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PayPal refer a friend.

Referral Program with PayPal: Get $10 for signing up + $50 for referring

PayPal refer a friend you can now signup for the Paypal Referral program and earn up to $50 in referral rewards.

PayPal is offering new users a $10 bonus by signing up, linking your bank account or credit card, and spending or sending $5 with PayPal.

Become a PayPal member, and you’ll be able to earn up to $50 in referral rewards when you send 1 cent to your friends who do not use PayPal.

PayPal Sign-Up Bonus of $10

Referral requests are required to link the credit card or bank account and spend or send $5 or more using PayPal.

To receive your $10 reward, please make sure your PayPal account has linked your cell phone number.

Within 24 hours after you earn a reward, it will appear directly in your PayPal account, but it can take up to 2 weeks.

PayPal refferal offer
PayPal refferal offer

The Best Way To Earn PayPal Referral Bonuses

  1. One cent to a pal who doesn’t have PayPal
  2. Sign them up and ask them to link their bank account or debit/credit card
  3. When they spend or send $5+, we’ll send you both ten bucks

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PayPal refer a Friend Bonus of $10

  • You can earn up to $50 for referring friends through PayPal’s Referral Program.
  • Those who don’t have PayPal can refer a friend by sending them 1 cent from their PayPal account.
  • You must encourage your referees to sign up for PayPal and link their bank account or credit/debit card.
  • With PayPal, you and your friends can get a $10 bonus when they spend or send at least $5.
  • By referring up to 5 friends, you could earn up to $50 in referral rewards.
  • Take advantage of these PayPal referral rewards and bonus offers while they last.

Terms and Conditions for PayPal’s $10 Referral Offer

Referrals from friends and family are the only ones you can make. PayPal’s invitation to participate should not be seen or received by anyone other than family/friends/colleagues. You may be disqualified from participating if you do. Any referral you make that is successful might be canceled by PayPal.

Referrers send $0.01 to referees through the app or web and provide the referee’s phone number or email address.

There is no limit to how many referrals a referrer may claim as long as the referral falls under the following criteria: 

(i) Sign up for PayPal and claim $0.01 from the referrer;

(ii) Register a debit card, credit card, or bank account with PayPal;

(iii) verify the cell number associated with their PayPal account, and 

In addition, the transaction must be eligible (see below). An eligible transaction includes: 

(a) a completed checkout payment online using the referee’s new PayPal account of $5.00 USD or more and marked as “completed” with PayPal;

(b) The referee, using the new PayPal account that the referrer provides, sends the referee a $5.00 USD payment using PayPal’s “Send Money” feature, which is marked as “received” by the recipient.


What is the best way to get $10 from PayPal?

Both of you will receive $10 when you invite a friend or family member to PayPal. During this promotion, you can earn up to $50 by inviting five friends. Once they send or spend $5, you’ll each receive $10 when you send 1 cent to their email address, and they sign up for PayPal.

What is the process of getting a referral from PayPal?

By referring friends to PayPal via the Program, you will earn rewards when your friends complete Eligible Transactions (defined below). As a referrer, you invite friends to join PayPal, and as a referee, you receive an invitation.

PayPal is giving away $10?

Paypal Gives our charitable giving initiative that lets you earn money while doing good. Each time you give to the charity of your choice, we will donate $10 USD, up to a maximum of $500 USD per year.

Is it possible to get 5 dollars instantly through PayPal?

Earn Swagbucks. Creating an account at Swagbucks allows you to earn PayPal cash. The app is free, and you will receive a $5 amount directly into your bank account without playing games. You can also get paid instantly for taking surveys and completing them online without paying a minimum. 


Referral bonuses usually range from $5 to $10, so this is a good deal. In my opinion, it will be very difficult to find a person without a PayPal account these days. PayPal also offers $25 free cryptocurrency for new users.

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