How To Watch Asia Cup Live In USA (And Save 50%)

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Live stream your mega event with the exclusive ESPN+ or Sling TV streaming service!

Cricket is among one of the most on-demand sporty games. Whenever a cricket mega event knocks on the door, everyone gets eagerly excited to stream it. As the Asia Cup 2023 is going to kick off, cricket enthusiasts from all over the globe or the USA are in quest to watch Asia Cup 2023 live.

To get you out of this struggle, introduce you to two exclusive streaming sites, ESPN+ or Sling TV, which have broadcasting rights to deliver you to stream Asia Cup Live in the USA online with a discounted offer. The full guide for it is mentioned below.

Live Asia Cup 2023 In USA

This Asia Cup will be the 16th edition of the tournament and will be played in Pakistan from 2 September to 17 September in a One Day International format. It gives you 13 back-to-back series matches from its six participant teams.

In the USA, the best option to get live with Asia Cup 2023 is via ESPN+ or Sling TV, which is considered as an over-the-top streaming service in the USA, providing you with quality streaming at pocket-friendly pricing + with a discounted deal.

Asia Cup Streaming Rights in USASubscription PriceSubscription Link
SlingTV$7/Mo or $60/YearSubscribe Now
ESPN+$10/Mo or $100/YearSubscribe Now
Disney Bundle$12.99/MoSubscribe Now

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Watch Asia Cup Live With ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is the home for sports, specializing in giving the audience sports programming, covering the biggest events for them. It presents you with live cricket matches, including the Asia Cup 2023, giving cricket scores, schedule, commentary, match highlights, replays or more features.

How To Get ESPN Plus In Subscription?

ESPN Plus provides two tires for a subscription monthly or annually and ESPN+ gives you discounted offers too. You can sign up with one to save Live Asia Cup streaming for 2023.

Moreover, ESPN+ is available to you on other different sites or bundles read below to explore.

  • ESPN+ Monthly Subscription: ESPN Plus Monthly costs you $9.99 a month. If you want only sports service, this package works best for you.
  • ESPN+ Yearly Subscription: ESPN Plus Yearly costs you $99.99 annually, and gives you access to all of its content. This ESPN+ pack access you to save $20.
  • ESPN+ On Hulu: If you have Hulu on your device, you can also relish Hulu content with the ESPN Plus app by subscribing to it through Hulu for $9.99 a month.
  • ESPN+ On Disney Bundle: Disney Bundle offers you a trio pack for $12.99 a month which includes Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN+.

The comparatively lower pricing gives you unlimited content on a 50% discounted offer. It means if you get subscribed to these services individually, you have to pay double the amount. This is the best choice to get boundless entertainment at a 50% discount.

Asia Cup Live on ESPN+/Disney Bundle
ESPN+ PackagesPriceDiscounted OffersLink
Monthly Pack$9.99/ monthActual PriceSubscribe Now
Yearly Pack$99.99 annuallySave 16%Subscribe Now
ESPN+ With Hulu$9.99/ monthActual PriceSubscribe Now
Disney Trio Bundle$12.99/ monthSave 50%Subscribe Now

Note: If you want to get cricket streaming only or to watch the Asia Cup, go to the ESPN+ plans. You can save 16% also with ESPN Plus by subscribing to its annual plan. Follow the steps below to sign up!

Steps To Sign Up With ESPN+

  1. Download the ESPN+ site or Click here to land on the sign-up page.
  2. Now tap the “Subscribe Now” button.
  3. Fill in your email address, username or other basic info.
  4. Choose the right plan, Monthly or Yearly.
  5. Add your payment credentials.
  6. Done! Start streaming your sports content now.

Sling TV Streaming For Live Asia Cup 2023

Sling TV includes an over-the-top service in the United States offering them high quality content with a lot of live sports programing and other engaging content.

Sling TV gets the right to telecast live cricket, including the Asia Cup, with more programming. You have Sling Willow packs which offers you almost the entire cricket series to stream.

How To Get Sling TV in Subscription?

Signing up with Sling TV is easy to do, but which package lets you fix your needs? Below is the breakdown of Sling packages which offer Asia Cup streaming. You can select the one which entertains the way you want.

  • Sling Willow Kit: Sling Willow Kit costs you $7 for the first month. After that, you have to pay $10 for next month. If you go for an annual plan, it saves your $60 more.
  • Sling Desi Binge Plus Pack: Sling Desi Binge Plus offers you $10 for first month, $15 for next month. This deal gives you more content than cricket. It has an annual offer and also save your $81 with it.
  • Sling Dakshin Pack: Sling Dakshin Pack gives you access to cricket, Sun TV, Colors Kannada or other big networks and entertainment for $10 in your first month, Sling offers a 50% off deal by giving $10 discount. Get its annual pack to save $100 more.
  • Special Offer: Sling TV provides you with a special offer by giving a Sling Blue+ Willow kit with a discounted pricing of $45. You can relish Sling Blue with a cricket combo.
Asia Cup Live on Sling TV
Sling PackagesPrice Offer/MonthOffer/YearLink
Sling Willow Kit$7/MoSave $3/ 1st MoSave $60/YrSubscribe
Sling Desi Binge Plus$10/MoSave $5 / 1st MoSave $81/YrSubscribe
Sling Dakshin$10/MoSave $10/ 1st MoSave $100/YrSubscribe
Special Offer$45/MoSave $5 / month    —Subscribe

Steps To Sign Up With Sling TV

  1. To get subscribed to Sling TV, download the app or click the link to sign up.
  2. Create your account by providing your basic info.
  3. Choose the package which completes your requirements. It provides off on its pack for the first month.
  4. Now fill in your payment credentials.
  5. After that, you can start watching the content you like to stream.

The Bottom Line

Now, the live Asia Cup streaming is becoming seamless. The USA audience can get access to it at just a click. It’s the right time to prepare before the event comes to the door.

Get a subscription to ESPN+ or Sling TV service and enjoy unlimited cricket or the live Asia Cup in the USA without cable.