How to make money in college (Full Guide 2021)

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191 Ways How to Make Money in College – Summer 2021

College is expensive, but what if there were ways to make extra money and get some experience on the side? We researched it so you don’t have to be broke as stereotype. It has become so common among students that some even report bragging about their ability to survive solely on instant noodles. Our belief that broke students are a limiting concept directly conflicts with all our enthusiasm for thriftiness and resourcefulness.You don’t have to be broke just because you’re a student. Aside from stereotyped student jobs like delivering pizza and working fast food, there are 

The following list includes more than 191 ways you can earn money in college. This information is broken down into 21 categories for easier reading. You can click on any link above that interests you to go directly to that category or read the entire guide from beginning to end by clicking on any link.

We’ve said countless times that there are hundreds of ways to make money, especially in college. People are limited by their own internal factors, not external ones.

Their plans are undermined by excuses such as lack of time or inexperience.

I’m going to eliminate a few of those excuses today. Below is my list of over 181 ways for college students to earn money.

I have jotted down every possible idea for making money I could come up with in this list. There are a few you’ve heard plenty of times before. You may not be familiar with others.

Below are the categories that we’ve assigned to the different tasks to help you organize. 

1. Online jobs for college students

Student life is full of adventures every day as students try new activities. A college student’s life is not just about friends and fun. In college, there is also a sudden sense of responsibility to leave a mark on the world. The challenge of holding a part-time job and doing an internship is therefore difficult. Working in an office becomes much more stressful than working from home. Fortunately, students can earn some money by working part-time online while causing no interruption in their studies.

As a result, here are some possibilities for part-time online work for students and apply for that which you consider is the most suitable. If you want to avoid fraud, run a background check on the company before applying for a job.

So here are 10 part-time careers for students that you can begin today.

1. content writer

A content writer creates articles, blogs, podcasts, e-books, captions, and web content. On the job, research skills are required as well as excellent English skills. You need a bachelor’s degree in any field. It differs from other jobs in that you do not have to go to the office very often.

For beginners, income ranges from Rs 4000- Rs 7000 per month, up to Rs 40,000 per month.

2. Graphic Designer

The goal of graphic design is to give a visual representation of a written text. For graphic designers, there are many ways to make money. The majority of companies hire graphic artists in order to promote their brands. This job might require you to know how to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw. Our team is looking for creative posters, web designs, logos, layouts, photos, and graphics. In other words, you need to find a way to inspire the group while also aiming for them. 

Income: Rs 18000 – 20000 per month

3. Data entry agent

A data entry agent must enter data from other sources into the company’s servers. Technical skills are not required for this job, unlike previous ones. It is necessary to be proficient in Microsoft Office. Basic typing skills and communication skills are required for this job, as is a high school degree in English. Maintaining the company’s data and ensuring that anyone can access it is your responsibility. It will either be necessary to transfer the paper data into software or to transcribe recordings of phone conversations. 

Income range: 12,000 to 18,000 rupees per month

4. Online tutor

There are not many jobs in our country that are more rewarding and thriving than teaching. With the advent of video conferencing, teachers can easily connect with their students virtually. You may be a perfect candidate if you love knowledge, communication, and organization. Additionally, you will learn something new as you teach your students. An Internet connection and a computer are the only requirements. Classes can be scheduled according to your convenience.

Online tutoring in India is available at Chegg India, an online student learning platform. Students can earn part-time money online by teaching online. Due to the fact that you are already studying the subject matter, no extra knowledge is required to teach students. It isn’t teaching but simply answering questions about subjects that are interesting this year.

5. Social media management

Almost every aspect of our lives is now affected by social media. With social media marketing, you can reach out to an enormous audience using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Linked In, etc. In order to increase brand awareness, you would need to increase outreach efforts. This title will require you to interact with followers on the page, analyze content, pull up insights to increase your page’s bandwidth, design advertising strategies for your brand, generate content specific to the target audience, and therefore monitor your brand’s presence on social media. The dynamics of social media are continually changing, so marketing skills have to be up-to-date. There are several sites that offer inexpensive online courses in social media management for people with no previous experience in this field.

6. Translator

You can turn out to have a blast working as a translator online part-time. The function of a translator is to translate information between languages. Professionals are hired by companies to translate and gather ideas from one language to another. Fluency in any two languages — at least one of them should be English — is required. Interpreting a message has to take cultural considerations into account in order to make it meaningful. Overwritten information is usually used by translators. Writing and speaking are both important skills. The position could be easily filled if you hold an advanced degree in a highly sought-after language such as German, French, or Spanish. You could possibly make a lot of money as a student freelancer doing this.

Average income: Rs 10,000 per month

7. Web developer

It’s no surprise that web developers earn a lot considering their popularity; you should be familiar with the basics of coding and markup language if you want to be a web in contrast to other careers; this one requires a degree in computer science or a related field. YouThe concept of HTML and CSS should be thoroughly understood. The benefits of freelance web development outweigh those of full-time employment. 

8. Business development manager

In any organization, the job of the business development manager is vital because they help boost the company’s growth by reaching out to clients, coming up with new business strategies to expand the scope of the company, arranging meetings with investors, researching leads, and managing sales representatives. For a successful partnership with your clients, good communication skills are essential. If you have strong leadership skills as well as a business mindset, you might be a good candidate for this position. To increase the outreach and generate revenue, a business plan would be required. It’s necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in business studies, management, administration, or a related field to qualify for this job.

how to make money in college
how to make money in college

9. Video editor

To make an audio or video clip more enticing, a video editor or motion graphic designer edits it. In addition to television, film industry, broadcasting, and advertising, video editors also work in other fields. It requires specific technical skills to do this job. Digital editing software should be well-understood, and you should be creative regarding your editing style. You will receive much editing and direction from your director or producer. Creating videos according to their instructions is all you need to do. Bachelor’s degrees in both filmmaking and video editing are required. Though holding a master’s degree in the same, would help you to charge more. Companies hire professional video editors and pay them a lump sum amount of money.

Average income: starting from Rs 15,000 per month.

10. Game Tester

When you are a college student, however, video games are played by everyone regardless of their age on their smartphones and other smart devices. Can you imagine playing these online games and earning money? Do you want to know how? Playing games on some online platforms will pay you. The developers will be able to improve gameplay based on your reviews. In the meantime, you get paid for doing this. So when you completed that level of Candy Crush, did you imagine that you could get paid for having fun online?

2. Jobs on campus

Starting off this guide will be jobs that don’t even require you to leave campus. They are usually hourly jobs where you are scheduled to work a certain number of hours per week by the university. These, however, are jobs that still span a wide variety of areas, from leadership to research to good old-fashioned manual labor.

11. Becoming a Teaching Assistant (TA)

Most students who have taken intro-level or general education classes at their university have had a T.A. An instructor’s T.A. may have helped students complete assignments outside of class or taught the class entirely (though these types of T.A. positions are only usually found among graduate and doctoral students).

In addition to getting a lot of experience with teaching, being a T.A. also gives you glimpses into professors’ daily lives. An internship as a T.A. can give you an inside look at academic life behind the scenes, which is especially useful for those contemplating careers in academia. You can also get credit for being a T.A. in some cases.

You need a relationship with a professor to become a teaching assistant. Ideally, you should have taken the class you will be TAking (or at least be very familiar with the material). The best way to secure a teaching assistant position is to directly contact the professor you want to T.A. for. Although TA positions are advertised on on-campus job boards sometimes, you are better off contacting the professor directly. Describe your qualifications and how you could make an impact in the class(es) they teach.

12. Become a research assistant

Research assistants work with professors rather than students and have the opportunity to interact with them. It depends on the professor and the department in which you work and your duties as a research assistant.

You might perform or monitor experiments, prepare and clean equipment, or collect samples as part of your duties in a science job.

Humanities jobs can range from scanning pages from a book to transcribing interviews (I did this a lot after I finished my sophomore year of college while working for an English professor).

These jobs don’t always provide glamorous or exciting work, but they cultivate excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving abilities. The process of doing a research project is also the best way to learn how the university research process works, allowing you to learn much more about the real world of academia than you could from a class paper.

On-campus job boards, professors, and departments sometimes post openings for research assistants. However, you can also approach a professor directly and offer your assistance. In your application, you should describe what skills you have, what you hope to learn, and how you can help the company. If you have taken a class with the professor (and did well), then all the better.

 13. How to become a Resident Assistant (RA)

Your social and leadership skills while making valuable connections with people who can write you letters of recommendation. 

R.A.s have a hard job, so don’t be fooled. Students will call you at 3 am because they’re locked out, roommates will fight, and freshmen will be homesick. Moreover, some people dislike living in dorms. Seeing students thrive and grow as they seek their place on campus can be a rewarding job, too.

It takes a long time to become an R.A. Likewise; you will have to go through a number of interviews in addition to extensive training in safety and conflict resolution.. then, you will need to study hard.

