HealthifyMe Review (What it is and how it works)

Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy co-founded HealthifyMe in 2012. Microsoft Accelerator incubated the company, which delivers measurable results to corporations and healthcare partners in India by monitoring eating habits, fitness, and weight. HealthifyMe review maximum client gives a good word are used in HealthifyMe.

HealthifyMe operates on a freemium model and has received 10 million downloads, is used by 25 million users, and offers more than 1,500 coaches in 300 cities. In addition to being rated 4.6/5 on Play Store, 

HealthifyMe aims to build the world’s largest fitness and health community online. The company hopes to help millions of consumers achieve their goals by partnering with nutritionists and other health experts equipped with artificial intelligence.

Product and Services – HealthifyMe

How does the HealthifyMe app work?

HealthifyMe serves as a calorie counter and allows users to track diet and exercise. In addition, it assists users in losing weight. Since HealthifyMe’s premium version allows users to interact with nutritionists, fitness experts, and yoga instructors, its premium version is priced at a low price.

There are three components to HealthifyMe. The company’s lifestyle tracker is the first calorie counter in India, which it launched three years ago. The second feature is its social feed, which enables users to find others who share their interests and problems. Its third feature, however, is perhaps its most innovative. 

HealthifyMe’s technology augmented coaching uses artificial intelligence and human trainers to help users stay healthy and engaged with the app.

HealthifyMe combines AI with its users’ data to map each user’s nutritional needs and patterns. HealthifyMe’s fitness coach is an AI named Ria, which handles 77% of all user questions, allowing trainers and nutritionists to focus on the other 23% that are more complicated. Ria makes suggestions even in those cases, but it isn’t confident enough of the answer to make it on its own, so it relies on human judgment.

HealthifyMe announced its entrance into the mental health market in February 2020. HealthifyMe will offer a Mental Wellness vertical called HealthifySense that will connect users to qualified counselors. The company will become a full-service health and wellness platform rather than just a weight loss or fitness app by making this move.

A ‘Healthify smart Legends Edition’ was also introduced at the launch. HealthifyMe India has enlisted celebrity tennis player Mahesh Bhupati to serve as a strategic advisor for the ‘HealthifySmart Legends Edition.’ The company will partner with sports and fitness legends to offer its users diet and workout tips from these fitness celebrities as part of this program.

HealthifyMe partnered with the food delivery and gym apps in an effort to offer its users a complete health and fitness package. Swiggy now allows users to order food based on their diet plans or find a curated list of restaurants that serve healthy food (powered by HealthifyMe). In addition, users can order groceries from HealthifyMe’s partner app, ‘Milkbasket,’ at selected locations. In addition, HealthifyMe has partnered with Fitternity, a fitness discovery and booking app, which will provide 

Plans for HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe subscription plans range between Rs 999 and Rs 1699 per month. The number of coaches depends on the users’ choice, whereas the HealthifyMe premier plan offers targeted programs such as weight loss, muscle gain, and diabetes prevention.

In HealthifyMe’s smart plan that costs Rs. 999, you get a personalized diet plan, unlimited meal recommendations, and access to Ria (AI 

HealthifyMe’s smart plan, which retails for Rs. 999, comes with a personalized diet plan, unlimited meal recommendations, and Ria (AI personal assistant) access. 


During the Covid Pandemic, HealthifyMe

HealthifyMe vaccine slots can be booked using the app and website. Additionally, it has registered as an Application Service Provider (ASP) with Cowin. Government orders required HealthifyMe to charge for vaccines.

Also, health-tech startups took the initiative to help people lead a healthy and fit life during this 21-day nationwide lockdown to combat Covid-19. In addition to the free Immunity Assessment Test on the app,

HealthifyMe also offers its users home workouts, daily live workouts with coaches, and trackers for sleep, smoking, and hand washing to help them stand strong against the Coronavirus. In the HealthifyMe app, these services are accessible from the Immunity tab. HealthifyMe reviews commended the company’s efforts during the pandemic.

HealthifyMe – Business Model and Revenue Model

Ria AI-first interacted with HealthifyMe’s users in October 2017, when the company rolled out the service to a section of its subscribers as a pilot program. The service is now available to HealthifyMe’s more than one million paying subscribers. The firm, however, refused to disclose how much it has invested in the bot so far or how many subscribers it has.

