WorldRemit vs Remitly: A Detailed Comparison (2024)

Sending money to loved ones abroad? Two popular online services, WorldRemit and Remitly, provide a quick and convenient way to send money internationally.

WorldRemit and Remitly are both online money transfer services that help you send funds internationally. They aim to make the process simple, secure, and cost-effective, allowing users to send money from their computers and mobile devices.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key features and differences between WorldRemit and Remitly so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

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WorldRemit vs Remitly: Overview


The WorldRemit money transfer service offers a wide range of countries and flexible transfer options. Users can send money to friends and family abroad for various reasons, including supporting loved ones or paying bills. 

WorldRemit also provides a user-friendly online platform and a mobile app, allowing users to initiate transfers from any location.


Remitly is a reliable platform that offers fast and user-friendly money transfer services with a priority on speed and transparency. The platform makes the process of sending money as simple and easy as possible for its users. 

It also offers competitive exchange rates and low fees, which makes it a preferred choice for those looking for a cost-effective way of making international transfers.

Supported Countries130+170+
Supported Currencies70+100+
Transfer MethodsBank deposit, cash pickup, mobile walletBank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet, bill payments
FeesGenerally competitive, transparent cost upfrontGenerally competitive, transparent cost upfront, small potential variations based on factors
Payment MethodsDebit card, credit card, bank transfer, Apple Pay, Android PayDebit card, credit card, bank transfer
Minimum Transfer AmountUsually low, varies by countryVaries by country
User ReviewsPositive, often praise ease of use and pricingPositive, some reports of occasional delays or customer service issues

WorldRemit vs Remitly: Fees & Costs


WorldRemit usually charges a small fee for transferring money. The fee depends on the amount you’re sending, the countries involved, and the payment method you choose. 

On the WorldRemit website or app, you can check the fees for your specific transaction.


Similarly, Remitly also has fees associated with its money transfer services. The fees depend on factors such as the amount you’re sending, the countries, and the speed of the transfer. 

You can find the detailed fee information on the Remitly platform before completing your transaction.

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WorldRemit vs Remitly: Features & Functionality


WorldRemit offers a convenient way to send money to a variety of countries. You have the option to choose whether the recipient will receive the money on their mobile phone or bank account. 

With the WorldRemit app, it’s easy to send money to anyone, and you can use your debit or credit card or bank account to pay.


Remitly offers you a variety of ways to send money. If you require the money to be delivered quickly, you can choose the express option. However, if you don’t need it urgently, you can choose the economy option. 

They are transparent about their fees, so you can get a clear understanding of how much it will cost you to send money. Their website and app are user-friendly, and they often offer good exchange rates.

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WorldRemit vs Remitly: Speed Of Transfer


WorldRemit offers a variety of options for transferring money to friends and family. In some cases, transfers can be quite quick, while in others, they may take a little longer. 

It depends on the specific service and country you choose. So, if you need your money quickly, you can choose an option that fits your needs.


With Remitly, you can choose how urgently you need your money to arrive. Express and economy are the two options they have. You can choose the express option if you need the money to reach you quickly. 

If you have time, you can also choose the economy option. This method gives you the flexibility to decide when you want your money delivered.

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WorldRemit vs Remitly: Safety & Security


The WorldRemit website and app are encrypted to protect your data. They are regulated by financial authorities, which means they must follow strict rules to protect your money. 

Also, an additional layer of security is provided by their systems for detecting and preventing fraud.


Remitly protects your information during transfers by using encryption. They are also regulated by financial authorities, like WorldRemit, to ensure compliance with legal requirements. 

Remitly often uses two-factor authentication to verify your identity and prevent unwanted access to your account.

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WorldRemit vs Remitly: Ease Of Use


WorldRemit has a user-friendly website and app, which makes it easy to use. It makes sending money easy by requiring recipients to enter their details, select an amount, and choose a payment method. 

The platform provides clear instructions, and users are able to track their transfers easily.


The Remitly service also aims to simplify the payment process. Money transfers can be initiated easily through the website and app, which have an easy-to-use interface. 

In Remitly, users are guided through a step-by-step process that includes details such as the recipient’s information and the amount they wish to send. 

They also offer features like real-time tracking, keeping users informed about the status of their transactions.

WorldRemit vs Remity: Pros & Cons



  • Wide range of international countries and currencies.
  • Various payout options are available.
  • Competitive exchange rates.


  • Limited cash pickup locations in some regions.
  • Transfer fees can vary based on the country and payout method.



  • Quick and efficient transfer process.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Limited availability in certain countries.
  • Transfer fees may be higher for certain currency routes.

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In comparing WorldRemit and Remity, both services offer convenient international money transfer options. WorldRemit has wide coverage and various payout methods, which makes it a good option for users who are looking for flexibility. 

However, Remity offers a simpler interface and a simpler transfer process that appeals to people who prefer simplicity. It ultimately depends on individual preferences and which one to choose. 

So, when choosing a platform for hassle-free international money transfers, consider your needs.

We hope that in this article you have got a lot of information about WorldRemit vs Remitly.

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Is Remitly owned by WorldRemit?

No, Remitly and WorldRemit are not owned by each other. They are two separate companies operating in the same online money transfer market.

Is it safe to use WorldRemit?

Yes, WorldRemit is generally considered to be a safe and reputable money transfer service.

Which country owns Remitly?

Remitly is not “owned” by any single country. It’s a privately held company headquartered in Seattle, United States. 

Does Remitly work in USA?

Yes, Remitly works in the United States.

How long does a Remitly transfer take?

Remitly offers two transfer options. The Economy choice takes 3-5 business days, making it cost-effective for regular transfers. The Express option delivers within 4 hours, which is perfect for faster transactions.