InstaRem Coupon Codes & Offers: $75 signup Bonus

You can easily send money overseas. Sending money to different countries has become easier and more rewarding. InstaRem is your best option if you want to send money without sacrificing exchange rates. They offer competitive exchange rates without any additional fees. If you use the Instarem Coupon code: HELPINGDESI, you will receive an additional $22 signup bonus and 400 points. Transferring money internationally with Instarem is easy and transparent.

InstaRem coupon code
InstaReM coupon code

Instarem Coupon Codes for April 2022 :

Additionally, Instarem offers exclusive rewards and a discount on money transfers.

You can use coupon code “HELPINGDESI” and receive a $22 Bonus on your first transfer based on your country of residence. In addition, you will receive 400 bonus points worth $10 that you can redeem in your next transfer. We provide you with a few other Instarem coupon options, so you can choose if you wish.

  • Instarem Coupon code: gv3uVW
  • Instarem Coupon code: I4j8Vy

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How does InstaReM work?

With this app, you can send money to friends and family around the world. 

With Instarem, you can send money anywhere in the world to your family and friends. With Instarem, you can send money anywhere in the world to your family and friends. N you need to send someone money fast. It’s easy – do

Follow these steps to get a $60 referral bonus from Instarem

  1. Click here to sign up with Instarem’s official link.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Promo code: GET60 for $30 twice and Timesclub for $10 every transfer plus a $10 join bonus for a total of $90.
  4. You will also receive 475 points (400 points = $10) that you can redeem when you make your first money transfer.

What is the registration process for Instarem?

It is easy to create an account. All you need is your email ID or a Google / Facebook ID to sign up

1. Please click here! Create an account for simple and secure money management from anywhere
2. You can sign up with your own details or by using Google/Facebook.
3. Complete your registration by using the referral code “I4j8Vy

Instarem is a safe place to put my money.

Instarem provides total transparency and ownership of your money because there are no layers or jargon. Moreover, their rigorous verification process ensures that your money is safe and reaches the right beneficiaries promptly. The company has licenses in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe.

Instarem: Why should we use it?

Instarem Global Network is the best network in the world. It serves more than 55 countries around the world. They offer great value at low fees. Good FX rates. No hidden fees.

Industry-leading technology that moves $4 Billion annually is safe and reliable. The most important feature is Rewards InstaReM. With InstaReM, you can send money and earn points to get even more value. We have a problem with late payments. There is an Instarem solution for this problem. You can skip the queues and send money quickly. Instarem lets you send money anytime, anywhere.

InstaPoints: What is it?

Every time you transfer money, you earn points. You earn more the more you transfer. These instapoints can be redeemed as a discount on future transfers to enjoy great savings.

Refer a friend and get $75 off your first transaction with Instarem

How to redeem your InstaPoints

The currency that you send to your recipient is discounted when you redeem your InstaPoints. Depending on the transaction, you can redeem a specific number of InstaPoints at a time. InstaPoints have no maximum.

Let’s take a look at an example:

  • Several recipients overseas receive Amy’s British pounds (GBP). Amy receives one InstaPoint for every £100 she transfers abroad.
  • If Amy transfers a minimum of £500, she can redeem her InstaPoints for a discount on her next overseas transfer.
  • By redeeming her InstaPoints on transactions worth £500 and above, Amy can get a discount between £1.80 and £7.20 when redeeming 100-400 points.
  • Amy receives a discount of 1.44% if she sends $500 overseas and redeems 400 InstaPoints ($7.20). That’s more money in her pocket!
  • Refer a friend to Instarem and receive 400 InstaPoints when they make their first transaction.
  • And your friend will have 75 InstaPoints as a welcome bonus + 400 InstaPoints as a referral bonus to your friend.


Transparency of fees lets you know exactly what you will have to pay in advance
A strong focus on small businesses with services tailored to them


Transfer funds using credit cards
Is not possible for recipients (bank account required).


Many remittance companies exist, but Instarem is the best for small and large transactions. Instarem always offers a better transfer rate, and you can save money with the coupon. Why wait? Get the $60 Instarem coupon offer now by signing up for Instarem. 


What is the maximum number of InstaPoints I can redeem at once?

The minimum number of InstaPoints you can redeem in a single transaction is 100. You can redeem 400 InstaPoints in a single transaction. You can redeem 1,200 InstaPoints across three or more transactions if you have 1,200 in your account.

Is it possible to cash in my InstaPoints?

Your InstaPoints can only be redeemed against future purchases with us.

Is it possible to transfer InstaPoints to someone else?

InstaPoints only can be redeemed by the account holder.