How To Make Money Without a Job

You can make money without working in an office.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused many workers to lose work or be laid off. It might help people to pick up a side job as a way to supplement their income. However, these ways to increase your income might not all be possible due to certain social distancing guidelines.

Make the Most of Your Money

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100 Ways To Make Money Without a Job:

1. Participate in online surveys

An easy way to earn extra money is to take online surveys. In addition, a lot of companies use consumer feedback to enhance their products or create new ones.Survey sites assist brands in obtaining valuable feedback from customers by conducting online surveys. The sites themselves pay for surveys on these sites. Get involved with several survey sites if you really want to make money. Make opportunities as accessible as possible. 

2. Test the websites

It is relatively easy to become a website tester. Get paid a $10 flat rate for completed and accepted tests on StartUpLift and UserTesting, which both offer free signups.

3. Open a high-yielding savings account.

Savings accounts with high-interest rates will enable you to earn money on your existing savings. A high annual percentage yield savings account is all you need. 

4. Mock trials: Participate

Make money in the legal field without knowing insider lawyer secrets or having a law degree. Users of websites like eJury and OnlineVerdict are paid to take part in mock trials for the benefit of their clients, mostly attorneys.

By using online juries, lawyers can practice their cases before they actually present.

5. Search and Get Paid

The Microsoft Rewards program rewards users for using Microsoft’s search engine and browser.

6. Become a beta tester

Feedback is an invaluable resource in the digital world. In the final stage of evaluation before computer products are commercially released, beta testers. 

Take part in beta testing by exploring sites and services like VMC’s Global Beta Test Network. Register for a free beta tester account and start earning green.

7. Clinical Trials Participate

Healthcare is a highly lucrative industry, but very few people have earned profit from it. The medical field, hospitals, and universities are constantly looking for people who are willing to participate in research programs in exchange for payment. The terms and conditions of your trials must be accepted before you sign release forms; thousands of clinical trials are available online through sites like and CenterWatch.

8. Participate in contests

Getting rich quickly might be as simple as winning. For more information on what contests and sweepstakes are available, check out websites such as Contestgirl.

You can treat contest entry as a job by getting organized and submitting forms every day, but you shouldn’t expect to win a contest that sets you up forever. In addition, you will owe taxes on winnings, so keep this in mind before spending your “free money.”

9. Participate in competitions

Ideally, you participate, fail, and have a memorable experience. You can win substantial prizes if you win. In addition to $1,000 for fifth place, there are $1,500 for fourth place, $2,500 for third place, $5,000 for second place, and $10,000 for first place.

10. Watching movie previews can earn you money.

To make money watching videos, you don’t have to be a film critic. Watching particular videos and “liking” them is how websites like Swagbucks work. You can redeem Swagbucks for gift cards by earning Swagbucks.

11. Install mobile applications that collect data

Consumer behavior is analyzed through market research. You can earn rewards by sharing your mobile data usage and purchase history with apps like Savvy Connect and Mobile Xpression.

12. Your belongings can be rented out.

The items you’re not using, whether it’s a grill, camping gear, or something else, might as well do you some good. Users can rent almost anything to anyone via websites such as Loanables – and make a good profit doing so.

13. Transcriptionists are in high demand.

You need a detail-oriented mind to translate audio and video content. 

14. Work as an Election Officer

Election Day isn’t just about voting you can also earn money. Election officers are needed in a lot of communities, especially bilingual ones. There are long hours, but for a day’s work, the pay isn’t bad. The pay for election judges can vary, but on Election Day, they generally make over $100.

15. Provide an extra room for rent

You can make money renting out a furnished bedroom in your home that you rarely use. Hosting on Airbnb or VRBO makes it easy to fill up your spare rooms with guests.

Working as a neighborhood co-host with Airbnb is a great way to earn money People in their neighborhood who have homes they want to share but lack time to host can hire co-hosts to provide concierge-like services. Guests can be screened and approved by co-hosts along with other aspects of the stay and other activities.

