How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Extra Money Online in 2024

How to sell feet pics when I heard the first time that you could make money without a job and selling feet pictures online, I laughed in their face. I discovered that selling feet pics is a totally legit way to make extra money online from home!

Table of Contents

Who buys photos of feet?

  • Foot modeling agencies
  • Sites with stock photos
  • Sellers on Etsy (temporary tattoos, foot jewelry, lotions, scrubs, and creams)
  • Artists (sculptors and painters)
  • People who have a foot fetish
  • Websites for podiatry
  • Several shoe companies
  • Production companies
  • Feet Lovers 
  • Painters
  • Foot pictures – how should sell them?

    Is anybody looking for some easy extra money online? Beginners only need a decent camera or smartphone capable of taking high-quality shots, some inexpensive lighting, and access to the internet to start selling photos. Each month, you can make passive income ideas by selling foot pictures. Even if you’re not interested in selling photos of your own feet, you can sell photos of other people’s feet or even baby feet.

    Selling feet pictures is the best way to do it

     You can sell pictures of your feet for more money if you follow these tips.

    1. Know how to protect yourself from scammers and creeps.
    2. Select a platform (or select a platform or (Learn how to take professional-quality photos (and how to edit them)
    3. Post your photos on the platforms of your choice
    4. Pictures of feet for sale online
    5. Online foot pictures for sale
    6. Continue by rinsing and repeating

    How to avoid being scammed when selling feet pictures online

    Foot pictures are not available to everyone who wants to buy them. It’s a fact. When making any kind of online transaction, you need to be careful in order to protect yourself and avoid getting scammed. You can take the following steps to keep your feet pictures safe when selling them online:

    1. Please remain anonymous

    Selling photos online does not require you to disclose your real name. By doing so, you will invite stalkers into your life. Your foot photo business needs a separate (anonymous) email address and social media account. Do not give clients your name, address, or phone number.

    2. Take photos without showing your face.

    Sellers of food pics are excellent at showing their faces (and other body parts) in their photos. When working with seedier clients, you’ll find that the more you show, the more money you earn. Having said that, do you really want your personal photos floating aimlessly around the internet, where anyone can access them, edit them, and reshare them?

    3. It is not permitted to answer personal questions.

    It’s common to receive and respond to specific questions and requests regarding your feet ‘pictures, e.g., angles, backgrounds, nail polish colors, etc. Sensitive personal information should never be requested by a buyer (or potential buyer).

    4. Gift cards (physical or electronic) are not accepted.

    Gift cards are either stolen or counterfeit, or clients intend to cancel the transaction once they receive their photos.

    There is if you like the idea of accepting Amazon gift codes as payment, When you receive the email with the code from the client, before delivering the goods, you can immediately visit Amazon and buy a new gift card with the customer’s code, which you can use whenever you’d like without worrying about the customer revoking the gift code.

    5. You should never accept an overpayment.

    As another common scamming tool, scammers will offer you more than you asked for a product, with the promise you will send them some of the money back after it is deposited into your account. Alternatively, they may ‘accidentally’ pay too much and request the difference to be refunded. They may ask you for a ‘small payment’ to verify your legitimacy. In either case, the original payment is fraudulent, and the seller loses money.

    6. You can attract clients by offering your photos at a discount.

    When you compromise on the price of your photos, clients assume one of two things:

    1. You produce low-quality work
    2. Haggling is possible in the future regarding your work’s price

    7. Your previews should always be watermarked.

    When you post your images for sale, always blur the image (using a free editing program like Canva) or add a watermark to show ownership of your work. If you do not, you may, later on, stumble upon other sellers who may pass off your work as their own and profit from it.

    8. Payment must be received before images can be released.

    • You can accept safe, secure payments for your products by using a variety of apps and programs. Well-known and widely accepted apps include Venmo, Cash App, Wise, and Paypal. You can set up a shop on your own website using WooCommerce or Shopify.
    • Before you deliver a final image to the customer, it’s essential to constantly (and I mean always) verify that payment has been received. Additionally, before sending photos purchased via Paypal, Venmo, or CashApp, always withdraw the money first. 

