Making money on Fiverr

Having some income other than your regular job is a good thing. Earning money from online services has become relatively easy these days. Fiverr is among the websites where people can earn an income online. Websites such as this one typically offer edit/writing services, photo/video editing services, and more. The potential to earn $1,000 a month on Fiverr exists, but a few simple strategies are to follow.

Fiverr has already been covered here in the past, and we shared some easy ways to making money with Fiverr. These articles may have slipped your mind, so take a look at them:

Over the past several years, has become the premier provider of micro-outsourcing services on The use of Fiverr services by businesses both online and offline is not surprising.

Fiverr continues to offer a wide range of digital services to the global market, so there is an increased demand for whatever services you offer. The following are just fifteen of the ways you can make money at Indeed, you aren’t getting paid much, but if you are able to complete the services in a short period of time and add a few extras, your Fiverr income might add up to quite a lot.

What are your secrets to success on Fiverr? What is the best way to make money on Fiverr?”

Fellow Fiverr sellers ask me this question several times a week when they first get started. Answering this question quickly, hastily, is impossible.

I am happy to give you a link to this guide, which covers all my tips for making money on Fiverr.

Why do so many people ask for my advice?

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Table of Contents

How to Making Money with Fiverr:

Each Gig pays 4 dollars on Fiverr. In essence, gigs cost five dollars, but Fiverr charges one dollar for hosting the platform. In order to deliver a good gig, most people forget to allocate the right amount of time for delivering the task. It should not take you too long or cost too much to complete a gig.

For example,

When you take a Fiverr gig, you should consider how much time it takes to complete the task. A 1000 word article would require you to spend a considerable amount of time on it, and you will end up getting only 4 dollars for it. Keeping it simple, you should only accept gigs that you are comfortable with and that you can perform repeatedly.

Additionally, some people sell EBooks on Fiverr. If you complete the book, all you need to do is email the file to whoever wants to buy the Ebook. Fiverr offers ebooks, but selling a lot of copies is required to generate a nice income.

Fiverr also offers services that can be used to earn money. You can, for instance, charge a higher rate if you are an experienced content writer. Your work is more detailed and extensive. Therefore you are charging extra.

Ideally, you should build trust with a client base, then upsell to those who want a better gig. With a relationship of trust, you can offer your clients all the content and services they need. You can, for instance, make them an offer to write every article in the future. Obviously, the price will go up.

Performing Unique And New Gigs On Fiverr

Another option is to repurpose services that have previously been performed. Video testimonies are like this because people are always looking for innovative and unique ideas. Fiverr, in general, allows you to make a ton of money if you have an innovative idea.

You should take the Fiverr jobs that are primarily focused on writing articles if you are an experienced writer. By doing so, you will become an expert in that field, allowing you to gain clients quickly.

Aside from that, you must also provide unique and credible work on Fiverr. Among the many web designers on Fiverr, you will be able to secure that client if you comprehend the needs of the client and deliver what he or she wants.

If you want to be successful, you should find the right combination of gigs on Fiverr, so you don’t waste time on gigs where the returns are poor and the time commitment is high. Hopefully, one of the tips above works for you. If not, please let me know via comments.

Write ebooks and reports and offer them.

For you to earn money on Fiverr, you usually need to create a custom job. Online earning is my favorite method of earning money. Essentially, you get specifications from the client, and then you produce materials based on those specifications. 

Provide social media services

Among the most popular services offered on Fiverr are Twitter posts, Facebook promotions, and Google Plus promotions. Most people don’t mind spending $5 to drive traffic to their websites since they are desperate for traffic.

Get paid for writing quickly.

Writing quickly can earn you a handsome income. Really. A base rate of $25 an hour can be achieved by writing 400 words in less than 12 minutes. I wouldn’t say it’s bad. Providing high-quality content will ensure that your buyers return.

Get paid by using marketing software.

Traffic generation software is available for promoting your clients’ sites and can be used for a short time. As long as I don’t have to put much effort into setting up the software, I can make $5 in a few minutes. Thus, the hourly rate would be $300.

Digitally create drawings

Digital drawings can be created in no time at all if you know how to use automated photo-based drawing tools. Graphics based on pictures are always in demand by people.

A research study

Google can be used for research projects for a fee. Making sure that the research you do is tightly focused will allow you to do research very quickly.

You can become a virtual assistant

Pictures altered

With Fiverr, you can make some serious money by clearing the background of a picture using Photoshop. The background of people’s pictures is often cropped off so that the pictures can be used online.

Create business cards

People with fairly basic graphics skills who can design business cards are always in demand from companies.

You can take pictures with signs

Create flyers

A great demand for graphic design has increased exponentially with the explosion of online entrepreneurship.

Please write a review.

The review gig could be a great fit for you if you are a rapid writer able to pen a 400-word review within 12 or 10 minutes. Since reviews are often read before consumers decide to buy a product or service, people always need reviews.

Create a video testimonial

You should consider offering video testimonials if you appear presentable and can speak professionally in front of the camera. It is one of Fiverr’s most popular gigs.

Produce SEO diagnostics using software

Software is available that diagnoses the SEO health of a site. This type of software can be purchased on Fiverr and offered to perform custom diagnostics. It’s easy to make quite a bit of money using these software packages since they don’t take that long to operate.

Using software to find keywords for SEO

A similar analysis applies to SEO keywords as it does to SEO diagnosis. You’re creating a keyword-based report. This service is in high demand.

As a bonus: In a nutshell, how to make money on Fiverr.

  1. Create an account on Fiverr.
  2. Identify the gigs you want to set up.
  3. Build a compelling Fiverr profile.
  4. Investigate how your competitors set up their gigs.
  5. Once you’ve created your Gig, check it out with a trusted professional and ask them to point out anything unclear or compelling.
  6. If you are creating your first Gig, make sure it includes representative imagery, a clear title and description, relevant search tags, and a helpful FAQ.
  7. Create Gig requirements that allow for all necessary information to be collected from the buyer to limit the need for revisions.
  8. Keep your metrics high by acknowledging every incoming order.
  9. Establish a specific time each day for Fiverr orders and client communications.
  10. Feedback from clients may improve Gig messages (including FAQs), Gig extras, and launch new Gigs.
  11. Overdeliver whenever possible and underpromise whenever possible.

