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  • Be Your Boss: Side Hustle Ideas you are looking for the best side hustles for men? Various things happen. The desire to make extra money is very common for men, whether you’re looking to save up for a vacation or make extra money a month to pay your bills.
  • Keep in mind that the amount of money you can make depends on the effort you put in, and only you. There are likely hundreds of ways to earn a few extra dollars with a side hustle if you’re looking for them. The amount of cash you earn and the speed at which you do it could vary depending on your needs. 
  • Through the internet, everyone could make money consistently and regardless of their location or profession, never-ending struggle. When the internet is at your fingertips, it is possible to earn some extra income even when you are in a tight spot, as long as you know what to do with the vast opportunities available online. 
  • Please do not worry if you want to earn a side income or work online for any reason. Here are the top side hustles for men to make extra money fast.

Listed below are strategies that can earn you money quickly, while others require considerable effort on your part.

86 Side Hustle Ideas you are looking for the best side hustles for men?

1. Crafter of.

Craftsmen suffered a terrible blow during the Industrial Revolution. Independent craftsmen are now making a comeback. a “shop” on websites like has never been greater. So what should you make? Create whatever your imagination, skills, and tools allow. Some of them make lamps, shaving brushes, keepsake boxes, leather notebook covers, knives, etc.

2. Editor/proofreader.

Do you have an EnglishYou’ll have more options than just working at McDonald’s! McDonald’s! (When you’re still in school, you can start editing for friends and classmates –

They often need their papers and graduate school application essays. As you gain experience, branch out to other areas.

Don’t stop at your belt; branch out. What’s your marketing strategy? The editor, Jeremy Anderberg, commented on one of the previous posts about side hustles:

3. Graphic designer.

You should start by doing projects for smaller companies if your goal is to become a full-time graphic designer who can charge million-dollar corporations for logo design. Finding clients is sometimes as simple as doing a small project for a business or website they enjoy. The owner of the business hires the designer for other projects after seeing how awesome the designer’s work is. 

4. Personal chef/meal delivery.

People with modest means are now able to hire personal chefs, a service that used to only be available to the wealthy. A few times a week, you can go into someone’s home to cook for them, or you can prepare meals in your kitchen and deliver them every week or every day.

People who are on a diet might prefer this option, as it allows them to have fresh, calorie-controlled meals prepared for them. You should be aware that your state or city may have laws that require commercially sold food to be prepared in a commercially certified kitchen if you run a side business that involves making food in your own kitchen. This can be a costly process. You can rent a spot in a community commercial kitchen in some cities to get around this problem.

5. Dog poop picker-upper. 

Yes, this is a real job. For some people, it’s their full-time job. Some people don’t want to search for Fido’s droppings in their yard every week because dogs poop. While earning a biology degree at Tulsa University, Jon Wood started his own dog-poop scooping business – Poop 911. Although he intended to study medicine, his side business became so successful that he soon put that plan on hold, and now he is considering franchising.

6. Soapmaker.

You can find a number of different soaps at the grocery store, but they all seem to be about the same. This leaves a number of niches to be filled, like those who seek naturally scented soaps, men looking for a unique scent, 

There’s nothing difficult about making your own soap. Here’s Bryan Schatz’s tutorial.

7. Poem/letter writer. 

Some people have a way with words. Then start a service that allows you to write letters/poems based on what the client tells you and bring it to life.

8. Computer troubleshooter.

Many people (read: older people) believe their computers to be incomprehensible and do not know how to fix them when issues arise. It may be possible for them to turn it off and on, but that’s often about it. Make yourself a one-man tech support team for such people.

9. Website/blog creator. 

However, many business websites look like they were built in 1999. A lot of people want to start a blog, but they don’t know where to start.

In addition to creating websites, you can provide help with improving search engine rankings and connecting with potential customers and readers through social media. To find clients, consider combining your website-building expertise with a specialization.

I noticed, during law school, that it was hard to find decent-looking websites for many law firms in town. Although I did not have the time to implement it,

10. Dog walker/pet sitter.

People in NYC earn six figures a year walking and feeding pets. Imagine earning six figures just by walking a dog! Working long hours means people need someone to walk their dogs during the day, and going on vacation means they need someone to both walk and feed their pets.

