How Does Cosmic Energy Meditation Work And How Does It Benefit Us?


There is a universal life force known as cosmic energy. The universe is made up of it, from galaxies to molecules to space. Life must be ordered and expanded in order for us to flourish in the present moment; cosmic energy will be received. Energy from the cosmos is characterized by bliss. Peace, love, and joy combine to create a state of mind.

What is cosmic energy

The energy of Consciousness is cosmic energy. The entire cosmos operates based on this energy. Everything from galaxies to atoms to space exists. There is cosmic energy control in everything, from the macrocosm to the micro. We are constantly utilizing this energy; our minds are kept busy with past and future thoughts, and as a result, we are unable to utilize it to its maximum capacity. Our minds need to be focused if we wish to attract more of the positive cosmic energy that we have. Meditating can help you focus your mind. We are able to get more Cosmic energy from meditation because it quietens our mind and lessens our thought parade.

There are many benefits to using energy from the cosmos.

  • Cosmic energy cures us of physical and emotional blockages. We become a conduit of energy once we are aligned with cosmic energy. Furthermore, cosmic energy lowers the pressure on the heart and regulates blood flow.
  • Our Consciousness expands when we see beyond the confines of our world. Who can obtain the ability to receive Cosmic energy and connect to The Divine Consciousness by focusing the mind through techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, etc.? We become wiser by expanding our horizons.
  • Only living for oneself brings no happiness, only disappointment. In fact, living for oneself brings a lot of disappointment. In order to live for others and find happiness, we must be open to Cosmic energy.

What are the steps to receiving cosmic energy?

1: Cosmic energy meditation

Calming down the monkey mind is best accomplished through meditation. Our Mentor says the mind receives the purest cosmic energy when we are not thinking of this or that. In the body, as soon as this energy enters, all blockages and heavily negative energies are cleared. Meditating regularly allows our minds to become focused so that we can receive the energy of the Cosmic.

Meditation cosmic energy

2: External and inner cleaning

Cleaning one’s internal thoughts and negativities is also dependent on keeping the external environment clean. It is said that when the external environment becomes cluttered, our thoughts’ frequency increases manifold. So, Our Mentor says, declutter. Clear your external environment If you want to relax. “Buy one, give one.” When we buy something new, let us say a dress, we should give someone who is in need an old one to keep us from having to buy another one. In addition, you should practice throwing things away when in doubt.

The moment something hasn’t been used for six months, then it isn’t going to be used anymore. So we should discard it and make room in the surrounding areas.

water is an essential part of our life .72% of water are included in our body, so water is essential to clean our energy

3: Present moment awareness

Mindfulness is about being aware of the present moment. The present moment should always be monitored, not dwelled on the past or reacted upon. The more focused the mind is the more cosmic energy that is available to it.

4: Limit egoistic self-talk

 We often express our egoism or selfishness in our conversations. This can be easily recognized. You can check the number of times you use the letter ‘I’ in your statements by observing how often the “I” occurs in your statements. One survey revealed that the English language’s most commonly used word is ‘I.’ Our Mentor says that we need to avoid words that reflect ego and instead use words that are beneficial to our learning process—using humble words. This is a gross level step to receive the cosmic energy.

How does Cosmic energy work?

Since cosmic energy is the energy of God, it is all-knowing, all-powerful, all-present, and all-knowing. Everything and anything can be done by it. Simply being still with our minds can allow us to welcome the ever-present energy of the universe.

Tap cosmic energy for good health

A holistic approach to healing

Purity is what makes something holy. Receiving and vibrating PURE COSMIC ENERGY is what holistic healing is all about. It’s about treating the entire person’s mental and social factors included instead of just treating symptoms.

  • A form of cosmic energy that surrounds and embraces the entire universe or within the Cosmos is VISHWA SHAKTI, which is the purest, healthiest, and most subtle form of energy.
  • Following that, we are energized by Air, which is oxygen that is transported throughout the body by the blood.
  • After this comes Water- the Elixir of life that helps flush out toxins from our bodies.
  • And last but not least, we have food, which is one of the most concentrated and gross forms of energy. It’s amazing how wonderful our bodies are. Many systems and organs are interconnected and work together to form this web. If one mental or physical system is overwhelmed, ripples (signals) are sent throughout the body, which causes the whole organism to be stressed out & upset.
  • A stressful situation causes anxiety and the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline to be released in the bloodstream, leading to illness in the body.
  • A reaction to something emotional, i.e., Motion, is the flow of energy. Our physically drained minds drain our energy as well as our emotional well-being. In the big picture, everything happens for a reason because we detach from our monkey minds.

