The Best Fun Money Making Activities

Money making activities fun way to earn money is to play video games online. If you desire more exposure and earning potential, you might consider streaming on Twitch. Selling Magic the Gathering cards or Pokémon cards on eBay or another similar platform may be your preferred option if you’re a fan of card games. If you need storage units at home, it’s worth investing in them – especially if you leave them unattended very often during daytime hours outside of house/apartment buildings (e.g., while running errands). Don’t forget to hang many red flags near the decks, so thieves won’t bother you

You can make money by engaging in some fun and profitable activities that are also creative and enjoyable. You can actually earn up to $250 per article by writing blog posts or articles for a website. Another option would be doing freelancing work on sites like oDesk; these gigs range from designing websites for clients all the way down to providing voice-over services – anything goes as long as it suits your skillset.

In today’s world, there are many opportunities out there where one has an opportunity to not only get cash but have fun while earning said cash too! One popular example involves blogging about topics they’re passionate about or pieces they enjoy reading themselves 

Fun Things to Do That Make Money

There is an article I wrote a couple of weeks ago entitled, “40 Free (or Extremely Low-Cost) Things I Really Enjoy Doing and You Might, Too!”.Several pieces of feedback were received, most of them positive, but one stood out to me in particular. I am writing as follows:

Although i was intrigued by your list of free things to do, my interests lie in hobbies that can actually money making.Are there things you like to do that you can earn money from?

Here’s what we’ll do!For starters, I excluded anything that requires a significant amount of training to complete. 

If you possess specialized skills, you can do many things: record music videos and upload them to YouTube, write smartphone apps, look for rare coins, and get change from the bank. To keep it simple, I’m only including stuff that you can start doing pretty quickly with just an online guide or two to guide you in the beginning.

Additionally, I excluded items that you may not have, such as things requiring a lot of equipment. Many people lack 3D printers and thus are not able to make any money with them. Some of my friends have made a living printing miniature model from 3D printers, but that’s not something most people can afford. As an example, you could make money by giving airplane rides if you have one – but who has one? It may take some equipment to get started, but many of the items are either very inexpensive or something people already own.

Geode hunting used to be a popular hobby in my area when I was a child. They also hunted morel mushrooms – something I still do from time to time. In addition, I excluded things that are specific to a particular location. In addition, those things require specialized skills, so I won’t include them, either.

Wanna learn a new hobby and make some cash while doing it? It’s time to get started!

In your free time, you can do a lot of fun and lucrative money-making activities!

Here are some ideas to help you pass the time and extra make money 

1. Create your own homemade movies.

Make a cute and cool YouTube video with just a camera and a cute idea, and you’ll be a YouTube sensation in no time. Props aren’t needed. There is no need for a perfect script.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to flying. People post cute cat videos on the internet. A Batman-costumed person acted as a father in a video. A cleverly hidden camera can record an unlimited amount of videos. On YouTube, you can find water balloon pranks. For each of them, there have been previous hits.

They are developing an original idea, and imagining it as a video is the most important part. It only takes a few steps to turn on your camera, record, and upload a video to YouTube, maybe not be.

Only by taking a video can you learn this.

2. The podcast series should be recorded.

People who listen to podcasts and people who record them can find them incredibly enjoyable. My experience is that both ends of the equation are enjoyable.

Your only real equipment requirement for recording your own podcast is a computer and a microphone. Even a simple solo performance can be recorded with just your smartphone if you don’t need much editing.

As a new podcaster, you can get started with BuzzSprout and then upgrade if you are successful. It is possible to earn money when it becomes popular.

Making money from a podcast is tricky, but once you’ve developed a following on your own, you might consider joining a podcast network that deals with advertisers on your behalf.

In addition, podcasting lets you connect with other online communities related to your topic of interest.

3. You can raise a garden.

An engrossing and enjoyable hobby, gardening is. There is nothing better than planting seeds, taking care of that ground by removing weeds, adding nutrients, and watching the plants grow to produce fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, heirloom varieties can be saved for planting the following season again if the seeds are saved.

What is the revenue model here? The food can be taken and eaten yourself, eliminating the cost of eating out or buying ingredients and keeping that money in your pocket. 

Naturally, the bigger the garden, the more products it produces, and the more products it produces, the greater the profits. Investing time and energy depends on how much you enjoy your hobby.

4. Go to the farmers market with some homemade bread or other goods.

Several of the booths at the local farmers’ market offer more than just fresh fruits and vegetables. Many people sell their own home-canned preserves as well as jams, jellies, and fresh baked goods.

Everything has been made from scratch by me. Over the years, I have baked countless amounts of homemade bread. Jam and jelly making is a skill that I have developed over the years. I have made homemade salsa. I have made handmade soap. It’s something I’ve done at home, making laundry soap. There are a lot of things like this that could be sold at a farmer’s market.

 It could be an opportunity for you – but be sure to check the rules of your local farmers’ market.

5. Livestream a video game you’ve played for free.

Some of the greatest free video games or low-cost computer games out there, such as Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), provide an incredible level of gameplay depth and fun. In addition to attracting a large online audience, people watched these games and commented upon people on services such as Twitch.

Stream your video games if you enjoy them! The Xbox One, PS4, and PC all support streaming pretty easily. With OBS, you can broadcast from your computer for free. You can record commentary while playing because it’s a great way to build an audience.

Making lots of jokes while playing niche games considered classics is a great way to play like you’re playing with friends. If you are interested, you do not need to be competitive.