Our best advice is to speak with an R.A. or someone who is part of the resident life staff if you are looking to become a resident assistant. You can work with them to find out how to apply and what to do to make yourself an attractive candidate.

Note: R.A.s are compensated differently by universities. At the same time, others will pay you a monthly stipend. The decision is good from a financial perspective either way.

14. Give tours of the campus.

You should have visited your college before deciding to attend. You probably visited and took a tour if you did. Tours don’t just happen, so why not work as a tour guide?

As well as learning more about your university than you ever imagined, it’s an ideal opportunity to gain people skills and proficiency in public speaking (in addition to enhancing your confidence). After all that backward walking, your calf muscles will probably be pretty jacked.

Campus tour guides are easy to become. There will be the usual resume and cover letter, plus an in-person interview or two. As part of the training, you will likely shadow another tour guide as well as give a mock tour to your supervisor.

You can then start giving tours after you’ve finished that step. Some weekends may be spent giving tours to rich alumni or potential students/parents, so be prepared for that sometimes.

15. Working in Campus I.T.

It sounds like working as a tour guide would involve too much sunshine and physical activity. Why don’t you work for campus I.T. if that is the case and you’re willing to learn new skills?

In addition to learning how computers and other technologies work, it helps you hone your patience and empathy. It’s likely that some of the questions will seem silly to you. Your job is to remain patient and helpful.

It is possible to work for campus I.T. if you meet certain requirements. A+ certification or even knowledge of certain programming languages are required by some I.T. departments. An attitude of readiness to learn and existing technical knowledge are also important qualifications.

16. Hosting prospective students

Many universities offer overnight visits to prospective students to give them a taste of college life. In addition to shadowing a current student, prospects will stay in their dorms, attend classes, and experience college firsthand.

Adding a college admissions department to your resume can help you improve your social skills as well as make money (or at least get perks).

This type of position is often unpaid. Hosting regularly can provide perks, though. An acquaintance of mine got a discount on his housing when he agreed to host students. 

If you want to host a prospective student, you normally need to contact the admissions office on your campus. A resume or formal application may not even be necessary-just enthusiasm and a friendly attitude is all you’ll need.

17. Working in Campus Dining

Do you have a passion for cooking? You may be able to work in the dining hall on campus. You might have to restock the cafeteria stations or scoop French fries in the late-night restaurant on a Saturday at midnight. 

To apply to most colleges, you will need a standard application form along with a resume (and maybe a short cover letter). In addition to learning about local health codes, you will have to undergo training once you are hired.

18. Driving for Campus Transportation

You need to drive people and things. Buses are used by large universities for transportation between campuses, and all colleges need vehicles. 

Many colleges offer late-night shuttles to help students who have been drinking get home safely.

These vehicles are sometimes able to hire students as drivers. There are various requirements depending on what you’re transporting, the size of your vehicle, and local laws.

The vehicles in question must be operated safely, and all other necessary licenses must be obtained (usually, a driver’s license will suffice). In addition to meeting interesting people and exploring your campus, these jobs provide you the chance to drive vehicles that you likely wouldn’t otherwise be able to drive.

19. Work at the campus post office

University post offices are available on select campuses, depending on their size. Because it was a small school, I worked there for three semesters and enjoyed it.

My job included sorting mail, giving out packages, and even delivering mail to other parts of campus (I drove a golf cart). You can follow the steps above, and throughout the process, you will learn more about how people handle their mail while also developing your customer service and organization skills.

An interview, a resume, and a cover letter will typically be required for this type of job. However, it is always helpful to have a positive attitude as well as a good work ethic.

20. Become a Campus Tutor

A TA may be available for assistance outside of class in many intro-level classes, but the T.A.’s time a Some departments will employ specialized tutors to help students with their homework and studies.

Tutors in these subjects will typically be students who have advanced knowledge of them. Math tutors are the most common at many universities, although tutors are also available for general science and humanities courses.

Tutoring on campus requires that you demonstrate your expertise in a specific subject. You don’t need to major in it but should choose a subject in which you have high grades. Students in upper-level engineering can tutor introductory mathematics and physics.

Becoming a tutor depends on your college’s tutoring program and the department in charge. You can find out how to tutor by asking someone who already does or contacting the department you would like to tutor at.

You need not only to know the subject matter but also to be able to break down complicated ideas in plain words. (These are both highly valuable skills to hiring companies, by the way).

Past: What if you could set your own rates and arrange your schedule while also benefiting from the perks of tutoring? You can learn more about freelance tutoring here.

21. Working in the Writing Center

Do you always get top grades on your essays? You might find it interesting to work at a writing center then. A tutor at a college assists students with all writing-related matters.

In addition, you can set your own schedule and read papers on subjects you would not normally read.

English majors are not required for this job either (although this is a very popular job for English majors). Typical application processes include taking a class (which usually entails an essay sample). A friendly attitude and a lot of patience are essentials, just like with tutoring.

22. Work at the Dorm Front Desk

You can get your packages, report issues with your rooms, and get help with your finances at the front desk of a large university’s do

A good attitude under pressure and good people skills are helpful, but no special qualifications are necessary for the joy. You to sit around waiting for something to happen for long periods of time.

You can generally do your homework (or even pursue another side job).

23. Maintenance Work

Some parts will break sooner or later in a college since it has a lot of moving parts. In this case, the maintenance crew comes in handy. Help the maintenance workers mend whatever is broken by assisting them with their work. Besides installing lights, repairing doors, or getting rid of junk from buildings, you might be repairing electrical and plumbing systems. (I know someone who did this for a whole summer.)

Technical jobs require different qualifications. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to do electrical or carpentry work as a student. For the most part, you’ll need stamina and a capacity to lift heavy things and be. The following application is. Generally, a resume and interview are all you need to apply for a campus job, just like any other campus job.

24. Work for Custodial Services

Everything gets dirty, just as it breaks. And they need to be cleaned too. that someone like you could be working for custodial services on the camp tour will take you through your campus, and you might even go inside some of the old academic buildings at night.

You will be qualified as long as you know how to use cleaning equipment, although you may need a little extra training on how to use more technical equipment (and how to clean hazardous materials properly).

25. Artist Model

There’s nothing conventional about this opportunity, but it can be lucrative. Modeling for campus art students involves posing for them while they paint and draw your image. It’s not necessary to pose naked, despite what you might think. Before agreeing to a job, you should ask what the duties will be.

No special preparation is required, but be coIn addition; you’ll have to accept a bunch of 

The world awaits us as we move beyond campus jobs. Things start getting interesting from here, as you are able to earn substantially more than in campus jobs (which pay minimum wage).

However, this does mean that you may not be able to work around your class schedule, so make sure you pick jobs that you are able to handle on top of your schoolwork.

26. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft are both options for drivers. Having this job allows you to drive wherever you want whenever it suits your schedule. If your passengers decide to tip you, you earn a percentage of their fare.

You are unlikely to work for these companies if they advertise that you can make $25 per hour. 

Note: To maximize earnings, most people drive for both services.

27. Become a TaskRabbit

Do you have some marketable skills? You can make some extra cash by using TaskRabbit. Using TaskRabbit, customers can find Taskers (people with skills) to help with their projects. Services included yard work, cleaning, and moving assistance. Now, though, you can perform virtual tasks like data entry or even graphic design using the platform.

Currently, TaskRabbit operates in major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. In order to apply, you must possess one of the following skills:



Event Planning

Event Staffing

Personal Assistant


Furniture Assembly

Heavy Lifting

Minor Home Repairs

Help Moving



Arts / Crafts

Carpentry & Construction

Computer Help

Cooking / Baking

Data Entry


Deep Clean



Graphic Design

Laundry and Ironing



Office Administration

Packing & Shipping


Pet Sitting




Selling Online



Usability Testing


Web Design & Development

Wait In Line

Window Cleaning

Writing & Editing

Yard Work & Removal

The minimum age to apply is 21 (18 in the U.K.), you must pass a background check, and an application fee of $20 is non-refundable. It is another option that can appeal to college students since you can set your own rate and work schedule. How to apply can be found here.

28. The delivery of things

These days, there are many apps that offer delivery services. Consider this option. There are various delivery options, including DoorDash (deliver food from your local restaurant), Postmates (deliver almost Anything), Amazon Flex (deliver Anything that Amazon delivers), and Instacart (deliver groceries).

The requirements for these services tend to be similar, such as a minimum age (generally between 18-21), a driver’s license and insurance (if driving), and a way to transport yourself. Generally, delivering goods in smaller cities requires a car. Although you cannot always make deliveries by bicycle or on foot, you can sometimes do so in larger cities.

Depending on the situation. In addition to paying $18 an hour, Amazon Flex jobs are highly competitive, and most openings occur during the holiday season. There are other delivery services that don’t pay a set hourly rate — you are paid a percentage of what the customer pays as well as tips.

Additionally, you need to factor in the costs associated with maintaining your vehicle and buying gas (if necessary). Despite its flexibility, it could be worthwhile if you’re looking for additional income while studying.

