Remitly Vs Western Union: Which One Is Best?

Remitly Vs Western Union? If you need to send money to your loved ones living in another country, two popular options you can consider are Remitly and Western Union. These companies make transferring money across borders easier and help you support your friends and family financially. 

Although both services offer the convenience of sending money abroad, they differ in several aspects, such as supported countries and fees. 

In this comparison, we will explore the main features of Remitly and Western Union, highlighting their differences to help you decide which service is better suited to your needs.

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Remitly Vs Western Union: Overview

Remitly: The Remitly service allows you to send money to family and friends around the world. Their website or mobile app allows you to send money quickly and easily, and funds can reach recipients within minutes. 

Depending on the country, it offers various delivery options, including bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile money transfers. Overall, Remitly simplifies international money transfers online with ease and speed.

Western Union: Western Union offers a convenient way to send money to loved ones globally. You can choose to send the money online or in person from any of its vast physical locations. 

There are different transfer speeds available, including bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile wallet transfers, giving you the flexibility to decide how quickly the recipient should receive the funds.

FeatureRemitlyWestern Union
Transfer SpeedVaries (Economy: 3-5 days, Express: Minutes)Varies (Standard: 1-2 days, Money in Minutes: Minutes)
Payout OptionsBank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet (availability varies by country)Bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet (availability varies by country)
FeesCan be competitive, often free for certain transfers and amountsCan be higher, especially for faster options and credit card use
Exchange RatesGenerally competitiveMay not be the most competitive
Sending MethodsOnline and app onlyOnline, app, phone, in-person
Receiving MethodsBank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet (availability varies by country)Bank deposit, cash pickup, mobile wallet (availability varies by country)
ConvenienceUser-friendly platformUser-friendly platform and widespread agent network
Best forFast and flexible transfers with competitive feesFast and widespread transfers with various options

Remitly Vs Western Union: Fees & Costs

Remitly: The Remitly fees depend on factors such as the recipient’s address, the amount sent, and the speed of the transfer. They give you a real-time exchange rate upfront so you can see what you are paying up front. 

Additionally, a variety of pricing options are available to suit a variety of needs. 

Western Union: Western Union charges fees that also depend on various factors, including the destination and speed of transfer. However, the actual costs may vary. 

Western Union earns money through exchange rates, which means that the rate you get may not be the same as the market rate. Additionally, Western Union may charge fixed fees and a percentage of the transfer amount.

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Remitly Vs Western Union: Features & Functionality

Remitly: Remitly simplifies money transfers with features like Express and Economy speeds, real-time exchange rates for transparency, and a user-friendly mobile app. 

Additionally, you can track your transfers with Remitly and get notifications from both the sender and the recipient about their progress. 

Western Union: The Western Union money transfer service offers a wide range of features to facilitate global transactions with fast and standard delivery options. 

The recipients can receive the funds through bank deposits, cash pick-up, or mobile wallets. Due to its large network, users can easily access it, receive notifications, and track their transactions.

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Remitly Vs Western Union: Speed Of Transfer

Remitly: Remitly is known for its fast transfers, and in many cases, the money can reach the recipient within minutes. However, a few factors can influence delivery speed, such as the destination and the selected delivery option. 

Western Union: Western Union offers various options for transferring money, from quick transfers to standard delivery times. Depending on factors such as the destination and the selected transfer speed, the funds may take a variety of time to reach the recipient. Sometimes, it may take a few days to complete the transfer.

So, If you want a quicker option, Remitly is the faster choice.

Remitly Vs Western Union: Safety & Security

Remitly: Remitly employs encryption technology to protect your financial information during the online transfer process. Additionally, they use secure channels to safeguard your transactions and follow regulatory standards. 

Western Union: Western Union has a long history of providing secure services. They use various security features to protect your money transfers, including encryption and fraud detection. 

They both prioritize security during financial transactions, ensuring that money transfers securely and reliably.

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Remitly Vs Western Union: Ease Of Use

Remitly: Remitly is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes sending money internationally simple. It typically offers a smooth, easy-to-use experience with clear instructions and choices. 

It usually involves a few easy steps, such as choosing the recipient and amount and completing the transaction online. 

Western Union: Western Union is a widely used and popular option for sending and receiving money. However, it may require a slightly more complex process for some users as it typically involves visiting a physical location. 

It makes it less convenient than Remitly’s approach, which primarily focuses on online payments.

Overall, Remitly is the more convenient and user-friendly choice for those looking for a quick, hassle-free money transfer service.

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Remitly Vs Western Union: Pros & Cons



  • Fast transfer speeds.
  • Multiple payout options.
  • Competitive exchange rates.
  • Low or no fees.
  • User-friendly platform.


  • Limited transfer methods in some countries.
  • Limited bill pay and mobile top-up features.

Western Union


  • Fast and Widespread.
  • Sending and receiving flexibility.
  • Easy to Use.
  • No Fees for Specific Transfers.


  • Potentially High Fees.
  • Changing exchange rates.
  • A security concern.


When deciding between Remitly and Western Union, it’s essential to consider your specific needs. If you prioritize convenience and lower fees, Remitly may be the better choice for you. 

However, if you value having a broad network and accessibility for international transfers, Western Union may be a better fit. To make an informed decision, consider the fees, exchange rates, and the location of your transfer based on your preferences.

We hope that in this article you have got a lot of information about Remitly Vs Western Union.

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How much does Western Union charge to send $100?

The cost of sending $100 using bank-to-bank transfer via Western Union is usually between $0.65 and $3.76.

Can I send $1000 through Remitly?

Yes, you can send $1000 through Remitly.

Can I send $5000 through Western Union?

Yes, you can send up to $5000 through Western Union.

Is Remitly safe to receive money?

Yes, Remitly is committed to providing a safe and secure platform for sending and receiving money.