11. Pet taxi.

A pet taxi can be used. Using a pet taxi will allow animals to be transported from and to appointments.

12. Pet baths.

You may need the training to be able to groom pets on a full-time basis, but you may be able to bathe people’s four-legged friends. It’s a chore not many people want to do themselves.

13. Window cleaner. 

Are you prepared with a cleaning solution and a squeegee? Then you’re ready to clean windows. I’m not talking about the kind at intersections who harass you into having your windshield cleaned. Instead, visit people at home or at work.

14. Family history creator. 

The idea of tracing one’s genealogy is intimidating to many who are interested in learning more about their heritage. The software may even be available, but they aren’t sure how to use it. Perhaps you can assist them with creating their family tree.

15. Music/instrument teacher.

 You can give music lessons in your own home if you can play an instrument.

16. Music performer.  

Perform at small business events or weddings if you have a talent for music. A friend of mine here in town performs the violin both solo and in a quartet during her free time at various events.

17. Blogger.

You can make money from your blog, but it’s not easy, and you will have to put in a lot of effort. 

18. Auto detailer. 

Even though many people enjoy detailing their own vehicles, plenty of people are willing to pay others to keep their automobiles looking new.

19. Jerky maker. 

Women have cupcakes, and men have jerky when it comes to small businesses that began in someone’s kitchen. 

It’s not impossible for another guy to step up and offer up his meaty creations.

20. Christmas lights/holiday display installer. 

There is no doubt that this is more than a side job. If you can do it once a year for someone who hates doing it themselves, you can make some good money and increase the passive income ideas.

21. Dial-a-Santa. 

It’s possible that you’re a skinny 30-something with no hope of growing a beard. Still, you sound a lot like Santa Claus. Provide a service where parents can hire you to make live, personalized phone calls to their astonished children.

Designer of T-shirts, mugs, posters, and mugs. You had to screenprint t-shirts in your basement back in the day if you wanted to make your own. You can now print anything from t-shirts to mugs with print-on-demand sites like Zazzle.

The design is up to you, and they will take care of the printing and shipping. 

22. Antique refurbisher. 

Why not have people pay you to restore their antiques if you enjoy refurbishing antiques in your spare time? After retiring from the Forest Service, my grandpa started two side businesses that involved refurbishing antiques. The first project was to restore old wagons and carriages, and the second was to restore and renovate antique phonograph players. In the process, he earned a bit of money, but it was mostly just for fun.

23. Teacher/public speaker. 

There are teaching jobs open to people who don’t have the qualifications to teach in public schools or colleges. Continuing education programs, recreation centers, and libraries can offer classes based on your expertise or skills. Additionally, you can set up one-time classes on for interested students.

Would you be able to teach me anything? I discovered classes on origami, drawing, basic computer skills, conversational foreign language, photography, and electrical safety in the Tulsa Continuing Education catalog. As well, consider thinking outside the box about where you can teach your class. I have thought about offering straight razor classes at a local barbershop from time to time.

24. Jack of all trades handyman.

There’s a guy responsible for all the minor issues that arise in your apartment complex when you live there. Every part of the house has to be fixed when you move in. I’m amazed at how rarely I see this winning idea: become an all-around handyman for homeowners. Consider a retainer model, in which people pay a monthly fee to be able to call you anytime, anywhere, just like they could as apartment dwellers.

25. Gofer.

A gofer is someone who runs errands. These errands usually consist of picking up dry cleaning or dropping off mail. Originally hired by businesses, individuals now hire gofers to run errands they don’t have time to run themselves. 

26. Photographer. 

Photographing weddings, birthdays, and family moments is easy if you have a good camera and lots of practice. This is made easy with Flickr. Commercial images of all kinds can also be licensed.

27. Tutor. 

Look into tutoring if you are knowledgeable in a subject, amiable, and capable of explaining difficult concepts to others. Tutoring is a thing that you can do while you are still a student yourself; in college, I worked with my classmates on Spanish. 

A flyer announcing my services was displayed in the building where foreign language classes were held. It was easy to get a few clients and earn some extra money each week. Also, you can try contacting the office at the public school; some schools keep a list of tutors they are willing to recommend to parents.

