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Hotstar is one of India’s most popular streaming services, but what about those who are not living in India and moved to the US. Is there a way to watch Hotstar in the US? The answer is yes! You can watch a fantastic range of movies, sports, and TV shows using Hotstar US.

Hotstar subscription is very important to Hotstar lovers TV and movie streaming service that was launched in India back in 2015. The company has grown immensely since then, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Apart from India, Hotstar is available in the US, UK, Canada, and a few other countries.

Disney Plus Hotstar (Disney Bundle) Subscription cost: 

Disney Bundle (Hulu with ads) $13.99 per Month

Disney Bundle (Hulu, no ads) $19.99 per Month

Disney Bundle (Hulu with ads + Live TV) $72.99 per Month

Disney Bundle (Hulu, no ads + Live TV) $78.99 per Month

How Much Is the Disney plus Hotstar in the USA?

Disney plus Hotstar subscription comes under Disney Bundle. So if you want to watch Disney plus Hotstar in the USA, then you need to buy Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle subscription price is $13.99 per Month, including Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Hotstar entertainment is in Hulu and cricket in ESPN+.

About Disney Bundle

Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ are included for just $13.99/month with the Disney Bundle. For $8/month more, existing Hulu subscribers can sign up for The Disney Bundle. Disney+ gives you access to the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. With ESPN+, you can watch live events from UFC, MLB, international soccer, and more.

 Pricing varies depending on whether you want to pay monthly, commit to an annual subscription or bundle Disneyplus with Hulu and ESPN+. But we strongly suggest buying Disney Bundle and saving a 25% Flat discount.

Get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $14/Month at Disney.

Here are the most recent pricing options of all Disney Bundle and individual plans: 

  • This is not the only Disney Bundle plan, which is where things can get a little confusing.
  • You can differentiate between Hulu plans based on which one you want. Disney Bundle plans come with ad-supported Hulu, so you’ll still see commercials as you watch shows and movies. 
  • Disney Plus’s base monthly Price starts at $7.99, while Hulu’s Price starts at $5.99. ESPN Plus costs $5.99 a month like basic Hulu.
  • Subscribing to each service separately would cost you $19.97 per month. On the other hand, Disney Plus Bundle costs just $13.99 for a wealth of content.
  • Disney Bundle subscribers get Hulu without ads for $19.99 per month, which is still a better deal than paying separately for each service since Hulu without ads alone costs $11.99 per month.
  • In addition, Disney Bundle subscribers can take advantage of Hulu + Live TV, though you will pay a bit more since Hulu + Live TV offers an alternative to traditional cable, allowing you to watch cable news, award shows, and other live TV programs as they air.
  • With the Disney Bundle, you can get ad-free Hulu + Live TV with Hulu (with ads) for $72.99 per Month–the cost of this is $78.99 per month. With the add-on for no ads, you are able to get ad-free Hulu + Live TV with Disney Bundle, but it will cost you more.
  • The basic package is sufficient for most people, but you can customize it based on your viewing preferences with the other options. Below is a list of the current Disney Bundle prices.

How to Sign Up Disney Bundle:

 Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus come under the Disney Bundle package. 

  1. Do to You will see the options as “Get the Disney Bundle.” 
  2. Create an account using your email. 
  3. Now in the next step, create a password.
  4. In the final step, you will see the Disney Bundle discounted Price of $13.99 (Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu Ad-supported). 
  5. There is an option to upgrade Hulu No Ads by paying an extra $6 per month. (Optional)
  6. Now use a credit card or pay pal and put zip code. 
  7. Click Agree & you are Subscribed to Disney Bundle.
  8. As you know, Disney Bundle is a combination of 3 packages (Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus), so you need to log in individually on all 3 to watch the content.
  9. Hotstar Entrainment content is available in Hulu, whereas Hotstar Sports and Cricket, IPL contents are available on ESPN+.

How to watch Hotstar Content in Disney Bundle

You can now choose from your favorite Indian entertainment & sports with The Disney Bundle. 

You can access all Hotstar specials across all languages, blockbuster movies across all languages, and your favorite Star TV shows in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali & Marathi on Hulu with The Disney Bundle. Select tournaments such as the VIVO IPL, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup & much more will also be available on ESPN+, part of The Disney Bundle. 

How to watch Hotstar on Hulu

Hulu users who are Disney Bundle subscribers should check the Hotstar Hub within the Hubs section of the app to discover Indian shows. Follow below steps to watch Hotstar on Hulu:

New to Hulu? Start watching in three easy steps:

STEP 1-Sign up for The Disney Bundle

The Disney Bundle starts at $13.99/Month for all three services when you click “Sign Up Now.”. Hulu users can immediately access ESPN+ on Hulu by logging into the app or website.