16. Improve search results and get paid for it

By making their search results more qualitative, relevant, and useful, sites such as Appen and Lionbridge compensate users. A content evaluator can earn money simply by reviewing websites and answering questions.

17. Delivering meals on two wheels

If you do not have a vehicle, it does not mean you cannot become a food delivery service. You can even rent electric bikes and scooters from some companies, and you can also use them yourself for personal use.

18. You can rent out your instruments and studio space.

Often, creative spaces are hard to come by. Having a guitar lying around and a place to play could be a gold mine for you. You can make money by leasing instruments, equipment, amps, and microphones on sites like Spark Plug.

19. Pizza ratings

When you review local pizzerias, you can not only eat great food but get paid too.

To apply for this job, you simply need to complete an application with The Source, an independent provider of field agent databases. Upon approval, you can start searching for pizza shops in your area and rating them. You will receive payments twice a month by direct deposit or a paper check for all your work.

20. Dog-walking

It could be a rewarding job for you if you like animals and the outdoors. It’s a lucrative side job, too, since people are willing to pay top dollar for their pets to receive the attention they need.

Join a reputable service, such as Wag!, if you would like to become a dog walker. A dog vacation is also known as a dog vacation. A business specializing in animal handling can be started by someone already comfortable working with animals. Then you are looking at some seriously decent wages if you charge 20 cents per walk for 30 minutes, and you walk seven to ten dogs a day.

21. You can rent out your parking space.

Having a parking space for rent can generate a great deal of income in large cities like New York or Chicago. Advertise your rental space on Craigslist to make hundreds per month.

Do you have an empty driveway? It’s also available for rent.

22. Mow the lawn

Outdoor foliage is often trimmed and organized by many people. Though taking your lawnmower door to door might feel juvenile at first, you will earn enough money to make the embarrassment worthwhile.

Make sure you’re offering a competitive rate by researching what local landscaping services charge. The pace of their work may not be as fast as yours, but you can do it for less, which many clients will appreciate.

As an alternative to finding your clients, consider registering with GreenPal, a service that connects homeowners with local landscapers.

23. Unused gift cards can be cashed in

The purchasing of gift cards is all too often a waste of money. You shouldn’t throw away unused gift cards. Sell gift cards online at sites like Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, and Raise in order to convert them into cash. Though the card won’t be worth the full amount, it still feels like free money.

24. Rentals of Automobiles

You could make some extra money renting out your car if you hardly use it. Renters can connect with owners through apps such as Turo and Getaround. Prices are based on per-vehicle or per-hour per usage in peer-to-peer car sharing.

25. Junk mail for sale

Your junk mail can be recycled in the virtual world to earn rewards. If you earn enough points with SBKC (Small Business Knowledge Center), they will send you prepaid Visa cards.

26. You can rent out your clothes.

Your closet is full of clothes; put them to good use. Clothing can be rented on sites like RentNotBuy and Loanables.

27. Selling Your Art

If you have a hobby you’ve had since childhood, it might just help your finances. You can easily sell art on websites like ArtFire and ShopHandmade.

28. Working as a virtual assistant

In the modern world, assistants are easier to find than ever before

Improve your administrative skills, such as responding to emails and organizing information, to excel in this side gig. 

29. Selling lesson plans  

Whether they are currently teaching or have retired, teachers can pay it forward and earn money for themselves. The market for lesson plans is very active among new teachers, especially those who are just beginning their careers. 

The Associated Press reports that lesson plans are one of the most profitable industries online. Many websites enable educators to buy and sell resources. Teachers Pay Teachers is one of them.

30. Let your boat be rented out.

Renting a car and a bike isn’t the only option. Renting out an idle boat can help you cover the costs associated with boat ownership. Sailo provides you with a convenient way to rent your boat. The site also provides captains.

31. Get started with micro-freelancing

As a result of the gig economy boom in America, micro freelancing has increased as well. Micro Freelancing involves working for comparatively little money. In addition to other side gigs and other income sources, micro freelancing can also be lucrative.

A number of micro freelancing sites are available, including Microworkers.