29. Become a freelance tutor

The tutoring center already mentioned on campus offers to tutor, but it typically pays just above minimum wage. By taking your tutoring abroad, you can earn more money if you have the right knowledge. The possibilities are endless for a true freelance tutor, offering services privately and setting your own rate.

Students in college might benefit from tutoring, but younger students provide the true opportunity. The parents of these children can afford to pay for their education (quite well).

We recommend that you ask around and see if anyone you know (or your parents) needs tutoring since referrals are the best way to gain tutoring clients. Former high school or elementary school teachers are also a good source of information.

A tutoring center is another option if you’d rather work with clients. In most cases, you will earn more tutoring at a center than you could on campus. You will be able to find clients and be paid by the hour. Any topic you are knowledgeable about can be tutored.

When it comes to testing prep, standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, or GRE can be a good place to earn good money.

30. On iTalki, you can tutor your native language.

Perhaps you could tutor your native language as a more specific example of freelance tutoring? There is a website called iTalki that is popular for this. Teachers are connected with each other through it all over the world with students who want to learn a new language.

Become a community tutor by submitting an application. Therefore, you won’t (generally) be able to charge as high rates as a professional teacher, but you can still make a decent living.

Depending on your availability, you can teach as little as a couple of hours and be prepared to explain (or lookup) language concepts you may not have known before.

31. Bartend

Almost every college town has at least one bar (or twenty). If you don’t want to spend your money there, why not create some? A bartending job can help you develop your social skills as well as learn how to resolve conflicts, provide customer service, and make drinks (which comes in handy at parties). Many of the assignments occur in the evenings, making it a good student gig (though you’ll need to be comfortable working late).

A Most of the time, you’ll also need to be 21 years old.s part of the application process. Most of the time, you’ll also need to be 21 years old. Most bars will not hire anyone younger than 21 due to liability considerations. The minimum age to serve alcohol is technically 18. You should be able to buy alcohol at 18 if you live outside of the United States (though you should always check your local laws).

32. Bookkeeping

Local businesses may need bookkeepers (or someone who is willing to learn how to do it). Many businesses want to outsource their support if it’s possible, but it’s easier than you think. You can earn a nice side income by working from home and setting your own rates.

Taking an accounting class at your university can help, even if you don’t have any special certifications. Start by keeping the books for a friend or family member’s business.

33. Agricultural Work in Summer

You may be able to do summer agricultural work if you are willing to sweat and work outside. He detasseled corn over the summer, but you might have to harvest crops or clear fields in your area. Minimum requirements are stamina and a good attitude,

34. An internship is a great way to spend the summer.

Do you have other plans for your life if you’re not doing an internship? Make sure you check out Thomas’ experience with the summer internship, polish your resume, write an excellent cover letter, and start interviewing.

A good (paid) internship can earn you decent money, but more importantly, it can make you learn the skills, gain experience, and build connections that will help you after college.

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3. Visiting your college’s career center can help you find one.

35. Working as a summer lifeguard

Do you enjoy swimming and working outdoors? If you want to learn more about lifeguarding, then try it out. Swimming won’t be a big part of your day. 

Lifeguards are taught first aid and rescue techniques as part of their training. Lifeguarding classes usually come as a part of a job’s training process.

36. Paint Houses

A house painter might be the right job for you if you aren’t afraid of heights and getting dirty. Fortunately, you can do this year-round provided it doesn’t rain or snow. A freelance painter can work independently, or they can work for a company.

It is relatively easy to charge premium rates as long as your work is good. Combined with other services like yard work or driveway cleaning, house painting is a powerful combination.

37. Sales by door-to-door

It is certainly not for everyone to take part in this gig. There is a high failure rate among these individuals.

Anything people will buy, like books, magazines, knives, etc. Be prepared to open your door to people yelling or even slamming the door in your face as you do this job.

Also, be aware that many scams are perpetrated in this industry. Usually, these are pyramid schemes. You should avoid companies that require upfront payment for their inventory. The company should provide the products, and you make the sales.

38. We buy back textbooks.

You will probably see flyers advertising companies that buy back your books at a higher price than the bookstore as the semester draws to a close.

You can make money as a buyer of these books, but we cannot vouch for the services as sellers. The amount you make depends on how many books you buy back (the more you buyback, the more you make).

Sales require people skills, an understanding of psychology, and a willingness to accept rejection. The process of applying for book buying companies usually involves visiting their website.

39. Working as a temp

A temp may be hired for various reasons, including a sabbatical, parental leave, or the inability to hire a permanent employee. It may be possible for you to fill job openings as Students are often employed in these jobs, especially if they’re part-time. Temp agencies can provide you with information about the requirements.

40. Organize trips for travel companies

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you good at planning? Maybe you could work part-time as a trip planner. People at travel companies make reservations, book flights, and handle whatever else travelers don’t want to worry about. Despite the Internet, travel companies are still very much relevant, and there are still plenty of people willing to pay for them.

Rather than sending a cold email, you will be able to speak to the person in person.

41. Cleaning Offices Part-Time for a Breather

A company can rent office space through Breather for meetings and events. In order for a company to use these spaces, they need to be spotless, and this is where you can help. In the markets where they operate, Breather employs part-timers to clean their venues.

As a student, this is an excellent opportunity because of its flexible hours. There will be a wide range of requirements, but most students should be able to meet them.

42. You can fix cars and bikes.

Have you ever fixed a car, bike, or another type of personal transportation? Having a side income can be a nice addition to your income. Because of this, those who can do the task quickly and professionally will be paid well.

This project can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so be sure you understand the process before you begin.

As well as general off-campus employment, we offer a variety of one-time jobs. It is possible to do these jobs while working another “warm body” job, such as managing the front desk at a dorm.

43. Opportunities for Paid Research

Human subjects are necessary for virtually every experiment and study performed at universities. While it may sound creepy, you often need to complete surveys or exercises to complete the tasks you are given; however, and getting a job like this usually takes responding to a job posting (you’ll see them all over campus).

44. Winning Scholarships

The money is going to your education, not to your bank account, so it is not really a way to “make” money. Many scholarships are available based on where you live or whether you belong to a certain organization.

4. Join the Bug Bounty Hunters

Those who can uncover dangerous bugs and security issues in Google’s apps will be rewarded. 

The App Security page on Google’s website has more information.

45. Software for testing

Having trouble finding bugs because you lack the technical skills is no problem. The users of software applications must also use it the way. 

Usually, this kind of opportunity is hard to locate,

46. Taking surveys

Data is essential for companies. These may be new products being developed, existing ones being evaluated, or simply to better understand who their customers are. 

You can make a very small amount of money per survey (often just a few cents), but this money adds up. If the requirements are specific, you’ll have to meet them, and they can be strange at times. Save the Student has an updated guide to reputable survey sites that pay.

The survey niche is filled with scams, so you should be careful.

Things start getting interesting at this point. You can solve as many problems as there are entrepreneurial opportunities. Some of the thousands of businesses are slick online businesses, while others are purely unsexy. The commonality among them all is that they’re free (or cheap) to start, don’t require special licenses, and let you set your own rates and hours.

47. Sporting events parking for sale

There’s nothing complicated about this one. The parking is free, and you’ll get paid for it. Besides that, you can make a substantial amount of money by parking cars. 

As an alternative, you could partner with another organization to manage the parking and share a percentage of your profit (a friend of mine did this for their fraternity).

48. Bikes and cars flipped.

As mentioned before, you can also earn income by repairing cars and bikes; this is an extension of that. Buying old cars, bikes, and motorcycles, repairing them, and then selling them at a profit is an option that anyone can do with the right. 

Skills and knowledge. Ensure that the mechanical work is done correctly – you do not want anyone to get hurt.

49. Sell Commissioned Art

Selling commissions is a great way to make money if you have art skills. People do not need to think of this on the usual scale as well. At cons, you can ask people to pay commissions for whatever you do for them. You can also commission portraits for larger amounts (there are rich people who will pay big money for this type of thing).

50. You can sell your items on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

There are no limits to what you can do with this one. The site is a great place to sell the furnishings you’ve either restored or built from scratch, as well as items you’ve flipped. Computers were built and sold by Thomas, for example. All you need to do is make sure you’re not selling Anything illegal.

51. Translating foreign-language documents

In some cases, translation is not possible (for example, when the language is obscure or there are a limited number of speakers). The following is where websites like 

VerbalizeIt, Translatorscafe, and Gengo provide translation services. Using freelance translators, they provide translation services to businesses.

The languages you work with won’t just require you to speak fully fluently. You may also be able to work for them if you have the necessary translation skills. Additionally, you will need to learn how to translate, which is an entirely different skill.

Depending on the marketplace, certifications are sometimes not required (although they are beneficial).

52. Become a Freelancer

People pay you flat or hourly rates for the skill you possess.

