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Chefs are aunts and grandmothers, immigrants and refugees, stay-at-home parents, and restaurant dreamers. Collectively, they represent countries around the world, from Algeria to Korea, to India and Venezuela. The best part? These passionate local cooks are your neighbors, doing what they love most – sharing their food and culture with you.

The Power of Homemade Food

It is our mission to reimagine the food system from scratch, redefine who can participate in it, and bring back a connection to food production, consumption, and sharing. Our online marketplace allows local, food safety certified cooks to connect with customers in their local community and make a living selling homemade dishes.

It’s the scent of your childhood kitchen, the laughter around a family table, and the taste of locally sourced produce – it’s memories, nostalgia, and tradition. It’s bridging cultures and people to make us whole.

‍Making homemade food requires love and care from the makers. They open up their hearts to provide you with the gift of a homemade meal.

Shef: How it Works

Choose a Shef:- All chefs are food safety certified.

  1. .Pick your dishes:- Order in advance so chefs can buy fresh ingredients
  2. Get your delivery:- Dishes arrive refrigerated – just heat, eat and repeat!

Shef Success

1M+ Over 1,000,000 authentic homemade dishes served
4.8/5Average shelf rating from thousands of happy customers
100All chefs are food safety certified

A movement

  1. Movements to create a more equitable food system have a crucial role. In response, we support and champion home cooking laws that allow talented cooks to make a living from their kitchens.
  2. Since we delivered our very first order three years ago, we have grown to serve 60 million people in 10 states, and 1.6 million meals have been served nationwide. Each is prepared with love and care by passionate neighbors and reminds us that there’s no taste like home.

A priority in our community is safety and health.

Our chefs take the responsibility of providing you with wholesome, safe meals very seriously and are highly grateful for your support. Since our first order was delivered three years ago, we have served over 60 million people in ten states, and nearly 2 million meals have been delivered to tables nationwide. 

Food Safety Certified

  1. All chefs must pass an accredited food safety certification exam, undergo a food quality assessment, and be subject to food quality checks. In regions that have not yet 
  2. Implemented home cooking laws, chefs are required to cook out of commercial kitchens or other legally permissible facilities.

Prior to selling on Chef

  • Every Chef is required to successfully pass an accredited food safety certification.
  • Every Chef must pass a food quality assessment.

What safety protocol at Shef looks like

  • Every Chef is subject to food quality checks.
  • Chefs are required to wear a face mask, hairnet, and gloves while cooking.
  • Chefs must take their temperature before preparing food using a thermometer.
  • Anyone feeling sick, having a temperature above CDC guidelines (100.4° F), or exhibiting any other COVID-19 symptoms is asked to 

Ongoing food safety education

  1. Chefs on their journeys as food entrepreneurs are supported by our team through regular coaching conversations, workshops, and safety resources.

Join the Shef family!

  1. We are building a global community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity that enables anyone to feed their neighbor.


1. My life was changed by eating this just minutes ago. Dinner at your Pakistani aunt’s house is just as good.
2. Super traditional dumplings that remind me of my grandma’s.
3. I am really picky about my food and any purchase. I am 200% satisfied with Shef. The food was awesome. Quantity was really good.

Why try Shef?

Support local chefsYou know exactly who prepares your food, unlike restaurants.
Discover new culturesDiscover new cultures or reconnect with your heritage through traditional dishes
Starting at $7Get fresh, homemade food without sacrificing time at a reasonable price.


At Chef, we are committed to helping ensure that your food will always be safe to eat. All chefs are required to pass an accredited food safety certification exam and comply with all local laws and regulations. Chefs are required to cook in commercial kitchens or other legally permissible facilities in regions without home cooking laws. Dishes worth traveling for made just a few streets away.