Wise vs XE Money Transfer

Wise vs xe money transfer are two popular services that let you send money to dozens of countries worldwide. Compare fees, exchange rates, and transfer speeds between XE and Wise to determine which service offers the best value. Tax-free Money Transfer USA to India  very easy way It is common for anyone to contact a leading bank based in the U.S.A. directly to conduct the transaction



1. Which one has lower fees?

XE typically does not charge fees on transactions, commissions, or ongoing fees. There is, however, a nominal fee of 3USD (and its equivalent in other currencies) for transfers under USD500.

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The world most popular currency tools
The world’s most popular currency tools
Each transfer is charged a fixed fee plus a percentage. Your fees will differ based on your recipient’s location and how much you spend. The fee depends on the currency and the country you’re sending to.

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Winner: XE
Though Wise typically charges lower fees than banks and other money transfer specialists, it can’t compete with XE’s no-fee service for transfers above 500USD.

2. Which offers the best exchange rate?

XE’s exchange rates are derived from live foreign exchange markets. The rates they offer are often better than those of banks and comparable to those of other money transfer specialists.
Wise quotes the mid-market rate for money transfers. Banks and foreign exchange specialists use the mid-market rate when trading with one another, which is usually higher than prevailing exchange rates.
cheap, fast way to send money abroad
cheap, fast way to send money abroad
How much is the mid-market rate? Winner
With Wise, you always get the mid-market rate. Even though XE offers a weaker rate, Wise’s fees may end up costing you more

compared to a transfer with your specific sending destination and preferred amount. See the table above.

company name speed fees
XEWithin minutes


WISEWithin an hour

From $2.26

3. Which one is faster?

According to XE, it takes between one and four days for the money to reach your recipient. It depends on where your recipient country is.
sending money
sending money
If you want to estimate how long it will take for your money to reach your recipient, Wise offers a calculator. It depends on where you live, your recipient’s country, and how you pay for the transfer. Credit cards tend to move faster than bank transfers, for instance.
Delivery estimates from Wise have gotten a lot of positive reviews.
sending money
sending money
The winner is
You can’t determine which service will be faster since so many variables can affect how fast your friends or family receive money transfers.

4. Providing customer service and support

There is multilingual phone support, email support, and live chat (live chat may be unavailable sometimes, depending on their workload).
A FAQs section with country-specific guides is also available on TransferWise, which is extremely helpful if you want to learn more about a transfer.
They have a multilingual customer service team that will be happy to assist you. XE does not have a live chat feature, and its FAQ section could be improved.
However, they are easy to reach on the phone and always helpful, which is reassuring.
Customer service
Customer service
Winner: Tie
TransferWise and XE are both known for providing excellent customer support.
With TransferWise, you have access to mail, live chat, phone, and a comprehensive FAQs section. On the other hand, XE’s customer service department is quick to help users over email and phone, which is pretty uncommon in the industry.



XE Money Transfers specializes in international transfers of any size, and orders placed over the phone have no maximum limit. XE offers low fees and allows you to send money to over 130 countries. Additionally, it offers an app that provides continuously updated exchange rates for hundreds of currencies. XE’s strong rates make it worth checking before you send your next transfer, especially if you’re sending a large amount.


Wise’s website allows you to sign up in minutes and send your first transfer, or you can call the company to send a transfer by phone. Additionally, Wise is completely transparent about its fees, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying and how to adjust your transfer accordingly to save money. We always give you the mid-market rate, something very few companies do in the money transfer industry.

Pros of TransferWise

  • Service that is licensed or regulated (Australia, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, US, and UAE)
  • Join from 59 countries and send money in 40+ currencies to 60 countries around the world
  • Low fees and transparent fees (see “Costs & Fees” below)
  • Transfers at mid-market exchange rates
  • You can transfer funds via bank transfer, debit card, or credit card.
  • Provides both personal and business accounts
  • A rate alert can be emailed.
  • An account with multiple currencies (available with Borderless)
  • MasterCard debit cards with TransferWise Borderless (available in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) are available for online payments and traveling.

Pros of XE

  • A licensed/regulated service (Australia, Europe, Canada, NZ, UK (under HiFX), and the US)
  • Coverage in more than 170 countries and 60 currencies
  • No transfer fee for transfers at the mid-market rate
  • Provides phone support for transfers (in English, French, and Spanish)
  • Offers both personal and business accounts
  • You can receive rate alerts via email to ensure you can transfer money at your preferred rate

cons Wise 

  • Fund transfers supported fewer countries compared to XE (60+)
  • No phone support during transfers
  • Cash-on-delivery and mobile Cash-on-delivery and mobile wallet transfers are not supported

cons XE 

  • Charges a small fee for low-value transfers
  •  Services limited to currency transfer
  •  Banks at either end may charge fees
  •  No cash-on-delivery or mobile wallet transfers
  • Can’t fund transfers with credit or debit card (bank transfers only)


Like other online money transfer specialists, XE Money Transfer provides low-fee money transfers at rates that beat the banks. With Wise, you can send more money for your dollar with a stronger mid-market rate, especially on high-dollar transactions. Online transfers up to $500,000 are possible, and you can send more by calling a representative.


Which is better, XE or Wise?

Although both are excellent choices, Wise is generally more affordable due to its zero margin on exchange rates. XE Money Transfer charges an exchange rate above the mid-market (“real”) rate.

Is XE trustworthy?

We often get asked this question. Does XE Money Transfer really work? Yes, it does. XE takes its legal responsibilities very seriously. They are regulated in every country where they operate, including ASIC in Australia.

Is it safe to send money with XE?

With XE, you can send money to more than 130 countries in 60 currencies, which makes it a safe and secure way to send money overseas. Transfer fees are not charged. Only a reasonable margin on the exchange rate and third-party charges are charged.

Is the XE rate accurate?

What makes Wise better than Currencies Direct?
If you want to avoid paying a fee, then Currencies Direct is a better option. Outside of this situation, Wise outperforms Currencies Direct. Generally, they are easier to use, more transparent about their exchange rates, and can transfer money faster.