finance.

You can obtain a fractional share of Amazon stock for a lower price if you don’t have enough money to purchase a full share. Investing with M1 Finance is simple for anyone. The only thing you need to do is deposit money, and M1 Finance will invest it automatically based on your preferences and selections. M1 Finance will also take care of automatic rebalancing to ensure your investments remain in line with your target asset allocation.

Automated investing without fees
There are no trading commissions
You can choose from 80 expert portfolios or create your own
There are no management fees
Buy fractional shares of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
The dynamic rebalancing of the system
Children can open custodial accounts

Getting Free Stock from M1 Finance

If you sign up through this referral link, you’ll receive a $50 bonus that will be invested according to your preferences. If you refer a friend, you’ll receive $50 as well.

3. Public.com

  • The popular investing app Public.com includes a variety of social features. The Public.com app allows you to follow other investors, share insights with your friends, and connect with new people. Public.com users can even join group chats with executives of publicly traded companies.
  • It’s a perfect platform for anyone who wants to learn more about investing or who enjoys communicating with other investors. There’s always something new to learn because the Public.com community is so active. The use of themes by Public.com is another interesting feature. There are themes when it comes to companies (such as female CEOs). These themes can be used to find companies to invest in.
  • In addition to these unique features, Public.com also offers commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency. There is no minimum deposit or minimum balance requirement, so it’s perfect for new investors. You can purchase full shares or fractional shares.
  • Public.com is one of the best investing apps because it offers a user-friendly experience in addition to many features and benefits. Public also stands out by not participating in Payment for Order Flow (PFOF), which means they do not sell your trades. Instead, they route them directly to the exchanges.
Commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies
Connect with other investors through social features
Purchase fractional shares
There are no minimums
Find companies you might want to invest in by using themes
Make your own list of long-term investments

Getting Free Stock from Public.com

By signing up through this link (it takes just a few minutes), you’ll receive up to $70 of free stock in a company of your choice. Your friends can also earn free stock by referring you.

4. Robinhood

  • The trend of commission-free trades has now spread to a growing number of brokerages, but Robinhood was the first to offer it. Besides allowing you to trade stocks and ETFs for free, Robinhood also lets you trade options and cryptocurrencies.
  • The Robinhood app features a clean design that is easy to use, which makes it a great option for new investors. Also, Robinhood doesn’t charge an account opening fee or require a minimum deposit. Robinhood was actually launched with the purpose of removing some of the common barriers to investing in the stock market.
  • A great feature of fractional investing is that it allows you to buy a percentage of a share of stock for a relatively small investment. This makes it an excellent option for beginners.
  • You will also have access to Robinhood’s FDIC-insured cash management service as a Robinhood customer. Your money will earn interest and you will be able to access it for your bills, or you can invest it quickly when the situation arises.
Commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs
Invest in stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies
Fractional shares can be purchased
There are no minimums
With a cash management account, you can earn interest on your money

Getting Free Stocks from Robinhood

As a signup bonus, Robinhood offers a free stock to encourage people to try out the service. You can get it if you sign up here and open an account within 24 hours. When your brokerage account is approved, you’ll receive a free share of stock valued between $2.50 and $200.

5. Stash

Stash is more than just an investing app. In addition to investing, Stash lets you learn, save, and bank. Stash offers educational materials to help users manage their money better. In addition to articles, they also have some interactive tools that help you build a diversified portfolio.

Stash offers a debit card that allows you to earn stock instead of cashback on your purchases. If you are interested in investing, you can open an IRA and select from curated investments or set up automatic investments.

You can buy fractional shares of stocks and ETFs
There are no minimums
Earn stock rewards with a debit card
Kids can open custodial accounts
IRA accounts are available
A bank account is included

Getting Free Stock from Stash

Stash is currently offering new users $5 to invest. Simply create an account here to take advantage of this offer. Additionally, you can get another $20 bonus if you link a direct deposit to your Stash account.

