45 legit ways to make extra money online

When you know what opportunities to look for, you can earn extra money online on the side. Finding one of the best side jobs is an excellent way to achieve your financial goals, whether you are paying off student loan debt or building a fund for the future.

You should know that work at home or online jobs have become popular since Covid-19. The number of online employment was a handful a few years ago; the number of jobs at home has grown to dozens now with no investment.

It will be easier for Internet workers to secure job security in the future than office jobs.

The income from some side gigs may even be so good that you would consider leaving your full-time job to work on them full-time. There are many jobs; you can make a good living as well as break free from the 9-to-5 grind and create your own schedule.

Are you interested in finding a side job to earn more money?

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We have compiled a list of some of our favorite methods for making money online. 

1. Professional in lawn care

Avg. Hourly Pay: $55

GreenPal lets you mow lawns for a fee and use its app as an Uber for lawn care, according to CEO Bryan Clayton.

Clayton says many lawn care vendors use our app to make extra money online in the summer – some are firemen, some are teachers, and others are college students who work afternoons and weekends; they love that it gives them the freedom to make extra cash. According to our system, most vendors make about $55 an hour mowing lawns.”

2. The Task Rabbit

Pay yourself what you want: Set your own rate.

Get paid to complete everyday tasks by becoming a TaskRabbit and make a extra money online.

You can select the work you would like to do just by visiting TaskRabbit.com. You can do the job and get paid after you get matched with people seeking service. 

A website shows you the hourly rates of the best team members when you select a career. 

Once the price of a product has been set, it can be sold. The minimum commitment for all jobs is one hour and payments. 

Online purchases are made securely. The profile of elite taskers published by Time indicates that TaskRabbit has been paid up to $70 an hour to fold shirts, $65 for heavy lifting, and $80 for moving.

3. Expert in frequent flyer programs

  • The Average Salary for a project is between $80 and $150
  • People who travel frequently and know how to maximize their frequent flyer miles can make a extra money online. by working as frequent flyer specialists. 
  • It might be worth your while to help other travelers with their itinerary planning if you have this skill. The profile of a frequent flyer specialist on Budgets Is Sexy states that an experienced frequent flyer specialist can charge up to $150 just for planning one itinerary.

4. Admin/Bookkeeper

Salary average: $30 per hour

As a side hustler, you can perform bank reconciliations, payroll needs and creates financial reports for bank accounts. According to Flex Jobs, you will typically earn $30 an hour so easily make a extra money online.

5. Writing city guides for tourism.

A project typically costs between $40 and $500.

Local writers are sometimes hired by real estate investing and tourism businesses to create city guides and neighborhood guides.

In addition to providing statistics about the city’s demographics, you would also give recommendations on shopping, entertainment, culture, public transportation, activities, and more and make a extra money online.

6. Instructors online

Salary average: $30 per hour

By becoming an online instructor, you can share your expertise with the world at your convenience. Flex Jobs reports that courses on IT and computer skills are particularly in demand and make a extra money online.

7. Expert in fashion consulting

$50-500 an hour is the Average Salary

The fashion-savvy could consider working as a consultant for high-end shoppers who are interested in current trends. Fashion guides are in high demand, and some clients will even ask their shoppers to choose complete wardrobes for different seasons.

When serving as a fashion consultant, you’ll discover what your clients’ preferences, dislikes, personalities, and plans for the future are. It is estimated that savvy stylers can make $50 to $500 per hour for their work, according to The Art Career Project and make a extra money online.

8 . Providing interpreters for sign language

$30/hour is the Average Salary

Business owners and other organizations hire licensed professional sign language interpreters to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people communicate. The average hourly wage for Flex Jobs jobs is $30 and make a extra money online.

9. Writer of curriculum

Salary average: $50/hour

A curriculum writer is a good side gig for teachers who are interested in doing something outside of the classroom. Curriculum and teaching guides are developed by these professionals. Gigs such as this can earn up to $50 per hour, according to Flex Jobs and make a extra money online.

10. Trainer specializing in education

Average Salary: $34/hour

The teaching gig requires participant evaluations, as well as developing the curriculums for the classes you teach. FlexJobs reports that an hourly wage of $34 is the average and make a extra money online.

11. Assistant to the executive

Avg. Hourly Pay: $38

Flex Jobs says that executive assistants with years of experience can find remote or part-time roles. Establish conference calls, reply to emails, schedule meetings, and make a extra money online.

12. As a consultant

Salary average: $100/hour

Consulting work can provide you with extra income. A company hires these professionals to review and improve its processes. 

 IT consultants are in high demand, according to Flex Jobs and make a extra money online.