    In America, where can you buy and sell feet pictures

    • After you’ve taken feet pictures and compiled them into a portfolio, the fun part begins: promoting your business!
    • Feet pictures can generally be sold in three different categories: stock photo websites, eCommerce websites, and social media platforms.
    • You can sell pictures of your feet in many different places online. Instant and FeetFinder are two of the best sites. 
    • You can also sell feet pictures on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

    Here is a guide for beginners on how to take good foot pictures

    Having decided on your terms and knowing how to stay safe when selling, you’re ready to snap. Before taking your first photo of your feet, I recommend planning ahead, even though you can definitely try selling photos of your feet on the street.

    1. Multiple angles and high-quality images of the feet should be taken.

    It is possible to take photos of your feet with your phone or with a digital camera, but you should know that many sites will only accept photos taken by professionals (which means that the photos must be at least 2MB in size). Above all, foot pictures must be clear and clutter-free.

    2. You should take care of your feet.

    You should start by taking good care of your feet. Invest in foot scrubs, foot files, foot masks, hydrating lotion for feet, and regular pedicures if you can afford them.

    Follow these 6 tips to take care of your feet:

    Toenails and cuticles should be trimmed regularly
    Every day, moisturize your feet
    Regularly soak your feet and scrub off any thick, dead skin
    Use whitening toothpaste on yellow toenails
    Wear thick socks at night and apply lotion to your feet
    Keep the soles of your feet clean by wearing socks and shoes or slippers around the house and yard

    3. You might want to invest in some basic equipment and courses.

    Getting started selling feet pictures doesn’t require any special equipment. However, there are several items you should consider if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

    Photography courses for beginners
    DSLR camera for entry-level users
    Lighting kit for indoor photography
    Software/program for editing photographs (Canva, Photoshop, Lightroom, or PicMonkey)

    4. Spy on your competitors (also known as market research)

    Are you unsure which foot poses sell best or how to style your feet for a photoshoot? Take a look at as many foot photographers as possible. You should pay attention to the foot poses that sell the best. Are indoor or outdoor shots more eye-catching? Jewelry or no jewelry?

    Here are five of the best foot poses to take pictures of your feet

    Buyers of foot photos may prefer candid (unstaged) photographs, while others may request specific images of their feet. These are the ones who can make real money.

    • The bottom of the feet –The soles of the feet are the focus. It is best to take close-up photos.
    • The Top of the foot –Typically, close-up shots of the feet are preferred.
    • Foot Arches A photo can be taken from the side, bottom, or top, but the arches should be the main focus (the higher, the better).
    • Toe Spread-You can take photos from the top or bottom.
    • Heels in shoes-It are possible to take photos from any angle, with shoes on, kicking them off, or dangling on feet.

    5. You can arrange a photo shoot of your feet.

    Photoshoots of the feet can be done anywhere and at any angle, you desire, from close-ups of the feet to shots of the feet in shoes. Try taking as many different angles and lighting conditions as you can so that your feet photos are more marketable. If you want a professional-looking photoshoot of your feet, you’ll want to focus on lighting, props, and backdrops.

    6. Lighting tips for feet photography

    You’ll need some decent lighting to take decent photos of your feet. There are several alternatives to lighting kits if you do not have access to one:

    • The natural light: You should try to use natural light when possible; however, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible; otherwise, your photos will be too bright, and your feet will appear washed out.
    • An LED light: Set up some LED light bulbs around the area where you usually shoot photos if you don’t have access to natural light. 
    • A flashlight: If there is no natural light and no LED lights, you can use the flashlight feature on your phone. In some rather dark spaces, it’s usually bright enough to take a picture of your feet.

    7. Photographing feet with props

    Touch up your nail polish, apply lotion, and wear toe rings, temporary tattoos, barefoot jewelry, etc., before you begin shooting.

    The following are some more useful prop ideas:

    • Using candles: You can place a few candles around your feet while taking a photo for extra lighting effects and an overall mystic effect that everyone will enjoy.
    • The flowers: As an attractive prop, place some flowers from your flower garden around your feet.
    • Temporary tattoos include: Temporary tattoos can be applied to your feet to accentuate their curves.
    • Jewelry for the feet: Think about wearing toe rings, toe bangles, or anklets.