6. Tornado

  • Tornado, formerly known as Nvstr, offers no-minimum trading and emphasizes collective wisdom. You can get investment advice from trusted people through Tornado, as well as get insight from leading investors.
  • One-click is all it takes to allocate your investment portfolio with Tornado. This technology was developed based on Nobel Prize-winning research and helps you to allocate or reallocate your portfolio efficiently.
  • Tornado’s simulated trading allows you to practice and learn without risk, making it one of the best apps for beginners. It’s free to create an account with Tornado, and you’ll be eligible for the signup bonus. You can also refer friends to get additional stocks.
There is no minimum investment
You can assign your portfolio with a single click
Collaborate with others in the investing community and learn from their collective wisdom
Simulation of trading

Getting Free Stock from Tornado

Create a free account with Tornado and you’ll receive a free bonus (up to $1,000). If you place a trade within two months, that bonus will be added to your account. The bonus can’t be withdrawn for 12 months, but your investments may enable the value of the bonus to increase during that time. Overall, Tornado is one of the best apps that give you free stock.

7. Bumped

Using Bumped, you can earn fractional shares of stock based on your purchases. Unlike cashback apps like Drop or Dosh, you’ll earn free stock instead of cashback or points on the prices you pay. It’s investing without any risk.

When you create your Bumped account, you’ll link it to your credit card. With your linked card, you will earn free stock whenever you make purchases at participating stores and websites. Bumped is offering free stocks to a growing number of companies.

With Bumped, you can earn many different stocks from over 1,000 brands. Once Bumped is set up, you’ll earn stock when you make a purchase. Moreover, it can be combined with rewards credit cards and other cashback apps, so you can stack the rewards.

It’s free of charge
Quick and easy to set up
You can earn fractional shares of stock based on your purchases
To maximize your rewards, stack the free shares of stock with cashback

Bumped Stock: How to Get Free Stock

You can sign up for Bumped here. When you create your free account and link your credit cards, you can choose your loyalties in each category. Then sit back and earn fractional shares from your purchases. Additionally, you can earn stock rewards from even more brands by making purchases through the app.

8. Groundfloor

Groundfloor is one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms for non-accredited investors. A program is a great option for new investors with some risk tolerance because you can invest in real estate with as little as $10, and you’ll even get a $10 bonus.

You will have the option to invest in a variety of house flips, and you can see details such as the loan amount, the interest rate you will earn, the size of the loan as a percentage of the after repair value, the term of the loan, and other details. With Groundfloor, you can earn an average yield of 11%, depending on the specific investments you choose.

You can invest as little as $10 in real estate
Earn an average interest rate of 11%
Select the projects you want to invest in

Getting Free Stock from Groundfloor

With Groundfloor, you’ll get a free investment in real estate instead of stocks. You must open a Groundfloor account through this link and invest at least $10 to qualify for the $10 bonus.

9. DiversyFund

Another real estate crowdfunding platform that offers an attractive bonus is DiversyFund. In addition to getting the bonus, DiversyFund allows you to own shares of multi-family real estate hands-free. DiversyFund handles everything for you, so all you have to do is invest.

The company identifies properties that can be purchased below market value and improved. In roughly five years, DiversyFund manages all of the renovations and management of the property before selling it.

Invest in real estate with as little as $500
It’s totally hands-free
DiversyFund manages a portfolio of properties selected and managed by the fund

Get DiversyFund’s Free Bonus (get free stocks)

DiversyFund is offering a $50 bonus (Amazon gift card) to new investors for a limited time. Using the coupon code “Diversy50”, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of at least $500.

10. Firstrade

Firstrade, an online brokerage firm, offers commission-free stock trading, ETFs, options, and thousands of mutual funds. Professional traders will appreciate Firstrade‘s research tools.

There are no commissions on stocks, ETFs, options, or mutual funds
Extending trading hours
There are no options for contract fees

Get Free Stocks from Firstrade

Firstrade is a bit different than most of the other trading apps listed here. For free stock, you’ll need to refer friends. You will earn free stock for the referral, and your friends will also receive free stock.

