Courier Services from India to the USA at the lowest Price

There are estimated to be about 4 million Indians living in the USA among them, some run businesses, and others work in various occupations and jobs. maximum IT company person working in two categories job and business. so courier service is also useful to USA person

Courier services from India to the USA are a very easy way to send various types of parcels can be sent, including commercial courier shipments, gifts, or other materials. It is usually challenging for Indians to choose a company that is reliable and offers the best prices.

The types of shipping

choices will be many. The most common two methods are:

Air shippingSea shipping
  • Interested in saving money by delaying the transfer or transferring the parcel urgently? Your decision is entirely yours. Method selection involves two factors: timing and cost.
  • The simple rule is to ship by sea if you are not in a hurry. In order to send parcels back to India, shipping by ship is the most cost-effective method.
  • You will have to wait about 7-10 weeks for your parcel to reach India if you ship by sea. However, you will save a lot of money in the end.
  • On the other hand, if you have an urgent shipment, you’ll have to choose Shipping by Air. Shipping by air can be expensive, but you will receive your parcel within a few days or weeks if you use this method.
  • Don’t be in a hurry and consider these factors before you spend your money. Both cases require the receiver to be present at the local customs office to receive the items.

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The best way to prepare packages for shipment to India

Preparing the parcel for shipment is the most crucial step. A border crossing is involved, not a simple city-to-city journey for this parcel. Therefore, you must pack and prepare the sample carefully before submitting it to a shipping company.

Before choosing a shipping company to handle your parcel, make sure you consider these factors.

Double-ply boxes should be used to pack the utensils. Rather than using fancy boxes, choose standard and durable ones. Home Depot is the best place to get it done.
Ensure that brittle items are not packed. 
Airline hand luggage allowances allow you to take those items with you
On the sample box, include all the details, including both the sender and receiver’s credentials
Get an estimate of your box’s weight after packing
As soon as your package is packed, please take a picture of it and keep it as a record. It may be needed if there is a mishap

Do I need to purchase insurance when shipping items to India?

  • You may be confused if you’re wondering whether or not to insure your parcel. The decision isn’t that difficult.
  • If you decide based on what you are shipping, it might be easier. Insuring your expensive and valuable items makes sense if they are valuable to you.
  • Getting your parcel insured should not be necessary if the product isn’t that valuable.
  • Before making a final decision about insuring your parcel, you should carefully read the insurance rules and regulations.

The Cheapest Courier Service Factors to Consider

 There are several factors to consider:

PriceTrustworthinessA reliable service
Timely deliveryKeeping customers satisfied

Best and cheapest Courier services from India to the USA

Now that we’ve become familiar with all the rules and regulations that must be respected, we can discuss some of the best and cheapest services that can be used to ship our package from the USA to India safely.

servicesPersonal Courier DeliverChargesEstimated delivery
1. Courier ForceParcel Delivery – Door-to-Door Courier ServicesThese charges are cheapestanywhere between 3 and 5 working days
2. Garuda VegaDoor-to-Door Courier Servicescharge anywhere between INR 30-90 per 500 gm. five working days at an affordable price.
3. DHLDHL uses the most advanced software, offers exceptional customer support, and delivers the sample on time DHL begins at Rs. 120 per 50 g parcel and may go as high as Rs. 320 per 50 g depending upon delivery time2 to 8 business days for domestic shipments within the US
3 to 14 business days for international shipments
4. FedExTracking your shipment is available at any time with FedEx.FedEx is the relatively expensive cost for a parcel weighing 50g starting at 1000 RsFedEx Ground typically delivers within one to seven business days. Within the contiguous United States, delivery takes one to five days. For Alaska and Hawaii, it takes three to seven days.
5. Parcel chiefFree pickup + door-to-door service.NO hidden cost
Only Custom Duties/taxes/charges if any (in the USA) will be additional.
6 to 8 Days
6. Fastway Expressdoor-to-door delivery services’
Detailed online tracking
At Fastway, we provide a low costParcel delivery within 1-2 working days throughout Ireland.
7. Ship Rocketdoor-to-door delivery services’Ship Rocket prices its products at Rs 110 per 50 g.2-8 days