32. Working as a virtual bookkeeper

Accounting degrees aren’t required for people to pursue bookkeeping as a work-from-home business. You can check out sites related to this field to get started.

33. Clothes to Sell

Selling your unwanted clothes is one of the easiest ways to earn money while decluttering. ThredUP, for instance, provides you with the opportunity to sell old clothes for money. Even kits to help you reduce your wardrobe are provided on the site.

 Like AccountingWEB for guidance.

34. Post on forums to earn money.

Engaging the online community is key to building a successful website. You can do just that on online forums. In order to promote increased engagement and web traffic, companies will pay people to post quality content on forums.

Consider writing paid forum posts on sites such as Paid Forum Posting or myLot to launch your side job. This side income is not that high, but this can be a viable option when combined with other revenue sources. Furthermore, you might even be able to turn this side business into a career if you develop your writing skills.

35. As a tutor

When you possess a strong academic background and desire to be a teacher, tutoring could be an excellent pursuit.

Utilizing a website such as Wyzant is one of the easiest ways to become a tutor. Tutoring can be conducted in person or online this way. You can also set your own rates.

36. Sell your old books.

Book sales are a surefire way to make extra money if you are a devoted bibliophile. Alternatively, you could sell your used books at your local thrift shop for a profit after buying them for pennies.

Selling books these days doesn’t require leaving your house. Earning money online is easy with apps like BookScouter and Get an online selling price estimate by scanning the ISBN of your book and installing the app.

37. Sell Your Video Games, CD’s, and DVD’s

Selling old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games may seem outdated, but you can still make money selling them. A program like Decluttr lets you fill out an app to get an appraisal for your old media team, ship them for free, get paid by check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

38. You Can Get Paid To Give Advice

Think about putting your passion for sharing advice to good use and earning money with it. Askers approve answers provided by JustAnswer users after they approve answers provided by users. The company claims it pays its top experts thousands of dollars every month.

39. Furniture for Sale

In the world of furniture sales, there’s nothing revolutionary. It is now much easier to do so thanks to the internet.

40. Get started with affiliate marketing.

A blog or website on which to promote an advertiser’s product is required in affiliate marketing. Write a review of the product and link to it to promote. A commission is awarded for the sale of the product or service in affiliate marketing.

You redirect visitors to the advertiser’s site that allows them to complete the sale by clicking the product link. Make money with affiliate marketing by exploring sites like ClickBank.

41. Pet Sitting

You can also pet sit if you love animals. People who care for pets bring their animals into their homes. A client will determine how long the animal will be in your care. Depending on your customers, you may want to watch pets during your customers’ absences or to provide company to their pets when the owners are at work.

Create an account with websites like DogVacay and Rover to get started.

42. Stock photography for sale

You know that stock photos aren’t cheap if you’ve ever attempted to purchase them online. A skilled photographer can easily make a profit as long as stock photos, videos, and vector graphics remain in high demand. iStock, Shutterstock, and Dreamstime are all excellent stock photo sites.

43. It is possible to work remotely.

Work from home for those who telecommute. Find telecommuting jobs at sites such as FlexJobs 

44. Handmade crafts for sale

Are you interested in monetizing your creativity? Online sites such as Craigslist and Etsy make it easier than ever before. The site Etsy offers free store creation and affordable stocking rates for handmade crafts. You need to be aware that there is a transaction fee of 5% on all sales in addition to the processing fee for payments.

45. Sell Photos From Your Phone

People might be interested in buying photos you take with an iPhone if friends and relatives praise your skills. It allows you to upload photographs taken on your phone and sell them. Each photo you sell earns you 50% of the revenue.

46. Consider becoming a ghost shopper.

Ghost shopping is something you probably haven’t heard of before. It’s a service people use when they’re short on time and have the money to spare, just like personal shopping. Think about doing this as a side gig if you enjoy shopping at the mall.

47. Sell virtual properties

The time you spend playing massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft and Second Life, may seem insignificant. However, if you get involved in virtual real estate, you can actually make more money by taking advantage of this time.