13. An expert in lead generation

Salary: $30/hour on average

These specialists are hired by business development teams to generate leads, find them, qualify them, and follow them up. Flex Jobs says the job pays around $30 an hour and make a extra money online.

14. Administrator for NetSuite

$70/hour is the Average Salary

An understanding of NetSuite is valuable for building side businesses. This software program manages the business processes of companies in a centralized system. A NetSuite administrator can design and implement NetSuite programs, create custom fields, reports, KPIs, and develop workflows and make a extra money online.

15. As a project manager

Salary on average: $65/hour

Project management doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Employers looking for freelancers who can oversee timelines, track budgets, and coordinate teams will be able to utilize these skills. Those who work from home can earn $65 an hour, according to Flex Jobs and make a extra money online.

16. Accountant, senior

Salary: $45/hour on average

In this position, you are expected to draft audits and statements and document transactions.

Flex Jobs says you need at least five years of experience to earn the high Salary of a senior accountant and make a extra money online.

17. Marketer specializing in social media

Average Salary: $30/hour

Marketers create successful social media campaigns for companies and brands by working with marketing experts.

Campaigns are created, strategies are developed, and social media content is written and make a extra money online.

18. Developer of software

$55 per hour is the average wage

Besides maintaining, testing, and updating apps, these developers also troubleshoot software problems. Tech side gigs pay $55 per hour on average, according to Flex Jobs and make a extra money online.

19. Designer of websites

$32 per hour is the Average Salary

Having a background in tech and a keen sense of design makes this role all the more appealing. In addition to CSS and WordPress, FlexJobs states that web designers will typically require knowledge of jQuery and make a extra money online.

20. WordPress developer

The Average Salary is $45 per hour.

Developing expertise on WordPress could be a lucrative side business because many businesses and individuals use the platform. Plugins, themes, and code are all tasks that developers perform. The average hourly wage for FlexJobs is $45 an hour and make a extra money online.

21.The disc jockey

Salaries: $42 per hour on average

Between corporate events, birthday parties, and weddings, you might find enough side jobs as a DJ to make a decent living. A DJ earning $123 per hour earns $123 more than the average Salary of $42, according to Pay Scale and make a extra money online.

22. Reseller online

Average Salary: $46 per hour

As a reseller, you can become rich by taking advantage of bargains. Selling clothes, shoes, or anything else you are passionate about on eBay, Craigslist, or apps like Poshmark for more than what you paid for them can be a lucrative side job.

Business Insider reports that Alexandra Marquez, a thrift store pro who sells her items on Posh mark, is working full Time on her reselling business after leaving a $50,000-a-year job at a marketing company. Her current monthly Salary is $5,000 and makes extra money online.

23. Blogger and affiliate marketer

Those seeking part-time work, or even a full-time career, who want to earn extra money through blogging should choose this online job.

I am living the lifestyle people dream about thanks to blogging and make a extra money online.

You can quickly learn more about blogging by following these steps to extra money online.

  • Select a niche  

You can start a blog on a topic that interests you and base it on that niche.

  • Creating your blog

Anyone can start a blog today, whether they are ten years old or 80 years old. It’s not technical or hard to start a blog. Investing a few bucks can get you a professional blog, or you can create one for free.

  • Article publishing  

In order to maintain your blog, you need to publish at least one article per week. Since you are already knowledgeable about your niche, you will be able to write content in it.

  • Increase traffic

Your blog can be trafficked in a variety of ways. Free traffic is available from Google search, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, and various other sources. You need to promote your blog on these platforms.

  • Making money

You will begin earning money from your blog once you have decent traffic. From a blog, one can make money in a variety of ways. You can earn money using AdSense, where you place Google advertising on your website. 

24. A simple online task

There are dozens of online jobs that can earn you $50 to $500 per month on these sites, and it only takes 30 minutes to two hours to do them.

Online jobs don’t require any experience or qualifications. Anybody can do these online jobs, as they are easy to do.

These online money-making methods are simple and easy to do.

  1. Short surveys – These are 1-5 minute surveys where you will be paid between $0.5 and $1 for successfully completing them.
  2. This is a short assignment with writing, watching videos, liking a social media post, or completing some research on the web. According to the length of the tasks, you can receive Pay of between $0.1 and $2 per task.
  3. Downloads & Signups – You have to sign up with different websites or download apps here.
  4. The app testing process involves downloading and using a program, then letting us know what you think of it.

From these tasks, you can earn a good income.

YSense is the best company where you can get paid for completing such jobs. 

25. Affiliate Marketing

Internet jobs like affiliate marketing have a high payoff rate. As a merchant, you serve as a middleman between customers and merchants.