Not sure what your skills are? Web design, writing, videography, and graphic design are all valuable skills that you can learn. Skillshare is a great resource.

Are you good at something but unable to find employers for it? Have you considered a freelance marketplace like Upwork? Your services can be advertised on sites like U, and clients may find them. Please note that Upwork does not accept credit cards;

53. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Most people who are too busy to do the administrative work need someone to answer emails, schedule appointments, and take care of other tasks. Virtual assistants can help in this situation. Being a virtual assistant has become a popular side hustle thanks to the Internet.

More importantly, clients will pay extra for English-native virtual assistants based in the U.S. Professionalism and confidentiality are essential, as well as excellent communication and organizational skills.

Check out this course from Kayla Sloan, who is a CIG virtual assistant (and a former CIG virtual assistant).

54. You can offer gigs on Fiverr.

How will people react if they have $5 to spare? Fiverr is a great site to check out. From logo design to translation, there are a wide variety of gigs available on the site. People on Fiverr do it virtually when there is a market for such a service, and they are paid to do so. 

But why would you do Anything of value for $5? It’s the upsell that makes Fiverr money. Although freelancers provide basic services, smart ones will charge extra for premium services (anywhere from $5 to $100).

55. Create a Udemy or Skillshare course

As we have discussed, we have discussed how to sell your skills directly for money. Then you can go one step further and teach others your skills. Udemy and Skillshare can be helpful in finding students. Students are provided by them, and you provide the course. A percentage is taken from your charges in exchange.

Online courses are great in that; once they are created, they can be managed easily even though the course material needs to be updated occasionally (especially if you teach students how to use the software); other than that, it can pretty much run itself. Income passive is the way to go!

56. Local Computer Support

Sell them, and you’ll get paid by those who buy them. It’s nice to no matter what type of computer support you need; we’ll be there with broken computers or providing local tech support. There is money to be made from what appears obvious to you. To do this, you don’t need a degree in computer science—most of the “problems” you encounter stem from individuals who don’t know how to use computers.

57. Educate people on how to use computers

Beyond repairing computers, many people (especially older people) need assistance learning how to use computers, smartphones, and tablets. By offering group classes or private coaching at an hourly rate, you can make money from this.

58. A private chef is available.

Once again, we lean on people who are busy and have more money than time. Rather than cooking themselves (at least in their perspective), they will hire someone to do it since their time is so precious. This person is within your reach. It is not necessary to have attended culinary school. Just make sure you know how to prepare good food and are willing to adjust the meal to the person’s specific dietary needs.

It is also possible to try meal preparation services as an alternative to this. 

59. We help people move

Are you muscular? Putting them to work is the best solution. People usually hate what they don’t know if they haven’t moved around much. Moving people can be made easier if you have knowledge of furniture handling and can lift heavy objects. You could move just one piece of furniture, or you could move the entire contents of an entire home. 

60. Mow the lawns

If you own a mower and yard tools, you can make money by cutting grass for people. 

You may think it’s simple, and it is, but it’s not. You can post your ads on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace (preferably with photos of your previous work). $20-$50 will be gladly paid for this service. Flyers should be created to be distributed in the community. You can even hand out business cards door-to-door.

61. Shoveling snow

The winter equivalent of mowing the lawn is shoveling snow, which is cold, dirty, and exhausting. People will pay you for that reason. Lawn mowing equipment is the same, but it’s cheaper and doesn’t use gasoline.

62. Dog poop needs to be picked up.

Your dog roam freely around your yard; some people are willing to pay for it. 

5. You can start a laundry service.

Further, we provide laundry service, something people are willing to pay for but is not complicated. Typically, a person who does laundry and folds clothes can handle this task. Students might find this service useful if they are struggling without their mom, but it can also be used by not-in-college people.

63. A clean house

Have you ever swept, vacuumed, or scrubbed a bathtub? A cleaning business lets you serve more clients. For the tools, there are no fees, 

This type of work can be very profitable, and it isn’t difficult. This more lucrative option will be more flexible for custodial workers when they switch.

64. Pet sitting

Regardless of whether they are away, pet owners must feed their animals. If your pets are lonely at night, you can earn money while staying in cool houses for free (if they are lonely). Even while traveling, you can take advantage of the program to gain free accommodations –

65. Babysitting and nannying

Some people do not have time to watch their pets when they are in a hurry and need someone to watch their children. A few of my friends earn a good living this way ($20 an hour or more).

There are several ways to obtain a job like this. 

Ask your parents or friends if they know anyone who needs these services. A professional agency may be able to assist. 

66. Selling items on Etsy

There are no limits to what you can do with this one. Selling something on Etsy is a great way to make a living. Physical products aren’t the only thing involved. Templates and other digital products can also be sold.

To determine how much to charge for your item and how much demand there is for it, you’ll need to do research. Nonetheless, if you already enjoy making things, this could be a way to earn money doing it.

67. Become a street performer

It is possible, even if it seems unlikely, to possess the right skills and personality. What matters is that it is amusing and can be sold for a couple of bucks. Magic tricks, dancing, and juggling are among the other activities you can engage in besides music. Most places will require you to obtain a permit before you do this.

68. Buying a house and renting it out

You may have a family member who will cosign with you, or you may have inherited property. Although this may seem unlikely, we don’t want to rule it out. Maybe you’d like to know more about having a family member that’s willing to 

You can rent out this property to others and earn a substantial income if you have someone cosigned on the mortgage with you. Perhaps you have inherited property from a relative. 

69. Rent like a champ

The service rents out sporting event rooms in a similar way to Airbnb. It might be a great opportunity to earn money if you attend a college with an active sports program, such as football, basketball, or music. Please verify your landlord’s contact information if you don’t own the house you live in.

  1. Rental Cars. Your insurance will cover you should your car meet with an accident. The rest is handled by Turo after you drop off your vehicle and set up a daily rate. It is only natural that you should consider how much wear and tear it will cause your car.
  2. Selling Your Notes. Are you interested in taking good notes in class? StudySoup sells them for what reason? Your notes from college classes can be uploaded onto StudySoup for money. Attending a participating school and taking excellent notes is all that you need.

6. Train as a personal trainer

I understand. However, are you sincere about getting fit and helping others achieve this goal?. It would be beneficial for you to become certified before you do this since it will enhance your credibility with potential clients. It is enough to know proper, safe fitness practices and to be able to instruct others on them.

70. Learn how to become a D.J.

Is music your thing, or are you more into partying? DJing is something you may be able to do. It is not just high schools and fraternities that use their products for parties and proms. In this article from Vice about getting started on Skillshare, you will find how easy it is to break into the D.J. industry.

71. Learn how to become a voiceover artist

Can you sing beautifully? Your skills as a voiceover artist may be enhanced by those qualities. Several authors are unable to handle the challenges of narrating audiobooks. Your role here is crucial. ATR2100s and closets are all you need to get professional-grade audio. There are a lot of skills needed for this gig, and Skillshare offers our products that are sold through Amazon’s marketplace. A great resource to learn them.

7. There are things you can sell on Amazon FBA.

With fulfillment by Amazon, Amazon can offer much more product options than it would be able to on its own. 

72. Become a social media consultant

If you’re knowledgeable about social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram, you can earn money teaching companies how to market with them. As much as you may worry about it, you do not need to.

It is possible to charge companies a fee if you understand what makes their content compelling in the social media sphere. Alternatives to pitching directly to companies are freelance marketplaces and advertising your services.

73. Learn how to become a content creator

Imagine if you were able to make money by writing, creating videos, and sharing things people enjoy? The content creation process is not an easy one, but it must be done. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish; you need to make something that others will watch.

Once your business is monetized, it can go public. Several options exist, such as obtaining sponsors, running advertisements, or creating a fee-based course. In addition to Instagram, YouTube, blogging, and podcasting, there are many other platforms that make money.Building a website where you can host your content is one of the best ways to get started. Building one might be a good idea. 

74. You can become a ghostwriter.

Oftentimes, people have great ideas for books or blogs but do not have the writing skills (or the time) to put them into action. This case can be solved by ghostwriters.

Through excellent writing skills, ghostwriters elicit the voice of a brand or individual.

These services are available on Upwork and Fiverr, or you can sell them directly to your customers. 

75. Managing short-term rentals

Lots of Airbnb hosts and owners of other short-term rental properties lack the time and desire to manage their properties themselves. Their job may require a lot of traveling, or maybe they travel a lot.

By taking care of their properties yourself, you will be able to make their lives a lot easier (and earn income). Guests could be welcomed to the property, or the property could be cleaned after the guests have left.

76. Completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Businesses can use Amazon Mechanical Turk to hire people to perform tasks A.I.s cannot (yet). You can include data transcriptions or event identifications.

People can perform these tasks on Amazon’s marketplace in exchange for each successful task. You won’t get rich from this job, but it is a great source of income during downtime.