Because high-level characters and virtual properties are real, gamers can make money selling them. Second Life’s most notable pioneer, Anshe Chung, became a millionaire by selling property in his game.

48. Shirt design and sales

All of these sites allow users to create T-shirts for free and sell them. The sales processes vary by site.

For example, on Teespring, you can set a sales target and price for each item. The company pays you more per shirt sold if you have this aspect in place. We will print and distribute your t-shirts if you achieve your sales goal, and you will be compensated.

49. Write for money and make money.

It is easy to do freelance writing from almost anywhere, making it an attractive job option for many.

Providing freelancers with job topics, word counts, and other requirements, as well as prices, is the goal of sites like WritersDomain. It only takes submitting writing samples and passing a grammar test to sign up for a job.

50. Working as a translator

Investing in translation and interpretation is one of the best ways to make money in our increasingly globalized society. The bilingual community stands to gain from this development.

More and more documents, audio recordings, videos, and other media are being translated. Due to this demand, there have been many websites created. You can find freelance translation jobs at websites like TRADUguide and join an agency.

51. Apply for a game show

A game show is open only to certain kinds of people. It is far more likely than you think that you will get selected. For those who excel at educated guessing, apply to “Jeopardy!”. Those who excel at trivia should try “The Price Is Right” or “Family Feud.”

52. Other contestants can be coached.

You can also coach others to succeed after winning money on a game show. As a former game show star, including “The Dating Game,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “To Tell the Truth,” Richards instructed students on how to get on game shows in exchange for a portion of their winnings.

53. Become a mystery shopper

 A survey conducted by BrightLocal in 2017 revealed that 85% of consumers value online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

The high demand for mystery shoppers is, therefore, no surprise. A company hires these shoppers to test its products and services in stores. Staffers interact with mystery shoppers and get them involved in predetermined products, which they then purchase and are reimbursed.

According to ZipRecruiter, a report detailing the customer’s experience is then a mystery shopper is $20 per hour, according to ZipRecruiter.

54. You can earn money by cooking.

In their own kitchens, personal chefs prepare meals for their customers at home. With the right networking skills, you can turn your skill in food preparation into a lucrative business.

A website, business cards, and advertisements are all necessary marketing materials. You will also benefit greatly from the recommendations of your friends. PayScale says the average private chef salary hovers around $68,000 per year, depending on how frequently they work.

55. Become a ride-sharing driver

A new generation of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft is revolutionizing how people travel.

Prior to becoming a ride-hailing driver, there are a number of requirements you must meet. An in-state driver’s license and the age of 21 are prerequisites for becoming a Lyft driver. As soon as you and your car are approved, you can start taking jobs and make money.

56. Deliver while you commute

Incorporate your side job into your regular work to increase its profitability. You can get paid to deliver items while you commute using Roadie. Local Roadie gigs can earn you up to $15, while long-distance gigs can earn you up to $650.

57. Washing cars

A side hustle like washing cars is easy and doesn’t require much skill. There are, however, some best practices to follow. Consumer Reports recommends avoiding household cleaners such as dishwashing detergent and hand soap, avoiding scrubbing your sponge in circles, and washing the car section by section.

58. Flipping Flea Market Finds

You may be interested in becoming a flea market flipper if you believe that someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure. They buy used pieces at garage sales, on Craigslist, or at flea markets, then rework them to become something new.

Flipping products require you to sell them for more than you paid for them, plus what you paid for supplies. As an alternative, you could take your goods back to the flea market to try to outsmart bargain-hungry shoppers.

59. Take on odd tasks

Performing their tasks can make you some extra money since time is money to many people. People can post chores for a fee on apps such as TaskRabbit and Zaarly. Earn money for doing things other people wouldn’t want to do.

60. Babysitting

The art of babysitting has been around for centuries. Moreover, while wide-eyed teenagers with no experience watching babies can only expect to make meager wages, experienced sitters can command prices quite high.