11. Acorns

  • The Acorns app invests your spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. Acorns will invest $0.75 on your behalf if you spend $5.25 on a purchase and have automatic round-ups turned on. This is a great way for novice investors to get started.
  • Investing and saving can be automated through Acorns, and with the small roundups, you’ll barely notice the difference. With Acorn, you can choose from professionally-designed portfolios so that investing is automatic and diversified (note: you won’t be purchasing individual stocks).
  • In addition to the roundups, you can also set up automated recurring contributions or contribute manually at any time. An interesting feature is the option to invest in Acorns Sustainable Portfolios.
  • Children can save and invest with Acorns Early, one of their investment products. It’s an excellent way to teach your kids about money and investing. Also, you can open an Acorns Spend checking account that will allow you to earn and save more money. Acorns do require a small subscription fee, so you should make sure the benefits outweigh the costs.
If you have spare change, roundups are a great investment
Invest in portfolios built by professionals
Invest in recurring revenue
Acorns Early helps you invest for and with your kids

Getting Free Stock from Acorns

Acorns offer a $10 bonus when you open a new account. Acorns deposit $10 into your account after you complete the signup process and make your first investment, which is invested according to your preferences.

12. MooMoo

Moomoo is a free stock trading app that, similar to Webull, provides more data and research tools than some competitors. Moomoo tries to meet the needs of both new investors and professional traders. Moomoo users enjoy commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, Options, and ADRs (investing in foreign companies).

The stock market has no commissions
Research data and tools

Getting Free Stock from Moomoo

Moomoo offers free stock as a bonus, just like the other apps discussed here. The stock is valued at $3 – $3,500. You can also earn free stocks for making an initial deposit of different amounts (up to five free stocks in total). 

13. Invstr

With Invstr, you can trade stocks, ETFs, and crypto for free. As low as $5 can be spent on fractional shares. Invstr also offers banking through Vast Bank in addition to trading and investing.

Commission-free trading
You can invest in crypto as well as stocks, ETFs, and ADRs
Online banking (including free debit cards)

Getting Free Bitcoin from Invstr

Instead of offering stock bonuses, Invstr is offering new users a bonus of 30 Bitcoin. To get the Bitcoin bonus, you must open an account through this referral link and deposit at least $1,000.

14. E -Trade

Customers who open new retirement or brokerage accounts with E*TRADE can take advantage of a bonus offer. It is possible to earn a significant bonus if you have a large balance to transfer. The bonus amount depends on how much you invest.

The offer is valid for retirement or brokerage accounts
Trade stocks, ETFs, and options without commissions
There are more than 4,000 no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds available
There are plenty of investment options

Getting Free Stock from E*TRADE

Tiers of the cash bonus are as follows:

Get a $50 bonus when you deposit $10,000 – $19,999
Get a $100 bonus when you deposit $20,000 – $49,999
You can get a $200 bonus when you deposit $50,000 – $9999
Get $300 bonus by depositing $100,000 – $199,999
Get $600 bonus when you deposit $200,000 – $499,999
Get a bonus of $1,200 with a deposit of $500,000 – $999,999
You can get a $2,500 bonus if you deposit $1,000,000 – $1,499,999
You can get a $3,500 bonus if you deposit $1,500,000 or more

15. Ally Invest

A popular trading platform for investors, Ally Invest offers a large bonus to new customers who bring a substantial amount of money to the platform.

  • Invest commission-free in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and options
  • Up to $150 will be credited to you for transfer fees charged by your current brokerage
  • Real-time data and excellent research tools
  • Investment options are plentiful

Getting Free Stock from Ally Invest

The following are the cash reward bonus amounts based on the deposit:

Get a $100 bonus when you deposit $10,000 – $24,999
Get a $250 bonus by depositing $25,000-$99,999
Get a $300 bonus when you deposit $100,000 – $249,999
Get a $600 bonus when you deposit $250,00 – $499,999
You can get a $1,200 bonus if you deposit $500,000 to $999,999
Get a $2,000 bonus when you deposit $1,000,000 – $1,999,999
Get a $3,000 bonus when you deposit $2,000 or more

16. Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is Merrill Lynch’s self-directed investing account. Merrill Edge accounts feature commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options, plus no minimum account balance requirements. You can instantly transfer funds between Merrill Edge and Bank of America if you have a Bank of America account.