STEP 2-Access your Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts

Log in to ESPN+ with your Disney+ account. Hulu will send you an email with a link to activate Disney+. To create your Disney+ account, click the link and enter your Hulu account email address.

STEP 3-Download apps and stream Hotstar content

Disney Bundle subscribers can stream Hotstar content on Hulu and on ESPN+ via the ESPN app, the Hulu app, or hulu.comLog in and stream across your favorite smart TVs, phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles.

How to watch Hotstar cricket on ESPN+

If you want to watch all Hotstar content, you need to subscribe to Hulu and ESPN+ or take the Disney+ bundle where you get all 3 (Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+) at a 30% discount price of $13.99 per month.

Download each app and start streaming

ESPN Plus: iOS, Android link: 



What else to watch with the Disney Bundle

Access to so many popular services is one of the best parts of the Disney bundle. You get access to three of the biggest entertainment companies with Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. There is no way you will miss an episode.

The Best Way to Watch IPL Live in the US (30% discount)

IPL needs any introduction? No way! In the event that you live in the US, you might wonder how you can watch IPL live streaming?

All IPL 2021 fans can now watch their favorite cricket live with legal options from official broadcasters on my platform! Thanks to Disney Bundle who has a 30% Discount to watch IPL, just $13.99 per Month, or ESPN plus at $6.99 per MonthMonth.

How to Subscribe to Hotstar in the USA:

To sign up for Hotstar, follow the measures outlined below.

  • Navigate to ‘’ in any tab or press the Subscribe Now Button.
  • Click Sign In and enter the requisite Email ID details.
  • Select Annual Subscription and press the ‘Start Subscription’ button.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Click on ‘Have a Coupon code?’ (Green color text just below the credit card/debit card option).
  • Enter the Hotstar Canada Promo Code: HOT45 and then click on ‘Start Subscription’ to begin streaming unlimited Indian content today.

I  recommended  you use a single person and your budget is low so that plan you use it

DISNEY + HOTSTAR = $44.99/YEAR on Appling Promo Code: HOT45

  • DISNEY +Shows ,Movies & kids content (dubbed)
  • Live sports: Including cricket ,premier league & formula
  • New Indian Movie Premieres
  • latest episodes of Indian TV shows at 6 AM Everyday

Hotstar coupon code:

There are various coupon codes available in the market, but all codes will give you only a 10% discount on the plan, but these codes have some partner offers. Please find all the popular Hotstar coupons below:

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Use Hotstar Promo Code: HOT45 & Get a 10% Instant discount. You will also get the below offers.

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Hotstar Subscription Offer USA Deals.

(1) $5 FLAT Discount with Hotstar Promo Code: HOT45.

(2) $50 Discover Credit voucher for New Subscriber.

 (3) GET $20 Rakuten Referral Promo.  Additionally  $10  Amazon GC after redeeming Rakuten offer.

(4) $20 DST Courier Gift Card which is redeemable on orders of $50.

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Total Benefits (Steps 1 to 4) $100= $5+$60+$40 & Items 5 is FREE.

IMPORTANT NOTE:- The Hotstar app is going away soon find your favorite Hotstar content on the Disney bundle

Your favorite Hotstar content is moving to The Disney Bundle, so you can continue to enjoy the best of Indian entertainment, including the VIVO IPL from September 19 onwards, ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Hotstar Specials, movies, and more! All alongside the best movies, shows, and sports from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

You can now access The Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu (ad-supported), and ESPN+ until October 1, 2021, for no additional fees beyond what you’ve already paid for your Hotstar subscription. Unlock your access to The Disney Bundle with the offer code as getting on your subscribed mail id by September 30, 2021.

If you redeem the offer code, your subscription to The Disney Bundle will be activated and will automatically renew after October 1, 2021, for $13.99/month or the then-current regular price unless you cancel before then. Should you need assistance redeeming your offer for The Disney Bundle, please contact Hulu Support at 888 265 6650.

Please note that the Hotstar app will be shut down in the US in the near future, but you will continue to have access until then. Before the Hotstar app is discontinued in the US, there will be some changes to where content can be found. You will find LIVE cricket on ESPN+, and your favorite Hotstar movies and shows on Hulu (ad-supported), as they become available. Click here for a full list of titles that will eventually be available with The Disney Bundle.

Want A Refund?