77. Create a niche website

Do you have a passion for a topic or hobby? Make money by creating a niche website. Your blog should focus on something you know (or you should teach yourself), and then you should drive traffic to it.

Once you have your affiliate program in place, you can monetize your site by running ads or offering products you use and endorse, and you add your own comments about it someone clicks on the link. Here at College Info Geek, this is how we make money, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

It’s not the approach we recommend for those who need money quickly. If you’re interested in getting started, we suggest Smart Passive Income.

8. Reclaim your money

Using or purchasing things you already own is another way to make money that has not yet been discussed. 

78. Subscriptions can be trimmed or split.

Spotify: Is it really necessary? Is there a free version of this music available on YouTube? Does anyone in your family or circle of friends have a Netflix subscription? Would it be possible to split them? Subscription savings can be achieved in all these ways.

Spending much more than you planned is possible if you’re not careful about your subscription plans. 

79. How to switch phone plans

How much does $50 in data and texts and calls really add up to (or for data you’re not even using)? If your campus has free WiFi, you may want to consider a WiFi-first phone plan like Republic Wireless.

80. With Ibotta, you can earn cashback.

You can get discounts on your shopping list through an app called Ibotta. Just a few seconds are required for you to download, browse, and place your order. The cashback is deposited within 48 hours after you snap a photo of your receipt to redeem the offers.

81. With Seated, you get rewards when you eat out.

It’s a no-brainer to eat out, so why not get rewarded for it? The Seated program lets you earn gift cards by eating at a variety of restaurants. Some companies have rewards programs that reward you for making a reservation, such as Amazon, Starbucks, or Lyft. It should be noted that Seated is only available in select cities in the U.S.

82. You can get your money back with Paribus.

You can request a refund if you think you have overpaid in an online store through Paribus. While you’re shopping, you might consider requesting a refund.

8. Now is the time to start investing

Money can be used to earn passive income-passive investing is the ultimate passive income. Investment is usually thought of as something the wealthy do, something that can only be afforded by the rich.

The reality is completely different, particularly with today’s applications. Investing young allows you to take advantage of compound interest. These tips can be followed by students to start investing right away.

83. Improvement

In spite of limited finances (or none at all), Betterment is a great option.

Betterment is a Robo-advisor because all investment decisions are made by algorithms. Besides being cheaper (as you won’t have to pay for sleazy brokers), it is also more effective (people cannot beat the stock market).

84. The vanguard

How about working with some of your side income, or did your relative leave you some money? Vanguard may be worth considering. Students have a lot of options, but advanced investing is definitely one of them. Most startups are launched for $1,000 to $3,000 (and sometimes even $10,000). 

85. It’s a lending club.

What is your level of expertise in investing? There are higher risks associated with alternative investment options than Betterment or Vanguard in that case.

The potential return on these investments is higher as well. This category includes Lending Club.

P2P lending is an online lending platform. The loan is provided by Lending Club through its matching of borrowers and lenders. Generally, $1000 will be the minimum investment, though you may want to invest more if necessary. 

86. The Robin Hood

Would you like to learn about investments by doing it yourself? Robinhood makes this possible. This app teaches you about how investing works while also helping you build a portfolio. No minimum investment is required to start, and it’s free to sign up. Students who are interested in investing can take advantage of this opportunity.

87. In the rootstock

Finding, vetting, and managing an investment property overwhelms you? Roofstock is something we can help you with. Invest in properties through them with excellent coaching and support.

There is a reason you’re doing so well from the side businesses that you have the down payment money you need. Most college students won’t be able to undertake this type of activity. 

9.To Be Sold Old Stuff

There is a lot of empty clutter in your home. Besides clearing up some clutter in your room or apartment, why not make some extra money by renting out your space? If you don’t need or use something, you can sell it online and make money.

88. Poshmark

Is there Anything in your wardrobe that you do not wear? Clothing can be sold on Poshmark. Matching buyers and sellers according to their requirements is the goal of Poshmark. Although the app focuses on women’s clothing, you can also sell and buy men’s clothing.

89. By the yard sales

It is possible to sell your unwanted items if you are willing to meet some interesting people at yard sales (as I was).

A community yard sale is a great option for those without yards or living in dorms, apartment complexes, or churches. 

90. A Closet of Plato’s

If you don’t want your clothes anymore, you can also sell them using this method. You can consign your clothes with Poshmark as Plato’s Closet does. There is clothing available for boys and girls ages ten to twenty in your clothing selection.

91.You can sell your textbooks.

Readers of College Info Geek already know that we mentioned how to get cheap textbooks in our guide. The campus bookstore or even Amazon is a great place to sell your books.

Although it’s unlikely that you’ll pick up the calculus textbook twenty years from now (you can just do a web search).

10.The Marketing of Yourself

Money can’t be earned directly from this. A traditional job makes money difficult because finding customers or clients can be challenging. To gain the attention of potential employers, it is best to market yourself. Marketing yourself can be done in three different ways.

92. Make your own YouTube channel.

We had discussed the possibility of making money from YouTube in previous posts. A YouTube channel can also help with personal branding. Through this project, this Student can demonstrate video editing, public speaking, and consistency in production. Aside from looking really professional on a resume (or in an interview), it also sounds impressive.

Check out these helpful resources while Thomas writes an epic guide on how to start a YouTube channel. 

93. Make Your Own Website

Personal websites serve as dynamic online resumes that allow you to showcase your skills and experience. You already have an impressive website (and it isn’t difficult to make). It is even more effective to use your website to showcase your work.

Here is a collection of 50 personal website examples that can inspire you to create your own. We’ve created a guide to help you create your own personal website.

94. Participate in local networking events

The benefits of this are numerous. 

Additionally, it’s an opportunity to meet potential customers and clients.

Our recommendation is to contact the career center at your college or to view to locate these events. Would you like help setting up a network? We have a networking guide for you.

11. Learn New Skills

You need to learn some new skills if you don’t have a way to make money on your own. Here are some resources we recommend for getting started. All are free or inexpensive.

95. Having a skillshare

Here again, you wouldn’t exactly be able to make money directly. Nevertheless, the right skills are necessary to make money. The best place for us to learn new skills is Skillshare. Drawing, woodworking, and design are just a few of the things you can learn. 

96. Your Local Library

Are you looking for free education? That’s where you go.

12.The medical

As these cases do not always relate strictly to medicine, a better title would be “selling your body.”. That gave the wrong impression, however.

We all have parts or materials lying around (unless you’re a ghost reading this, in which case I apologize).

97. You can sell plasma.

College kids have gotten into this sort of thing before, but it is legitimate. Taking blood from your body takes up to two hours in a local center (do your research online before visiting the center).

During the filtering process, red blood cells and other cellular components are removed from the blood. Plasma is kept by the company, and they return what has been filtered out along with a sterile solution to your body.

If your health is good, you may be eligible if you don’t get rich doing it.

98. Hair for sale

You can also sell your hair (it’s creepy too, but no needles) if selling your blood plasma seems too painful. Manufacturers of human hair wigs hair will pay for your locks, though 

Many employers have very strict requirements regarding hair (no dyed hair, certain hair colors preferred).

99. Sperm or eggs for sale

This is a legitimate way to earn money. Researchers and fertility clinics need sperm and eggs. In some cases (especially egg donation), you can make serious money by selling either. For example, you cannot be infertile (there are other requirements). 

 your own thorough research before selling parts of your body. (Note that we do not have any experience or affiliation with these companies).

100. Your Poop Is For Sale

Yes, we did go there. It seems hard to believe, but someone will pay you for your poop. Human microbiome research, as well as treating C, have been among the uses. In extreme cases, stools can be transplanted to cure rife infections. 

  1. To become a standard patient, you could make money by portraying medical conditions that medical students can practice identifying. Humans are essentially what you are practicing as a patient.

A succession of medical students will interview you as you describe the symptoms you have. I don’t consider it the most exciting position (and depending on the condition you’re portraying, it can be a little awkward). There is a cost, however. You can learn more about medical schools at your university (or from a local medical school website).

13.Things to do for fun

 These aren’t things that will make you rich, 

101. Join Survey Junkie and Share Your Opinion

You may have been told by your high school English teacher that your opinion doesn’t matter unless you have evidence to back it. At Survey Junkie, that isn’t the case. It is possible on this site to earn money by sharing your opinions on various topics. This information is used by Survey Junkie to improve products and services.

You can earn points for sharing your response in exchange for gift cards to retailers like Target or Amazon (or even cash via PayPal). 

102. With Drop, you can earn cash rewards.

Shop at your favorite retailers or merchants and earn Drop points when you use your credit card. Shopping at the grocery store, dining in a restaurant, and taking an Uber are all examples.

103. App for Panel

You can earn rewards by taking surveys on Panel. Imagine it as an online survey with more convenience. A reward is usually a gift card or an entry into sweepstakes.

14.Take Control of Your Money

Congratulations if you’ve made it this far! This guide will make it impossible to say, “I’m broke.” I hope you are inspired to start making money, whatever method you use. You can now earn big money!