[Modification Done with all above points]

Making money on Fiverr – how I earn $2000-$3000 each month

When I started freelancing full-time, I really would not have thought of it if it weren’t for my mentor and my first big client. Eventually, he converted those contracts into long-term client relationships through selling social media management services.

As a 4.5-year Fiverr veteran, I have seen the platform grow from an unreliable service with starting prices of $5 for every order to a thriving market filled with skilled individuals earning a living by billing according to their expertise.

There has been some variance between June 2015 and the date of the publication of this article with regards to how much work I’ve actually done through the platform. While I never completely disappeared or took a long break, I constantly remained present.

I have moved up from one seller level to another because of this consistency.

In addition to being a “Top Rated Seller,” I’m also a member of the Pro marketplace, which puts me at the very top of the heap when it comes to getting gigs surfaced in relevant searches on Fiverr — while also providing justification for my pricing.

Fiverr must first validate your profile before you can join the Top Rated Sellers or Pro marketplace. There are no automatic milestones for either seller level on Fiverr, unlike the other seller levels.

My first Top Rated Seller status wasn’t achieved until 2019. My Gigs now consistently produce a high amount of new orders with little effort.

I’ve regularly been approached by Fiverr staff to purchase Gigs because of how long I’ve been there and what I do (primarily content writing).

I have written for And. Co, Feed. Me, ghostwritten for Fiverr’s website and published on Fiverr’s blog when I became a Pro seller.

Aside from advertising with Jerry Media (of @f***jerry Instagram fame), I also featured in advertisements for the Pro marketplace:

To summarize, I’ve most definitely caught some lucky breaks on Fiverr, but I don’t think they would be as cool as they are if I didn’t have a consistent track record and tenure on the platform.

Starting in 2019, I’ve been doing well on Fiverr alone (which does not represent the majority of my income) – and I’m going to show you the entire process for making some money on Fiverr.

Here’s how Fiverr works for freelancers

Among the major differences between popular freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr is the process of working with clients.

You have to pitch new jobs constantly while working with clients on Upwork. As a result, new work does not appear on its own without your input – you need to seek out new work when it becomes available.

Fiverr is an entirely different story.

You are essentially productizing your service via Fiverr’s gigs.

You describe a specific deliverable in each Gig, beginning with “I will…”, in exchange for a set price.

Offering Gig extras will also allow people to customize their offerings with services they’ll find useful.

However, the best thing about Fiverr is that clients can make purchases without even speaking to you because of the way Gigs are set up.

Therefore, you can be making sales while you sleep if your Gig fits their needs at the right time.

Inevitably, people will still reach out to ask questions or request custom deliverables from time to time. Although it helps you streamline the process, using Fiverr does not mean you can completely do away with business development.

Freelancers who spend less time actively pitching for jobs will be able to focus more on the work they do.

In the meantime, let’s address the first question people ask when they begin their careers on Fiverr:

Here are some ideas for selling on Fiverr

In my previous article for WPMU DEV, I included several tips for creating Gigs on Fiverr to grow your business.

On my own, I am available to conduct user testing, conduct SEO audits, and develop blog content. But it’s just my opinion, and most readers would probably prefer other options.

Fiverr’s own category pages are the best place to get inspiration for your Fiverr business. Each subcategory offers multiple Gigs, and there are tens of different categories altogether.

Explore those categories to see which ones you are most comfortable with. You should continue by studying the individual gigs, noting all the ones that seem like they might be suitable for you.

I think it’s easiest to begin by copying your competition to some extent so that you can learn what types of gigs people want so that you can create them.

Suppose I want to add something to the platform that doesn’t yet exist? “Tapping into a niche may initially seem like an interesting Gig, but it’s most often not the case. There is no evidence that customers are really interested in your Gig if it isn’t listed on the platform.

A healthy level of competition is good for business – and even for Web design. Competitive markets are validated by their presence alone. A market without competition is impossible.

If you are interested in a variety of deliverables in the Programming & Technology category, you could apply. In the world of web development, Fiverr Gigs may include setting up a basic website, 

providing WordPress maintenance services, fixing bugs, implementing security tools, customizing plugins, or building landing pages. 

Gigs and more tailored offers will only be available later. Recent examples include tying my buyer’s UX and SEO audits together.

People may not realize both services are available in the initial stages of looking at one or the other Gig. The basic package (the other Gig) can now be purchased with the one an applicant is considering. The performance of these upsells been pleasantly surprising – I hope this same approach can be used for you as well!

As a related point, consider creating Fiverr Studios gigs where you can work with another seller to share profits when customers request complimentary services, but you are unable or unwilling to provide them.

The type of Gig I’m looking for would be ideal for my SEO or UX audit gig, which both involve diagnosing website problems and then partnering with another seller to make changes to the website to pass future audits.

We’ve seen what Fiverr can do, but let’s focus on the single most important aspect of finding success – how to set up a stellar gig.

The best way to set up a Fiverr gig for success

Making your Gigs very purposeful is one of the most important things you can do in order to learn how to make money on Fiverr.

In the following chart, I have listed the Gigs I currently offer and some associated statistics related to search and conversions over the past six months:

In the beginning, you can only set up a limited number of G. You will have fewer restrictions as you move up each seller level.

You will find it easier to manage your business if you sell fewer services to a beginner; you may find these limitations frustrating, but try to take them as positives as you get to know the platform.

Here’s what I love most about Fiverr:

You will be forced to “productize” your services when you set up a Fiverr gig.

A buyer should know exactly what he or she will receive from a certain price. Deliverables can further be customized to suit the buyer’s needs in terms of packages, Gig extras, or Gig multiples.