28. Odd and unpleasant jobs, guy.

People are either unwilling or unable to perform a lot of unpleasant little tasks. Set yourself up as a man who is willing to do anything with a strong stomach and a work ethic. Remove the cobwebs from the garage. It may be too embarrassing to ask a maid to clean a dirty shower. Use your imagination and find gross ways to clean it.

29. Knife/blade sharpener.

Your services can be advertised on Craigslist. Sharpen any edged tool and lawn mower blades as well; you aren’t limited to knives.

30. Personal shopper. 

Which credit card is best? Which sweater is similar to this one? What is the best laptop? Which can be frustrating and time-consuming. You should listen to your client’s needs and then go to work combing through the options and presenting to them the three best options or making. 

There are ways to specialize; for example, I think setting yourself up as someone who finds and books airline tickets would be a good side hustle. In addition to this, full-service travel agents also provide this.

31. Videographer/video editor.

In addition to having their weddings photographed, more couples are also having them filmed and edited professionally. There is a growing demand for quality videographers and video editors as people watch more videos online. Making and editing short films is a hobby you may enjoy. Offer to make and edit wedding films for friends. Businesses in your area are also a good source of clients. They are making a short YouTube commercial that a business could share with customers or put on its website.

32. Computer programmer. 

 There are still a few reliable ones available. Be one of them!

33. Lawn care and landscaper. 

It is common for young men to find success with a pick-up truck, a mower, and a weed whacker. On the other hand, I know men who do lawn care on the side for a few extra dollars to pay down their debts or increase their savings.

34. Personal trainer/fitness instructor.

It takes some credentials to become a personal trainer, but you can start helping people work out in a local gym once you do. Additionally, you can start running boot camps outdoors. Trainers offering “outside the box” kinds of programs are in high demand because people are looking for more unique ways to exercise than going to the gym.

35. Monkey phone call maker.

The other day, I came across this, and I’m still laughing. This is an incredibly random side business idea and proof that anything is possible.

36. Make money on Twitch.

Would you consider yourself a gamer? Video games are a favorite pastime of every guy. You can earn money streaming your joystick skills on Twitch.

Gaming platform Twitch has over 4 million broadcasters each month — all playing or watching others play video games.

Gaming can be turned into a side business or extra income for those who love to play video games. The three ways to make money are building an audience, selling merchandise, and becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

37. Using PayPal, you can earn quick money by taking online surveys.

Using PayPal refer a friend and earn more money. Scrapping metals for money is not your goal?

A survey. It is also possible to do it from the comfort of your own home using apps such as Survey Junkie.

Sounds fun, right? You can earn money 24/7 from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet as soon as you join.

38. Donate plasma

Are you wondering how to sell plasma in your city?

You should know that you’ll earn anywhere from 20 to 50 dollars for every plasma donation as a first step. The cash-for-plasma business has boomed ever since the financial meltdown of 2008.

A person’s blood is made up of plasma. The liquid consists of water, antibodies, enzymes, and proteins. Patients with chronic diseases and clotting disorders can benefit from protein therapies.

Visit this site to locate a plasma center that is certified and licensed near you. A lot of plasma donation centers are located throughout the United States.

The following are the highest paying donation centers; click through to find one near you.

B Positive plasma – Earn over $500 per month

With CSL Plasma – you can earn up to $400 a month

KEDPLASMA – Earn over $500/month by selling B Positive Plasma up to $300/month

Octapharma plasma – Earn $50 for every donation.

39. With BioLife, you can earn $50 per donation or more.

In the United States and Europe, there are more than 600 plasma centers that are certified and licensed. The easiest way to find plasma centers is to search for them online and check if they are compliant with state laws. The payment policies of different centers vary, so you need to shortlist a few and review them before deciding.

40. Real estate is a good investment, even if you’re not wealthy.

Can you imagine if you could invest in private real estate with just $500? Without the hassle of property management, painting walls, or lengthy confusing contracts?

Investing in real estate with Fundraise can earn you returns up to 8.7-12.4% per year (better than stocks).

