21 Best Apps for Saving Money in 2024

Best apps for saving Money-saving apps come in a variety of varieties, and each one works differently. The 21 best free downloads of the day are listed here.

Even if you have to spend all your spare money paying back debt instead of investing in stocks, there are probably some areas where you could cut down on your spending or ways to take advantage of discounts.

In general, the main barrier isn’t money but time or knowledge. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to search manually for the best deals.

Applications are great for automating tedious tasks, saving you time and money. 

Apps can be used to save money in various ways

  • One of the easiest ways to save money is to use cashback and coupon apps.
  • After you have already made a purchase, use apps that help you negotiate better prices
  • Invest in apps that automatically deposit a portion of your income that you can afford to save into your savings account
  • Make long-term investments for your savings and growth eg. Ground floor investing, Retire early with real estate
best apps for saving money
best apps for saving money

Having one app in each category would be overwhelming. You may want a few apps of different types.

TOP 21 Money saving Apps for 2023

You can save money by using these 21 apps:

1. Capital One Shopping best appYou can compare prices automatically while shopping online with Capital One Shopping’s free Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari extensions.

Capital One Shopping searches the web for better deals and coupon codes while you shop at an online retailer.

Using the links can lead you to retailers offering better prices, and you can save using applicable codes. Even when shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, use the Capital One Shopping app.

These are some of the features of Capital One Shopping:

  • Scanning barcodes in stores or searching retailers online provides universal product search
  • Trending offers and featured deals
  • Coupon Codes – discover additional savings automatically
  • Price Drop Alerts – notify you when the price for an item drops
  • Get redeemed credits as you shop and redeem them for gift cards

2. Ibotta best apps

The Ibotta app is a cashback app that provides three ways for you to earn points.

There are more than 140 retailers covered by Ibotta, including grocery stores, clothing shops, and travel agencies.

Ibotta Points Earning Procedure:

  • You receive automatic cashback from their shopping portal if you shop online
  • Earn an extra cashback by scanning receipts
  • Present the discount code on your screen to the cashier to receive instant cashback when using the Pay by Ibotta feature in-store.

3. Acorns best apps

You can automatically invest spare change with your Acorns debit card.

You can choose to build a portfolio that suits your income and goals. Portfolios managed by Acorns use ETFs from companies such as Vanguard and BlackRock.

It’ll cost you $2 a month to manage Acorns Later, whereas Acorns Spend will cost you $3 each month. It costs only $1 a month to use Acorns otherwise.

4. Paribus best apps

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing something than finding it on sale at a lower price a few days later. Were you hoping for a return of that money? It’s now possible.

The website Paribus helps you get money back by tracking your purchases at major retailers and negotiating refunds. You will also be compensated for late deliveries (like Amazon) and will not be able to return anything too late.

Only 25 retail outlets currently participate in the feature; it does not apply to retailers. Nonetheless, these are major chains like Target, so it probably covers a lot of your purchases.

 Let yourself be surprised by how much you save.

5. Trim best apps

As with Truebill, Trim negotiates lower prices on bills and cancels unused subscriptions. You can also track your spending and have suggestions about unnecessary splurges offered so that you can save money.

With Simple Savings, a portion of your income is automatically transferred into your savings account. It is also possible to receive advice about trimming down your debt to save as much money as possible.

With Trim, you can negotiate savings on your behalf as well, but it’s a little cheaper at 33%. You can cancel your bills, use budgeting tools, and receive text alerts for free.

6. Steady best apps

As well as saving you money, Steady can also help you find work. After you enter your location, the app will begin searching for jobs.

Aside from finding a job, Steady provides a dashboard for tracking 

Obtaining all your tax dChime and getting ways to save you money is another benefit.

With Chime, you can save money on your mobile device and get a debit card. It offers numerous features that allow you to save more. Online-only bank Chime operates exclusively online.

The spare change from your purchases can be moved into a savings account, or your paycheck can be automatically transferred. Establishing direct deposits can also allow you to receive your paycheck two days sooner.

There are other benefits to having a debit card as well. Your card can be used abroad without incurring any additional fees. There is a free overdraft.

The app is only available for mobile devices – there is no web version.

By paying less for insurance and prescriptions, you can spend more on education.