Aside from word of mouth, online services, such as and Sittercity can connect you to potential clients. If you want to work with young children, give a little thought to whether you need to be certified in CPR and have some early childhood experience.

61. Create Your Subscription Box

Deliveries are being refashioned by technology, and one of many ways to capitalize on this is with monthly subscription boxes like Birchbox. Join the action with Cratejoy, a platform for building, running, and scaling subscription boxes.

62. Working for Amazon

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers microtasks for a small wage, but you can earn extra money doing them. Human intelligence is required to select search terms with the right spelling and determine if two items are similar.

63. Recycling

As a recycling collector, you can earn money by delivering recyclables to recycling facilities.

By weight, recycling facilities pay you for the items you bring to them, so you try to bring in as many articles as you can of the same type. Using sites like Gazelle, BoxCycle, and uSell, you can also make money recycling.

64. Printer Cartridge Returns

I do this side job as a goodie from the old days. Make sure you gather up your empty printer cartridges – as well as the ones of your friends – and take them to office supply stores such as Office Depot and Staples to earn rewards.

65. Unclaimed state property can be searched.

There are many things that states hold on to dividend checks that aren’t cashed, utility deposits that aren’t claimed, state tax refunds that aren’t collected, insurance benefits that don’t get paid, etc.

By searching websites such as, 

66. Federally owned unclaimed property can be found.

Additionally, the government holds on to tax refunds returned to the IRS because of postal address problems or because taxpayers didn’t file returns and didn’t claim their refunds. Furthermore, the government has forgotten savings bonds, income tax refunds, and government pensions that were never claimed. You need to contact each federal agency directly if funds are missing.

67. Class-action suits can bring you money.

Due to a lack of awareness, people are unable to file for settlements worth millions of dollars. As an example, Red Bull’s “Red Bull Gives You Wings” slogan entitled people who purchased the product between 2002 and 2014 to $10 to $15 in a class-action lawsuit.

If you purchased a product or filed a class-action lawsuit, there are several tools you can use to find that product, claim settlement money or receive money by mail. The ClassActionRebates website is among some of the top sites for class-action claims.

68. Money-back on items you already bought

If you have purchased items that have dropped in price after they were purchased, you can get money back via a service like Paribus. You save time by using Paribus to check your receipts by connecting to your email account. Paribus automatically file a price adjustment claim on your behalf if a retailer drops a price.

69. Making referrals

Referring friends to products or services you use is a time-honored way to make easy money. Various businesses, including credit card companies and ride-sharing companies, offer rewards to the referrer and referred. To maximize your return on investment, evaluate the different referral programs available.

70. Shop for groceries and earn rebates

 Grocery shopping is a legitimate way to make money these days. With rebate apps like Ibotta, grocery store shopping can earn you cash. With your phone, take pictures of your receipts to verify purchases.

71. Earn money by losing weight

Last but not least, you can collect money for your hard work at the gym. Make money while you lose weight with HealthyWage. Put a bet on how long it will take for you to reach your target, and the more money you wagered, you could win up to $10,000.

72. A Checking Account Can Be Opened

Banking promotions are plentiful these days, and it’s easy to make a quick hundred or two.

73. Make a donation of blood plasma.

Each time you donate plasma, you’ll receive an extra $50. In exchange for the plasma you supply, your weight determines how much you will be paid. In general, you’ll be paid more if you weigh more. Find out more by visiting sites such as BloodBanker or CSL Plasma.

74. Watch TV and Get Paid

Download the Viggle app if you love watching TV and get paid for it. While you watch the big screen, you play games and watch ads on your phone while the app screens the audio coming from your TV. When you sign up for Viggle, you’ll receive points you can redeem for rewards.

75. Invest in a turnaround company.

Penny stocks are risky, no doubt about it. Despite the rubble, there are still great opportunities to be had. Consider failing companies that have good bones and do your research. If you can handle the risk and have some play money, 

76. Writing an EBook

A lot of people have novels in the back of their minds. Finish up your bank, polish it up, and make it public. Nook Press and Kindle Direct Publishing are two of the most popular options for releasing e-books. Amazon pays you up to 70% of sales royalties.

