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REBAID – Up to 100% Off Amazon Rebates – $10 Referral Rewards

With Rebaid, you can get Amazon rebates that offer up to 100% off new products at Get rebate payments as soon as three days after creating a Free Rebaid Account and shopping from their list of participating products.

Rebaid: An Overview

For their products to be discovered on, small brands offer exclusive deals to select customers.

These Amazon sellers gain exposure by offering a discount of up to 100% off their products.

On Rebaid, you can find new products every day, and there is no limit to the number of products you can buy. You can sign up for Rebaid for free, there is no credit card required, and all purchases are made through Amazon (like normal).

It is not required for you to leave a review since Rebaid is not a review site.

You can receive up to 100% cashback with Rebaid if you like to try new products on

Rebaid: How it Works (step by step)

1. Visit Rebaid to see what products are available.

2. When you find something you like, click the “Redeem Offer” button.

3. Rebates can be received via direct deposit (2-3 days) or by mail (5 weeks).

4. Click “Purchase on Amazon” and place your order as usual.

5. Enter your order number on the Rebaid page after placing your order on

6. Your rebate will be processed and delivered to you as soon as it is confirmed.

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Features of the Rebaid

  • Deals on Amazon for up to 100% off list price.
  • You will receive rebate payments when you receive discounts.
  • Rebates are paid via direct deposit (3 days) or physical check (5 weeks).
  • Rebaid is 100% free to use.
  • There is no need for a credit card.
  • All purchases are made through
  • Citizens Bank securely processes all payments.
  • Offers Expire, and New Offers Added Daily.

Referrals for $10 Rebaid

  • Participating in Rebaid’s referral program will allow you to earn up to $1,000 per month.
  • Your Rebaid account will receive a $10 bonus credit for every new customer you refer.
  • For your referrals to qualify, they must register and redeem at least one offer.
  • Your unique referral link can be found in the “Referral Program” section of your account.
  • Earnings from the Rebaid Referral Program can be withdrawn 38 days after the referred user redeems an offer.
  • If you registered for a referral payment, a check would be mailed to your address.
  • Earn up to $1,000 a month for referring friends to Rebaid by getting up to 100% rebate payments on new Amazon products.


Rakuten $30 Sign up Bonus (Unlimited)

RebatesMe $20 Signup & $81 for 3 referrals

TimesClub $30 Signup $150 for 5 referrals

Topcashback $20 Signup Bonus

To get more savings on Amazon products, you can also join the UberZon Club.

  • Deals on Amazon for up to 100% off list price.
  • You will receive rebate payments when you receive discounts.
  • Rebates are paid via direct deposit (3 days) or physical check (5 weeks).
  • Rebaid is 100% free to use
  • All purchases are made through
  • Citizens Bank securely processes all payments.
  • Offers Expire, and New Offers Added Daily.

Information about discounts

Please enter product information.

Upload images of your product and enter basic information about it. You will use this information to create your Rebaid promotion page. You will then enter a link to your marketplace product.

Enter the discount information

You will then enter the discount amount you would like to offer. If you want, you can offer a single discount tier or multiple discount tiers based on the number of units purchased.

Review and Activate

The third step involves reviewing your campaign information and confirming all discount codes are working. When your campaign has been confirmed, simply click the submit button, and it will go into review. Within 2-3 hours, campaigns are reviewed and activated. Once your promotion is activated, shoppers will be able to see it, and you can begin generating sales immediately!

Shopper How It Works

A Rebate Promotion can be redeemed.

Click on the Redeem Offer button next to the promotion you’re interested in. The payment information will be required for your preferred rebate method, check, or direct deposit. To purchase the product, click next and buy now. Rebaid offers promotions for products listed on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and independent websites. A promotion detail page will display the specific market for any given promotion.

You must confirm your purchase.

When you have completed your purchase on the marketplace, copy your order number and return it to Rebaid. Your homepage will display a box where you can enter your order number. Done! Your rebate has been confirmed and is scheduled for payment. You do not need to leave a review. Please make sure you don’t return or cancel your order because this will void your rebate. 

We have sent you your rebate payment.

You’ll receive a payment notification as soon as your rebate is sent. Rebates mailed by check usually arrive within seven to ten business days. Rebates are typically deposited into your account within 48 business hours after being initiated by direct deposit.

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NEW – Discount Code Promotions

Rebaid now supports discount code promotions! With this promotion type, a discount code will be displayed on the Rebaid product page. Simply click on the code to copy it, then click the Buy Now button. You will be directed to the product page on the marketplace, where the product is listed for sale. Purchase the product and enter the discount code at checkout for instant savings!

Seller How It Works

Please enter product information.

Upload your product image(s) and enter basic information about your product. 

Then you’ll enter a link to your product on the marketplace or enter search terms for your product that shoppers will use to find it.

Please enter rebate information.

You will then enter the number of daily units and rebate value you wish to offer. 

It is possible to set a maximum number of units for the duration of your campaign or to let it run until paused.

Invest and launch

The last step is to fund the rebates you’re offering to shoppers. 

Generally, if your campaign is set up with a maximum number of units, you will be able to pre-fund your full campaign or pay day-by-day.

Your campaign will be funded on a day-to-day basis if it is set to run until it is paused. 

Within 2-3 hours of funding, your campaign will be reviewed and activated. When your promotion is activated, shoppers will be able to see it, and you can begin generating sales immediately!


Do I have a limit on the number of products I can redeem?

  • A new shopper account is typically limited to 10 redemptions during their first month on the platform. Redeemable limits are increased periodically thereafter and appear on your shopper dashboard. Each promotional offer can only be redeemed once, regardless of the age of the account.
  • Can I redeem Rebaid offers if I live outside of the U.S.?

  • No. Currently, Rebaid is only available to shoppers in the United States.
  • Rebaid coupons can be used?

    Is it possible to use Amazon coupons and run a rebate campaign at the same time? Absolutely. This has been done successfully by many sellers. Additionally, you should include a message at the top of your Rebaid campaign product description directing shoppers to use the coupon to match the pre-rebate purchase price.

  • What is an Amazon rebate?

  • When you purchase new items on, we use rebates to provide you with the best possible price. Go to and follow the simple steps to redeem your rebate if you purchased an item through Amazon. Com-sponsored online rebate.
  • Can I still redeem my rebate if it appears as canceled?

  • Once you place an order on Amazon, you must return to Rebaid. The redemption process ends here. Your rebate will be paid once your Amazon order number has been confirmed. Unconfirmed orders are typically responsible for the appearance of canceled redemptions on your shopper dashboard.
  • What is the process for issuing rebate payments?

  • There are two convenient ways to pay rebates with Rebaid. You will receive your mailed checks approximately five to six weeks after your redemption. The funds can also be deposited directly into your bank account. This payment option costs $1 per transaction and is deposited directly in your checking account within five days of your redemption.
  • The company has been in existence since the late 1800s and is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world.
    Rebaid Review urges you to visit them today! They offer a variety of products for consumers to purchase on their website, “Rebaid Review is an informative site that offers reviews of rebates, coupons, and discounts.”

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