If you do not want access to The Disney Bundle, you may request a prorated refund for the time remaining on your Hotstar subscription. Our Customer Support team will process your refund request in approximately 7-10 business days. Please request your refund on or before September 30, 2021, your access code for The Disney Bundle will no longer be valid, or if you have already redeemed your code, your Disney Bundle subscription will be canceled.


Hotstar content on disney bundle shift
Hotstar content on Disney bundle shift

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Hotstar Serials:

Enjoy online streaming of exclusive TV shows & serials only on Disney+ Hotstar – the one-stop destination for the latest TV shows online.

Hotstar subscription

Hotstar Movies

Watch full movie streaming & trailers of all your favorite Bollywood, Hollywood Enjoy online streaming of Popular Hindi Movies videos on Disney+ Hotstar – the one-stop destination for all latest TV shows, blockbuster movies, live sports, and live News.

  • BAAGHI 3

In the US, you can subscribe to the affordable plan and watch Hotstar by downloading the official App or by visiting the official website.

In the event that you wish to access Indian shows, series, or movies that are not available in the USA, then you will ping Hotstar with a Geo warning as “This Content is currently unavailable in your region”.

This warning message prevents you from having access to all the shows and series on Hotstar India that exist on the Indian version. A VPN will bypass all the geo-restrictions, and let you access the whole Hotstar India Library.

A VPN provides users with a technology that switches the user’s location, turns them anonymous, and gives them access to restricted content on the Internet without interrupting the connection.

Like Netflix, Hotstar has also implemented the VPN Block’s feature that prevents VPNs from bypassing their restrictions. Not every VPN provider can unblock Hotstar’s geo-blocks, but some, however, will still work.

Please visit Hotstar US Library to access Hotstar content.

  • Hotstar Subscription to a VPN service that can unblock Hotstar VPN connections.
  • Install the official VPN software or application.
  • Try logging in and attempting to change your location from the United States to Delhi or Mumbai.
  • Open the Hostar App after selecting the prior location.
  • You now have access to the Hotstar US Library.
  • Your favorite series shows, and movies are right here.

Final Thought: 

You have access to such a large collection of content with Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu; however, it facilitates finding more content. You won’t find many competing services offering that content volume at such an appealing price. Indeed, some try-HBO Max having HBO, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Looney Tunes, and Turner Classic Movies under one roof is undoubtedly impressive-but getting that kind of value is a rarity nowadays. 

In addition to being budget-friendly, the Disney Bundle is a great choice for families because it offers a wide range of content that is fun for kids, teens, and adults alike.


(1) ESPN Plus subscriptions cost how much?

Access to exclusive sports events and programming is available to ESPN+ subscribers for $7 a month or $70 annually.
As of August 13, the service will cost $6 a month or $60 a year instead of the previous $6. Additionally, Hulu and Disney Plus are available for $14 a month when you bundle ESPN+ with them.

How to Get Disney Bundle for Free

1. To subscribe to The Disney Bundle as a new subscriber:
2. Please visit the Hulu signup page.
Then select Sign Up Now.
3. Please enter your email address, password, and personal information.
4. Payment information must be submitted.
5. Enable Disney+ and ESPN+
6. It’s all set!

(4) When will IPL be broadcast in the USA?

At,, or the ESPN App (mobile and connected devices), fans can subscribe to ESPN+ for $6.99 a month (or $69.99 per year). It is also available as part of The Disney Bundle that gives subscribers access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for $13.99/month (Hulu w/ads) or $19.99/month (Hulu w/o ads).

Is the Disney Bundle Worth It?

Disney Bundle: Is it worth it? The Disney+ deal is not only the best streaming deal, but it’s the best deal ever. Since Disney+ does not offer a free trial, the Disney Bundle is one of the best Disney+ deals online.

(6) How can I watch free cricket on Hotstar?

Download HotStar App from Google Play Store and install it on your Phone. Now, Go to the JIO TV app and search for Disney+HotStar Premium Content like movies, shows,s or IPL 2021 matches. When you click your desired movie, show, or match, it will redirect you to the Hotstar app and you can enjoy Hotstar Premium free with JIO

What is the Disney Plus bundle deal?

The Disney Plus bundle, as mentioned above, is an upgrade, bringing Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu together under one monthly fee. US customers can therefore enjoy all three platforms for just $13.99 a month.

(8) Can I use Indian Hotstar in the USA?

Hotstar is actually available in the UK and the US, but users in these countries can’t access the same movies and TV shows as those in India. This is because, like many other streaming services, Hotstar is geo-restricted
These services work by sending all of your internet traffic through a server in another country