A big advantage to productizing your services for Fiverr is that you can quote on the spot for a custom order, for instance. The reason behind offering some standardization is so that you can create a process for carrying out similar orders, saving time, and increasing the outputs you can achieve.

In order to succeed on Fiverr, you need forced limitations at the beginning so that you can concentrate on the services you’re best at. Creating efficiency is easier when you focus narrowly.

Shahzad Saaed, a fellow $2000+/month Fiverr Seller, talks about how repurposing templates enabled him to scale a landing page design gig.

My UX audit gig is similar to that. They’re easy for me to do and I can complete a lot of orders quickly.

What might you be able to offer?

While we take a closer look at how to set up your Gig, 

Vis from the Fiverr Gig: images and videos

If you plasualn to create a Fiverr gig, you shouldn’t judge it by its cover.

If people ever click through from a related search and make a purchase, the way you merchandise your Fiverr Gigs will be a major factor.

Fiverr PR Manager Holly Steffy shares the following best practices:

  • The main Gig image should be eye-catching (608 x 410 px or higher, and similar in size ratio). Professionalism and premium aesthetics should be emphasized in the main image. All images should be free of copyright and look professional no matter the category.
  • It is also recommended to have minimal text within the image (20% or less of the image).
  • A single work sample per image is the best practice for visual categories.
  • A non-visual category’s image should evoke confidence in the seller’s ability to deliver a high-quality experience while simultaneously representing the product or service offered. Gig images for each category should, however, be separate.

Though I’m not certain how well my images adhere to these guidelines, they haven’t hindered my learning how to earn money on Fiverr.

The Fiverr gig images I have recently revised reflect the branding aesthetics I have adopted:

In addition to the visuals that help distinguish your Gigs, you should also add videos that introduce you (and your expertise), explain what people get when they choose one of your Gigs and explain what extras you offer and why they’re worth the extra money.

A gig video does not have to be an elaborate production – simply choose a non-busy background, dress professionally, and explain clearly why you are the best choice for the job.

Sell your offer with a great copy in the gig description.

In a similar fashion to sales pages elsewhere online, the Gig description may make or break the sale of your Gig.

Set clear expectations for each level of service (including Gig extras) by fleshing out the details of each deliverable. You will also gain more efficiency by doing this – you will reduce the chance that someone will need modifications because they failed to understand what they were buying.

Search for the type of service you plan to provide on the Fiverr marketplace to see  

Plan ahead for questions that people may have when writing your Gig description. By including your relevant experience in your resume, you’ll convince buyers you’re the right candidate for the job.

You can format your copy well by following these tips:

  • Add emphasis to your text using text decorations (bold, italic, underline)
  • Make lists easier to read by using bullet points
  • Don’t overwhelm prospects with a mountain of text; keep sentences and paragraphs short

The following is the UX audit gig description I created with all these considerations in mind:

Packages and gig extras provide an opportunity to upsell

Consider offering basic, standard, and premium packages when considering how you’ll sell your services on Fiverr.

As a result:

  • What would be the most basic version of your services?
  • How can you make a basic offering more valuable than a standard package?
  • What are the deliverables associated with a package that includes all the bells and whistles?

This is how I set up my Gig packages for my UX audit gig:

You should create packages that accommodate a variety of budgets on Fiverr so as to appeal to them all.

You should set up some Gig extras in addition to packages to create upsell opportunities.

Buyers can order an extra deliverable on Gigs (such as more pages on my UX audit), speed up delivery (such as one-day turnaround fees), or make the order complimentary. 

Providing one-day turnaround options is a great money-maker if you can keep up with these orders.

In general, make sure that your delivery dates are realistic.

On top of your regular workload, give yourself enough time to accommodate a surprise order with a one-day turnaround. You can also schedule time for Fiverr, depending on your likely workload.

Here are the extras included with my UX audit Gig so you can see how this works in practice:

The pre-populated Gig category selections, such as testing additional pages and providing more screen recording time, are evident from the options available. Additionally, I’ve added some additional Gig extra options based on what customers have requested previously.

Fiverr requires you to standardize your offerings for each Gig. You can make people feel like you’re tailoring to them by using Gig packages and Gig extras. They’ll appreciate that you’re aware of their needs and preferences.

Make sure you understand the Gig requirements and FAQ section.

Fiverr’s greatest advantage is that it facilitates sales without you having to do any business development work personally.

With a comprehensive FAQ section and Gig requirements questions, you can reduce your back and forth communication work.

Answer people’s questions proactively using the FAQ section. Your FAQ should specifically anticipate common questions about your deliverables and process.

Here are the FAQs for my UX audit Gig:

You will find plenty of suggestions for FAQs in your Fiverr inbox once you launch a new gig if you’re stumped right now.

The more questions you get from the same type of person, the more likely it is you aren’t sharing everything they really need to know. Until you start getting these messages every day, you won’t be aware of how annoying they can be.

 Your Gig description (and supporting details) before reaching out to you. It is human nature to skip directly over FAQs and contact customer support instead.

There is a major limitation to what you can share in your FAQ (or elsewhere publicly on Fiverr) in terms of clickable links, such as those that lead to similar projects on your portfolio.

If someone has placed an order, you can upload the questions about your gig requirements afterward. Practice is to share the specific questions on your FAQ.amples of your work directly to Fiverr to serve as your portfolio.

Fiverr Gig requirements for programming and tech gigs

By setting up Gig requirements, you reduce the amount of back and forth while ensuring your buyer is happy with the final product.

How about suggesting a Gig requirements section to your customers?

Holly Steffy, Fiverr’s PR manager, says the requirements for the Programming and Tech category include:

  • URL of website and login information
  • Login hosting
  • Text or a photo you should include
  • The seller may include examples of websites that inspire them in the creation of the buyer’s new website (if any)
  • Find out what the buyer wants from their website and about their business

Here’s a perspective on what I ask buyers of UX audits:

Here’s how to price your Fiverr gigs

Fiverr’s pr manager Holly Steffy advises sellers to consider these factors when pricing their gigs:

  1. Is there a charge for their offline services?
  2. Does the job take a certain amount of time (and how many hours per day?)
  3. Do their competitors charge the same price on Fiverr as them, especially those with the same experience and qualifications?
  4. How much does their offline competition charge for this service?