104. Business entrepreneurship

College students and recently graduated students can make considerable money from becoming their own entrepreneurs. The money-making ideas below are categorized as part of this category because you can earn as much as you desire.

How to become a Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent

College students may find this to be one of the “least known” ways to earn money. It is possible for students to work assigning agents. Best of all, all you need is a notary commission (which is often as simple as filling out an application)!

With the help of a database, you can be notified when an appointment in your area arises, and you can get loan signing jobs in your area automatically. You only need to be familiar with loan paperwork once you land a loan signing job. 

Are you able to say, “sign here, date there?” 

Working for yourself on your own schedule and making $75 to $200 per hour is possible if you are trained properly. Among the top-rated courses we found, the Loan Signing System is a course that people can use to make money. 

In the Loan Signing System, you learn about becoming a notary, signing loans, and getting loan signing jobs from A-Z. 

The top earners are earning $13,000 per month (and their monthly income is $500).

Business and blogging freelance writer

If you’re a fast writer, you can make money by freelancing. Freelance writing for blogs can be done in a number of ways.

Writers are being sought for more than just blogs – from how-to content to technical writings to putting together presentations and brochures. For the purpose of writing 

You can find freelance jobs and use Upwork and other websites to find other businesses looking for freelancers.

Currently, proofreading is in demand. Proofreading can be done for authors, blogs, and websites anywhere at any time. 

Learn how to become a virtual assistant

Being a virtual assistant is another great way to earn money online. Businesses and individuals are increasingly outsourcing “assistant-type” tasks, such as responding to emails, handling basic writing and organizational tasks, and more. 

Fiverr gigs for sale.

The site Fiverr allows you to see your gigs for $5 (and you’ll earn $4). The likelihood of earning a lot of money might seem low, but it is possible.

Make money on Amazon Mechanical Turk by doing micro gigs.

There is also Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, which is another popular site for earning money when performing gigs. Although you are paid very little for these gigs (sometimes as little as $0.05), you are able to do them very quickly. Identifying a picture or typing certain text might be required, for instance. I used to earn money while taking notes in class when I was in college.

You should do some online design work.

you could do online design work for business websites and businesses. All the way up to completely redesigning a website, this can encompass Anything from creating small graphics for advertisements.

 Create a YouTube video blog

If you have a talent for video, you can earn more money by becoming a YouTube blogger.

 Thus, the more views you have, the more you earn.

It is estimated that a video blogger earns about $7.60 for every 1,000 views of their video on YouTube.

 T-shirt design and sales

You can also make money from your art by designing and selling T-shirts online. T-shirts aren’t just pictures; they’re much more than that. Creating a sense of humor is also a great idea. You can purchase T-Shirts through Zazzle and Cafepress.

105. Get Your Transcription Work Done

You can earn money listening and typing transcription work if you’re a fast typer. Numerous industries require transcriptionists to convert audio to text. It is a popular practice among podcasters to translate podcasts into text.

106. Create an App

Those who possess programming skills can sell their apps on the App Store. Both game makers and regular app developers have had success with their creations. Unmet needs can be harnessed by finding them.

107. Become a Calligrapher

Can you tell me about your knowledge of calligraphy? If you want to sell your handwriting, Etsy is a good place to start. Special occasions usually demand the services of calligraphers.

108. Courses Can Be Launched Online

How would you describe your teaching style? In your field of expertise, you already teach or assist others, correct? An online course on that topic would be great. On Udemy, users can create and sell online courses. The course you need is available regardless of how obscure your topic may seem.

109. How you can become a translator

Translation services are in high demand. From spoken to written languages, translations are needed on multiple platforms. Sign up for and become an online translator.

110. How to become a virtual call center

Call centers play an important role in a lot of businesses. Customers can become customer service agents on-demand using platforms such as LiveOps. What about becoming a home-based call center representative? It can be a good side income stream, but you have to follow some steps to get started.

111. Find out how to become a voiceover artist.

With the popularity of podcasting and video, voiceover work is becoming increasingly popular. You can record yourself at home using a simple microphone setup if you have a good voice. Your voice should be great, 

112. You can ship stuff to other people.

Are Shipping Wars worth watching? It lasted only a few days, but it was cute. A show about people providing shipping services to other people across the country was featured on this show. Yes, it is legal, and sites like uShip help people connect with carriers and drivers to ship things. 

  • Here’s how you can become an SEO Guru for others

For analytical people, SEO projects are a great opportunity for freelancing. An analytical and savvy employee can make $75/hr. 

15.The stuff you can rent.

You can rent out your stuff to make extra money. Rent is not a major concern for you? The learning curve is steep.

113. Your house has a room you can rent out.

A great way to start investing in real estate is to buy a house in college and rent out other rooms to roommates. I have a friend who rented out three of the bedrooms in his four-bedroom house when he was a freshman. He pocketed a small profit from roommates’ Rent, which covered all expenses and the Rent. He had owned a house and two rentals by the time he graduated from college.

114. Renting a car

You might want to rent it instead. Instead of commuting all day in your car only to have no use for it, you might want to rent it instead.

Earn money renting out your car on Turo. Their ease of use allows students to win easily.

115. Renting Your Stuff

Can you find Anything that you are not using in your garage? A bicycle or camping equipment? Even if you don’t use it very often, you can easily increase your income this way! It isn’t used every day, though. It might be worthwhile for you to check out Anything, which allows you to rent pretty much Anything you own and use it to your advantage.

It’s as simple as setting up a rental shop to list items for Rent. Through the platform, online payments can be received, and you can be contacted. Increasing your income this way is easy! Zilok is a brand you may be familiar with.

116. You can rent out your garage or driveway.

In your garage or side drive, you could rent some of the space. With neighbors, you can collect payments online for renting out your driveway or garage. This app can make you extra money from an unused space very easily.

117. You Can Rent Clothes

 You can offer them to others looking for a great look at a reasonable price. There are sites like RentNotBuy. 

118. Airbnb: Let Your Place Become Your Rental

Are you often on the road? During the summer, how long do you plan to be absent? If you rent out your apartment or house, you can use this method to earn additional income. Airbnb is increasingly being used by vacationers and landlords alike. 

16.Tasks to be done

The following are not quite jobs, nor are they quite business opportunities online. You can earn money doing them, and I call them tasks. Millennials and college students looking to earn some extra cash tend to make the most of these opportunities.

119. Use Swagbucks to search.

Swagbucks is a great search engine if you’re already searching the Internet. Through Swagbucks, you can earn points called S.B. that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Sign up with this link and get a $5 bonus! S.B. can be a great way to make extra income each month, and there are many ways to earn it.

120. Participate in online surveys

Online surveys provide you with small gifts for filling out the survey, so that is another task that you can do online. Numerous survey sites are available online. 

  • Research Junkie – Share your thoughts and opinions to earn rewards.
  • Surveys on Swagbucks – You can now get $5 just for signing up for Swagbucks’ survey section.
  • 18-24 Pine Cones – You can earn $3 per survey with Pinecone if you’re 18-24 years old.
  • An outpost of Opinion –You can earn cash by filling out surveys.
  • Reward Fetch – It allows you to earn gift cards. 
  • A Branded Survey – You can get paid for sharing your thoughts with cash or gift cards.

121. Market research participation

You can earn money by doing market research. Most college campuses advertise market research studies; they’re designed to gather student opinions. A typical study rewards you with cash or gift cards for spending an hour doing market research.

  • Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel – Install an app and earn some money!

122. Online User Testing

Before launching a new website or initiative online, companies need customers to test it. Companies can post-testing jobs on sites like, and anyone can sign up to take the test. When you do testing, you are paid. 

  • Learn how to become a TaskRabbit

A site called TaskRabbit facilitates the posting of jobs online and the application process. TIt is a full-time job or a kind of freelancing. We are dealing with grocery run or lunch pick-up might be requested of you, 

  • Pick up other people’s dog poop

Poop pick-up is something most people dislike. That’s all there is to it. Due to this, there are services popping up all across the country offering this service – 

123. Be a note taker

People need to take notes for everything, not just school. In many local hospitals and health centers, note takers are paired up with elderly and disabled people who need help taking notes. Taking notes for people in need can earn you a side income if you’re willing to travel around town.

124. Sign Up To Be A Medical Test Volunteer

Become a medical test volunteer to make some extra money. A wide range of studies is currently being conducted that require healthy volunteers to participate. It may be necessary to have sleep monitors while you sleep or be subjected to drug testing. 

125. Learn how to become a Dasher

You can make money delivering things (usual food) with DoorDash, which offers on-demand delivery services. On-demand delivery jobs advertise that you could make up to $25 an hour.

126. You Can Become An Agent Of Anything

Taskrabbit and Agent Anything is very similar, except that Agent Anything is geared toward students. Individuals will be able to post jobs and their budgets on the platform. 