In order to understand affiliate marketing, let me give you an example

People can earn money by becoming affiliates with Amazon, a social account, or other methods and make a extra money online.

Make money through affiliate marketing by following these simple steps:

  1. Affiliate programs allow you to earn money by referring customers to a company.
  2. Whenever you apply for an affiliate position, you will be sent a special affiliate link (unique for each affiliate).
  3. Through the affiliate link, you can promote the product of that company.
  4. Your affiliate link will earn you money every time someone makes a purchase. You can sign up for free on many companies’ websites and still get paid.

The Internet offers a variety of affiliate programs that are among the best. Depending on your interest and commission, you can join any program and promote it to make extra money online.

Affiliate programs can be promoted in a variety of ways. You can use the following methods to reduce your stress.

  1. The process of creating a niche website (on a specific topic)
  2. Platforms for social media (YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linked In, etc.)
  3. Advertising (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Native advertising)
  4. Medium and Quora

You can become rich online if you do this job properly. 

Affiliate programs for Amazon.com and Amazon. have a huge potential for generating income and make extra money online.

26. Create your own YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel has never been more convenient than now. YouTube, the most popular video platform, is being used by more people to watch video content.

People are making extra money online. money from their YouTube channels all over the world, as I am not wrong in saying.

Over-earning YouTubers. Fifty lakhs a month can easily be considered a top YouTuber. YouTubers who have a small channel can make up to Rs.50,000 every month.

But still, I make more than $1000 every month from the channel.

How to make money from YouTube are these easy steps.

  • Identify your niche
  • Make your own YouTube channel
  • Video creation that is useful
  • Post video on YouTube

By uploading YouTube videos, you won’t earn much money. You need to select a niche, select a time range, and get views.

Through the same channels, you can make money in a variety of ways. The following are some popular methods:

  1. Program for YouTube partners
  2. Choosing affiliate products to promote
  3. The sponsorship program
  4. Offer your products for sale
  5. Partnerships
  6. Freelance work

According to the International Freelancers Association, India has the most freelancers. Freelancers typically earn $21 per hour on average. Working 100 hours a week can net you $2000+. The benefits of freelancing can be seen.

Your skills can be sold to clients while you are working online from home.

Therefore, if you are skillful in content writing, then you write content for your clients; if you are good at website design, graphics design, or any other skill, you will deliver assignments that are related to your expertise, complete them, send them to your clients, and be paid accordingly.

Based on your expertise and demand for the skill, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour.

On many popular websites, there are hundreds of freelance jobs available. Listed here are all the online freelance jobs you can find.

The freelance websites on this list are where you can find clients who need your skills.

It is possible to learn a skill before applying for online freelance tasks. These skills are easy to acquire. Thirty days is all it takes to learn new skills.

27. Job opportunities in online writing

You should consider this online job if you have a passion for writing. 

Internet blogs have millions of subscribers, and each one needs content periodically. Many businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, use social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to grow their presence.

Content writers are thus necessary for online businesses and website owners to create various types of content.

Based on their experience and expertise, content writers can easily earn $5 to $20 per hour.

Content writers can sign up on sites like Fiverr, iWriter, Contently, and UpWork to be assigned jobs.

28. Online education

You may not have realized how extensive online education is if you read this before Covid-19 but if you say that today, you’ve got to be living under a rock.

Online education has taken over the world. In classrooms, you learned almost everything online now. 

There are a lot of topics you can teach online besides school and college subjects and make lots of money.

The other option is to join an online tutoring website or do it on your own. You can find many different online tutoring job opportunities on various popular websites.

These websites allow tutors to earn $10 to $30 per hour.

In order to earn significantly more than what you earn from these sites, you should start your own online teaching classes.

29. Regular job opportunities

With Covid-19, if you are applying for a regular job with a reputable company, you will possibly be asked to work from home.

By working online from home, employees not only become more productive but employers and employees can both save a lot of money.

Therefore, you have the option of applying for a regular job if you do not want to go to the office due to childcare issues.

Most likely, you will be doing work from home, but in some cases, your employer may ask you to come into the office. In such cases, you may request to work from home if the reasons are valid.

30. Online paid surveys

A line of teaching

Different companies conduct online surveys to improve their products and services based on customer feedback. Increased sales are a result of this.

With the help of online survey companies, you can take part in a wide variety of surveys.

It is up to you to finish and get paid for the survey that fits your qualifications.

Only a handful of companies offer surveys and pay for them, and this is the major issue here.

Hundreds of companies offer online surveys, but only a few are legitimate.

