Temu Affiliate Program: Save 20% on every Signup

Does Temu offer an affiliate program? Yes, the Temu shopping portal provides you with the opportunity to earn up to $100,000 per month through its affiliate earnings programme.

As we know that affiliate marketing is a leading platform and we find the best-affiliated programs to generate passive income, to keep that in consideration, we have a deep search into the Temu Affiliate Program and go through all of its exclusive offers.

Temu is an online shopping center that also allows the audience to earn a commission by promoting the Temu platform to others. You can get a $5 reward when your referee joins Temu with your link and earn up to 20% commission on each order your referee places.

In the article below, we have covered the complete details of the Temu Affiliate Program.

Temu Sign Up Bonus

Temu Info:

Temu is an online shopping marketplace for all and has become prominent or is competing with others through its cheapest rates and unlimited discounted offers. Plus, it has an affiliate program that allows you to maximize your earnings. 

It was founded in 2022 by PDD Holdings Inc. in the United States, a legitimate site verified in multiple ways. 

What is Temu Affiliate Program?

Temu designed an affiliate program for people who want to generate passive income by promoting Temu’s services to others. Temu is giving everyone the opportunity to join Its affiliate program and get a generous commission on each sale they make. 

Temu is a legitimate digital marketing company that has a wide range of services to promote, such as social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, and others. When you get connected with the Temu Affiliate Program or Referral Program, you earn up to 20% commission on each sale through your unique affiliated link. 

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How does it work?

The Temu affiliate program works to provide you with a high commission income. It is a great way for content creators, bloggers, publishers, YouTubers, or others to monetize their content and traffic.  

Temu affiliate marketing is simply a means to promote its products and services via a special affiliate or referral link. Whenever the Temu Referral code: “aci384098” is applied to a purchase, you receive a commission on it.

Moreover, you get rewarded with $5 when the referee Installs the Temu app through your link, and you can earn a commission when it places the orders. 

You can select the product according to your audience’s interest and share the link on a different social media platform, such as TikTok, which is widely used to promote affiliated links.

Temu Affiliate Program Commission Rate— How much Temu give you?

Temu is included in a high-paying affiliate program. About 300,000+ associates join the team and earn a high commission rate.

  • Temu discloses its commission rates straight to its audience, which are based on the purchase price of a qualifying item through new referral members. Below is the breakdown of commission rates according to the purchase amount
  • Temu rewards their users with $5 for each new user who downloads the app through your referral or affiliated link.
  • Temu gives you to create a $100 commission on each product and $100,000 per month. You do not get paid for the additional qualifying purchases in the month in which you can make a maximum of $100,000.

How to redeem Temu affiliate commissions?

  1. To redeem your Temu rewards, you need a verified PayPal account and sometimes a mobile number as well.
  2. To withdraw your commission, you must have a minimum of $20.
  3. You can withdraw $5000 and make only five withdrawals in a day.

How do I become a Temu affiliate?

Joining the Temu affiliate program is flawless and easy. It doesn’t require any qualifications or long procedures to go through. 

There are just a few steps, and you are signed in with the Temu Affiliate Program:

  1. Go to the Temu website or click the link to dive into the signup page. 
  2. Click on the “Sign up to earn” option and read the Temu influencer policy consciously.
  3. Click on “Accept” to continue. Thereafter, create an account by providing basic information.
  4. Once you enroll in the program, you can reach the Temu affiliate program dashboard and also get a $5 reward as a joining bonus. 
  5. Now, you can use your link to sell the product you want. And can track your earning performance on your dashboard.
Temu Referr and Earn

Benefits of Temu Affiliate Program: 

Why join the Temu Affiliate Program? There are some benefits that compel you to partner with the Temu Affiliate Program.

High Commission Rates: Temu offers high and generous commission rates and includes the top paying affiliate programs. You can generate a 20% commission on each sale, which is much more than the other affiliate programs. 

Legitimate Affiliate Program: The Temu affiliate program is a legitimate and trusted brand that is verified in many ways. This limited liability company maintains a good reputation in the marketing industry. More than 300,000+ people joined its affiliate program, which makes it a trusted brand and increases its credibility.

Variety of Products and Services: Temu has a wide range of services and products to promote, so it becomes easier for an affiliate to choose the correct niche for their audience.

Supportive Affiliate Program: Temu provides dedicated affiliate support for their associates and helps you out if you have any questions or issues. 

The Bottom Line:

The Temu Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to create passive income. The Temu affiliate earns a comparatively high commission rate by promoting its products and services.

If you are looking to be an affiliate, Temu works best for you. Sign up now! It is seamless to join Temu. There is no long procedure or qualifications required.


Does signing up for Temu give me 20% off?

No, signing up for Temu itself won’t directly give you 20% off. This offer is likely for people using an affiliate link, which gives the referrer a bonus and you (the new user) a discount on your first purchase.

How much can I earn with the Temu Affiliate Program?

Temu offers commission rates between 5% and 20% on qualified purchases made by users you refer. You can also earn a bonus for each new user who downloads the app through your link.

Are there any requirements to join the Temu Affiliate Program?

Temu doesn’t publicly disclose specific requirements to join their program.

What are the benefits of joining the Temu Affiliate Program?

Temu’s affiliate program offers benefits like:
Commission on referred user purchases (5%-20%)
Download bonus for new app installs through your link
Access to exclusive discounts and offers for promotion
Potential for secondary commissions by recruiting other affiliates (for authorized influencers)

Is the Temu Affiliate Program worth it?

The potential for good earnings and a growing platform make Temu’s affiliate program attractive. However, consider factors like commission rates and limited earnings from returning users before deciding