How to sell feet pics on Instagram 2024 (and make extra money online)

How to Sell Feet Pics On Instagram? Selling photos of your feet on Instagram could earn you $100 per day. We have an in-depth guide about selling feet pictures online. Instagram is one of the ways to sell pictures on different social media platforms. There’s also a claim that Instagram is an app, which means users of Instagram are richer than users of other social media sites.

Here’s a guide for anyone looking to sell photos of their feet on Instagram.

  • You might be wondering how you can sell pictures of your feet for free now that you know how to do it on Instagram.
  • Instagram does not allow you to get paid for your photos directly, but you can build a following and market your page using its ‘link-in-bio’ feature.
  • People may be led to pay sites and applications if you use Instagram as a free marketing tool. In this article, two approaches are discussed: direct selling of feet photos on Instagram and using Instagram to sell feet photos on other platforms. You can use both approaches simultaneously to grow your user base and make money selling feet photos.

personal experience

A few months ago, I downloaded the Instagram app. I noticed quite a few feet pictures on the app and wondered how people made money from them. After researching this niche, I wrote my own guide, Selling Feet Pics on Instagram. How to take good Instagram feet photos, what hashtags to use, and how much you can earn will be explained in this guide.

A step-by-step guide to selling feet pictures on Instagram

Instagram can be a great platform for social media marketing if you use it the right way. You can create a successful Instagram page for feet pictures by following these steps.

Step1: Create an Instagram account for your business

Make sure you create an Instagram account where you only upload content related to your feet if you want to sell feet pictures on Instagram. Make sure your feet are visible in all your photos. Those interested in feet photos will have to gather in a crowd.

Step 2: Keep a consistent and professional attitude:

Upload twice or three times a day. Suppose you want more people to see your feet photos, i.e., those interested in buying them. You should make sure the pictures are consistent and professional if that is the case. This will help you attract more clients.

Step 3: You can upload files as follows:

Be sure to add proper hashtags and a long 100-word description when you upload posts to your feet pics selling Instagram page. Your content will reach a bigger audience this way.

Step 4: Here are some tips for optimizing your Instagram Feed bio:

It is very important to do this. To let people know you are interested in selling feet pictures, you need to add keywords and a message to them. Then you can ask them to send me a personal message.

  • We are selling feet pictures indirectly through Instagram.
  • FeetFinder, Onlyfans, or Foap App also let you sell feet photos hosted on Instagram.
  • A good and safe site for selling feet pics is FeetFinder. To sell feet photos on FeetFinder, you don’t have to be a model, actress, or famous person. FeetFinder allows you to upload your feet pictures and add your profile link to your Instagram bio so that people can go to your Feet Finder page to buy them.
  • Onlyfans and other sites that host feet can also build a loyal audience and sell more photos of your feet.
  • In two ways, you can benefit from adding more posts to your Instagram page; you build an audience, and more people visit your bio and buy your foot pictures from platforms like FeetFinder and Onlyfans.

You can earn more money by selling feet photos directly and indirectly through your Instagram page.

Tips for growing your Instagram to reach more of your targeted audience. I used Instagram to sell more feet photos; here are 10 things that helped me to do it;

  1. Frequency of publishing:
  2. “The more you create, the more engagement you get” This statement is true for every social media platform but is especially true for people who want to grow their Instagram profile. Every day, the feet selling niche becomes more competitive, but you can already beat the rest 90% if you are consistent.
  3. using hashtags correctly:
  4. I have listed several relevant hashtags for creators to use in their Instagram posts whenever you upload a picture of your feet using hashtags.
  5. Choosing the right time to publish
  6. This metric is also useful, but most people ignore it. Posts published every Monday through Thursday, for example, may get you more engagement. In addition, Instagram gives you statistics when you have an Instagram creator account; you can test it by uploading posts at different times of the week and seeing engagement for yourself.
  7. In my opinion, the following is a very attractive bio:
  8.  It is possible to convert viewers into followers with an attractive Instagram bio. Let users know what they can expect from your account.
  9. Comment thoughtfully on other feet pics selling Instagram pages: Follow as many of them as possible (not all but as many as you can) and leave thoughtful comments. More targeted audiences will discover you this way.

Provide exclusive photos to fans for payment.

  1. To build up your Instagram platform, your ultimate goal should be to lead your audience to become paying clients.
  2. You can produce paid content on sites such as Instagram Feet and OnlyFans if you encourage people to subscribe to your other accounts. Customers can also send money through Payoneer or PayPal through a quick-ay link. 

Subscription sites are a great way to generate recurring income, however. Make sure your audience knows you’re only interested in selling pictures of your feet so that expectations are clear.

Contrary to popular belief, sites like OnlyFans are doing their best to become more mainstream and welcome various content. Users can watch cooking classes and workout videos and see images of feet.

Engage fans with quality photos to convert them into customers

  • Quality pictures are crucial when you’re trying to grow your Instagram profile and convert followers into paying customers. Ensure your pictures are well lit and clear.
  • With one click of a button, Instagram even offers editing tools for your images. Other free applications for editing photos are also available. You need to take high-quality pictures with a smartphone. Don’t post images that are cut off or sized incorrectly on Instagram. 
  • It is unnecessary to be a professional photographer to use these tips, but having them in mind will be extremely helpful.
  • Using Instagram hashtags to sell more pictures of your feet
  • These are some of the top trending hashtags on Instagram for feet picture sellers. Instagram allows you to post photos of your feet on your page and grow your following.

Trending hashtags

#legs and #hands#toes
#foot#feet worship

What is the process for collecting payments for feet pics from Instagram DMs?

Someone sends you a message one morning asking for a picture of their feet with specific instructions. How should you pay for the custom picture?

Adding a name to Stripe’s form and entering the amount your customer needs to pay is all that’s required. It takes less than a minute to create a Stripe payment link, and you can share it with anyone. When someone contacted me on Instagram asking for my feet pictures, I sent them a Stripe payment link. When someone contacts you on Instagram and asks to buy feet photos, send them a Stripe payment link.


The following guide will show you how to set up an Instagram account and sell feet photos on Instagram (I’ll explain this shortly). We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to sign up, create a profile, find and follow potential customers, and post your first feet photo to start earning!


How can I make money selling feet photos?

Start uploading excellent pictures of your feet once you have completed your profile 100 percent. You can also buy and sell from this website. In addition to selling five-minute videos of your feet, also allows you to sell photos. They usually pay $5 to $10 for feet pictures and more if you’re a professional model.

Where do you get your feet pictures from?

We live in a time when having a side job, preferably an online one is necessary. Those ads you see everywhere of manicurists and pedicurists use superb feet pictures that people like you and me also sell. Bloggers and website owners also outsource feet pictures from various sources to go with their posts and articles.

Foot pictures – how much does it cost?

You can charge $10 per feet picture or $100. Your feet pictures’ popularity depends on what your audience is willing to pay.
Consider charging a reasonable monthly rate, such as $29 per month, to access a few of your exclusive feet pictures every 30 days if you are using a subscription-based platform. If you want to charge extra for additional pictures, you can do so from there. You may have to experiment with price points to find what works best for you.

Is it possible to sell feet pictures on Facebook?

Yes, Instagram is not the only free social network that allows you to sell your feet pictures. To gauge interest, post a few pictures on a public page. Facebook also allows you to create a private group and charge members