Having a competitive gig in your category is the key to learning how to make money on Fiverr – at least to a certain extent. As a Pro, you are given more flexibility in pricing while still maintaining quality.

Before you get started with Fiverr, you should answer these two questions:

“Do I really have to start with a $5 price for my gigs?”.”

 the Pro market from the get-go, the answer is probably no. It may even signal that you’re out of your league compared to other sellers on Fiverr Pro.

In contrast, if you are starting out completely fresh and have no tenure on the platform, a low price Gig may help build up metrics, orders, ratings, and the like – all of which will help you level up.

A service you can finish quickly is the key to providing quality without burning out.

I used to do this manually before leveling up, in addition to a five-minute screen recording for my UX audit gig and an SEO audit report generated automatically by an SEO software tool, with some commentary about what issues to fix right now and why.

Once you’ve established a reputation (higher levels or good reviews), there’s no point in starting any Gig at $5 after you’ve built some social proof.

Fiverr’s search algorithm: how does it work?

The ranking of a Gig in a relevant search depends on a variety of factors.

Similar to Google, Fiverr’s search algorithm is kept secret. The following components are likely to be present:

  • What is your average star rating, and how many five-star reviews you have received
  • Completed orders in total
  • Level of selling
  • Any measure that falls below 90%, judging by the requirements of maintaining Seller levels, f
  • Make use of keywords in your Gig title, description, and the names of your uploaded images and videos

It makes sense to me that Gig views and orders in the queue could also be considered potential ranking factors, according to a 2015 Inet Solutions article. We provide some additional tips to help you better optimize your gigs over at Just Entrepreneurship.

How do these two kinds of search differ?

As much as the way you optimize various settings on a Gig, your interactions with customers will determine your position in relevant search results on Fiverr.

The following could also be a ranking factor for Fiverr:

A banner appears when you’re late to deliver a Gig, chastising you for being late, with a warning that you may lose 10% of your orders.

If your average delivery time metric is causing buyers to switch to the Gig page, or if it’s due to a search algorithm factor (or both), it’s unclear.

  • If you aren’t optimizing for related keywords, you will under optimize for your specific services.
  • Ensure that your gigs are correctly classified.
  • Keyword stuffing (overusing them in an unnatural way) should be avoided.
  • Your Gig description should be filled with relevant keywords.
  • Google indexation of image files is affected by the names of the image files. First-ever Fiverr Super Seller and Ambassador, twistedweb123 (Adam) mentions that it’s important to name your Gig’s image files based on what you’re delivering.

“Fiverr tells [Google] to use the first kind of sentence or two of your description in the search engines,” Adam says in this Fiverrcast podcast episode.

I searched for my username and “Fiverr” on Google and got templated responses instead of those directly taken from my Gig descriptions:

With that said, there were still good tips shared on the Fiverrcast episode about Fiverr SEO despite the generalizations they made.

We also discuss tips that help with both internal search and Google indexing, but not each one independently.

Here’s what we can say with certainty:

Fiverr PR manager Holly Steffy says the terms WordPress, E-Commerce, Website development, Shopify, and the Website design are among the top searches in Programming & Tech.

We have one final suggestion about how Fiverr search works: how to make use of search tags to increase the number of impressions on your gigs.

The following are some Fiverr search tag best practices:

  • The specific industries and services you provide can be described using tags.
  • You can add a maximum of five relevant tags.
  • Use only standard characters. Do not use duplicates or special characters.

Comparing Fiverr with other popular freelance marketplaces

There are many WordPress freelance job boards and marketplaces, but CodeinWP shares seven popular ones. It’s possible to find people who can assist with tasks relevant to each specialized niche in a marketplace.

Usually, Upwork, or Fiverr, dominates the conversation about where to establish an active presence when it comes to freelancing.

A merger, acquisition, and IPO for Upwork and Fiverr

There has been significant growth in both Upwork and Fiverr’s influence.

The merger involves Upwork and oDesk, two companies of similar nature.

In addition to merging with other freelance marketplaces, Fiverr is partnering with Feed. More interesting is Fiverr’s desire to buy tools that assist freelancers in running their businesses, like And. Co.

Although I doubt it matters much to sellers, the size of each company at publication varies considerably:

There are 830,000+ sellers currently on Fiver’s marketplace – just over a million at the time of publication. There are thousands of sellers in the web design and development categories, although Fiverr does not break the numbers down by verticals.

What are the comparisons with Upwork?

Mary Meeker was quoted in an Inc article from May 30. Upwork has managed to increase its freelancer count by 23 percent between 2017 and 2018, according to Meeker. I could not find a more precise and current report on the number of freelancers at Upwork.

Interestingly, the gap between Upwork’s buyers and Fiverr’s buyers is not nearly as big. Upwork has more than five million sellers to Fiverr’s 2.3 million.

A related note is that both Fiverr and Upwork have had initial public offerings (IPOs) in the past.

CTO achieve them, combined with successful efforts to go public, these mergers and acquisitions demonstrate the existence of lofty plans for growth. 

What makes Fiverr better than Upwork?

Whether you spend a lot of time getting the order ultimately depends on your priorities.

Here’s how Upwork works for freelancers

Freelancers respond to client jobs posted on Upwork.

The following are the characteristics of each job:

  • A longer job description and a descriptive title
  • Offering an hourly rate or a fixed price
  • Instance duration
  • Level of experience
  • Requirements for location, if applicable

The Advanced Search feature and Filters on Upwork can help you find relevant jobs.

But basically, you have to put in time and effort every time you work with a client on Upwork to show them you are the ideal match. Using a basic job pitch template can streamline your process, but it still requires a bit of customization. Considering how many people are looking for jobs, it is essential to stand out in the crowd.