  • Free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options
  • A tool to help you generate investment ideas
  • Professional support from Merrill Lynch when you need it

How to Get the Free Bonus at Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is currently offering a welcome bonus for new customers, but you have to deposit at least $20,000 to get it. Here are the bonuses:

Get a $100 bonus if you deposit between $20,000 and $4,999
Get a $150 bonus when you deposit $50,000 – $99,999
Get a $250 bonus when you deposit $100,000 – $199,999
Get a $600 bonus when you deposit $200,000 or more

17. Block Fi

When it comes to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies, BlockFi is one of the top choices. You can also earn up to 9.25% APY on interest-bearing accounts, paid in crypto. In addition, you can earn 1.5% rewards in crypto for every purchase you make using the BlockFi Visa Signature rewards credit card.

  • Buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies
  • Earn interest and get paid in crypto
  • With the rewards credit card, you can earn crypto rewards with every purchase

Get Free Bitcoins from BlockFi

BlockFi offers new users up to $250 in Bitcoin. You will earn a bonus based on how much you transfer to BlockFi. Tiers are as follows:

You can receive a $15 BTC bonus if you deposit $100 – $1,499
Get a $20 bonus if you deposit between $1,500 and $19,999
Get $40 bonus in Bitcoin by depositing $20,000 – $39,000
Get a $75 Bitcoin bonus when you deposit $40,001 – $74,999
Get a $100 bonus in bitcoin by depositing $75,000 – $99,999
Get a $250 Bitcoin bonus when you deposit $100,000 or more

18. Coinbase ($25 bonus)

  • Sign-up bonus: $5 – $25
  • Accessible via desktop, Apple iOS, and Google Android.
  • Coinbase was founded in 2012 with the belief that anyone, anywhere should be able to trade, send, and receive Bitcoin securely. Now, almost a decade later, the company has gone public and has built a platform with over 56 million users.
  • Clearly, something went right. The company has become the most trusted and easy-to-use platform for gaining access to not only the cryptomarkets for trading but the broader crypto economy as well.
  • Cryptocurrency statistics show millions of new users join this market every month, driving many coins into the mainstream and pushing companies to accept them as a method of payment.
  • When you create a Coinbase account, you can also get a Visa debit card for spending crypto anywhere. Your spending history can be viewed in the form of spending summaries, transaction receipts, and instant notifications.
  • Using the Coinbase debit card, you’ll be able to spend cryptocurrency and manage your account balance wherever you are. The advantage of trading crypto on apps like Robinhood or eToro, however, is avoiding trading commissions. Coinbase charges commissions based on trading volume and can range from $0.99 to $2.99 or even 3.99% if you choose to buy BTC using a debit card.

Get Your Free Bitcoins from Coinbase

  • The company offers $5 of Bitcoin with no deposit when you sign up for an account at Coinbase – simply open an account and get your Bitcoin.
  • To learn about the new cryptocurrencies launched on the platform for trading and commerce, they offer an additional $20 USD worth of cryptocurrencies. It pays to learn about new cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.
  • Consider opening an account with Coinbase and making an initial deposit to find out if the app meets your needs.

19. MyConstant (Secured P2P Loans), *$7 + $15

  • Sign-up bonus: *$7 (interest earned on $4,000 given at signup for 15 days); $15 if you make a deposit of $1,000 or more
  • Available on Google Play for desktop, Apple iOS, and Android
  • Myconstant provides an alternative investment option for those interested in earning interest income compared with the many brokerages listed in this article.
  • The peer-to-peer lending platform offers secured lending opportunities and high-interest savings accounts, but the higher rate option does not provide FDIC insurance protection.
  • The P2P loans offer yields of 6% or more, depending on how long you wish to hold the loan for.  In addition, MyConstant offers secured loans, unlike other P2P lending platforms.
  • Therefore, the loans originated on the MyConstant platform come with collateral backing the obligation, providing more security over your invested funds.
  • I want to point out that MyConstant is not an FDIC-insured high-yield savings account or a certificate of deposit (CD).
  • As an alternative investment platform, MyConstant offers investors attractive returns.