127. Take part in scholarship competitions.

As a college student, scholarships provide additional income. Many people are unaware that most scholarship competitions get very few entries simply because they believe they won’t win.

Be sure to apply to our Side Hustlin Student scholarship as well (since you are probably an entrepreneur yourself since you are reading this article).

128. Recycle bottles and cans

Recycling is another simple way to earn some extra money. You can usually get paid by turning in bottles and cans in most places around the country. 

129. Recycling scrap metal

Scrap metal can also be recycled along with bottles and cans. Scrap metal recycling is more profitable, but it’s harder to find the stuff to recycle. Metal and copper scrap can be worth a lot of money if you find them.

130. Answer the trivia questions

Were you aware that you could earn money answering trivia questions? Whether you believe it or not, you can be. By participating in trivia games and winning prizes through Swagbucks, you can earn points.

131. Sharing your phone numbers can save you time and money.

It is possible to get paid to use your mobile phone and allow companies to monitor your activities without revealing your identity. Nielsen Mobile, for instance, is an app that offers rewards just for installing it. Advertisers can use those snapshots to know your demographic better. The trade-off is that you get paid, but some privacy is compromised.

132. Learn How To Be A Professional Cuddler

It may be possible for someone who enjoys hugging and cuddling strangers to get paid for doing so. Do not misunderstand; this is meant for cuddling only.

133. Consider Becoming A Professional Friend

Maybe you’d rather just be someone’s friend, or maybe go to the mall or the movies instead of cuddling? Visit Rent-A-Friend if this sounds more like your style. You can make money by being someone’s friend for the day, which sounds exactly like it sounds. Despite its awkwardness, the opportunity could also be lucrative and fun!

134. Officiate at weddings

You could get paid to officiate weddings, and people are always looking for interesting officiants. Skydivers who conduct weddings can earn money by hosting skydiving wedding ceremonies. It’s a great side income for pastors who take part in extreme sports since most don’t.

  1. You can get rebates when you shop at the grocery store.

With Ibotta, you can earn cash rebates for your shopping. Just let it know what you’re buying, and it’ll take care of the rest and give

135. Shop online and get rebates

Where is the regular store or grocery store these days? Nowadays, it seems that everyone shops online. Become an Ebates member before you make any more purchases online. With this service, you can get rebates when shopping at thousands of online retailers, such as Amazon, Target, and more. Ebates has made me $2,400 since I signed up! 

136. Finding programming bugs

You’re a programmer, aren’t you? During the summer, will you have some free time? During that time, you could troubleshoot new and existing software for bugs: search job boards and your college’s campus for postings.

  • How to find website hacks

Businesses pay people for finding bugs and flaws in websites, just as they do for programming bugs. It was recently announced that United Airlines would reward people who report hacks with frequent flyer miles, and Google publicly displays the cash rewards it gives to people who report exploits.

137. We Can Help You Name Your Business

Business owners are rarely creative, so chances are, they are not creative. However, there are services you can provide in return for payment. Business naming contests are held by Naming Force and SquadHelp, where the winner gets paid in cash!

138. Driving for Uber or Lyft

Being a Lyft or Uber driver-partner can be a great way to earn some extra money if you own a car and have some spare time.

To get started in the rideshare industry, you can get help from The Rideshare Guy, 

139. Deliver groceries or food

Are you tired of driving people around? Are you traveling by car or riding a bike in an area where bikes are permitted? Alternatively, you can deliver food for companies like Instacart or UberEATS and do it all day long.

Answering pressing questions

I bet you didn’t know you can earn money by answering questions. connects users with professionals who answer their questions for a small fee. You can also get paid while helping others.

17.Selling Your Stuff

College students can make money by selling stuff easily. they have nothing to sell, but they are wrong. Everyone can sell stuff on this list.

140. You can sell your class notes.

In college, the notes you take in class are the first thing you can sell. This can be done in several ways. In almost every major university, students can buy/take notes. The University of California, San Diego, offers an Associate in Science degree. Notetakers are paid for Lecture Notes.

 Note buyers are charged a fee. Students can also sell their notes online with services like StudySoup. Selling their notes has led to students making between $5,000 and $10,000.

141. Old College Papers for Sale

Students write papers more than selling notes—lots and lots of papers. Make sure you don’t waste this time. Old papers from college can be sold to services. Check out GradeSaver, for instance. You can sell your old essays for anywhere from $15 to $100 using this service. It could be a great little side job if you write multiple papers per semester.

142. On Craigslist, you can sell things.

Craigslist is the best place to sell AnythingAnything you don’t use anymore that is too large to sell online. Before moving home from college, you might want to sell all your furniture. There may be a better solution than storing or transporting your possessions. Craigslist makes listing and selling AnythingAnything easy.

143. Etsy: Sell Crafts

Selling your stuff on Etsy might be a good idea if you’re a crafty person. Crafts, cards, stationery, and household decor are all available on Etsy. This type of product can be created in your spare time, on weekends and evenings. The products can be made in small spaces, so they can fit in dorm rooms. Do you think you won’t make much money selling on Etsy? Apparently, this teenager is paying for college through online sales of crafts.

144. EBay: Sell stuff

Besides eBay, another great site for selling stuff is Craigslist. If you still have its packaging, you can sell stuff on eBay – old video games, DVDs, computers, etc. While in college, this can be a lucrative way to earn extra money. My own experience selling items on eBay in college brought me $2000 to $3000 each year.

145. Sell holiday gifts at the roadside.

When Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day approaches, do you ever see those roadside stands? What about those flower shops and treat shops? Possibly you are the one in question. You can simply head to Costco and buy some flowers and candy for the holidays as a college student. Next, ask for permission to set up a stand near an intersection or along a busy road. Holidays will increase your investment by two to three times.

146. You can sell your old video game accounts

There’s a money-making opportunity out there for gamers. You probably feel like you’re spending fewer and fewer hours playing video games as you progress through college. Your game assets and characters are awesome, so why not use them? Wouldn’t it be cool if new players could purchase them online instead? lets you do just that. A video game account, a character, or even in-game assets can be bought or sold.

147. Junk mail for sale

You’d be surprised to know there are companies out there who buy junk mail. Individuals can submit their junk mail to the Small Business Knowledge Center on a regular basis. They specifically want to receive junk mail about personal finance, insurance, investing, and more. You can redeem points for gift cards to over 200 retailers when you do this.

148. Sell homegrown products

Growing food in your yard or on a piece of land you own could be where local farmers and residents pool their resources to buy and sell fresh produce. Although this may not make you a millionaire, it could be a good income stream if you have enough to sell consistently.

149. You Can Sell Your Ideas And Inventions 

Don’t know the best way to create a great product but have an excellent idea? Quirky may be able to handle your idea. You can either develop the product yourself or partner with a large brand if they like your idea. All sales will be split with you after the final product is released. In some cases, entrepreneurs only earn a few thousand dollars, but in others, they make several hundred thousand dollars.

150. Your Artwork Can Be Sold

You can sell your artwork online if you’re an artist and consistently create paintings, drawings, computer animations, or any other form of visual art. Deviant Art allows users to upload their images, and they can choose to sell them as prints or even special products like mousepads. A 20% commission will be paid to the artist when an item is sold. Royalties are higher for higher membership levels.

151. Sell your stock photos

Rather than creating a painting, do you like taking pictures? Yes, there are ways to sell stock photos as well. It explains step by step how to sell stock photography on iStockPhoto or Shutterstock in a guide by The Penny Hoarder. To start, you can earn 15% of the selling price, but it may eventually rise to 50%.

152. Old textbooks can be sold

When you are done with your classes, you can always sell your old textbooks. Even if you can’t earn money from this (since some clever college entrepreneurs have found a way to profit from selling used textbooks), it can be a great way to recoup some of the book expenses.


Working is always a good way to earn money. A college student or young adult would be excellent candidates for these jobs, given their school schedules and summer vacations.

153. The babysitting business

Babysitting is a good way to make a bit of extra money if you’re a responsible person. You can organize a night out with your neighbors and friends if they have kids! About $20 an hour is what a typical babysitter makes.

Consider signing up at in order to appear “more reputable.”

154. Consider Becoming a Pet Sitter

Just like babysitting, pet watching is required when people go out of town. In addition to earning some extra money, pet sitting can also be a fun way to hang out with some furry friends.

If you need a pet sitter, consider signing up for Rover.

155. I am sitting in a house.

Consider house-sitting for a friend who is going on vacation. Homeowners don’t want their homes destroyed by pipe leaks or burglaries. It is possible to combine pet and house sitting to avoid this issue. You can make a lot of money by adding in a side gig if you’ve got the time. is another place to get leads. You can sign up on that website as well. Students who are responsible for house sitting will be highly valued.

156. The cleanliness of houses

House cleaning is another great gig for college students. Even though it takes several hours, it can be easily done in college and requires no prior experience. Alternatively, you can set up your own cleaning company or team up with an experienced company.