Upwork pitching usually won’t result in income because someone better suited to the project will come along – or just do the job for less money.

Consequently, pitching on Upwork becomes a lot of wasted time and effort.

As if that wasn’t aggravating enough, that’s not the only challenge you’ll face on Upwork.

Upwork earns money in what way? Clients and freelancers pay Upwork fees.

Freelancers on Upwork pay for proposals using Upwork Connects. To pitch for a job, you need between one and six Connects (depending on the job’s budget).

There is a fee involved in pitching on Upwork’s marketplace for work you may not get.

You can use their “free” plan, but they encourage you to subscribe to their Freelancer Plus plan at $14.99/month for $10.50/month in Connects credits plus vague “benefits.” Connect fees and payment processing fees are also incurred by agencies when they pay freelancers.

Connects charges freelancers in addition to fees based on how much they charge a client:

There is also a $0.99 fee with Upwork for freelancers withdrawing funds from their accounts, which excludes any fees at the banks where the funds are sent.

To summarize, Upwork makes money on both ends – from freelancers and clients – as well as when funds are transferred.

But they’re not the only ones.

Fiverr makes money by charging customers? Clients and freelancers pay different fees.

Fiverr will also make money off your services. 

As with Upwork, Fiverr also charges freelancers and agencies for using its marketplace, plus whenever you transfer funds.

In addition, freelancers receive a flat 20% commission on every project. The rate is similar to Upwork, except you cannot reduce this fee by continuing to work.

In addition to taking 20% off the additional money you make on the order if a customer tips you, I find Fiverr confusing.

The current fee structure is certainly tacky. It would be better if the industry-standard 3% was applied. If you use Fiverr for direct deposit, you will be charged $1 every time. Paypal allows you to move money for free, but the processing fees are still involved, so this isn’t the best option.

Fiverr charges its clients two dollars for orders under $40 and five dollars for orders over $40.

The fact that you lose 20% of a sale when you sign up for Fiverr or Upwork hurts, but you should be aware that these fees are tax-deductible.

It’s the little things that matter.

Why you should choose Fiverr as your freelance marketplace

There is no perfect freelancer market.

Fiverr’s land is rented, so I wouldn’t recommend building your freelance business entirely on it.

Building your brand (read how here) so that you can attract clients to your services from any source should be your ultimate objective. If one of these inputs falls apart – like a freelance marketplace closing down your account – you won’t be unemployed for long.

However, Fiverr can also be a great secondary income stream that supplements your freelance business. If you have a great offer supported by a solid reputation on the platform, Fiverr’s marketplace will bring traffic to your Gigs by itself.

The Fiverr platform can help you build a loyal clientele of cool businesses and good partners even if you don’t own the relationship.

It’s possible to use Fiverr for more than just selling – there are many talents you can tap for support on the platform.

Relatedly, Fiverr Studios offers a platform for freelancers to collaborate on a wide range of projects.

I have enjoyed using Fiverr because it has allowed me to try out a variety of service offerings and the components that make them up.

By asking people questions and ordering packages, I gain a better understanding of what they want. Even outside of the platform, I can use this information to structure my offerings.

Since Fiverr’s initial launch in 2009, freelancers have been forced to start their services at $5.

Based on your seller level, you may have some minor restrictions for sending customized offers (including taking into account marketplace offerings).

All things considered, learning how to make money on Fiverr is a long process.

There is a significant difference between the level you’ll start out at and the level necessary to make $2,000-3,000/month as I do.

Knowing your Fiverr seller level & how to increase it

It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again:

On Fiverr, it takes time to make decent money. Your first year on the platform might not even bring this about.

It takes a great deal of consistency for a long time before a seller becomes a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr.

In order to make money on Fiverr, one has to figure out how to level up as a seller and consider other factors that will keep clients happy.

Let’s explore at what level you can sell on Fiverr:

Fiverr Seller

The level you select when you first create your Fiverr account will be this one.

, this isn’t a bad generalization – although it makes more sense after seeing the requirements for becoming a Level One Seller.

Level One Seller with Fiverr

As you progress in your career, additional options for customizing your gigs become available.

Level One Sellers are at least 60 days into their Fiverr accounts before they are eligible to become Level One Sellers. Moreover, you must complete ten orders and earn a combined $400.

As a result, metrics like star ratings, response rates, order completion rates, and delivery time become more valuable.

Level Two Fiverr Seller

Other than becoming a Top Rated Seller, you can automatically achieve Level Two Seller status by ticking the box next to each requirement.

There are a few requirements, including 120 days of Fiverr activity, 50 orders filled, and earning a minimum of $2,000 USD.

Gaining access to Fiverr Customer Support is one of the “benefits” of becoming a Level Two Seller – though it is not necessarily a relief. Fiverr typically sides with rogue buyers over in-the-right sellers in most cases, as you’ll soon discover.

Fiverr Top Rated Seller

Getting to this level is indeed an incredibly difficult task.

As a Top Rated Seller, you do not automatically level up once you become a Fiverr Pro. The Fiverr team will consider your past performance along with your current metrics before manually approving you.

Among other requirements, you must have been active on Fiverr for 180 days, completed 100 orders, and earned at least $20,000 (in addition to maintaining good metrics more generally).

When I first signed up for Fiverr in 2013, I made about $200 on the website, and I didn’t make a penny more until about 2018. Nevertheless, I did not rely heavily on Fiverr for finding new clients.

As of 1/5/20, I earned the following from Fiverr, over four years after I first joined the site:

The money earned from accepted deliveries does not clear for all other levels for 14 days. Once an order has been completed, Top Rated Sellers only have to wait for seven days.

Pro Seller on Fiverr

There is no mention of Fiverr Pro on Fiverr’s seller levels page, a niche marketplace of freelancers that Fiverr personally vetted.

Being a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr is quite similar to being a Pro. The distinctions serve two purposes: justifying higher prices and directing more buyers to your gigs.