7. Truebill best apps

Even though we know there are probably better deals out there to reduce our utility bills, we never have time to search for them manually. There is a solution to this problem with Truebill.

The Truebill team of negotiators will handle all of this for you, so you don’t have to. The process still requires you to take pictures of your bills or log into your accounts. 

With subscriptions becoming more and more widespread, it’s harder and harder to stay on top of all the platforms we have signed up for, which leads to wasted money. With Truebill, you can get rid of all those monthly subscriptions. You can unsubscribe automatically from everything you subscribe to with Truebill.

However, basic tracking features are available for free, while premium features require a subscription fee of $3. The amount Truebill saves will also be 40% of the amount Truebill successfully negotiates.

8. Shopkick best apps

If you earn enough points, you can withdraw them as PayPal withdrawals or purchase Amazon, eBay, or Target gift cards with them.

Ways To Earn Kicks:

  • Scan the barcodes: By scanning the barcode of items in-store, you can learn if rewards are available and submit your receipt afterward. As you scan eligible items, you’ll earn points.
  • Link your credit card: It is possible to earn points automatically by linking your Shopkick account to your credit card, which saves you time. By using the Shopkick portal, you can earn points while shopping online.
  • Checking into a location: On By downloading the Shopkick app, Bluetooth locates you so that it can offer you the best deals tailored for your location. Keep your Bluetooth turned on as well to earn extra points for checking into locations.
  • Video Watching: Viewing videos in the ‘Discover’ section of the app offers you even more chances to earn kicks.

9. RetailMeNot best apps

RetailMeNot has coupons for nonessentials like clothes and restaurants, but there’s also a section of the site that has coupons for everyday items like groceries and cleaning products. Here are several sites on the web that allow you to find discount codes, coupons, and other deals. RetailMeNot is one of them. 

Additionally, there are many other features available. With RxSaver, you can save money at the pharmacy, read feedback from others on offers.

There is an app for RetailMeNot that makes it easy to find offers while on the go and to save money.

10. Peak Money best apps

Check out Peak Money if you’re looking for a better way to save.

In Peak, you can view digital, 3D mountain peaks (or peaks) that represent your goals. For extra savings, you can additionally attach a spending account (credit or debit card).

Peak is 100% free, so there are no hidden fees. There’s also a deep breathing exercise in the app to help you to relax after managing your finances. Peak was created by a wellness company, so it’s built with financial anxiety in mind.

We use end-to-end encryption to secure your personal information at bank-level security. 

Availability of Peak in the U.S. is limited to iOS devices. High-Digit

Digit can analyze your spending habits and allocate a certain amount to your savings. It will move the saved money automatically from your account, and if you do not have spare money, it will stop, so there is no danger of running.


Digit is a legitimate app for saving money. It may seem counterintuitive to have to pay a monthly fee to access an app that helps you save money. With this program, you don’t have to factor in the numbers yourself, so you won’t waste time and energy doing the math yourself.

There is no risk associated with using Digit. With 256-bit encryption, your money is kept in FDIC-insured banks.

There are many free money-saving apps available that can help you manage your finances, so you might not find the features worth the price tag.

Several apps serve the same basic purpose but are slightly less sophisticated. For the first month, Digit is free to try, so why not evaluate that first?

11. Twine best apps

The unique aspect of Twine is that it allows couples to invest and save together. Managing your finances together makes sense if you’re a couple and sharing savings goals, such as a holiday or property.

In addition to contributing to the joint goals, both individuals can track each other’s progress, which increases accountability.

 While investment accounts are SIPC-protected up to $500,000.

12. Robinhood best apps

Despite its name, Robinhood makes investing more accessible to everyone since it takes money stolen. 

Commission-free investments will be available to you, transferring wealth from investment managers back to investors. All stock, fund, and option purchases are free from brokerage fees. 

There is, however, a cost when accessing learning resources, like research reports, that assist you in making informed decisions. You’ll also get free stock if you qualify for the ‘Gold’ version (the premium version).

Open a brokerage account on Robinhood for the opportunity to earn 1.80% APY.

13. Stash best apps

If you want a money management app that offers everything in one place, check out Stash: you can invest, save, bank, and learn all in one place.

Cashback rewards are probably familiar to you, and hopefully, you’re already taking advantage of them – but how about stock-back rewards? When you use your Stash card to make purchases, you can earn stocks and funds back.

