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Rakuten sign up bonus

If you are looking for a way to save money on your online shopping, the Rakuten signup bonus is one of the best options. It will be more interesting when there is a $30 Rakuten Signup bonus and also a $30 referral offer.

This article will discuss what Rakuten’s signup bonus is and how it works.

Rakuten offers a $30 signup bonus when new members create an account with them and use the coupon code”RAKUTEN5″. The first time someone shops at Rakuten they must spend at least $25 in order to qualify for this offer. Once that has been met, they will receive a credit back of 5 dollars on their next purchase! If you have never shopped from Rakuten before, now might be the perfect time to try it out!


About Rakuten:

Rakuten, Inc., a Tokyo-based internet-based company, engages in e-commerce and online shopping.

In 1997, Rakuten was known as E-Bates. In recent years, the company merged with a large Japanese internet service company called Rakuten.

Because Rakuten’s parent company has a global presence, the Rakuten cashback site is able to offer more deals and discounts on online stores and increase the number of in-store rebates.

The company is exploring new kinds of shopping ventures to save consumers money; in some places, you can now get Rakuten rebates on food delivery and other services. Rakuten has already saved American members over $1 billion.

What does Rakuten do?

It is one of the most popular online retailers in Japan that has partnered with big companies like e-commerce giant Amazon and they have also partnered with Uber so members of one will be able to easily use another experience.

make money with rakuten
make money with rakuten

How Do You Make Money through Rakuten?

Rakuten is not short on generating revenue. They have so many different streams of revenue. I have found the most interesting method of making money is affiliate marketing.

There are several ways in which Rakuten earns money.

  • Rakuten Sign up Bonus:
  •  Cashback from shopping

Referral Bonus: Referrals From Rakuten

  1. The rewards program at Rakuten lets you earn cash for referring friends as well as earning cashback.
  2. If you refer someone with a $25 purchase to Rakuten, you get $5 off your purchase.
  3. Rakuten offers you $25 for every referral.
  4. You’ll also receive $10 when your friends refer you. It’s a great deal!
  5. Rakuten has frequent promotions like double cashback and hot sales where you can learn about special BOGO deals. You can get automatically notified of coupons, promo codes, and more.
  6. In addition, Rakuten’s partnership with online hotel and flight marketplaces like Expedia can let you save on airfare and accommodations.
  7. Getting cashback with Rakuten makes your trip even better.

Below are the overall categories where Rakuten generating revenue:

  • from online shopping and banking to overseas subsidiaries that collect advertising and run ecommerce sites in Asia.
  • They receive revenue from advertising fees and commissions from sales referrals.
  • They will receive affiliate commissions if you use their retail partners such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • The RAKUTEN online and retail stores offer a list of local merchandise, as well as a program in Affiliate Marketing to anyone who would like to provide links back to RAKUTEN’s Online store as well as earn commission from the customers you refer them to.
rakuten signup
signup bonus


The RAKUTEN website is one of the best online shopping sites.

  • Rakuten is described in this passage as having many other options that make finding items that customers are seeking easy even if it isn’t on the main site.
  • There are multiple apps available to clients, so they can stay up-to-date no matter where they’re located; although customer accounts can be accessed online without a download
  • By using one of these applications, shoppers might be able to use them and save time not having to go back to their computers to look things up for them.
  • It has over 10 million products from over 611 thousand sellers and more than 20 categories of merchandise in its marketplace.
  • By incorporating multiple services such as web-based e-commerce sites, financial institutions such as PayPal, social media networks such as Facebook, and financial networks into one platform, customers can access them at any time and anywhere globally via the internet or mobile app!
  • There are over 350 million users globally and stores operating all over the world, including Japan, Russia, and Taiwan!

Rakuten Extensions for your browser

  • You can access the site from anywhere at any time with an app for any iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.
  • It’s the browser extension that really makes Rakuten useful. Going to Rakuten can be a pain. Their browser extension takes that step out of the equation.
  • Rakuten can track you when you visit a retailer’s site when you download the browser extension.
  • During checkout, they’ll show you a pop-up button to indicate that you’re eligible for cashback rewards. This makes it as easy as just clicking on a button to earn cashback.

Shopping in-store

  • In-store cashback is also available from Rakuten. To activate the offer, you must use the website or the app either directly or through the app. need to link your credit card to the system so that it can track your purchase.
  • The retailer will send an invoice to Rakuten after you make your purchase.
  • Your cashback should show up on your balance in hours or days after the store confirms your purchase.
  • If you intend to make another in-store purchase, the in-store offers are only valid for one purchase, so you must reactivate them.
  • Making online purchases is simpler than earning cashback, but thankfully it’s still possible.

Shopping online:

If you have a Google Account, a Facebook account, or an email address, you can sign up for Rakuten. Rakuten is most convenient to use when shopping online, but you can get rewards in-store, too

Rakuten Credit card:

You save money when you travel and shop using the Rakuten Card, which you earn points for when you spend. For non-Japanese students and residents, the application process is very straightforward. How to apply for this card and what it offers are explained


Rakuten steps
Rakuten steps
  1. Rakuten offers a simple way to sign up for an account.
  2. You only need to enter your email and create your password.
  3. Only if you’d like to redeem in-store cashback are your bank and credit cards linked to the program.
  4. The cashback rewards eventually will require a mailing address or PayPal, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges.
  5. The Rakuten site makes it easy to locate discounts and promotions. You can shop by category, hot deals, double cashback stores, and more.
  6. In order to use Rakuten, you must first go to their site, then to the store’s site. From there, it is just like shopping through Rakuten.
  7. Install their Chrome browser extension to avoid going to Rakuten every time.
  8. This extension will notify you whenever you have an eligible purchase for cashback. A popup will appear when you make a purchase, and you’re good to go.