Due to their commitment to quality, Fiverr Pros can charge premium prices. This is hard to police in the wider Fiverr marketplace. Fewer than one percent of applicants make it through Fiverr’s vetting process.

Holly Steffy, Fiverr PR Manager, says, “We hand-vet sellers based on their experience, not just on Fiverr, but also off and even on other platforms.”.

Applicants to Fiverr Pro must share their social profiles, work experience (including a portfolio if they have one), and educational background. To get noticed by Fiverr and to increase your chances of getting hired, be sure to mention major client wins, awards, and big names you’ve worked with.

If you’re interested in Fiverr Pro, you need to understand you’ll be approved for a narrow category at a time.

I’m currently approved for Gigs, all about social media management and article writing. It is possible to offer Gigs across a wide variety of categories on the Fiverr marketplace.

Potentially, skills tests can create a barrier.

A Fiverr PR manager comments, “Becoming a pro seller means that you can sell almost anything on Fiverr.”

Fiverr does not require any test of skills for Programmers and Techies to create their own gigs. 

We prefer at least three to five samples of work from our internal stakeholders.

Customers want websites to be customized, mobile-responsive, and integrate with other systems. The stakeholder inspects potential employees’ portfolios, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and personal websites to verify their experience level.

FIVERR Studios

With Fiverr Studios, you can collaborate with other Fiverr sellers to tackle complex projects. As an example, if Fiverr Studios hired you for one website design, 

The seller level is technically not a Fiverr seller level, but it is something of a distinction based on the unique set of rules.

“Studio Lead” is responsible for ensuring the project’s success and acting as the client’s single point of contact:

The Fiverr Studios concept intrigues me, but I’m probably not comfortable risking my own metrics in return for someone else’s delayed delivery.

How can I make use of Fiverr Studios effectively? It would worry me if someone else brought my metrics down as a seller”.

Their response was:

Freelancers can flourish by joining Fiverr Studios and collaborating. Additionally, working on more complex projects gives them an opportunity to expand their clientele.

Sellers should thoroughly vet other Studio members before deciding whether or not they wish to join, the services being offered, expectations on project timelines, etc.

A good place to start a conversation with other Fiverr sellers is through previous projects or referrals that the seller has.

What is the application process? Currently, Fiverr does not accept applications but rather identifies and approaches sellers who they think will do well:

A key aspect of growth in this marketplace is improving and maintaining good metrics.

Next, I would like to discuss.

Metrics are important for leveling up on Fiverr.

By taking a look at the different requirements for moving up on Fiverr, you can gain some basic insight into the kind of service you need to provide clients.

If you want to keep your level (without getting downgraded) or move on, you must maintain:

  • A minimum average rating of 4.7 stars
  • Over 60 days, 90% of respondents responded
  • 90 % of orders completed within 60 days
  • A 90 percent on-time delivery rate over 60 days
  • Over 30 days, no warnings

For example, here’s what I mean:

Someone recently purchased one of my gigs and immediately canceled it. Prior to or after the client placed the order, I didn’t communicate with them.

In response to my inquiry, Fiverr Support provided me with the following response:

Isn’t that fun?

Freelancers in rented offices cannot control everything when they work from there. It’s better to get used to Fiverr now unless you want to go insane.

A few tips on how to avoid bad metrics:

  • You get a 1-star review if someone cancels and you are late with delivery. Due to this, it is important not to deliver late since this will also affect your on-time delivery metric. Depending on the circumstances, the buyer can request an extension.
  • Selling at a higher level or maintaining the seller level is important for sellers. The more you deliver, the more likely you are to receive five stars. In this case, the word count for my Gig may be slightly over the target. My UX audit gig might require me to spend extra time on my screen recording. Furthermore, 
  • Happy Fiverr customers make good tippers – over-delivering doesn’t have to cost you money.
  • Keep your response rate high by responding to all new messages within 24 hours. Regardless of the time, it takes to gather your thoughts, respond as soon as possible to set expectations for when you will respond. To prevent falling behind, you may want to set a daily reminder on your calendar.
  • Response time might be a deciding factor between you and another person when people consider whether to work with you. In addition, the ranking of gigs may be influenced by Fiverr’s search algorithm. There are more speculations regarding Fiverr ranking factors.”.
  • Using the Out of Office mode will let you take a break from your work. If you truly want to learn how to make money on Fiverr, you should be prepared to lose out on orders rather than compromise your metrics.

Future metrics: what will they look like?

According to Holly Steffy, Fiverr PR manager, one of the most important metrics is completing orders and getting high ratings. She explained that having grown the platform, we have incorporated the metrics that buyers value into how we evaluate sellers.

As a result, the following section serves as a perfect transition:

Fiverr’s customers always have the final say.

Now that you know how to move up the Fiverr levels, let’s look at a harsh truth associated with learning how to make money on Fiverr:

An incorrect customer does not exist. Whether they’re right or wrong doesn’t matter.

It is this that I find most frustrating about Fiverr. It was impossible not to encounter a few bad eggs based on my experience with so many orders and years of working with the platform.

You can typically offer a refund whenever a buyer is not pleased with the work you do, which will come out of your earnings.

In my experience, it doesn’t matter what “proof” you provide Customer Support – I’ve only come out on top in a few instances when I’ve faced buyers who’ve abused freelancers for a long period of time.

In light of this, I caution you now that you may run into some frustrating situations if you invest some time in Fiverr. I have become rarer since I am both a Pro and a Top Rated Seller.

The following example shows how fractional owners are unfairly treated.

In two ways, Fiverr favors the buyer over the seller:

  • The seller does not receive any additional business days over the holidays (we also appreciate having breaks to enjoy the holidays with our friends and families).

When your prices on Fiverr are low, you may get worse buyers. Generally, it is the cheapest clients who are the most difficult and expect the most from you outside of Fiverr as well.

If you set a low price at the beginning, you will have difficulty later increasing the price with clients you have already worked with. As your knowledge and experience grow, your pricing should be adjusted accordingly.