An investment account can be opened for only $5.

A two-day early payment option is available, and no hidden fees are attached to the account. There is a monthly fee, which is $1 for all the basic features, $3 for investment tax benefits, or $9 for two investment accounts with dual SQAPital cards for your children.

Qapital’s goal setting and budgeting tools help you to make smarter financial decisions. Payday Divvy divides up your savings and spending responsibilities among you.

Furthermore, you can play fun challenges called Money Missions, which help you to gain insight into smart financial investments.

Qapital offers pre-built portfolios that are tailored to your timeline and amount, so you can invest too if you want.

Despite receiving a debit card, there is a fee for you to spend the card (you will be able to use the card for online purchases and transfers for free, though). There will be a charge to use the app: depending on what you want access to, it will cost $3, $6, or $12.

Wealth is built on consistency. Accordingly, saving a little bit of money every day can be a good way to develop. 

14. Joy apps (The best way to save money on a tight budget)

You may be surprised to discover the money you never knew you had if you use the Joy app.

You can safely save without breaking your budget based on your income and spending habits. You will need to open up the Joy app and decide if you want to save the funds. A deposit of funds from your linked account will be transferred to a Joy savings account, which is insured by the FDIC.

As you can transfer any amount into your Joy savings account, you can also save more or less than the amount suggested. Setting up a daily reminder for the transfer will help you stay on top of it.

Your Joy savings can be transferred to an external account when you’re ready to spend your savings.

Honorable mention should also go to Digit, another popular app. With Digit, you can determine how much each day you can save, and Digit will automatically make the transfer – however, Digit costs $2.99, so those on a tight budget may not be able to afford it.

15. Chime apps (Banking is best for saving an emergency fund).

While the average U.S. household spends about $5,005, most Americans report they can’t cover a $400 emergency out-of-pocket.

In a new move, Chime, a mobile-only bank, is introducing automatic saving features in its app that they hope will help you beat the status quo and help you build an emergency fund. 

You will automatically receive 10% of each paycheck into your Chime savings account. The bank will deposit the amount rounded up from each Chime Visa debit card transaction into your savings account, as well, if you have enrolled in Chime’s automatic savings program.

16. Tip Yourself apps for saving money on vacation

A free app. When you accomplish a personal goal, you can automatically deposit a little bit of tip into your digital tip jar with the Tip Yourself app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Make sure you tip yourself $1 (or whatever you think you deserve) if you go to the gym on a Tuesday. Similarly, you may aim to call your parents once a week or to get to work earlier.

App users should be motivated to stay consistent about achieving personal goals through the app, which encourages saving habits. You can also share your achievements – big or small – in a supportive community with your peers. A calendar that keeps track of how many days you have tipped yourself is also available for those who want to maintain a streak.

By setting a savings goal for your next vacation through Tip Yourself, you’ll be on your way to saving money. By reaching your target, you’ll feel confident taking a vacation because you’re rewarding yourself. 

The amount of money saved for a large goal does not necessarily depend on what’s leftover at the end of the month. Those apps won’t work if any of them contain any money-saving features. By using these apps, users will be encouraged to set aside funds as soon as they have them before they are consumed by monthly expenses.

17. Qapital apps (offers the best savings for cars)

Qapital helps you realize the importance of your car each time you are reminded why you need it. This is a way to make your car savings seem less daunting.

The Qapital app will allow you to create custom autosave rules for virtually anything, allowing you to save money just by living your life. By setting custom rules, you can save money when you pay for public transit or fill up that friend’s gas tank.

Other Qapital savings options are also available. With the roundup rule, the app automatically transfers the difference between your transactions and your designated goal account. You will pay a little bit toward your car every time you purchase something. By following the spend less rule or the guilty pleasure rule, you’ll be able to save money each time you spend less than a certain amount with an online retailer or in a certain category.

You can withdraw the funds your goal has been funded and spend them on your chosen vehicle when it has been reached. Mobile devices running iOS or Android can download Qapital for free.

18. Kidfund apps is (the best way to save money for a child’s future)

If your child wants to accomplish whatever they set their sights on in the future, having the funds at hand will be helpful. In addition to providing for your child’s needs, 

If you want to give your children periodic gifts of money, you can open dedicated savings account for them. You could, for example, donate $20 each month to each child’s Kidfund account. The balance of an account at Kidfund is used to calculate interest.