41. Zippyloan can get you the money you need right now

You can take out a personal loan if you need money immediately. ZippyLoan is the place to go when you need money fast.

The Zippy Loan site allows you to apply for a loan. If approved, your application is sent to one of many lenders.

Review the loan details and sign online if you agree with them. There’s no risk in checking the offers. 

From $100 to $15,000 can be borrowed as soon as tomorrow.

Loans with a term of up to 60 months. By connecting borrowers with lenders, ZippyLoan creates a network of lenders. There are no credit checks, and they’ll find you the lowest interest rate. 

Install an app and claim $50

The easiest side hustle for men that does not require much work is this. 

It really is that simple. They also give away $10,000 every month, so you stand to make even more money if you’re already sold.

42. Become a member of a top rewards site and claim $10 right away

Swagbucks may already be familiar to you, but if not, you’re in for a treat.

The surveys on Swagbucks are fun and highly rewarding. You can also earn money by watching T.V. shows or playing games!

You can expect to earn up to $35 per survey. Gentlemen, that’s $700 extra in your pocket every month if you do five surveys a week.

You should only join the highest-paying surveys (you can check out the payouts) and use a referral link that gives you $10 for signing up.

43. You can make money from your camera.

Look at your phone. There are many men’s side hustles that can earn you money.

 1. Ibotta

You will receive cashback. You can earn real money with Ibotta. Get cashback online and at stores when you download the free app.

2. Get upside

It’s as simple as taking photos of your gas receipts and getting PayPal deposits. You can download it free of charge.

3. Pel

With 50,000 Pei merchants and brands nationwide, this free cashback app will find you money for shopping, dining, and booking hotels and travel.

44. You’ll get a refund automatically.

Men can earn money doing this passive side hustle. Did you know that store prices are constantly changing?

It’s now possible to claim your money back on price drops you didn’t even know about! 

Get free money with Paribus and Capital One Shopping (cha-ching!).

45. You can earn money by playing games.

“Time is money” is an old saying we’ve all heard, right? You can now get paid for playing games on your phone instead of feeling bad about wasting your time.

Playing games for a living sounds like the stuff of dreams. On the other hand, if you download a free app, download games from it, and then play them, you can make money.

Those who level up can earn more cash or gift cards. 

46. Earn a $1,000 bonus when you drive for Lyft

It’s almost too good not to share. Earning $1,000 quickly isn’t easy, but Lyft can help you make it happen.

That’s right, isn’t it? Lyft is competing with Uber by offering lucrative sign-up bonuses for new drivers, but you probably didn’t know that. That’s where you can make money. Furthermore, Uber requirements for older vehicles are more challenging.

47. Make $1,500 or more a month by listing your spare room on Airbnb.

Airbnb is a great side job for men. 

Don’t you believe me?

No matter what kind of room or home you share with travelers, Airbnb makes hosting easy and secure.

The way you interact with guests, your availability, prices, and house rules are completely up to you.

48. Start an online CBD business.

Do you know what that means for you? CBD business can bring in a lot of money, so there are a lot of profits to be made. With more states legalizing cannabis and more people learning about the medical and other benefits of cannabis use, CBD products have been gaining popularity.

Therefore, more businesses will be offering medical cannabis and also CBD products like CBD oil, gummies, and many others. However, the business must undergo a lot of planning. To ensure the business runs smoothly.

49. Lime scooters can be charged.

Are you familiar with Lime Scooters? 

Renting scooters will become a booming side business as a result of their proliferation.

The majority of people who rent Lime Scooters don’t do it to get rich, but it is a side hustle that does pay. Each night, you can earn another $100.

50. Metal scrap for sale

The world is filled with odd jobs that people use to make money, and scrapping is one of them. Using local scrap yards as a side business is an excellent way for men to make money.

Many people haul scrap metal as a full-time business, as a hobby, or just to make a little extra money.

If you are serious about scrapping, you will need to know what you have and what you can make with those metals.

Starting out, you’ll probably make a lot of mistakes, but that’s how you’ll learn. Using our tool, you can locate scrap yards near you and see if it’s worth starting a business as a side hustle.

51. The two most popular places to sell items are eBay and Craigslist.

You can always sell items on eBay or Craigslist if you’re in a bind. 