Acquiring information also requires you to be diligent in order to reduce the possibility of unpleasant interactions with clients. Likewise, when you collect information (also known as gig requirements) from a client when they place an order, you need to be cautious of not overlooking anything.

Establish a revision limit (even one revision per project works) so you both know what is included.

In my standard offering, as well as that outside of Fiverr, I offer two revisions. My testimonials, reviews, and loyalty have been stellar in return.

Your customers should get what they want the first time so that revisions do not become unprofitable. Deliver what people want for the first time on Fiverr if you want to master it.

Making money on Fiverr by selling your profile

You can communicate your expertise and experience through your Fiverr profile.

There is a section on Fiverr’s website listing famous clients. It may be useful to use this section to showcase your expertise if you’ve worked with big brands or serve a specific industry.

You can also take proficiency assessments on Fiverr, which demonstrate your proficiency across several categories in addition to Skill Tests. In spite of not taking one, I have risen through the ranks despite not taking them. Applicants to certain technical jobs should take skill tests (or demonstrate language proficiency) most frequently.

“Professional Presence” and “Social Presence” are among the more bizarre sections of a profile.

I do wonder why they’re there at all, considering that neither of them makes the inputs clickable in your profile.

“Including social links in the seller’s profile makes them more approachable to buyers.” According to Fiverr PR manager Holly Steffy.

Additionally, in sections about your skills, education, and certifications, you might also want to provide a brief elevator pitch to summarize all of the above.

The following questions must be answered:

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What are you serving?
  • Do you have anything that makes you stand out from your competition?

Don’t be vague about details. What makes you excited about your job is how long you’ve worked in your industry. Tell us how long you’ve worked in your industry. Also, let us know what makes you unique.

Don’t just let people message you; offer them something to discuss with you.

Holly Steffy also shared these additional tips:

For a Fiverr Seller, their profile is the way that they present themselves to the Fiverr global community. Their backgrounds, talents, and experiences. Bio descriptions should highlight the seller’s unique qualities and experience. Additionally, sellers should take the initiative to fill out all the fields they are able to.

To make sure you haven’t missed anything useful, ask someone (or a few people) to audit your Fiverr profile for obvious questions that you haven’t answered.

In general, it’s best to get started on Fiverr even if your profile or gigs aren’t 100% perfect if you’re interested in learning how to make money on Fiverr. Optimizing these assets is something you can do overtime.

On Fiverr, five-star reviews are essential to your success.

It is important to maintain 4.7-star ratings in the last 60 days if you wish to progress forward and reach higher seller levels.

As easy as it sounds, it’s not as easy as it looks. Despite Fiverr’s reputation, the majority of its customers are not cheap.

Thus, buyers will be able to leave a star rating that includes much more than the final deliverable. You should over-communicate and over-deliver to make sure your order experience is considered.

Being over-delivering does not necessarily mean doing more work. It could mean delivering an order earlier than expected.

In my reviews, people have specifically mentioned this:

On-time” is another common phrase that comes up in association with my five-star reviews

Consequently, some Fiverr sellers are not delivering on time to buyers when they work with them.

The review I get when I request a revision goes above and beyond:

Ask buyers to submit feedback or ask questions before delivering an order – not to make them work harder, but so you won’t have to deal with bad reviews.

You will win the sale when buyers are comparing sellers if they have great reviews from customers who are really satisfied with your service.

The seller’s response shows appreciation for the buyer as well as letting potential buyers know that they are dedicated to their customers. Sellers have the opportunity to respond politely, in a respectful manner, to reviews that aren’t favorable.

That makes perfect sense – in both good and bad circumstances.

In looking at my own reviews (including the terms most likely to be used), I wanted to learn more about the words that appear most frequently.

As a word cloud, I have displayed my Fiverr reviews during the last 12 months:

If you move clients away from Fiverr, what will you do with their relationships?

This question needs to be viewed from a distance before answering. Because Fiverr takes a commission on every sale, they have an incentive to keep your business.

You’ll also be able to bring over any of your own clients, in addition to the ones you bring to their platform, without being charged commission.

If you try to move communications that began on Fiverr outside of the Fiverr platform, you’ll get a warning – or even your account could be suspended – because Fiverr wants to own these relationships.

Of course, there are exceptions. As an example, Fiverr won’t penalize me if I send clients links to my portfolio site when they ask for portfolio samples (though I can’t share any clickable links on my Fiverr profile).

Sometimes, it is not possible to make a phone call before placing an order, and clients ask for it. Despite the fact that Fiverr offers some video call functionality, I am not interested in using the service. The more time I spend on the relationship before I place an order, the less value Fiverr has for me (and the less value they can get from their 20% cut).

This is all to say that you should avoid moving client relationships off Fiverr, as this will probably result in your account being banned.

Tips for working with Fiverr customers: keeping them happy

In addition to following some best practices to maintain (or increase) your Fiverr Seller rank, you may also want to consider working with clients on another order.

You might need to shift your mindset to achieve this.

Getting past the thought that Fiverr is a place for cheap customers is vital to making money on Fiverr. Even customers who purchase Pro orders are not always cheap – not even most of them.

On average, I receive tips on orders at least once a week, up to $40 over what I am already paid.

Tipping is really a reward for doing more than you’re supposed to.

Can you see a theme developing here? I am underpromising and over-delivering.

Having said all that, you will sometimes be asked to perform work before an order is received. Assistance people want, you should have some kind of deal package they can choose from.

It would be nice if you could point them to that and tell them that you will be happy to answer questions if they want to buy that Gig.

For clients who ask me to investigate SEO questions they have, I recommend my SEO Gig, specifically the Basic package.

Using quick response templates is another way to limit your time with prospects before they become clients.

I use the following templates for follow up:

  • Asking questions is a general invitation
  • The language used to communicate specifics about certain gigs

Additionally, make sure you have a clear overview of your pricing (with a document that can be readily referred to) since people will ignore what’s written on your Gig and ask for more details via direct message.

Your response rate is a critical metric, so knowing your pricing well enough to quote orders. 