You can make $100 to $500 per month, depending on your location and the number of surveys you complete.

31. Jobs involving solving captchas

The low-paying online jobs that require you to solve captchas and type correctly are known as captcha-solving jobs. Internet jobs like this are among the simplest.

Captcha entry jobs are offered by a number of companies. These companies require that you register and solve their captchas.

The payment for typing 1000 captchas is $1 to $2. Depending on a person’s typing speed, they can solve 500 to 1000 captchas in an hour.

It is possible to earn $100 to $200 per day by typing captchas for 2 hours daily. The sites listed here allow you to earn money by doing captcha entry.

32. Data Entry Jobs

People without any skills can apply for this low-paying online job. It is not necessary to know much English to be able to type fast.

Online data entry jobs are available on a number of companies such as Fiverr, Indeed, Naukri, etc. Find out six great places to find real data entry jobs in this post.

On the Internet are many opportunities for data entry work. The jobs on this list can be chosen according to your requirements. Full-time data entry operators earn between Rs.12,500 and Rs.25,000 per month. 

33. Google Jobs Online

Among the best-known companies on the Internet is Google. Over the last 11 years, Google has provided excellent income for me. My life was changed by Google.

Here are three Google jobs you can do for a good income.

  1. The Google AdSense program: Getting paid to display advertisements on your website.
  2. Partnering with YouTube: Turn your videos into money-makers by displaying advertising.
  3. The Google Opinion Rewards system: Earn extra income by expressing your opinions.

Your payments from Google’s online jobs are paid on a monthly basis. You can choose one or all of these jobs.

34. Online Jobs with Amazon

The world’s largest online shopping website, Amazon, is very well respected. In addition to providing excellent opportunities for earning money, Amazon is also famous for its online shopping.

There are some easy and some difficult Amazon online jobs. The amount you can make from easy jobs ranges between $500 and $1000, but if you want to earn more, then you can work on Amazon’s other online jobs.

35. Online jobs available on Facebook

Thousands of people worldwide make money from Facebook by posting photos and updates, chatting with friends, and sharing links.

From Facebook, you can earn money in several ways.

Influencers can earn money by promoting affiliate programs or selling different products on Facebook, or you can start a Facebook page and promote affiliate programs.

You can earn money online by using Facebook business.

36. Selling online courses

Your Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram timelines are likely filled with advertisements that sell different online courses, training, or products.

Because people shopping on these sites are crazy for buying cheap online courses, regardless of whether they’re selling junk.

It is not my intention to request that you create online courses of low quality and sell them online. You will get a great response if you create useful products and sell them online.

Your course can be marketed to people who are interested in Facebook or YouTube ads.

You can easily reach out to people that are likely to be interested in your products.

Creating your own online course is the only way to make money selling online courses. On various freelance platforms, you can find people who can help you create products for you if you don’t want to create a course.

After that, you should learn how to advertise on Facebook or YouTube so you can get a better return on investment.

37. Job Opportunities for Transcriptionists

You can earn extra income by transcribing at home no matter what your experience level is or how much investment you have.

A text file is being created here from an audio file. Depending on the content of the audio file, it may be an interview, a speech, a podcast, a lecture, or even a medical prescription.

The audio is generally in English, so a good command of the language is required.

An audio hour usually costs $15 to $22. As of TranscribeMe, the top monthly earning is $2200, and the average monthly earning is $250, and as of REV, the top monthly earning is $1495, and the average monthly earning is $245.

Transcribing assignments are available for you through TranscribeMe or REV. The first step in your project should be to take the English exam and to work on sample audio files. Payments are made by PayPal or Payoneer weekly/monthly.

38. Jobs in digital marketing

Most digital marketers today work from home, and almost 90% of them are digital marketers.

In order to earn money from this online job, you must-have digital marketing skills. Online courses are available in digital marketing. 

I myself offer training on digital marketing through DMatic Digital. The typical Salary after completing the course is Rs.15,000/month.

For the deserving candidates, there has been an exponential growth in digital marketing. After one year of experience, you can earn a salary of up to Rs.50,000.

Digital marketing jobs with high salaries include:

  • Marketing jobs on social media
  • SEO expert / executive
  • A Google Ads specialist
  • Professional Facebook marketer
  • Job opportunities in web analytics
  • Developed growth hacks
  • As a copywriter
  • Marketing via email jobs

Jobs in digital marketing are easy to come by. To get even more experience, you may apply for an internship for three months.

39. An AI virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant comes to the client’s home and assists him with his business. Administrative duties, account management, setting appointments, making or receiving phone calls, managing their calendar, or maintaining social media profiles are all items they may need to perform. 

Virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour. Online VA jobs for VAs can be found with a number of services, such as Acelerar, BirckWorkIndia, FancyHands, and GetFriday.

40. Be an influencer

It doesn’t matter whether your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter following is 3000 or 10.

As a result of social media influence, social media users make a lot of money depending on the niche, target audience, number of followers, and number of views.

It’s easy to make Rs.10,000+ per month for someone with 3000+ Instagram followers.

Influencers can make money through their social accounts in several ways. For example, you can take sponsorship and share paid content with your followers. Patreon will even pay you for exclusive content on a monthly basis.

41. Editing videos

The Internet’s rapid growth in video content puts video editors in high demand.

Many of the editors do their editing at home while earning excellent incomes for each video they make.

According to experience, skills, and video requirements, video editors can earn between $2 and $10 per video minute. Filmora, Adobe Premiere, FPC, and many other video editors are available for editing videos.

In order to make money online, you should learn video editing. I recommend that you learn Filmora if you’re a beginner. Learning video editing with Filmora is easy and takes only a few days.

42. The network marketing industry

Honestly, if I were fortunate enough to find a legitimate network marketing company ten years ago, I would have been a network marketer.

When I was involved in network marketing between 2008 and 2010, I encountered many scam companies. Since 2009, I’ve been blogging instead of working in network marketing.

There are still a few legit network marketing companies when you look today. You don’t need to go out in order to make money in network marketing.

Through social media, network marketers can recruit each other from home. In order to promote your MLM company and its products, you can create a website or YouTube channel.

You can earn a lot of money with network marketing.

43. Captioning of videos

The video captioning job market is booming, too, much like video editing. As a captioner, you can work on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos, or you can work on marketing videos and movies for a company.

Closing captioning jobs are available at many companies. Jobs like these can be found on sites like Indeed, FlexJob, REV, NCI, as well as on other job boards. As a video employee, you can earn up to $0.8 per minute.

44. Become a real estate agent

The majority of real estate agents and insurance agents work from home now and earn a lot of money. Insurance or real estate transactions can make you a lot of money.

You can, for example, receive a recurring income from selling an insurance policy until the insured pays the premium. Selling a flat, bungalow, office, or plot of land can also earn you 1% to 2%.

If you are working from home, you do not need to leave the house to pitch your clients. The following options are available to promote your property: social media, your website, 99 Acres, MagicBricks, etc.

45. The Microjobs

Crowdsourcing jobs, also known as micro jobs, are short and simple tasks that can be completed in a couple of seconds. Online jobs of this type can be found on dozens of sites.

For each and every task you complete, you can earn up to $1 (depending on the length of the task).

The sites such as mTurk, ClickWorker, MicroWorkers, and others offer a wide variety of micro-jobs.

Many things need to be done, such as 

Creating a short article, 

Using social media to post comments, 

If you write a review or give a five-star rating, 

By using Google or other search engines, you can find what you are looking for 

The testimonial creation process 

Simple & easy tasks can be done in many ways.

For those who are residents of the US, there are many tasks available to them. For those from other countries, there are sometimes fewer tasks available to them.

Work two to three hours a day, and you can earn between $200 and $500 a month.


What can I do to make 1000 a day?

A simple formula to make $1000 every day:
1.Keep up with your day job.
2.You can generate extra income by finding a side hustle.
3.Find out what other rewards you can receive or how to save.
4.Profit from your extra earnings by investing and generating passive income

Is it possible to earn income from sources?

How To Create Different Streams Of Income
1.Income streams both active and passive.
2.The importance of diversification.
3.The amount of income earned.
4.Earnings from profit.
5.Income from interest.
6.Income from dividends.
7.Income from rent.
8.Income from capital gains.

How can you become a millionaire?

Become a millionaire the easy way
1.Career Development and Expertise Development.
2.Additional income can be earned through side hustles.
3.Invest for growth, and save diligently.
4.Think Smartly About Your Investments.
5.Real estate is a good investment.
6.Organize your financial plan.


The future of employment is online. It is imperative that you act now. This list of online jobs allows you to work from home and choose from among them. Working online is even possible to do more than one job at once. The money you will earn will exceed what you’d earn in a regular job, and your jobs will be more secure. Aside from the above benefits of working online, there are many others.

When you are a beginner, is it possible to earn an income from the Internet?

Promote Amazon products, and you can make money by joining Amazon Associates. In addition to these companies, there are also many others that offer affiliate programs. They are also worth a look! Also, if you do blogging or you tube with affiliate marketing, then it becomes much easier to generate sales through your referral.