Nexo Price: Get Nexo $150 BTC + $25 Referral Bonus

Want to acquire your crypto assets? Nexo is a lending platform that pays interest on crypto assets.

Besides Nexo Price, this article also helps you earn Nexo referral bonuses while you participate in a referral program by joining Nexo.

Nexo helps people gain back control of their finances by giving them an app that earns interest on their crypto holdings or allows them to borrow money with their crypto holdings. In the world of digital assets, it is the most reliable and safe app, helping more than 5 million users.

About Nexo

Nexo is one of the world’s leading digital assets institutions, offering tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Lines™, a high-yield Earn on Crypto suite, and an instant Exchange while providing top-tier insurance and military-grade security.

The Nexo blockchain company also provides its services in over 200 jurisdictions and in 40+ fiat currencies. As a result, they have processed $30+ billion for 2+ million users around the world by maximizing the value and utility of cryptocurrencies.

Nexo lets you to earn interest on your assets and increases its worth up to 18% by not charging any balancing fee.

Nexo Price

Nexo is currently running several promotions. You can choose between the following options for new customers:

  • With a $100 deposit, you’ll receive a $25 BTC bonus
  • You can get a $150 BTC bonus when you deposit $1,000.

Existing customers can participate in a referral bonus program. The details of each promotion are different, so be sure to read them carefully.

Steps To Sign Up in Nexo

With a $150 Bitcoin sign-up bonus, Nexo gets you off to a good start. In order to qualify for the Nexo Sign-Up Bonus, you must deposit a certain amount of money. Here are the steps you need to follow to avoid skipping this bonus:

  1. Download the Nexo app for account registration.
  2. Now, open it and give your basic info which identifies you completely.
  3. For qualification, you have to top up or buy approx $1500 of any assets supported on Nexo via an external wallet.
  4. You are welcomed with the $100 new user bonus when you purchase the above-mentioned amount within the 90 days period after registration.
  5. Maintain this amount for 30 days after receiving it.
  6. Within these days, you have to trade at least $1500 with Nexo Exchange to get an additional boost of $50 BTC.

Get the most from your Nexo sign-up bonus: Nexo offers different sign-up bonuses based on your deposit amount. Please find below a sketch of the chart.

You get a $25 sign-up bonus if you deposit $100 to Nexo. Deposit $500 to earn a $50 sign-up bonus, deposit $1000 to earn a $100 sign-up bonus, and deposit $1500 to earn a $150 sign-up bonus.

Nexo Referral Bonus

After becoming a Nexo partner, you can get this referral offer by participating in its referral program. To get a $25 BTC referral bonus you require to get your unique link or code from Nexo to share with your friends.

It Is a great opportunity to have some extra cash in your hands. There are no restrictions on referral bonuses, you can invite friends as much as you want.

Steps To Acquire a $25 BTC Nexo Referral Bonus: 

  • To participate in the Nexo Referral Program you must have an account on it.
  • Go to your account, search for the referral tab, and copy your unique referral link.
  • Share your Nexo Referral Link with your family and friends.
  • Once your friend completes the verification procedure, deposit a minimum of $100 in Nexo assets.
  • You get a pop-up and receive your $25 referral bonus. It will be available for use by you after 30 days.
  • The referred person must have to balance this amount within 30 days of the period to get a sign-up bonus according to its deposit or you are rewarded with your $25 BTC Nexo referral bonus.

Final Comments:

It is a great platform to start your crypto earnings or, if you are more experienced, it can also assist you in gaining interest. With the most advanced project all-in-one app, it provides the audience with the best crypto platform. You can also get immediate cryptocurrency-backed loans on this top-earning website.

You receive a Nexo Sign-Up Bonus based on how much you deposit. After that, you can join its referral program. Referrals can earn you $25 BTC or a big bonus as much as you wish.