How to get Temu Credits? 7 Best Ways to Saving!

How to get Temu Credits? Temu Credits is your key to unlocking amazing discounts, free items, and more. Temu Credits are shopping credits that can be used to pay for orders on the Temu app or Temu official website

By earning Temu Credits, you can make purchases and enjoy all the offerings of the app without spending your hard-earned money. The best part is there are many ways to earn Temu Credits, including the Referral Program, Play Games for Temu Credit, Spin and Win, Shop Strategically, and more. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all the different methods to earn Temu Credits so you can make the most out of this app.

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How to get Temu Credits

There are many ways to get Temu Credits. Try following Steps

1. Referral Program:

The Temu Credits Referral Program offers a fantastic opportunity to earn credits rapidly. 

By signing up using a unique Temu Referral code, you’ll receive a generous $100 Temu Coupon bundle along with your Temu Credits.

With this awesome offer, you can start earning free items right away. So, don’t wait any longer and take advantage of this amazing offer!

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2. Participate in events to get Temu credits:

Temu offers an opportunity to earn free gifts, credits, and even PayPal cash by taking part in their themed activities and promotional events. 

These events vary from contests to giveaways, and participants can earn Temu credits upon participation. 

To stay updated with these events, follow Temu’s official social media handles on popular platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

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3. Play games to earn Temu Credits:

Temu offers a diverse range of games and activities that allow you to earn Temu credits

These games are generally straightforward and enjoyable, providing you with a fun and rewarding experience. 

To begin, go to your personal icon, select ‘Earn Credits and Free Gifts,’ and browse through the games that catch your interest.

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4. Utilize Temu Codes:

To increase your Temu Credits, you can use Temu credit codes. For your initial purchase, you can receive a $100 Temu sign-up bonus by utilizing unique codes such as ‘com95307‘. Additionally, existing users can access Temu Free Coupon codes to earn extra credits.

Here are some credit codes for new users:

Temu $100 credit – ord88214

Temu 50$ credit – com73019

$750 Temu credit – ord18629

Temu $20 credit – com89572

Temu $5 credit – opt35230

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5. Spin and Win:

Temu offers one of the most exciting games called ‘Spin and Win.’ Every day, by spinning the wheel, you can earn free Temu credits that you can use to redeem fantastic rewards. 

Although playing this game involves a certain level of risk, it is still an enjoyable way to increase your credits without spending much money. 

In addition, you can earn more credits by referring your friends to download the Temu app through your referral link.

6. Leverage Temu Returns Policy:

Temu return policy is another way to acquire Temu Credits. If you are not happy with the products you ordered from Temu, you can make a free return within 90 days of purchase. 

This will allow you to return most items and receive Temu Credits instead of cash. These credits can be used for future purchases, giving you more flexibility in your shopping.

7. Shop Strategically To get Temu Credit:

If you’re a first-time shopper in Temu, you have a great chance to earn Temu Credits. Before placing an order, make sure to check the expected delivery date. 

In case of delayed shipment, Temu will reward you with free credits. Due to the high demand for Temu products, many users have experienced delays, which makes it easier for you to earn Temu credits.

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How to use Temu Credits

If you have Temu Credits and want to use them to pay for your purchases, it’s easy! All you need to do is proceed to your cart and add the items you want to purchase. 

When you do that, your Temu Credits will be automatically applied to your order, and the order cost will be reduced by up to 100%, depending on your credit balance. 

If you want to use only some of your credits, you can manually select the amount you want to spend. This way, you can keep your credits for more significant purchases in the future.

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Do Temu Credits expire?

No, Temu Credits do not expire. Temu offers these virtual credits to address shopping-related issues and can be earned as rewards, promotions, or games.


It is possible to earn Temu Credits without having to invite friends. You can use a combination of methods, such as taking advantage of the Referral Program, playing games, shopping strategically, and participating in events to accumulate a significant number of credits. 

Whether you want to make purchases or enjoy the benefits of the Temu app, these methods can improve your experience without costing you a lot of money. Start earning Temu Credits today and make the most of your time with this fantastic app.

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How do I get credit balance on Temu?

You can easily check your credit balance by signing into your account on or the Temu app. Go to “Orders & Account” on or “You” and then “Credit Balance” on the Temu app.

How does credit work on Temu?

Your credits will be automatically applied to eligible orders at checkout.

Do Temu credits expire?

No, it does not expire.

How to get Temu Credit for late delivery?

If Temu fails to deliver on time, you’ll receive a credit within 48 hours. It’ll be added to your Temu credit balance in the same currency used for the order. You can find the compensation amount in your order details.

How To Get Temu Credit For Free?

Check the “You” section of the Temu app and click on “Earn Free Credits and Gifts” to receive discounts or free gifts by playing games and activities.

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