Best Earn money by watching video Apps in 2023

Do you want to make some easy money apart from your primary income? Many apps are available that pay you for simple tasks, and watching videos is one of them. In this, you can earn money by watching video apps. 

It will help you greatly in your savings, and later you can use that for extra expenses. You can check out all apps one by one to choose the best one for you. There are also some different money-earning apps that you should check.

Earn money by watching video apps

  • ClipClaps
Earn money by watching video Apps

The recently released app ClipClaps is quickly gaining enormous popularity. Earn money by watching entertaining and brief videos on your phone.

There are numerous goodies in this diamond chest. If you’re already looking for amusing videos on YouTube, move to ClipClaps to earn money. Otherwise, a Diamond Chest is given to each new user upon registration.

My first chest, as an illustration, held 500 points as well as raffle tickets for free Amazon gift cards. You can also earn more if you recommend it to your family and friends. You are paid $1 when they sign up using your promo code or link.

Most users discover that ClipClaps can be quite addictive because of the exciting videos.

  • Swagbucks

We’ve been making a little extra money with Swagbucks for nearly a decade, and right now, they’re providing a $10 signup bonus! Tasks, surveys, films, games, online shopping, and more can all be completed to earn points. 

Most Swagbucks tasks may be completed in 15 minutes or less, and you can exchange your points for and PayPal cash.

  • Fusion Cash

You can get an instant sign-up bonus of 5 dollars just after signing up on the Fusion cash app which is great. You must have at least $25 in your account to cash out, but it should take a little time to get there.

FusionCash pays you to watch videos, complete surveys, recommend friends, listen to music, click adverts, and more. With so many deals available to new users, making $25 in your first 30 minutes is relatively easy.

After the first $25, I can make between $5 and $12 each hour. However, only count on earning this much regularly. It also has a referral feature that will help you to earn more.

Receive a $1 incentive when your referral verifies their email, a $2 bonus when they finish a Pay-To-Sign-Up offer, and an extra $5 reward each time they withdraw money.

  • InboxDollars

I told you that you can earn money by watching video apps. You may get money with InboxDollars by participating in surveys, games, viewing movies, and even product testing. You can withdraw using PayPal, Visa, or some gift cards if you’ve earned enough. Another choice for simplification is InboxDollars, which offers new users a $5 bonus just for joining up.

  • MyPoints

Using the MyPoints app, you might earn compensation to make online purchases. Once you sign up, use it, and spend $20 on items, you can get a $10 reward anytime. By utilizing the MyPoints app, you may boost your earning potential.

The app also features a tiny money maker for in-app movie viewing. On the App Store, the app has 1.8k five-star ratings. You can get a $10 Amazon gift card for making your first purchase via MyPoints! The app is necessary for instant app bonuses.

  • Rewardia

Start earning money by playing games, recommending friends, viewing videos, and completing surveys. Rewardia’s payout is typically significantly better than other applications listed, but you’ll have to click “Next” to keep earning.

A 100-point welcome bonus is automatically deposited into your account when you sign up. You can cash out for gift cards or PayPal cash once you reach the minimum balance.

  • Earnably

Another service that pays you for tiny tasks is Earnably, which also pays you to view movies, play online games, conduct paid surveys, and refer friends.

Since you have to click “Next” for the following videos to play, this is not a passive income source. Many people remark on how simple it is to make money with this program.

Most users discover that by introducing their friends, they can make a respectable income. You receive a 10% bonus on all future earnings. To withdraw money for PayPal cash or gift cards, you must have a minimum of $5.

  • Cashcrate

Since CashCrate has been operating for a while, they have become increasingly discerning about its reputation. Earn money by doing things like online shopping, paid surveys, video watching, referring friends, and more. It is, in essence, another portal for quick tasks.

Watching movies can earn an extra $20 to $30 monthly. Their surveys typically have a respectable payout rate as well. Feel free to take part in the other chores if you want to boost your revenue even more.

The distinctive feature of CashCrate is that you can get money by finishing quick side jobs or part-time jobs. You receive a specific number of points for completing each activity. Gift cards can be obtained by exchanging these points.