157. Catering can be done on the weekends.

Due to the irregular schedules of catering companies, they are always looking for extra help. Catering companies are often busy at weekends but don’t have much work during the week. 

158. Repairing computers

Making extra money by repairing people’s computers is a great way to use your computer skills. Setup software, virus scanning, and more are typically included in this process.

ZipRecruiter can help you find computer repair firms hiring.

159.Work as a handyman.

Handyman work is something you can do for extra money if you’re good with tools and can fix things. Your landlord might be in need of help, or you could ask your friends or neighbors.

160. Paint Your Houses

As a college student, you may consider becoming a house painter. Painting companies like College Pro House Painters have been connecting college students to the house painting business, 

161. A hauling job

You can provide people with a ride to the dump or landfill if you have a truck. Alternatively, you can post on Craigslist, charge a reasonable price, and have success if you charge.

  • Working in retail

In retail, students can usually work flexible hours because, unlike when they are at school, retail work is not a huge commitment. Student workers are in high demand for evening and weekend jobs at many retail outlets. Retail provides a steady paycheck as well.

162. Working As A Bartender Or Server

Becoming. Although most nights will be spent working, you have the potential to earn great tips if you do a good job.

163. Become a Professor’s Assistant

Each semester, 1-2 students are hired by professors to help them grade papers, plan lessons, and do research. Consider reaching out to your professor to see if he has a job for you in your field of study in a field you’re interested in.

19. Work at a temporary agency

A temporary agency is a good starting point for college students since they get a variety of work, which is helpful for students. To apply for a temporary agency, 

164. Be a tutor

Another great option is to earn money while you’re in school. It would be nice if you could help those in your college classes who are not doing well. Creating a class Facebook group could be a better option (since many classes are going digital). Increasing your income is easy when you can easily find clients.

If you’re looking for clients, you might consider visiting’s tutoring services list as well.

165. The modeling process

Another way to earn extra money in college is modeling. To make a living as a model, you usually work with an agency and get paid a few hundred dollars for a shot each day. Using social media sites like Instagram allows you to showcase your work and make your portfolio visible to others. These sites help you break into the business.

166. Extras from T.V. or movies

Extras are needed on every set across the country for T.V. shows and movie shoots. You can earn a little extra money on the side by doing this. 

The pay is maybe $200 or more per day.

167. Shopping for mysteries

O.A.’s large market research company in the United States is Trendsource. Occasionally, I like to rate businesses and provide feedback on the services I receive.

 Is that something you’ve ever wanted to do? The major market research company Trendsource is constantly looking to recruit field agents (also known as mystery shoppers). You can also earn money by performing mystery shopping.

168. Services for moving

It is possible to join a moving company if you are physically fit and willing to help people move. It might be useful for you to join Starving Students and help people move within your community.

169. Gardening

You can also offer to help your neighbors and friends with their gardening projects if you have a green thumb. No matter what your preference is, there are tons of odd jobs you can do, including clearing fields, cutting down trees, or doing ad-hoc projects.

170. Service for pools

Perhaps you could offer to help people with their pools if you know a thing or two about them. Chemicals can be taken care of as needed, as well as cleaning. During the summer, you can lend a hand to a professional during the busy season.

171. Snow shovel

 Even though this is hard work, you might be able to charge a reasonable fee for each house.

172. Raise or Signing Bonus Request

If you are already employed, you might consider asking for a raise. You can increase your income in this simple way, and many people don’t negotiate their salaries.

Many employers offer students a signing bonus just for accepting their job offer. The Pathrise service will help you find a position with a signing bonus and get paid without lifting a finger by providing you with one-on-one coaching and tools to negotiate the most competitive compensation package.

20. Tanning Business: Start Your Own

Spray tanning is a big business, and you can do it on your own terms with a spray tanning kit. If you’d like to sell the service, maybe you could prep your dorm before a party.

173. Do Your Nails And Makeup

You could perform special occasion makeup and nails for your friends to use at special events, just like you would if you run a tanning business. There are even small jobs that you can do here and there if you advertise.

174. Starting A Laundry Service

More often than you might think, busy professionals outsource their laundry. It would be a great idea to start a laundry service for your friends and neighbors. If you combine their trip with yours, you could charge them a small fee, so they don’t have to make their own trip to the laundromat. This could be a recurring revenue stream for you since you do laundry every week.

175. Perform on the street

Performers on the street hustle. Street corners, buses, and subways require a unique set of skills.

Performances can earn performers several thousand dollars a day if done well. It would be possible to earn money several days a week by doing this.

176. Become a Telemarketer

In addition to hiring these professionals in-house, many companies also hire telemarketing companies to manage phones (particularly during election seasons).me). who don’t mind spending a lot of time on the phone and frequently getting hung upon.

177. Learn how to become a product demonstrator

Did you ever see those product demonstrations in stores? On the weekend, these people are employed by marketing companies to do these jobs. Normally, you will be mailed the supplies and told where to go and when to show up. 

178. Sign Up As A Campaign Petitioner

The people asking you to sign up outside of the supermarket are usually paid to do so; did you know that? People push politics not because they care, as they believe. Since they typically get $1-$2 for each signature, they are urging you to sign. The average person who signs up for 30-$60 per hour will earn $30-$60 per hour. Good enough.

179. Detail Your Car Or Do Car Washing

The pleasure of getting into a well-kept car cannot be overstated. I feel great. Waxing and washing cars are services that people are willing to pay for. If car detailing is your passion, you might consider charging others for your services.

180. Get A Job Internship

Nowadays, most internships are paid, so they are a great way to develop work skills and boost your salary. Although most internships begin in the summer, some companies offer extended internships during the school year.

181. Become A Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are often able to help people get going to get fit by providing accountability and guidance. There is a lot more to come. Your fitness passion could become big, just like Steve Kamb, who made a name for himself with Nerd Fitness.

182. Learn how to become a D.J.

You love music and have perfect playlists for every occasion, so maybe you should become a D.J. Parties, and events are great places for you to D.J. on weekends. After you acquire a mixer and speakers, it does require a little investment, but you can still profit.

183. Create event plans

How about coordinating people and tasks to achieve a goal? You might like party planning if that’s the case. You can earn money by planning an event. College students can struggle with this, but I’ve seen some manage it – think of Van Wilder and his college parties.

184. Becoming An Interior Decorator

Decorators can make a little extra money in college if they have a knack for interior design. If you are able to update people’s rooms for a fee, you can earn an income.

185. Providing assistance to senior citizens

It is often worth their while to hire someone to assist them with various tasks. A shopping trip or a doctor’s visit could be included in this. Getting involved with senior citizens is a great way to build lifelong connections and give back to the community.

186. Ride A Bike Taxi

Although this is a lot of exercises, it can also provide a little income and great tips. Pedi-cabs and bike taxis are commonly seen in tourist areas of big cities. Contact a local company to find out how to drive one, and be prepared to work on weekends.

187. Join the Human Billboard Program

You can walk around with a sign for a fee and be paid by companies to do visual marketing. That’s all there is to it. You may have to stand on certain corners or walk through different streets at times. Your silly getup is meant to raise awareness, and you’ll get paid for it.

21. How to build passive income

By investing some of those profits into passive income, you can take whatever college income you earn to the next level:

188. Invest now

It is your goal, of course, to turn your investments into a passive income stream. You don’t need much to get started. The free investing apps on this list allow you to start investing with just $1. You can then add another $100 per month to your nest egg, and you’ll realize the full power of it.

189. A peer-to-peer lending model

Like investing, peer-to-peer lending involves lending money to another person and receiving interest back in return.

Your principal and interest will be repaid each month. Since you get your principal back every month, this initial investment can snowball into a number of other investments. The return on investment for most lenders is 5%-7%. 

190. Invest in yourself and your business

Also, if you want to continue making money after college and set up 

the profits into your business to make it more profitable. Building residual income is how you do it. If you advertise your business, how much more money could you make each month? Would it be possible to hire someone to assist you with some duties so you can focus on others? In college and beyond, investing in your business is a smart decision.

191. Get Started In Real Estate

Investing in real estate in college may not seem feasible; it simply requires a lot of cash. In the face of new regulations and the Internet, crowdfunded real-estate platforms have changed that. You can start investing in real estate for as little as $500.


College students should make how much money?

There is generally more money available to college students. Earning $10,000 per year should be possible with an hourly wage of $11 to $12. A student earning an IPA of $7,162 is eligible to receive need-based financial aid if 76.5 percent of FICA taxes are deducted and 3 percent of state and other taxes are allowed.

A college student should work how many hours a week?

12 Hours
Work Should Be Done by College Students, but Should Be Limited to 12 Hours per Week. Besides the obvious financial benefits of working while in college, there are other benefits. Having a full-time job while pursuing your degree can increase your GPA in many cases. You should know these things.



Several college students have made money by working part-time. Here are some ideas. As a student, you may have to deal with lots of expenses and little time. If you know where to look, you can always earn some extra cash! Student Make Money