Moomoo Promotion (Earn more than $4000 offer extended)

Moomoo is a commission-free trading app to buy Stocks, ADRs, ETFs, and Options. As per the current Moomoo promotion, you can avail of 6 Free stocks you are signup as a new user.  

To get free stock from Moomoo, you need to open a brokerage account, fund it with $1 or more, and then get free stock. When you fund your Account to $2,000, you’ll get additional three free stocks, each worth up to $3550.

The features of Moomoo, including no minimum account balance, no commission for both pre-market and post-market trading, and the Moomoo signup bonus of 10 free stocks make it the clear winner among its competitors.

Moomoo Trading App Testimonial: I am an investor who uses the App. I receive one stock for the first person who refers me to the platform. For each additional referral, I receive two stocks. I can select any five stocks from the list above. Now It is your chance to get 5 Free Stocks.

Get 6 Free Stocks with Moomoo signup Now

Moomoo Welcome Bonus :

Until March 31, 2022, Each new Futu Inc. account will receive a chance to draw for free stock worth between $3 and $3,500. You need to Complete a minimum deposit of $2,000 to receive three chances to draw for a free stock worth between $9 and $3,500. 


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How can I get free stocks from moomoo?

You need to follow the below tasks to get free stocks:

  1. Signup and Download the moomoo App and register an account with moomoo.
  2. If you open a brokerage account with Futu Inc. through moomoo, you’ll receive a chance to draw for a free stock worth between $3 and $3,500 once your Account is approved.
  3. When you deposit any amount during the promotion period, you will be eligible for a free stock worth between $9 and $3,500.
  4. Deposit $2,000 or more (net) during the promotion period to get 3 chances to draw a free stock worth between $9 and $3,500.

How to Open A Moomoo Account 

You can open an account either by going directly official Futu site or Moomooo App. Follow the below steps:

Open an Account in the Official Website

1) Go to Moomoo (Futu Inc.’s Official) Website

2) Click Account on the navigation bar log in.

3) Click Account on the navigation bar, then click Open Account.

4) Verify your Email.

5) Submit your application. You will receive a response on the same day. You may be contacted for more information in some cases.

Open an Account in the App

  1. Download the moomoo App via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Sign up with moomoo and Choose Open Account.
  3. You need to Verify your Email.
  4. Submit your application form within the moomoo App. Verify your Email.

Below are mandatory Eligibilities: 

  1. New moomoo users who sign up to join moomoo and open a Futu Inc. brokerage account during the Promotion Period are eligible. 
  2. The offer is only valid for U.S. residents with a valid Social Security Number (SSN), at least 18 years old and who do not have a Futu Inc. brokerage account.

Moomoo features:

  1. $0 Commission for trading. 
  2. No minimum account balance. 
  3. Make unlimited commission-free trades in Stocks, ADRs, ETFs, & Options with moomoo®. 
  4. 24/7 Financial News. 
  5. Better Execution Price.
  6. 37 Drawing tools. Registered Brokerage.

Robinhood Vs Moomoo? Who is better

Robinhood offers just a single share of stock Webull will give you a few shares based on deposits. So it’s a better offer than Robinhood, simply because you can get more by making a deposit, comparable to what Webull is offering.

The account has no maintenance fees, it’s free to open, and there are no activity requirements. I don’t see a downside to opening an account and getting the free shares of stock.

Webull Vs Moomoo? Which is better

Webull gives you $10 worth of stocks for free, while Robinhood charges $0 per month.

What are other promotions available with Moomoo?

Amongst all the trading platforms, Moomoo is currently offering the most attractive promotion. These promotions are:

  1. Free stocks
  2. 180 days commission-free trading
  3. Free Level 2 market data for U.S. market
  4. Free Learning
  5. Free Level 1 market data in the S.G. stock market
  6. One free Lucid or Apple share
  7. Bump this figure up to more than $200,000 worth of shares, and you’ll get either an iPhone 13 (256GB) or three free Apple shares. Applicants who transfer from S$100,000 to S$199,999 worth of shares are rewarded with two Apple shares.
  8. Referral offer: refer your friend to sign up. For each successful referral, you’ll receive a Free stocks as per current promotions.


What charges or fees should you look out for? When can I receive free stocks?

You will earn free stocks once you deposit any money. Stocks are randomly selected according to a specific probability distribution, so you may not receive the same stock as your friends.

For whom is Moomoo best?

Moomoo is another great alternative for Robinhood. This is an outstanding trading platform if you want to dive deep into smart trading. 

What charges or fees should you look out for?

There are no charges with Moomoo. It is completely free with some restrictions. These restriction includes when you trade for other country stocks. Below are the charges:
1. Hong Kong stocks; the commission is 0.03% of the invested amount or HKD 3, whichever is higher.
2. Moomoo margin rates are high.

How to Contact Moomoo:

You can send them an email to

Moomoo pros and cons

A big plus for Moomoo is that zero-commission trading is available with all US equities including stocks, ETFs, and options. Below are some Pros and Cons:


Free stocks as signup bonus and Referral bonus
Fast and easy account opening
No fees on ETFs and options
Free Learning and Training.
Quality analytical tools


Limited product portfolio
High Margin rates. 
Only bank transfer for deposit/withdrawal
No live chat or telephone support. Customer support is available via email only.


Moomoo main goals is to help people save money by offering Free or low-cost trading fees. Moomoo offers free stock trading services, and there are no fees associated with this service. They have a little higher Margin rates so We recommend not to use Margin money. By margin trading, you borrow money from your broker to trade more shares than the cash in your account. This borrowed money will incur interest – this is called the margin rate. Margin rates can account for a significant portion of your trading expenses. So trade with your money rather Margin money to save interest fees and maximize your savings.