77. Make Investments in Mutual Funds

If you are not an expert at timing the market, avoid it. You should instead focus on building a steady stream of profits rather than chasing big returns. Look for mutual funds managed by managers who often don’t change their stocks and see their investments as partnerships when choosing a mutual fund.

78. Create a virtual storefront

Consider setting up your own virtual store on a website like CafePress if you’re artistic. These sites have the advantage of only requiring you to make the number of products people order, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on startup costs. It’s all up to you to offer the designs to CafePress and Zazzle; they’ll handle the rest.

79. Create a blog

With your ability to tell stories and your comfort level with sharing them on a public platform, you can make money blogging online.

Getting an audience and making money off your blog is easy if you use an ad network like Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

Choose one of the free blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr to get started. It’s still possible to build an impressive writing portfolio, even if you don’t think running a blog is for you.

80. Learn how to become an online travel agent

Make money as an online travel agent by utilizing your time spent browsing Expedia. On websites like Upwork and Indeed, you can find part-time and full-time remote jobs.

There are many scammy job posts on the internet today; however, don’t just jump at the first one you see. Avoid jobs where you must use your own money or recruit agents.

81. Garage sales are a great way to raise money.

Get rid of a lot of things you don’t need or want by holding a garage sale.

For most items, you should expect to recoup about 15% of the original cost. As well as expecting lower prices, you should also be prepared to haggle with buyers. Consider listing some of your items online if you’re trying to sell them for more money.

82. Tires and scrap metal can be recycled.

Many recycling plants and scrap yards desire metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, and steel. Magnetic metals can be worth 7 cents per pound, aluminum between 40 and 50 cents, and bare bright copper wire up to $2.20, depending on location.

83. Get Free Gift Cards by signing up.

You’ll receive a $10 gift card from Rakuten once you register 

You can put money back in your pocket by signing up for Rakuten. You can join for free and shop online with cashback and find retailers you want to use.

 One of the ways to redeem these points is via gift cards, travel miles, or cash through PayPal.

84. You can score free gift cards via social media.

Keep track of social media channels for brands you love. Many products sold through social media include giveaways, which are often hosted by people selling products via social media. 

85. Invest in pharmacies to earn money

Pharmacies will often advertise that they would like you to transfer your prescription accounts to their company if you accept their promotional offers. From CVS ExtraCare Pharmacy and Health Rewards, for example.

86. Snow shovel

Anyone who lives where it snows needs to clear the sidewalks, driveways, and lawns every year. You can help get rid of snow by waking up early since most people don’t enjoy clearing snow.

Charges of $10 to $20 per yard can be a boon to you, depending on how quickly you can work. Higher rates will be justified by a larger yard. A snowblower can increase your speed if you operate a business that grows rapidly.

87. Leaves of Rake

Each autumn, fallen leaves should be cleared away just like snow. You can also use the time to clean gutters while you are raking leaves. consider purchasing your own workers’ compensation policy in advance.

88. Visit the dumpster and do some curb shopping.

Dumpster diving offers a lot of free stuff, whether you are fully committed to “freeganism” or are just interested in free stuff. There are many ways to get what you need for free, including curb shopping and using websites that facilitate trading, trading, sharing, and other forms of free exchange.

During garage sales, sellers may leave items out for free after the sale when they allow residents to leave furniture on the curb. Check out neighborhoods that allow bulk pickup and check out neighborhoods where residents can leave the table on the curb. BarterOnly and Craigslist are two websites that support bartering.

89. Maintaining clean houses

that doesn’t mean you cannot get in on the cleaning action. Prospective clients might choose to hire you over a service because of a variety of reasons.

Individuals are, among other things, cheaper. The cost of clean-up services is often higher when multiple cleaners are involved. In addition, the cost of operating a business creates additional revenue for services. As a last resort, individual cleaners are willing to work for their friends, family, and acquaintances, especially if they see them as trusted.

