The 11 best part-time jobs for retirees who aren’t ready to retire

part-time jobs for retirees Leaving your career as a 40-hour-a-week worker may have been a major decision. As you plan for your retirement, you want to be active, work, and earn a little income for support.

Even though “retirement incomes” and “retirement jobs” seem contradictory nowadays, advancing life expectancies and better health among older Americans make them easier to pursue.

The productive life of many people does not end when they reach the so-called retirement age.

In addition to pensions, social security, and other retirement funds, there are lots of ways to bring in some extra income. The following jobs offer part-time opportunities, flexible hours, or both.

These 11 part-time jobs for retirees.

 There are other remote jobs that can be done from your home, such as virtual assistant work and customer service.

1. Assistant to a school

Average price:- $50 to $100

Almost every school has openings for crossing guards, recess supervisors, and others. You could find a good retirement job if you call your local high school, middle school, or elementary school. It’s even better if you look online. Many jobs are available online.

Assistant to a school
Assistant to a school

An ideal retirement job allows you to meet neighbors, provides additional security and safety for your children, and gets you out of the house.

2. sell feet Pics on Etsy

Average price:- $5 to $100

Making money from Etsy is very easy. A great way to increase your earnings is to sell foot pictures on Etsy. A part-time job on Etsy You can also make real money without a job or part-time job, so Etsy is a great platform here for selling your feet pictures; it is not entirely true. Etsy also allows you to remain anonymous while selling feet photos. 

Etsy is an online marketplace where handmade and custom items can be sold. For beginners, it’s one of the best places to sell their handmade items online since it’s free, easy to use, and has a huge customer base. Prices vary depending on the picture and where it is sold. The average price of a picture is between $5 and $100.

3. Teaching job

Average price:- $13 and $25 per hour

In the United States, hundreds of tutoring companies work with kids of all ages to enhance their school education or to prepare for college entrance exams. Tutoring agencies will find you work, and you will not have to advertise yourself as such.

Teaching job
Teaching job

These companies pay between $13 and $25 per hour. For most programs, the only educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree, although exam prep may require ACT or SAT scores or may require that you retake the test for verbal or maths instruction.

Tutoring online is a lucrative career path with a lot of good-paying gigs available. Identify your strengths and match them with the opportunities.

4. Crafting

Average price:- $50 to the maximum you earn

If you want to sell handmade goods, you’ll have to put some effort into marketing your Etsy shop on your home computer. Someone out there would love to buy your quilts, wooden furniture, or doll clothes. Alternatively, you could display and sell your items at local craft shows.


5. Travel & Tourism guide

Average price:- $20 per hour

  • When you see someone doing them, there are certain jobs that you think, “I could do that too!”From historical sites to museums and from outdoor walking tours to employee tours, companies, organizations, and sites that host tours come in many sizes and shapes. Tours can be scheduled on an on-demand basis or as part of an organization’s everyday operations. 
  • Many of these jobs require knowledge about the subject and a good sense of storytelling – usually while walking backward.
Travel & Tourism guide
Travel & Tourism guide
  • The average salary of a tour guide is $20 per hour. Many tour participants also offer tips.
  • You could be able to craft a great story that explores history, science, or architecture, among many other topics (and perhaps you are already passionate about it).
  • You shouldn’t overlook a special area of knowledge you’ve acquired through your work experience. Expert in manufacturing? Perhaps you would be the perfect person to conduct tours of a cheese factory.

6. YouTuber

Average price:- $5 to no limit

  • The best part-time jobs for retirees who aren’t ready to retire. Start sharing your knowledge in an area where you excel. How-to videos, music reviews, and movie reviews might interest you.
  • Creating a YouTube channel may take some time for you to earn money, but it can be a passive income that you can earn even when you aren’t working!
  • Use Google Absences to post your videos. After your video is viewed, people will click on the ads to earn income.
  • The video can be about anything you want. You can make a how-to video or review your favorite music or movie.
  • Make a portfolio of videos that earn you a small amount of revenue each month.