It’s even possible to do it professionally for others and earn a small commission for each sale if you’re serious about it. Make sure you take quality photos and write an engaging description. 

52. Gazelle allows you to recycle used smartphones.

When I had an old iPhone or Samsung smartphone lying around, I sold them on Gazelle, and it was an easy way to make some money. In some cases, you might just get enough cash to make ends meet depending on your financial situation, even though you won’t get top dollar for it.

53. Earn money driving for Uber or Lyft.

Uber and Lyft are both at the forefront of the sharing economy, which has taken off quite literally. And the best part?

54. Provide a delivery service for PostMates.

Delivering for PostMates is another way to earn a side income. Whether you work for Uber or Lyft, you can work whenever you want. You are still able to earn tips, even though the pay isn’t huge.

55. We are managing social media for small businesses. 

Many small business owners need a social media manager because they don’t have the time, nor the expertise, to continually post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 

56. You can answer questions on JustAnswer.

You can earn money by answering professional questions on websites like JustAnswer. You can get paid to advise others on topics or areas of contention that they might face in life if you have expertise in law, medicine, or information technology.

57. Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sell services.

Making money on Fiverr contributed to the emergence of the Gig Economy. Fiverr sellers can earn six-figure revenues even though their services start at $5. This platform allows you to sell just about anything, 

58. Mechanical Turk allows you to do micro-jobs.

You can earn money through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform, though it won’t make you rich. 

59. Tutor over Skype.

Skype makes it easy to tutor people from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads may find this incredibly useful if they’re looking to earn more money than the local labor market can offer them. It’s a good idea to tutor people from the U.S. or the U.K. during your travels through Asia or another low-cost country.

60. Consider part-time employment.

Suppose you need some cash, you already have a full-time job, and you’re not in the mood to hustle online or make money from a web-based project. You may want to consider taking a part-time job instead. Your social life can be goodbye, but it’s certainly a more reliable way to make money.

61. Make a blog.

I understand that you won’t make money with a blog that quickly. However, you could set yourself up with a platform for generating a lot of passive income if you start a blog and deliver a lot of value. 

62. You should create an online course. 

Utilize platforms like Udemy or Teachable to create an online course and earn a living. Creating courses that provide a tremendous amount of value could potentially be a significant side revenue stream for you.

63. Create a sales funnel with ClickFunnels.

My business is online marketing and software engineering,

I am extremely interested in creating a funnel that converts. Conversion funnel. Technical skills and marketing know-how are required. ClickFunnels, a SaaS company founded by Russell Brunson with over 40,000 customers, takes all the guesswork. With a platform like this, you can automate your sales process and build a sales funnel.

64. Create an ebook.

Creating an ebook with a print-on-demand paperback accompanied by it has long intrigued me for its passive income. 

It sells by using KDP and CreateSpace, both by Amazon. This streamlines the process of getting published a great deal.

65. Audiobooks should be produced.

You can create and sell audiobooks on platforms like Audible and iTunes using a platform like ACX. You can easily generate a five-figure monthly income with a large volume of audiobooks. 

66. Become a personal chef.

Would you consider yourself a good cook? If you are, you may want to consider becoming a personal chef. If you wish, you could even go all out and create your own website to market yourself. Other websites like HireAChef can also be used to market your services.

67. Do mystery shopping.

Companies of all types need mystery shoppers. Their purchases are documented secretly by the shoppers. Mystery shoppers can shop in person or online. Several services are available that can help you become a mystery shopper if you just search online for such services. If you prefer, you can simply contact companies directly to offer them mystery shopping services.

68. Babysit or become a nanny.

Babysitting or becoming a part-time nanny are both good options if you need to make some fast cash. Several sites can be used for this, such as and SitterCity, or you can post your services on social media sites. The experience you provide will be vetted and rated, so make sure it’s great.

69. Walk dogs.

It is possible to walk dogs almost anywhere. Create some flyers on your computer and place them in mailboxes in areas where there are a lot of dogs. Let your customers know you walk dogs and describe your prices. Develop a steady stream of clients for your dog-walking service, and your business will grow.