6. Sell some of your photographs to stock photography sites.

It would be ideal for stock photography to take advantage of this situation. You can upload pictures to stock photo sites such as iStockPhoto if you take interesting photos. Rest assured; they’ll take care of everything. Some of your images will eventually be sold or used in publications and in other places, and you’ll earn a little bit of income when that happens.

Shutterstock, BigStockPhoto, and others offer this service online. Photographers can usually sell their images through most of them.

7. Put some ads on your blog on a topic you enjoy.

How would you describe your passion? Are there any things that excite you? What does your heartbeat for? A blog would be successful if it had all of those factors.

Blogger, WordPress, and Squarespace are all free options that make it easy to start one. The only thing you have to do is sign up, pick a template, and then write. Whenever you write an article, you should focus on two things: making it interesting and informative. No matter what the topic, the articles that manage to blend information with anecdotes and stories tend to captivate me.

What’s the business model here? Various methods exist. Your site can be monetized by using AdSense. Amazon affiliate links are available on your site. Putting together an ebook is a great way of gathering your writings. In addition to promoting your blog, you can promote the other ideas in this article.

It is possible to earn real money from each one of those activities.

8. Create crafts and sell them on Etsy.

Would you like to share your crafting skills with others? Imagine making custom sketches for people based on their photographs if you are a good sketcher. I was wondering if you were an artist (like this old friend of mine), and you might have the artwork for sale. You were making metal signs and keychains, maybe your passion. Knitting scarves might be your thing.

On Etsy, you can sell whatever you like to make.

Getting started on Etsy is pretty simple; you just have to create an account and add a few items that you’re selling, along with pictures and a reasonable price. By describing those items well, those seeking interesting décor or items to purchase will be able to find them.

Making Money on Etsy with Handmade Items

Additionally, you can discuss your Etsy items elsewhere once they are listed. Share those items with your friends on Facebook and in other forums where you participate in discussions about your hobby.

9. Yard sales and thrift stores are good places to pick up things and sell them (or find them when dumpster diving).

An acquaintance of mine’s father specializes in this sort of thing. As students move out of colleges, he visits dumpsters and roadside curbs to scavenge anything of value and then sells it at their own yard sale.

I have even experienced some of this. Occasionally, I’ve looked for items I can resell at yard sales or eBay for a fair price from thrift stores. It occasionally happens that I sell a game I bought for $3 for $120 after reselling it for $3.

The same thing is possible for you as well. Identify any items of value and look in places that pose a little financial risk – dumpsters after a move, thrift shops, etc. Next, either sell them on eBay or hold a yard sale to make sure they reach the right person.

Buying, selling, and exchanging online: six other methods beyond eBay.

People who want them. It’s not a very big investment, so just throw it away again if you can’t.

10. Create a YouTube video podcast/blog and enable advertisements.

There’s nothing complicated about this one. Make a video of yourself discussing a topic that you’re passionate about if you have a video camera on your computer or laptop. Post that video to YouTube after you have saved it; edit it a little if you wish. This video should have advertisements enabled. Every video you post will eventually earn you some money.

In the same way as blogging, the real value lies in making many videos so that those who are interested will keep watching.

If you’re not great at converting your thoughts into words, this is a great way to channel your thoughts into something that will earn you a little bit of money. The skills required for video are entirely different.

11. Then play some music.

Are you playing your guitar or piano, something you enjoy doing? Have fun playing, but aren’t you good enough to be able to pay for it?

You shouldn’t be able to record and sell the song because of that. To make some money from your music, you can do a variety of things.

A song you’ve written can be played (ideally, one you’ve written yourself to avoid copyright issues) and listed on online music stores. YouTube is also a great place for you to post videos for songs (with ads, of course). You can, therefore, get paid for your recordings.

You can also teach others the game by giving them lessons. Besides advertising face-to-face on Craigslist for music lessons, you can also record tutorial videos and post them online.

You can also try busking – performing on the street or in a subway station if you live somewhere with a compact downtown. Tourists and commuters alike may appreciate the ambiance, and tips of a dollar or quarter can add up quickly. Performing in public will give you some good experience; you’ll also make some good money. You should always check whether a permit is necessary before playing in a certain area.

Was it too long? Didn’t you read it?

It’s important to remember that, in most cases, these avenues won’t lead to riches. The benefits are that you can do something you enjoy and probably make enough to pay for some of the costs related to that hobby, or perhaps earn a small income.

Athen budgeting becomes a much harder income of any size makes a difference. As a result, it means that a hobby provides income rather than taking money out of your pocket if it comes from a hobby. 


What is the hobby income limit?

Where Can I Find Out How Much Income I Can Make From My Hobby? Some hobbies cost more than others, so there is no set dollar amount. In most cases, hobbies do not make enough money to be considered a business.

What are some ways to make money while having fun?

Here are some tips to make money and have fun doing it!
1. Make it possible to get paid to learn new things.
2. Increase your skill level by teaching others.
3. Use social media to its fullest.
4. Work Your Day Job (Or Your Side Gig) and Your Hobby at the Same Time.
5. Creating and selling art digitally has never been easier.
6. Create a service around what you enjoy doing.

How should I declare my hobby income?

Business versus hobby: some key differences
An annual return is required for declaring your income to the ATO. If your creative work is a hobby, you cannot deduct any losses incurred. An ABN will generally be required if you want to claim expenses as deductions.


Finding ways to make money is always fun. We compiled a list of some fun things you can do that won’t take up too much time and will help you put more money in your pocket.