7. Child Care Provider

Average price:- $15 an hour

  • The issue of child care might be a bit of a political football these days, but it has never been more important. 
  • Families with two parents who require or wish to have two incomes are likely to need child care, which may come in the form of a nanny or frequent babysitter.
  • Babysitters spend time with children at home. A nanny is a substitute parent, taking the children to daycare or other activities in many cases.
Child Care Provider
Child Care Provider
  • You can search for these positions via Craigslist or Next Door, but your best bet is to use your personal network. Tell people you are willing to work as a nanny or frequent babysitter, and with the right recommendation, you could have a very rewarding retirement job.
  • In the United States, nannies and babysitters are not required to have a license or certification, but many families require that they be bonded, guaranteeing their services. 
  • The average salary for a nanny is $15 an hour. A babysitter’s earnings vary widely depending on the neighborhood’s wealth. 

8. Virtual Assistant

  • Business services are offered virtually by virtual assistants, who are independent contractors. You can use the computer and phone to handle website maintenance, website design, marketing assistance, social media postings, blog writing, email correspondence, and other clerical work. These jobs often require flexibility in working hours.
  • ZipRecruiter showed over 221,000 virtual assistant jobs, meaning a virtual assistant could make up to $60,000 a year, depending on their responsibilities.
Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistant
  • Depending on your experience and the amount of work you need to perform, you are more likely to work for an hourly wage. Also, some job firms provide virtual assistants; you can sign up with them and accept jobs as they come your way.

9. Bookkeeper

Average price:- $20 per hour

  • You have a good sense of numbers. Maybe you worked in an accounting role at your previous job, and now you are in charge of your own finances.
  • A full-time bookkeeper or accounting service may not be necessary or affordable for small or civic organizations. Small or civic organizations do not need to make money. Many of them are not-for-profit or charitable. However, they require occasional bookkeeping, often with the goal of minimizing taxes.
  • Part-time bookkeeper jobs often require simple recordkeeping or financial recordkeeping. Former accountants or experienced bookkeepers typically work as part-time bookkeepers. Many companies use financial services for paychecks, but they may also track invoices.
  • Generally, a bookkeeper earns about $20 per hour as a part-time employee.

10. Pet Sitting and Pet Walker

Average price:- $10 to $15 per hour

  • It is possible to earn $10 to $15 an hour by pet-sitting in a home or walking a dog. For pet-sitting to be a good job for retirees, you need to be able to walk while pulling or being pulled.
  • Getting a job as a pet sitter or a dog walker is also a good way to get into the field. Many pet owners have a tendency to hang out with each other, and they will recommend a reliable pet sitter when they go on vacation.
Pet Sitting and Pet Walker
Pet Sitting and Pet Walker
  • When house-sitting an animal, you’ll likely earn more money if you keep an eye on the property while the owner is away.

11. Freelance Writer

Average price:- $20 per hour

  • Freelancers no longer write articles – they now provide content – but freelance writing is still an option that offers the flexibility to take on the assignments you want. You can find firms that connect freelance writers with businesses and individuals in need of content for blogs, resumes, cover letters, marketing, etc.
  • Indeed reports that a freelance writer’s average hourly wage is over $20, but you are often paid by assignment or by word, so the pay varies. The pay can be higher if you are knowledgeable about certain topics such as science and medicine.
Freelance Writer
Freelance Writer
  • The ability to write rarely diminishes with age, but the requirements for writing change. Having a grasp of search engine optimization (SEO) will open more doors. The majority of jobs that use job search websites like Indeed require candidates to take a writing test, but it is typically a simple grammar or proofreading test.
  • Freelancer jobs often offer consistent, if sporadic, work instead of one-off writing assignments. Retired writers could have clients for decades. 


The increasing life expectancy and better health of older Americans have made retirement jobs and retirement incomes easier to obtain.


Is part-time employment possible when I retire?

The social security system allows you to receive retirement or survivor benefits and work at the same time. Although you cannot earn more than a certain amount and still receive full benefits, there is a cap. Our benefits may be reduced if you earn more than the yearly earnings limit and are younger than full retirement age.

Can someone over 50 have a second career?

The real estate, education, and financial sectors are among the best jobs for women over 50. 50-year-olds are ideal candidates for healthcare careers that require soft skills. In particular, nursing is a rapidly-growing career path. A college degree is normally required for most nursing careers.

How old is too old to be hired by employers?

A study of the issue. Numerous studies have been conducted regarding age discrimination in hiring decisions. A new study has found that it becomes much more difficult for workers to get a job around the age of 64, while it becomes slightly tougher at age 50.