    8. A few ideas for foot photography backgrounds

    A good backdrop will help you gain maximum exposure for your feet. Here are some ideas for feet photography backgrounds:

    • Marble: Make your feet ‘photography background out of a piece of marble tile. In addition to being trendy and modern, it will complement the feet pictures nicely.
    • Sand: A few handfuls of sand in front of your feet will create an almost beach-like effect that will look great in photos
    • Wood: Place a piece of wood (preferably with the bark intact – it looks better when it contrasts with the feet).
    • Carpet: If possible, place a piece of plush carpet directly under your feet. This will give your photographs a much more symmetrical appearance.
    • The white bedding: Blankets and sheets in white will add a soft, feminine touch to photographs

    After you’ve compiled a decent portfolio of feet photos, you’re ready to begin marketing.

    What are the tax implications of selling pictures of feet?

    The sale of feet photos is subject to taxes. Any earnings over $600 for the year must be reported. For tax purposes, any extra income earned from foot photo sales must be recorded on Schedule C (IRS form 1040) to determine your business’ profit/loss. If you owe tax, you’ll need to use Schedule SE (form 1040). Consider foot photography if you’re looking for a way to make money quickly! You can still sell well even if your photos aren’t perfect or of professional quality since it is such an unusual niche!

    Is it possible to make money selling pictures of your feet online?

    It will depend on the client or buyer. As with other forms of photography, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $100 (even more) per photo. If you want to start selling feet photos, those prices are widespread. 

    If the feet are your photographs or work, then it is entirely legal to sell them. It is illegal to sell images that are not your own. 

    How to sell feet pictures on websites and apps

    At first, you should focus on one or two sites or apps. As you gain experience, you can market your products across multiple sites/social media platforms.

    Here are the best places to sell feet photos online.

    1. You should have a website.

    • Start a website ASAP so that you can feature and sell your foot photos
    • Starting a food photography blog can be a good idea, and you can include content on foot care, lighting, backgrounds, etc. 
    • Next, you can sell your food photos via an eCommerce platform like Shopify.
    • You can make money in a variety of ways once you set up your own website and link a shop to it. for example:
    • Sell your photos of your feet
    • by becoming an Amazon affiliate (foot care and foot photography products)
    • Getting sponsorships (shoe companies, foot jewelry)
    • Develop (and sell) a course that teaches others how to make money by selling feet pictures
    • so they can monetize their site with ads and make money while you sleep

    2. Craigslist

    Craigslist isn’t specifically a platform for selling digital photos, but you can still make money selling feet pictures on Craigslist. Craigslist doesn’t oversee payments, so you’ll have to deal with that when selling feet pictures.

    How to sell feet pics on Craigslist

    • Create a Craigslist account
    • Decide on a payment method (Paypal, Cash App, etc.)
    • Before listing, apply a blur effect or a large watermark to the entire photo (deliver the full image after payment).
    • You can promote your Craigslist posts using your other (anonymous) social media accounts.

    3. Etsy

    Etsy is an excellent platform for selling digital products. It’s easy to set up a seller account, post photos, collect reviews, and deliver your products to customers.

    How to sell feet pictures on Etsy

    • Create a seller account and add a profile picture and bio
    • Create your own ‘shop.’
    • You can connect your bank account to Etsy
    • You can post your products here
    • Links to social media accounts can be used to promote your Etsy shop
    • There is a $0.20 listing fee and a 5% commission charged by Etsy
    • Receiving payment and delivering the photos to your clients

    4. Instafeet

    Instagram Feed is a subscription-based feet photography site where amateur photographers can upload their photos and start selling them immediately (after approval). Instafeet requires that you upload your photo ID and agree to abide by their (easy-to-follow) rules to sell your food photos.

    How to sell feet photos on Instafeet

    1. Create a profile on (you will need a photo ID).
    2. Post five photos (minimum) to your account once you’ve been approved.
    3. Choose a price for your photos (under $10 a month is best).
    4. Drive traffic to your account by sharing the link on your social media accounts.

    5. Feet Finder

    The website Feet Finder is another place where foot photographers can sell their work. Similar to Instafeet, the platform requires ID verification before sellers can sell photos. To sell foot photos on Feet Finder, you must be at least 18 years old.

    How to sell feet photos on Feet Finder

    • Create an account and upload a copy of your ID
    • If your ID is verified, you will need to pay the seller fee of $3.99 per month or $14.99 per year to get started
    • Create up to 10 albums with at least four high-quality feet photos and/or videos
    • and include keywords in your bio so buyers can find you
    • Decide if you want a flat fee or a monthly fee
    • In order to receive buyer messages, be sure to check your account every day and turn notifications on
    • Feet Finder automatically blurs photos and provides previews for potential buyers before they purchase.
    • Fees on sales at Feet Finder are 20%. Besides selling feet pics, Feet Finder also offers an affiliate program, so you can earn even more money if you refer friends.