Everything we do in our lives is the result of cosmic energy. The total silence and peace of mind we experience when we sleep allow our bodies to receive some form of cosmic energy.

The reasons behind the necessity of cosmic energy are as follows:

  • Keeping your life in order
  • A life of health and happiness
  • Knowing what to do
  • To fully commit to all life’s circumstances.
  • Our Consciousness must be expanded.

Religious and philosophical perspectives are:

Known as Kashmir Shaivism or Spiritual energy, this energy is also called Prana, the Hindu cosmic energy Gods. Kundalini is believed to come from the universe’s energy. It is sometimes referred to as orgone energy and quantum zero vacuum point energy by some New Age authors.

Mediation with Cosmic Energies has the following benefits:

  • A field of energy surrounds and nourishes our body and mind. Infecting the body, mind, and spirit with this positive energy is always beneficial. Harmony in life is created through cosmic energy, which reduces negativity and assists incomplete healing. Below are a few of the physical benefits that cosmic energy has to offer:
  • Astrological energy reduces heart-related stress and supports the proper flow of blood.
  • A cosmic energy diet can help lower levels of cortisol and lactate in the body. Mental stress is often a factor in these conditions.
  • Free radicals are eliminated from the body by cosmic energy.
  • Anxiety, depression, and irritability can be treated with the energy of the universe.
  • By using cosmic energy, cardiovascular diseases can be cured, and skin resistance can be developed.
  • Memory is improved by cosmic energy. By supporting self-actualization and rejuvenation, it plays a very important role in enhancing the psychological self.

Meditating with cosmic energy:

  • In the cosmos, there is a great deal of cosmic energy. A chakra, breathing exercises, or energy healing can be used to channel this energy. 
  • Our minds are a conduit for cosmic energy. Mediation assists us in receiving these energies by calming and focusing our minds.
  • Mental distractions, including stress, anxiety, fear, negative emotions, and worries, may cause chakras to be partially closed most of the time. A body’s energy field is powered by cosmic energy that enters our system through the chakras.
  • It is said that when we meditate, our bodies and minds become one. Physical and spiritual readiness for the healing of cosmic energy is stimulated by this work.
  • Meditation can also be used to channel cosmic energy, according to experts. Meditation induces a sense of calmness in the mind and fosters inner peace. The mind can receive cosmic energy healing when it is calm.
  • If you breathe through the chakras of your base and absorb its energy, then you will increase your body energy quickly.

In (cosmic healer) Reiki, energy is combined with the energy of the universe as well as of the individual. Through meditation, we can also receive cosmic energy in this way.

  • Practicing regular meditation will enable you to feel and receive cosmic energy.
  • The act of praying is like food for the brain, and it connects people with cosmic energy.

How can we pray every day?

  • Whenever we pray, our hearts are changed. Mobile phones and other gadgets are widely used by all of us. The power supply or charging mechanism for electronic appliances such as television, washing machine, blender, or torch must be either built-in or external from the outside. 
  • An instrument with a problem must be considered from two points of view.
  • Its energy supply
  • Its charging facilities. It is also necessary to consider the program.

Our energy supply is provided by food, but our hardware is maintained by Prana. The magic of life is made possible by the presence of universal energy, or Prana. Prayer is a program for our brain that connects us to the cosmic energy source. The amount of food to consume and the length of prayer depends on one’s constitution.

As with the wide range of smartphones available, we are born with different constitutions. The amount of prayer, meditation, and the food we eat may be customized to our individual needs based upon how smart our body model is and the consumption of energy from karmic actions. A body that is hot and the energy that is released cannot be contained. For example, anger, aggression, emotional excitement, stress. On the other hand, love, prayer, meditation, and quietness contribute to the energy’s long-lasting power, as well as to its charge and power as well. 

