How To Link Bank Account To Wise: A Comprehensive Guide (In 2024)

How To Link Bank Account To Wise? Linking your bank account to Wise is an easy way to manage your money across borders. 

By connecting your bank, you can send and receive money internationally with lower fees and real exchange rates.

To link your bank account, you’ll need to Open Wise, tap your profile picture in the top right corner, and go to “Settings.” Now, find “Connected accounts” and click “Connect your bank account.” Choose your currency and fill in your details. Then review and click on “confirm.”

Well, in this article, you will learn in detail about How To Link Bank Account To Wise and many things related to it. So, let’s get started.

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How To Link Bank Account To Wise

Here is the step-by-step guide on How To Link Bank Account To Wise:

Step 1. Open Wise on your computer.

Step 2. In the top right corner, select your profile picture or initials.

Step 3. Click on “Settings” in the pop-up menu.

Step 4. Click on “Connected accounts” in the menu.

Step 5. Then click on “Connect your bank account.”

Step 6. Choose the currency & enter bank details.

Step 7. Check everything and click “Confirm.”

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How Long Does It Take To Link Your Bank Account With Wise

Linking your bank account with Wise can vary depending on your bank and location. Usually, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days.

Just keep in mind that verification might require an extra waiting period, especially if it involves a verification deposit.

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How Much Does It Charge To Link Your Bank Account

Link your bank account to Wise for free. Some transactions may charge a small fee, such as sending money or converting currencies.

The service charges a fixed fee of 0.29 SGD and a variable fee based on your transfer amount, both of which will be displayed transparently on your transfer page.

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Is It Safe To Connect Your Bank Account To Wise

Yes, definitely. Wise takes security seriously and uses a range of measures to protect your data, including two-step login and data encryption.

By using Wise, you can rest assured that your personal information and funds are secure.

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How To Pay By Linked Bank Account With Wise

Here are the steps to pay by linked bank account:

Step 1. Ready your transfer.

Choose the amount and recipient details on Wise.

Step 2. Pay “Linked Bank Account.” 

Select this option during payment.

Step 3. Pick your bank.

Connect a savings or current account you have.

Step 4. Log in to your bank. 

Visit the website/app directed to you and enter your usual login information.

Step 5. Choose the account. 

Verify that the account has enough funds to transfer money.

Step 6. Set limits.

Choose a limit higher than your transfer amount for future transactions.

Step 7. Review and confirm. 

Follow the 2-step verification instructions provided by your bank.

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How Much Can You Send With Linked Bank Account

The amount you can send with a linked account depends on several factors, such as the recipient’s location, the currency, and specific transfer limits provided by your bank or Wise.

Always check these limits before making a transfer to prevent any issues or delays.

Note: You must always check the Wise official website and Help Resources for the most up-to-date information and terms and conditions.

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Link your bank account to Wise for easy, affordable, and transparent international transactions. It may seem not very easy at first, but it’s simple once you’ve mastered it. 

Have your bank account details ready, follow the prompts, and start sending, receiving, and managing money across borders with ease.

We hope that in this article, you have got a lot of information about How To Link Bank Account To Wise.

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Is Wise card linked to bank account?

Yes, the Wise card is linked to your Wise account, not directly to your bank account. 

How much money can I hold in my Wise account?

The amount you can receive and hold right now is unlimited for most people. Except for customers and businesses with routing numbers starting with 026 who receive USD, there are a few exceptions.

Can I use Wise for bank transfers?

Yes, you can definitely use Wise for bank transfers! In fact, it’s one of its primary functions.