    6. Dollar Feet

    • Another online marketplace for selling pictures and videos of feet is Dollar Feet. 
    • Dollar Feet pays you cash for your videos. However…there’s a catch.
    • Please fill out the ‘model application form’ and submit a sample video for review before you submit videos for sale.
    • My own research of Dollar Feet has raised some red flags, despite reports that it is a legitimate site for selling pictures and videos of feet.
    dollar feet
    Dollar feet pics

    For instance:

    • Dollar Feet claims to pay $10 per accepted (10-minute long) video. 
    • In other words, you submit your work to them first, and then they decide whether to pay you or not.
    • Dollar Feet expects to see your face (and presumably your entire body) in your videos.
    • Dollar Feet is based outside of the United States.
    • Dollar Feet sells its feet videos on 
    • As a result, one wonders if they are a legit company a result, one wonders if they are a legit company.

    7. Feet pics

    Feet Pics is an all-in-one site that allows users to create a page, promote that page, and collect payment for photos of their feet. Feet Pics doesn’t charge fees on sales or commissions. They instead charge a one-time setup fee of $5.00, as well as a promotional price to promote your site.

    How to sell feet pictures on Feet Pics

    1. Sign up for a free account at and choose a name for your page.
    2. By using the integrated ads feature, add listings to the appropriate categories (soles, socks, high heels).
    3. Upload feet pictures to your site.
    4. Please submit your page for approval.
    5. Make sure your page is promoted onsite (for a fee), or post your URL on your social media accounts to gain exposure.
    6. PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, and Credit Cards can all be used to pay.

    8. Foap

    • Foap is a free photo app that lets you sell pictures of your feet. 
    • Foap photos cost $10, of which you keep $5.00. 
    • The remaining $5.00 goes to Foap. To earn even more money, enter your feet photos into ‘photo missions’ where they can compete with other images for cash rewards that range from $30 to $500 per photo.

    What is the best way to sell feet pictures on Foap?

    • The Foap app is free to download
    • Create a free account
    • You can upload photos of your feet.
    • Make Money
    • You can earn more cash by submitting photos to Foap Missions or participating in Premium Missions, unlocked with Foap coins.

    9. Whisper App

    Whisper is an anonymous social media app available on Android and iOS. It boasts 250 million monthly users worldwide. You can’t accept payments on their site if you’re using the Whisper App to sell feet photos. 

    How to sell feet pictures on Whisper App

    • Whisper App can be downloaded and installed.
    • Promote your foot photo business by uploading images with text (like this one).
    • Communicate with potential buyers through the comment section
    • Share your website or email address with payment information.

    10. Kik

    Users can chat and post anonymously with Kik, a free messaging app. It is available on Android, iOS, and the Kindle Fire. Kik has millions of users worldwide.

    How to sell feet pictures on Kik

    • You can remain anonymous by creating a Kik account.
    • Join a group (Pay to Play, or P2P group)
    • Connect with potential customers by creating Kik codes
    • Chat with the buyer and discuss preferred payment methods (Paypal, CashApp, etc.)
    • Send your photos once payment is received.

    9. Onlyfans

    With over 130 million users, OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform. As a result of its popularity, it’s now used by physical trainers, musicians, and even foot photographers as a legitimate way to earn extra money.

    How to sell feet pictures on OnlyFans

    1. OnlyFans is a website that allows you to create an anonymous account.
    2. Verify your account within 24-72 hours
    3. Content can be uploaded.
    4. Promote your OnlyFans content on other social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)

    10. Stock Photo Sites

    These are the best stock photo sites to sell feet photos.

  • Shutterstock
  • iStock Photo
  • Alamy
  • Adobe Stock
  • Dreamstime
  • 500px
  • To sell feet pictures on any site, simply create an account, upload your photos, and get paid when downloaded. As an affiliate, you can earn money every time someone you refer contributes to the platform or purchases something from it.

    11. Wikifeet

    Wikifeet is a site containing pictures of celebrity feet. They offer a forum where you can sell your photos of feet for money.