The subscription plans for HealthifyMe range from Rs 999 to Rs 1,699 per month, depending on the features selected. 

HealthifyMe has both a B2C and a B2B2C business model. HealthifyMe distributes its services through corporations and health care institutions under the B2B2C model. In addition to the B2C model, HealthifyMe has a B2B2C model. Under the B2B2C model, HealthifyMe distributes its services through corporations and healthcare institutions.

The most recent funding for HealthifyMe

The HealthifyMe funding includes an angel investment of $134,238 from angel investors introduced by the Microsoft accelerator and led by Raj Mashruwala, Tushar’s mentor from the days of Aadhaar, and Sashi Reddi, cofounder of AppLabs who, after their entrepreneurial successes in the US, are now investing in and mentoring Indian startups. The Microsoft Accelerator program required them to be located in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley.

Partnerships and tie-ups with HealthifyMe

The HealthifyMe team works with medical institutions such as Medanta, Apollo Hospitals, and Manipal Hospitals to prevent and treat obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other lifestyle diseases. The company has also partnered with MI to provide free consultation worth Rs. 499 on the purchase of the Redmi 3.

HealthifyMe announced partnerships within February 2020

  • Swiggy – Delivers healthy food (from a list of restaurants that offer healthy food curated by HealthifyMe) to its users.
  • Milkbasket – HealthifyMe users can order groceries through Milkbasket through the HealthifyMe app.
  • Fitternity – A fitness discovery and booking app which gives HealthifyMe users access to 12000+ gyms and fitness studios in India.

Competitors of HealthifyMe

Tushar Vashisht, CEO of HealthifyMe, once joked that lethargy is their biggest competitor. HealthifyMe’s main competitors include WebMD Health, Weight Watchers International, GOQii, and Curefit.

HealthifyMe – Awards

In December 2015, HealthifyMe received the Google Play Top Developer Badge, which is one of its most prestigious awards. Furthermore, HealthifyMe was selected as one of Google Play’s “Best Apps of 2015” and as an App Store ‘Made in India’ feature.

For the second year in a row, HealthifyMe received the Google award for “Best Health & Fitness App” in the Google Playstore.

The HealthifyMe app received the Google Editor’s Choice Award in the Health & Fitness category in December 2017 and was named among the best apps of the year for a third straight year. In many categories, HealthifyMe reviews give the platform 5 stars.

HealthifyMe – Growth

HealthifyMe has seen 3 times growth in the last year (FY 2019-2020), surpassing Rs 100 crore in revenue run rate. The number of HealthifyMe’s users has quadrupled from 8 to 16 million, according to February 2020 data. HealthifyMe entered Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei last year. Its turnover in Southeast Asia reached $1 million in less than a year.

Ria helps HealthifyMe’s nutritionists and trainers handle up to 250 clients, each owing to the help they receive from Ria. Last year, each of them served around 100 clients. In the UAE, the company has also launched in the Gulf Cooperation Countries market and is already ranked third on Google Play.

Future Plans for HealthifyMe

Short-term goals for HealthifyMe include expanding into new territories and enhancing Ria’s capabilities. 

Currently, the company is looking to explore new geographies in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific. HealthifyMe plans to reach $50 million in Annual Recurring Revenue in the next 12 months and to achieve a turnover of $400 million


Healthify has raised how much funding so far?

HealthifyMe has raised around $100 million in funding over eight rounds to date. Here are the details of HealthifyMe Investors.

What is HealthifyMe?

Leading corporates and healthcare partners in India work with the company to improve eating habits and fitness. HealthifyMe is a freemium service.

What is the cost of HealthifyMe?

Diet plans from HealthifyMe cost between Rs 999 and Rs 1699 per month.

HealthifyMe is a paid app?

HealthifyMe has a free plan as well as a premium plan with numerous benefits.

HealthifyMe: Is it safe?

The HealthifyMe app has 16 million users and a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store.

What is the HealthifyMe smart plan?

The HealthifyMe smart plan costs Rs. 999 and includes a personalized diet plan, meal recommendations, access to RIA, and daily reports.