Top Best Instant money transfer apps 2024

Carrying cash is always a headache, and the world is moving towards online methods. Like in India, there are several money transfer apps like Paytm, google pay, Phonepe, and many more. But what about outside India? You do look out for a lot of different Instant Money transfer apps. To send money to your friends and family living in a different country.

If you visit abroad or already living there, what are the suitable options available for you? Here I have several Instant money transfer app recommendations. It will allow you to send money to your long-distance friends or relatives and make your life digital.

We’ve tried to select a few best-suited apps for your needs. For international money transfers to make things simpler for you.

Some applications are only accessible to citizens of specific nations. But while others will send your money to different countries or regions but at a price. Some may let you deliver it or get it in cash if you need money. And a handful might offer you the convenience, pricing, and speed you need in one package.

Best Instant money Transfer apps


For the past 16 years, Remit2India has offered money transfer services only for NRIs. Without any more costs and at an actual or indicative exchange rate, you can send money to Indian bank accounts.

This app is available in the countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, the US, and the UK. Although there is a transfer fee when you use your bank account, it is applicable only for money transactions above $1000. Also, there is a limit on a small transaction of $50.


Remitly has a good reputation for providing affordable, quick, and direct payments to Indian bank accounts. There is a favorable promotional foreign currency rate, but after that, the recipient sets their rates. Remitly is available in 16 countries like Australia, Germany, the US, the UK, etc.

Remitly is a remittance service provider with over 130 banks in India and extensive countrywide coverage. If you choose either option6 and send more than $1,000, there are no transfer costs.


Wise is one of the most popular apps for Instant money transfer apps, and it’s not like it lets you do the transaction for free. Wise has upfront features that tell you about the real-time exchange rates and tell you to choose the best.

Wise has no smallest or largest limits on money transfers; you can send money from 59 countries. It has excellent price comparison tools and a low transfer fee. You can check out the Wise Money transfer review.


You can send money to InstaReM through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), bank transfer, and wire transfer. Like Wise, InstaReM also gives you a real-time market exchange rate. The majority of transactions are also completed in 1-2 days.

InstaReM allows money transactions at zero-margin exchange rates. It is available in Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, the UK, India, the US, and Singapore.


You can send money to India from abroad, like 50 countries, and vice versa. In less than 10 minutes, 90% of bank transfers to India arrive. WorldRemit is available on both iOS and Android app stores. And airtime is available on Indian mobile phones.

Users will have to pay the transfer fee, which is disclosed upfront. To determine the transfer costs, compare the amount you might be losing to the currency rate you see on Reuters or Google. And an exchange rate determined by WorldRemit.


This money transfer app is owned by Paypal and used in countries like India, the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. For international transactions, there are no fees when the user sends $1,000 or more and pays with their bank account.

To HDFC, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, and Punjab National Bank, you can send bank deposits that generally take minutes (PNB). Payments through a bank account are less expensive, but a debit or credit card carries a sizable cost.


MoneyGram is speedy compared to other service providers and offers online and offline money transfers. If paid by bank account, the money is available between 3 hours and 3–4 days, depending on how the recipient wants it. Whether you pay using a credit/debit card or an online bank account. A direct transfer to a bank account or a cash pick-up will affect the transfer cost.

On MoneyGram, Various transaction costs are based on how much you transfer and your chosen payment method.


They offer convenient cash pickup transfers with over 200,000 pick-up locations worldwide. The potential delivery time of one hour to India. Only citizens of Denmark, the UK, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland can use this platform.

Fee and registration are not required of your receiver for them to get the funds. Azimo can seem like a fantastic partner for sending money to India because of its sign-up offers. Still, choose a service with more clarity, pricing, and transparency in the long run.