    The best way to sell feet pictures on social media

    • Choosing which social media platforms can be used for selling feet pictures is the first step. 
    • Many options are available to you, but some are simply better than others. It’s entirely up to you to determine what market segment 
    • It is an excellent idea to promote your feet pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

    1. Instagram

    Instagram users can take photos and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them with their friends through the app or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has over 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, so it won’t be hard to sell your food photos.

    How to sell feet pics on Instagram

    • You need to create a professional Instagram account (separate from your profile) and select ‘Creator.’
    • Create a catchy bio that will entice potential buyers (include emojis). Use the link tree to add external links.
    • Before uploading the image to your feet profile, use a photo editing program like Canva to blur the image. Add a large watermark over the entire picture. (The photo must be purchased to remove the watermark.)
    • Increase exposure by tagging feet photos with feet hashtags. Adding more hashtags is better. ( #instafeet #instaarch #instasoles #hypefeet #feetpictures #heeldangle #feetpics)
    • Upload every day
    • You can email or DM the picture after the payment

    2. Facebook

    Users of Facebook can sell products, services, or even themselves. The site has developed into much more than just a social media site – it is a platform that you can use to make money by promoting your network. Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. You will undoubtedly find an audience needing food pictures on Instagram, which reportedly has over 2.85 billion monthly users.

    How to sell feet pictures on Facebook

    • Set up a business page
    • Establish a Facebook Shop (in Commerce Manager) and link it to your business page. 
    • Choose your preferred method of payment. 
    • Alternatively, customers can check out on your Facebook page (Shop Pay) or through your website (messaging).
    • Set up a Facebook Business Manager account
    • Add feet photos to your Facebook catalog (remember to add a large watermark over the image and deliver the full image upon payment)
    • Regularly update your content
    • Become a member of as many feet-related groups as possible and post regularly
    • Boost traffic to your Facebook page by using Facebook ads

    3. Reddit

    Although Reddit is generally a forum for asking and answering ques It means there are many potential clients just waiting for your photos!

    How to sell feet pictures on Reddit

    • Sign up for an account
    • Subreddits for feet lovers
    • Answer questions and participate in discussions
    • Promote your feet photos on your social media channels/website when appropriate

    4. Snapchat

    • The social media app Snapchat allows users to send photos and videos to their friends. You can share the content for up to 10 days (with a standard account) before it disappears.
    • Before sharing photos or videos, users can add text, drawings, or other effects. Snapchat has 306 million daily active users, making it a great way to make money with foot photos.
    • Snap accounts are simply private accounts that paying clients can access. Premium Snap accounts allow you to charge a subscription fee, which typically ranges between $5 and $50 per month. All sorts of foot images and videos can be included in your stories and marketed to your potential clients.

    How to sell feet pictures on Snapchat

    • The process of setting up a premium Snap account is simple once you’ve created one. 
    • It is as easy as creating stories and uploading images or videos of your feet.
    • Payments can be accepted through Snapcash on Snapchat.
    • Users with premium accounts can send snaps that last up to 24 hours rather than just 10 seconds. 
    • The recipient of an image marks the image as viewed once it has been sent.


    • The downside to trying to market your feet on a Snap account is that no one can find you.
    • It is possible to direct potential consumers to your premium Snapchat account if you have a public Snapchat account.
    • You have to be active on Snapchat if you want to succeed.


    Taking screenshots of client conversations is vital because messages disappear once they have been seen.


    Sell feet pics money you make from selling feet pictures online will be subject to taxes, as with any other business. Making money by selling pictures online is considered business income, so keep track of all your payments.


    Selling feet pictures are legal?

    Selling feet pictures is legal in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and China.
    In Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, and others, selling feet pictures is unlikely to be legal given that exposing one’s feet to others is considered haram (forbidden or unlawful).

    Selling pictures of my feet can I make a lot of money?

    You can easily make $10 by selling photos on Foap. If you are a foot model or sell independently using a site or app, your selling photos can be priced at whatever you want. You can price your photos as low as $5 and as high as $25. These prices are comparable to other sellers.

    Fortify, is it a legit website?

    You can upload your feet pictures and make money on Feetify, as it is an entirely safe website. Buyers can only pay for images if they can connect and chat with sellers; buyers have to buy tokens if they want to join and chat with sellers.

    I want to sell pictures of my feet. What app can I use?

    Foap is an excellent app to use if you want to sell feet pictures. You can download the app from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Once you have set up an account and uploaded your photos on the app, they will appear on the Foap Market.