70. Clean houses.

Taking care of the house is always an option. Housekeeping or house cleaning services are needed by many private homes and homeowners who rent out their residences on a short-term basis. If you want to promote your services, you can list them on sites like

71. Focus groups for marketing are available.

Through focus groups, marketing companies often study consumers’ responses to products, services, and advertisements across various media. As a college student, I took part in these studies quite often, and you can, too. The training isn’t necessary.

72. An easy way to raise money is to hold a garage sale.

Children can benefit from this if they have too much stuff.

Their toys or that you simply have a large number of items to part with. Advertise around town or use Craigslist to sell your items.

73. Create YouTube tutorials.

 Make money by creating YouTube tutorials. It would also be possible to use free tutorials to upsell your viewers on your products or services.

74. Sell technical services on Upwork.

Over the years, I have used Upwork to hire graphic and web designers. In addition to providing a platform to earn money, Upwork offers it to accountants, lawyers, and other professionals as well. Getting this off the ground will take some time since you are competing with thousands of other service providers.

75. Create a logo on 99Designs.

You may be able to compete for design work on 99Designs if you are graphically inclined and have Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Your design will not be paid unless it is chosen as the winning design, which means you need to be an excellent designer to earn an income worth keeping.

76. Become a personal shopper.

Would you like to shop for someone else? Consider becoming a personal shopper.

To find personal shoppers, search the web and other online resources such as ThumbTack.

77. Use TaskRabbit.

 Who is looking to complete specific tasks using TaskRabbit? You may have to lift heavy furniture, assemble furniture, and so forth. It’s a simple way to eke out an extra dollar if you register and get vetted.

78. Learn a new language.

In the event that you are well-versed in a second language, you can instruct others in it. For example, you can teach students English, or 

Digital nomads may be able to teach English as a second language in the countries of their choice.

79. Open a Mobile Pet Grooming Service

It is possible to groom pets yourself. Make your mobile business successful by purchasing and outfitting a mobile van. 

80. Be an extra in movies.

You can make some extra money as an extra in a movie without making a large investment. If you have a job in a production city like Los Angeles, New York, London, or Vancouver, there’s a lot of waiting and sitting.

81. Sell your hair.

Do you have long hair? Wouldn’t it be great to sell it for a few extra bucks? Sell your hair on a site like HairSellOn or one of the many others out there.

82. Become a local tour guide.

Make a living like a local tour guide if you live in a vacation destination. Your service could even be provided free of charge, and then a tip is asked at the end, thereby attracting more people to tour with you.

83. Recycling Technology

Technology can be a great source of money if you collect it. Some cell phones and tablets are worth money on websites like Gazelle. There are other websites that are compatible with different devices, and an in-person session might also be cost-effective.

84. Teaching English

Don’t worry – you have another option in teaching English classes online if all of this buying, selling, marketing, and influencing seems exhausting to you.

Your schedule and workload are under your control when you teach English. Do you not want to work 40 hours a week? You shouldn’t book 40 hours. It is estimated that thousands of people teach English online full-time, but not all of them are successful.

There are websites that simply require a person to be a native speaker. VIPKid, based in China, is one of the most renowned and highest-paying English teaching companies.

85. Utilize skills and services

You might have something else to offer that you could pack in a neat little package for Internet consumers on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

If someone is willing to pay you five dollars for a job (or in increments of five), you can list the job on Fiverr. Users may, for example, create a poem, a translation, or an entire business plan. You may provide a variety of services electronically (copywriting, consulting, press releases, graphic design, etc.) and discover the market for these services.

In the case of web-savvy shoppers, you may be able to skip the middleman altogether. While you miss out on marketing by avoiding the big players, the fees and commissions you save more than make up for it.

86. Wash or Detail Cars

Washing and detailing one’s car is a favorite pastime for many car owners. They’re so into the process that they’re even doing it for their girlfriends or boyfriends, 

We cannot recommend drinking on the job, but we can suggest jobs 

The entrepreneur can provide cleaning services inside and out on his own, as long as the necessary equipment is purchased. Other individuals are able to locate an establishment looking for part-time workers. If you have the time, choose an evening or weekend shift. If not, don’t rule out a day shift.


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