1. Courier Force

  • The most popular delivery service in India is Courier Force. When compared to other courier services, the company claims to be the cheapest. Furthermore, they have a transparent and reliable shipment process.
  • It is possible to send parcels from India to the USA or vice versa through Courier Force. Fast shipment processing is one of their top priorities.
  • Through Courier Force, you can safely deliver hundreds of parcels from a single one. From the USA to India, the company charges based on door-to-door delivery. We will pick up your parcel from your house in the USA and deliver it safely to your destination address in India.
  • After your parcel is sent from the U.S., you should receive it in India within two to four working days.
  • Courier Force’s starting price may be slightly higher, but it decreases significantly as your parcel gains weight.

2. Garuda Vega

  • The Indian community in the U.S. is provided with fast, secure, and economical courier services by Garuda Vega. Deliveries from the USA to India are made within five working days at an affordable price.
  • Simple steps are involved in the process. Garuda Vega’s website has an online form that can be filled out and emailed to their email address. After verifying the details, Garuda Vega will send you a quote covering the shipping cost.
  • Upon satisfaction, you can either make payment online or at their office in Atlanta, GA. The cost is about $90 for a 10lb parcel.
  • You will receive an invoice sheet when the company receives the payment, which you will then label the parcel with.
  • In addition, the parcel can be delivered to any Garuda Vega office or picked up for free.
  • Garuda Vega is another good option for shipping to India that is reliable and fast.

3. DHL

  • DHL is one of the most recognizable names in the shipping industry. This brand is well known around the world.
  • DHL uses the most advanced software, offers exceptional customer support, and delivers the sample on time. This makes them the best shipping company in the business.
  • As an efficient and cost-effective method of delivering packages, they ensure that the parcels arrive at their destination in a minimum of time.
  • When required, DHL provides express delivery, handles customs, and provides a secure tracking system.
  • Rates for shipping from India to the USA through DHL begins at Rs. 120 per 50 g parcel and may go as high as Rs. 320 per 50 g depending upon delivery time.
  • Cheapest Courier Service

4. FedEx

  • Internationally recognized brand FedEx is a well-known name. It’s an image of solid trust and reliability.
  • FedEx specializes in shipping hazardous and dangerous goods. Tracking your shipment is available at any time with FedEx.
  • FedEx is relatively expensive, and the cost for a parcel weighing 50g starts at 1000 Rs. The fastest courier service from the U.S. to India

5. Parcel chief

  • You can also use Parcel chief to send shipments from the U.S. to India for the lowest price.
  • You can calculate and compare fares easily using their unique online shipping calculator. As a result, you don’t have to look around for other providers’ best prices.
  • Package your sample carefully, weigh it, and enter the dimensions on their shipping calculator in order to send it through parcel monkey.
  • Package your sample carefully, weigh it, and enter the dimensions on their shipping calculator in order to send it through parcel monkey. Shipment charges vary.
  • Your sample will be delivered according to the size of the parcel and the time you specify. When compared to other providers, Parcel Monkey claims they charge the lowest price. USPS Connection with Parcel Monkey


You should carefully evaluate all the options and choose the cheapest courier service that has reliable services and best suits your needs before you make your final decision.


How can I send a parcel to the USA for the lowest price?

We recommend the Post Landmark Economy Super Saver Drop Off as the cheapest way to send money to America. Despite the low cost, you still receive the same high-quality service you’d expect from Landmark.

Is DTDC available in the USA?

Additionally, DTDC has expanded its service network around the world through its own subsidiaries, joint ventures, representative offices, and franchisees abroad. Our U.K. offices serve the European market, while our U.S. and Canada offices cover the North American market.