It’s a good idea to have your information at the ready before proceeding so that it can be filled out as quickly as possible;

Rakuten steps
Rakuten steps

Rakuten Customer support :

  • Rakuten takes great pride in providing caring customer support. the team is here to help you navigate the ordering, shipping, and shipping process to its destination.
  • They also provide recommendations on how to best use our products, we provide instructions on how to care for them and how to use them.
  • Customers have a pretty limited amount of support from Rakuten. We have to scroll to the very bottom of their website to find our help section.
  • The contact page only takes you to the knowledge center, but this appears to be operated through a ticket system.
  • Your question is narrowed down into specifics, followed by an invitation to describe your issue.
  • Generally, people seem to have little difficulty using Rakuten’s services. According to their knowledge center, the most common issues seem to be tracking your check or checking your cashback balance.


Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Rakuten.



  • Rakuten is really easy to use. You put in a URL and get a link to the site where you want to shop. If that’s not your thing, you can skip it entirely.
  • Downloading their browser extension will save you time and there are also benefits to using their site itself such as finding hot deals. Using Rakuten is easy as pie.

2.There are a lot of choices:

  • Any online shopping purchase you make can be turned into an opportunity to earn cashback through Rakuten, no matter what you’re looking for.

3.Get cashback:

  • Get cashback. It lets you save more money and even pay off debt since it adds up. Even stores with 1% cashback can add up.
  • Cashback can be up to 40% at some stores, so you can really increase your returns every quarter. Think of how good that cash can be!

4.Rakuten referral program:

Rakuten’s referral program is an especially attractive one. Providing $5 – $25 on your cashback when referring friends, the site promotes the opportunity for them to earn cashback as well.


1. Cashback can only be accrued quarterly:

This can be a bummer if you look for immediate gratification. Rakuten will also only reimburse you if you spend at least $5, which is intended to encourage you to make more purchases on the site.

You will not get your cashback unIt is easy to play the hook of cashback, especially when purchasing online is as easy as clicking a button. Mind your budget when shopping online, and make sure you’re making international purchases till the end of next quarter if you do not meet that minimum.

2. Impulse shopping is increased:

  • If you spend money, it doesn’t matter if you get cashback.
  • Online shopping can lead to hasty online purchases, especially when making a purchase is as simple as hitting a button. Make sure you’re shopping specifically and staying within your budget.

3. Nearly every store has products that are exempt from cashback:

  • Getting excited about the new iPhone from Walmart and earning cashback seems like a mistake.
  • There are definitely going to be items that aren’t eligible for cashback and these will be the most popular items

4. Without giving you notice, Rakuten can Permanently disable your account:

Rakuten has reported that people have had their accounts disabled for no reason whatsoever. However, it is unclear why certain people’s accounts were terminated without any explanation, but in the fine print, it is stated that it is up to them to do this.

If you are using Rakuten, remember to keep this in mind.


What is Rakuten and why people are crazy about Rakuten ?

You can earn Cash Back when shopping at over 2,500 locations with Rakuten, and becoming a member is free. Online retailers pay Rakuten commissions for bringing you their way. Get paid every three months, and a 5% bonus when you join and shop. With Rakuten Ichiba being the center of its business-to-many platform and one of the largest e-commerce sites in Japan, the company operates companies such as financial services such as Movie, Kobo, and Japan’s fourth mobile carrier.

How do you make money with Rakuten by simple steps ?

Making money with us is as simple as 1-2-3:
1.Go to the Rakuten website or Rakuten App and click the store where you want to shop.
2.Shop Like Always: Now you can earn Cash Back as soon as you place an order.
3.Choose How to Get Paid: We’ll send your Cash Back either via PayPal or check.

How is Rakuten different from Amazon ?

Normally, Amazon is a closed system that includes everything for merchants, including warehouse management and logistics. On the other hand, Rakuten offers an open system with a payment gateway and shopping platform, but business owners must manage inventory and logistics.

Is Rakuten really worth it ?

It’s worth your time to wait and look for the best cashback rates. With Rakuten, you can expect checks only four times a year at most and only once you accumulate $5, so you can’t really rely on a consistent income by using it.

Is Walmart on Rakuten ?

This investment will see Walmart become a 1% stakeholder in Rakuten and is consistent with other strategic investments Walmart has made in recent years in order to facilitate long-term growth in a rapidly changing retail environment. Read about the investment here.


By getting Free $30 with the Rakuten Sign up. Plus, you can earn $30 for each new member that you refer through the Rakuten Tell-A-Friend promotion. there is no show stopper to signup Rakuten. It is totally free so If you have never shopped from Rakuten before, now it’s time to shop and earn cashback. Subscribe now before they reduce the free $30 signup bonus.

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