You need to know your pricing so that you can accommodate custom requests, especially since custom services are typically more expensive.

So, if you have an existing package that fits the needs of someone requesting a custom order, don’t hesitate to direct them to it.

Here’s another housekeeping tip:

Your metrics should not suffer because you are unable to accommodate someone who needs something tomorrow.

Ju “How to keep user metrics high on Fiverr” for more insight into their importance.

I asked Fiverr’s PR Manager Holly Steffy what Fiverr’s client communication tips are, and here is what she said:

  • It is important for freelancers on Fiverr to be transparent with their buyers and provide as much information as possible about what they can deliver, the expected timeline, and the dates when they will be contacting the client and the breakdown of the overall price.
  • It is vitally important that sellers and buyers communicate regularly during the entire process. Project progress should be updated regularly by sellers.
  • It’s the sellers who are the experts on the subject matter, not the buyers! Therefore, sellers should ensure that they describe the property in layman’s terms to make the process as simple as possible for buyers.
  • An excellent seller should always keep their clients informed about their orders. Calls to action should be part of every message. Can I send a customized offer to you? Could you please tell me how that sounds? How would you rate XYZ?”

As far as my experience is concerned, all of these tips are solid. Without a specific plan of action, you’ll have a hard time converting the people who message you into buyers.

Below are a few tips for dealing with customers:

After you deliver an order that a buyer claims they don’t want, he will keep asking for changes until you return their money. But there are some buyers who are jerks and will keep requesting modifications.

Usually, giving in will save you a lot of time.

Especially when it involves a small order value, it isn’t worth the fight.

How can Fiverr improve the seller experience?

As you’ve probably seen by now, I’ve enjoyed selling on Fiverr overall. I have, however, some beef to pick with you.

It had come a long way since Fiverr’s early days when gigs had to start at $5, but there is still work to be done to create a perfect seller experience.

My suggestions are as follows:

  • Make sure you don’t take a percentage from tips. It is appropriate for me to keep the extra money I make from providing overperformance to a client. Besides the service fees that Fiverr has already collected from my client and me, this over-delivery also helps to create a loyal customer who buys more gigs from other sellers.
  • Measure delivery time in business days. On weekends and holidays, I often receive orders with a due date. It is not possible to prevent delivery time on business days other than Working weekends and holidays shouldn’t be arbitrary – I am not the only one who wants a decent balance between work and life.
  • The buyer should be heard, but the seller should be compensated if the seller is technically right. You don’t have to tell a customer who contacts Customer Support that they should stop complaining. It’s ok to make someone happy with their complaint, but don’t screw me over to do so. The occasional bad client scenario is if you take 20% of each order I sell. This is especially important for experienced sellers.
  • Review every seller level manually.
  •  As I pointed out in this article, Fiverr’s seller-level algorithm has some issues that an automated process cannot always account for. A manual review, when appropriate, providing evidence as to why their level shouldn’t be downgraded.
  • Don’t automatically create one-star reviews for late or canceled orders. Please allow the buyer to do so (including suggesting a one-star rating for dealing with the unfortunate event), but it seems unfair to make this decision automatically based on level maintenance.
  • Fix issues with mobile applications.
  •  My Whinbox messages and notifications may not always match the desktop website when I am out of pocket that day. In the case of technical problems, metrics are adversely affected.

As a buyer, you can outsource business tasks using Fiverr.

You should also try Fiverr out as a buyer besides using it as a seller.

By understanding your own customers, you can better provide an experience to them. Consider purchasing Gigs that are similar to your own, so you can gain more insight into how the competition merchandises and markets their offering, as well as how they approach communications.

You should additionally consider using Fiverr to outsource business tasks you are not interested in or cannot execute well yourself.

Besides basic graphic design needs, I’ve used Fiverr to help with specific WordPress fixes I don’t want to handle and to set up Mailchimp.

Final thoughts on how you can make $2-3k per month on Fiverr with a side hustle

You can follow this checklist to ensure that you are on the right track. 

  • Sign up for Fiverr today if you want to be a seller
  • Fiverr profile: Create a compelling one
  • Examine how you can set up your Gig better than your competition
  • Provide relevant search tags, a keyword-rich description, and photos that represent the Gig in your first attempt
  • Make sure your gig requirements are set up so that the buyer provides all relevant information before revisions are made.
  • Be sure to acknowledge all incoming orders, even just to maintain your metrics.
  • Organize your daily schedule to address client communications and to complete Fiverr orders
  • Feedback from clients can be used to refine Gig messaging (including FAQs), add new Gigs, and improve existing Gigs.
  • Overdeliver and underpromise whenever possible

Getting enough clients to sustain your freelance business doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how you find them. A year probably won’t be enough time for it to happen. Success requires consistency and a long game.

With Fiverr, representing your skills for clients is no different than with other freelancing platforms. Even outside the platform, the metrics determining your level as a seller provide great insight into how to communicate effectively with clients. To keep any client happy, you must respond in a timely manner, complete all the orders you take on and deliver on time.

Fiverr isn’t perfect – it’s still trying to figure out what it wants to be and what it wants to be. In my opinion, Fiverr had made impressive progress since its early days when it was bemoaned for its $5 gigs.

As a result, I feel like we’re working together towards our mutual success.

I have Fiverr employees buy my full price gigs regularly (often my $400 blog is writing package) as well as Fiverr’s sister brands (And. co and Veed. me), who are wonderful to work with. Fiverr rewards sellers who show professionalism and deliver high-quality deliverables with bonuses when they need help with a project.

 You remain consistent on Fiverr. You will be able to navigate it with ease and making money on Fiverr with ease.

This freelancing marketplace has helped many people create successful side businesses. Is Fiverr a good way to make money? Are you just getting started with this platform? What other concerns do you have about it?

Conclusion :

It was our pleasure to share our experiences with Fiverr with you. The hard work and dedication we put in has paid off, which is why we’re so happy to be able to share this with other people looking for a way to make money online.