In addition to giving, you can invite your friends and family to follow your child’s Kidfund account so that they can donate money to the account for birthdays, holidays, and whatever reason they choose.

Kidfund is an iOS app that allows users to save money for their children.

19. Simple apps (Money-saving holiday tips)

Setup a saving for the future now with Simple, a mobile-only bank. Simple accounts come with fee-free goal-setting and financing. By the specified target date, Simple will calculate how much money you should transfer periodically to reach your goal.

Setting a goal of saving $500 for holiday shopping over ten months and transferring an amount every month is an example of how to achieve this goal. You will reach your holiday goal with Simple because it will set aside $50 a month.

Rather than disappear from your Simple account, the money for the goal will be set aside for that specific purpose. You will see how much money is safe to spend after subtracting the amount designated toward the goal. Android and iOS devices can download Simple for free.

You can keep track of your spending by using one of the best apps for saving money below is challenging to save for long-term goals when you do not see the results of your efforts right away. 

20. Rize apps is (the best apps to save money on the house)

Rize is a free automatic saving app available on iOS and Android. In addition to earning extra money on savings (like a down payment for a home), it offers a high APY on cash savings. Investing in your savings can also boost your earnings. 

Investing or saving money can be the goal. Rize has a cash savings account that earns interest. Investing your money in exchange-traded funds earns Rize includes some useful built-in features. Those features are known as “Power Ups,” which can be turned on or off at any time. Through the Accelerate feature, your contribution will increase by 1% per month. Rize will increase your contribution to $101 the next month if you save $100 this month toward your down payment.

Also, Rize has the Boost feature, which can automatically transfer up to $5 to your goal every few weeks or whenever “it makes sense” based on your income and spending habits.

21.Clarity Money apps is( best apps for saving money for college)

Both iOS and Android users can use Clarity Money to automatically budget and save money. By setting rules for how often and how much you want Clarity to save automatically, you can fund the college savings account for your child or pay for next semester’s tuition.

You can also use Clarity Money with a few other features and save money for school fees. Using this app, you can determine where you can save money by cutting back on subscription services. Your spending habits are displayed, and your intended budgets for each category are displayed so you can adjust your behaviors before you go overboard. There are no fees associated with Clarity Money.

22. Acorns apps are (the best apps for saving money for retirement)

With its Acorns Core option, Acorns is a popular investing app that lets users invest their spare change from daily transactions. As soon as you reach $5 in roundup savings (or more), Acorns Core invests the difference into your chosen portfolio.

The Acorns Later feature also allows you to save for retirement. You can set up automatic contributions from your linked account to your Investment Account (IRA) with Acorns Later. Depending on your retirement date and goals, the ETFs in your investment portfolio can be automatically adapted to fit your needs over time. The user must have Acorns Core in order to use Acorns Later, and having both costs $2 per month. There is a one-time fee of $1 for Acorns Core.

There is no cost for the Acorns Acorns app, but depending on the plan you select, you will have to pay $1, $2, or $3 per month (with the Acorns Spend checking account) for Acorns service.


How does the money 30-day rule work?

With the 30-day savings rule, you wait 30 days before buying anything non-essential or impulsive. Take 30 days to think about your decision rather than buying something you might not need. Should you still wish to purchase the product after this thirty-day period has ended, it is your decision.

What is the rule of 10 savings?

Divide your gross income by 10 to get the 10% savings to rule. A savings account can help build a retirement account, a down payment on a home, or an emergency fund. Adjust your savings, but don’t give up.

Is PiggyVest trustworthy?

Yes, piggyvest is a legitimate and safe platform. We encrypt and store all information in accordance with PCI-DSS level 1 standards, so all of your money and credit card info is safe.

Does Cash App give away free money?

In addition to letting you send and receive money virtually, accept direct deposits, and manage your finances, Cash App lets you invest in stocks and Bitcoins.

Where can I find free money apps?

Apps that make money
The Ibotta app.  
The Swagbucks app.

Conclusion :

Finding the right app or tool can be challenging with so many on the market. These 22 apps for saving money in 2021 are a good starting point for anyone looking to save money or looking to explore what is available. Check out these apps to learn how to save money!