90. Fill out data entry forms.

Those who are adept at the keyboard and pay attention to detail might find data entry to be the gig for you.

Data entry and administrative jobs can also be found on Craigslist and Upwork, a lot of which can be carried out remotely. According to PayScale, the starting hourly rate is $13.32.

91. Become a member of an online focus group

Typically, payments are made with gift cards or through PayPal. When you share your opinion with the right people, it could be worth the money. You can share your thoughts through an online focus group like ProOpinion and get paid.

92. The Artist’s Model

To sharpen their drawing skills, artists need models to practice on. College towns, for example, are especially prone to this problem since there are a lot of young artists there.

You should consider life modeling if you are comfortable posing while naked and can hold poses for more than 30 minutes. The average modeler’s session can last three hours, according to PayScale, and the hourly rate is approximately $20. Get in touch with local colleges, organizations, and community centers if you’re interested in becoming a life model.

93. Coaching a youth sports team

 Consider coaching a youth sports team, an athlete in high school or college and missed the thrill of competition.

In July 2020, PayScale estimated that a youth coach earns $14 an hour. Job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor list youth coaching jobs. 

94. Create a video game online

Consider creating your own game if you are into gaming. Playing family-friendly video games on platforms like Roblox can be charged. But creativity and the ability to build alternate worlds are required.

 95. View Video Ads

 By watching TV and video ads, you can earn money with the InboxDollars website, for instance.

96. You can become an Airmule

It might be the perfect program for those who want to travel light and make a little money at the same time. You can sell the unused space in your checked luggage to shipping partners using Airmule, a free app. A round-trip flight with Airmule can earn you up to $600.

97. Silver and gold scrap for sale

You can dispose of old gold or silver jewelry you no longer wear by selling it for scrap.

Calculate the weight and purity of gold to determine the “melt value.” To get the best prices, compare prices at various jewelers and metal dealers.

Silver prices can be compared online and in-person with metal dealers.

98. Create and maintain fan pages

What kind of person thinks that socializing on Facebook and Twitter is a waste of time? Fiverr offers various services that allow you to generate money using your social media and networking skills, including managing business pages, getting likes, followings, and more.

99. Create a resume writing service

Think about starting a resume writing service if you are passionate about helping others. To calculate how much you should charge, consider how long it takes you to perform the service and its worth in your region. Finally, standardize parts of your service so that they are more efficient and more cost-effective. To help you tailor resumes to the jobs, they are seeking, you can create a questionnaire people can fill out.

Stay informed about the latest trends in resume writing and formatting, and find out what recruiters want to see so that you can offer reputable advice. Ask your clients if they’d be willing to promote your services on your online profile, social media, or other platforms so you can expand your business.

100. Plan a walking or cycling tour

You can earn money by guiding tourists in your community or city with your local knowledge. You can turn the advantage of working on your turf into mutually beneficial cultural exchanges by either starting your walking tours or joining an organization that facilitates walking tours.

Ensuring you are familiar with your city’s laws and safety standards is important if you plan to start a walking tour business. It’s important to know whether a particular area is publicly accessible when visiting popular spots or local hideaways to avoid accidentally trespassing.

Alternatively, you can work for a tour company in your area. School children on field trips and other groups participating in private tours might be interested in the insights you share.


Is it safe to earn money online?

There are many websites where you can do freelance work and earn good money; even if the payment isn’t time, you use the Internet for extra income.

Do Google sites give me the opportunity to earn money?

Google AdSense is an advertising program that lets you track your earnings by day, domain, page, and specific ad unit, and you can also use Google Analytics to discover the source of your traffic and earnings. Google AdSense is easy to integrate into your website.

Is it possible to get rich overnight?

It’s impossible to become rich overnight without winning the lottery or another major prize, inheriting a large sum of money, or otherwise meeting a large financial windfall. In most other cases, becoming rich overnight isn’t possible, and having this goal can actually cost you more money.


How to earn money without a job, if you’re struggling to find a job. We are going to explore different ways that people have found success in making money without having the traditional 9-5 office gig.

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