How do you pray? The act of praying is an expression of appreciation for goodness and positive energy. A mantra is a wave of phonetically designed sounds that carry the energy of the universe. We are able to transform our doubts and negative thoughts into positivity and optimism by going through this process.

All equipment must be charged, so must we pray or affirm positive things on a daily basis. It goes on discharging overtime when this charge isn’t provided, and the mind stops working at 100%. This leads to depression in the long run. Selecting a particular form is easier with it of prayer, or If you want the best results, you should practice meditation every day at the same time according to your likings.

It relates the story of an insomniac, depressed, and self-empowered 50-year-old man.

Sun The Highest Power in Nature How To Connect

Sun is our wellness, so we should never forget that. Sunlight makes us shine. Cosmological energy is what you are experiencing. Our true wellness is a result of this energy since it is a purifier, a healer, We need to synthesize vitamin D from the Sun. In addition, it promotes the secretion of endorphins, which act as a natural antidepressant.

The energy of the cosmos can be brought to our ecosystem. It is within us that the entire cosmos resides. This energy can only be stored in the mind if we nurture it. We can catapult this energy into a huge kinetic cosmic energy that can improve blood circulation, remove blocks from our vascular system, and generate positive energies within us if we really concentrate and store it. 

It can help us reduce depression and stress by acting as an antioxidant. For us to see it, we need to open our soul’s window. Our solar system is dominated by the Sun. Earth is held in place as by a string as a kite is held in place. An electromagnetic field binds the Sun to the Earth. It may be possible to control the disharmony within our human system using electromagnetic fields. The Earth revolves around the Sun as a symbol of the inseparable connection between them.

Our energy comes from the Sun. Our human system is brought in by means of Surya Yoga, which is the procedure by which it happens. By doing so, we create a true sense of enlightenment within our ecosystem. A Surya yoga practice is a beautiful expression of life’s fragrance and essence.

Increasing oxygen flow to our tissues is enhanced by the infrared rays of the Sun, which also helps to warm up our bodies. As you can tell, Soorya Yoga is a Sun gazing method that removes all negative thoughts and illnesses. It stimulates the pineal gland, or the third eye, and releases melatonin that is critical in controlling sleep and wake cycles.

Any disease state is perceived as an illness by the cognitive mind. Our illnesses become well-being when we practice Surya Yoga. In Sri Sooryaji’s instruction, it is a technique that promotes peace.


What are the sources of cosmic energy?

Astrophysical cosmic rays are extremely energetic protons and nuclei that travel at near-lightspeed through space. The source of the cosmic rays may be either the Sun, the outer solar system, or distant galaxies.

How scientific is cosmic energy?

Protons are zinging through space in the form of cosmic rays. Thousands of times more energetic than particles produced by human accelerators, high-energy rays have the potential to destroy everything in their path. As much energy can be transferred as a hailstone falling on a person’s head by an atomic nucleus in some cases.

How does cosmic power work?

He can use the cosmic energy within himself to accomplish nearly any task he desires, including altering the size, reshaping molecules and transmuting matter, teleporting objects including entire galaxies across space and time, creating force fields, and so on.

What are the powers of cosmic energy?

Manifesting anything and everything is possible with cosmic energy. Infinite supercomputers give it superintelligence. Any form of it is possible. There is no end to its power, and it cannot be destroyed.

Radiation kills in what way?

By ejecting electrons from atoms, radiation causes microscopic and macroscopic damage to our bodies by breaking the chemical bonds within them; at high doses, it can also cause cancer.

Can radiation be transmitted from person to person?

It is impossible to spread radiation from one person to another. Our bodies, drinking water, and foods are naturally contaminated with small amounts of radioactive materials. Other methods of exposure to radiation include X-rays and certain techniques to treat cancer.


Since thousands of years ago, cosmic energy has been a spiritual concept. By finding peace of mind, people can achieve balance in their lives and achieve wellness.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Achieving balanced health does not mean avoiding stress or conflict – it simply means that your body responds well to challenges.” By using cosmic energy, you may feel more tranquil and handle any challenges in your life. Contact us if you think this might be of use to you! As a team, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge about harnessing cosmic energy to make life better for everyone.