Getting Your Free Bonus at MyConstant

  • Consider opening an account and making an initial deposit of $50 if this alternative investment platform sounds appealing.
  • You can keep the interest you earn during that time period if you deposit $4,000 with MyConstant for 15 days.
  • 4% APR comes to ~$7 risk-free.  Furthermore, it shows you how the platform works and allows you to play with house money.
  • You can also receive a $15 account credit if you deposit $1,000 or more.

20. UNest ($25 bonus)

  • $25 free sign-up bonus
  • The app is available on Google Play for desktop, Apple iOS, and Android.
  • Parents using UNest can save for all of the important life stages that their children will experience – college, a first car, a home.
  • Investing in a kid’s name through a custodial account makes this money app one of the best investments for teenagers.
  • UNest offers the UNest Investment Account for Kids via an app that makes it easy for families of all income levels and backgrounds to set up and manage savings and investment plans for their kids.
  • Through the UNest partner program, UNest account holders can receive bonuses for their children’s UNest accounts from brands such as Disney, AT&T, Uber, DoorDash, Levis etc.

Getting Free Bonus From UNest

To get started with the app, new users who open and fund an account with at least $25 will receive a matching $25 account credit.

  • Using the Optimizer tool, you simply select the stocks you want in your portfolio and then allow the tool to trade into the optimal allocation of each based on your risk tolerance.
  • Nvstr charges $4.50 per trade after 25 trades per month, which are included in the $4.99 membership fee, unlike Webull and Robinhood.
  • Signing up for an account with Nvstr requires a monthly subscription, which qualifies you for the signup bonus.

21. Sofi

SoFi is an all-in-one financial app.SoFi lets you invest passively or actively, save and spend, as well as take out loans. Since SoFi has a large marketing budget, like many new fin-tech apps, it frequently runs free promotions for new users. As part of the SoFi Invest Claw promotion, users received a free stock in the past.

Invest free stock with SoFi Active Invest

You can win a free stock worth up to $1,000 when you open a new SoFi Active Investing account!

The SoFi Invest Claw Promotion is taking place at this time
Creating an account with SoFi Active Invest is easy
Then you’ll be able to play the claw game in the app to grab a game piece
Every game piece has a dollar amount that will be exchanged for a Stock Bit (aka fractional share) of your choice

Approximately 85% of people end up with a stock bit worth $5, although the dollar amount varies.

You can get a $100 Bitcoin bonus from SoFi Crypto

You must open a new account and make a purchase of $50 or more within 7 days to qualify for the bonus. Bonus payouts are based on the value of the first trade:

Get a $10 Bitcoin bonus when you buy $50 to $99.99 worth of crypto
Get a $15 Bitcoin bonus when you spend $100 to $499.98 in crypto
Get a $50 Bitcoin bonus for crypto purchases of $500 to $4,999.99
Get $100 Bitcoin bonus with $5,000+ worth of crypto

The offer expires 3/31/22, so act now!PlagiarismBack to all suggestions looks like your text is 100% original.
We found no matching text in our databases or on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

A free bonus is appealing to everyone, no matter whether they’re active traders or long-term investors. Seeing how many of these offers there are might have surprised you. You can easily earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in rewards without making a lot of effort now that you know how to get free stocks for signing up. This is a great way to start investing. Take action today, as these offers could disappear at any moment.


Are there any free stocks?

Today, many brokers offer commission-free trades, and some go even further, offering free stock charts and portfolio trackers. Several are even offering free stocks to entice investors. However, the criteria vary from broker to broker.

What is the best way to invest in stocks for free?

As a low-cost broker, TD Ameritrade gives you the opportunity to build a great portfolio. Commission-free investing is available with TD Ameritrade for stocks, ETFs, and options. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of no-load and commission-free mutual funds. Ally, TD Ameritrade consistently offers some of the best sign-up bonuses around.

How much money do I need to invest in making $1000 a month?

In order to have $1,000 per month in retirement income, you must have at least $240,000 saved. Each month, you receive $1,000. Every year, you withdraw 5% of that amount, or $12,000.