11 Best Websites to Get Paid to Test Products

Yes, it is possible to earn by using different products and here you will know how you can get paid to test products. There are different stages and steps involved in testing products. you will get to know how to do product testing and also I will mention a few websites that pay you for testing products. After reading and understanding, you will understand why testing a product is a necessary task. 

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What is Product testing?

get paid to test products

The process of developing a product is not easy. Developing a product starts with understanding the market demand. Then it continues through different methods like ideation, validation, prototyping, and mass manufacturing.

Product testing is a research method that allows businesses to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. It occurs as a result of a customer’s consumption/usage behaviour, preferences, and reactions to a certain product. It makes no difference if your product is software or a non-durable consumer commodity.

Brands allow their audience to use or consume your products while receiving feedback on how the product is utilised, tastes or smells, and so on. In software product testing, you must ensure that all problems have a good user interface and experience.

Why is it necessary?

Brands pay for product testing because it is necessary to know what consumers think of their newly developed products before releasing them to stores, but they can’t do so without feedback from customers like you. 

Customers providing feedback on the brand’s new product development will enable them to save time and money if the product is unsuccessful and needs to be changed.

Why do people get paid to test products?

Testing products can help firms gather user feedback before releasing them. Due to this reason, they give away the goods for free in exchange for an honest review. After the testing period, they allow the tester to keep the item and also people get paid to test products.

Benefits of testing Products

Why product testing is necessary?

Improved Customer Credibility and Trust

Customers are more likely to believe in a tested product, primarily if a third party conducts the testing. Customers can rely on testing to guarantee that a product serves its intended purpose as planned. Additionally, it assures a product’s capabilities to investors, third-party partners, standards bodies, and other organizations.

Increase Affordability

Businesses employ testing to optimise their designs and manufacturing procedures to reduce production costs. The cost of fixing problems is reduced when discovered early in the product development cycle. A company may save money by doing quality assurance testing on a product before releasing it to the market and possibly avoiding warranty and litigation costs. It might also help to lessen the need for post-purchase assistance.

Decreased Product Development Time

Reduction in Product Development Time By identifying problems early on, testing a product throughout its development cycle helps save time to market. By doing this, the business avoids returning to the beginning to fix a design or manufacturing process error. Product testing results can also guide development work on the product in later stages.

Enhanced Quality and Reliability

Product testing can help companies enhance the reliability and quality of their products. Testing many ideas and designs enables a company to choose the one that performs the best, while other types of testing help locate and fix issues to boost reliability. All product testing steps lead to an improved product and happier customers.

Increases Sales Margin

Finally, product testing may improve a business’s profitability by reducing costs and raising revenues. Product testing can increase sales by generating interest in a product and incorporating test results into marketing materials. A better product is produced due to more excellent quality and dependability, which boosts sales.

Can you make money while Testing Products?

You can also be compensated for reviewing goods and receiving free merchandise from well-known companies by giving your frank Opinion. People from all across the world are becoming “product testers” for market research firms and they get paid to test products.

Even though many websites pay for surveys and paid product testing, not all of them do. Because of this, they were finding the top websites for product testing might be difficult for most people. This is so that they can create their product testing websites or collaborate with reliable businesses.

You can make money by testing various products and specializing in a particular speciality. You might adore software, shoes, wearables, cosmetics, beauty products, etc.

Types of Testing Products

There are two ways in which product testing is done. 

In-Home Usage Test

  • Products are transported to the target market for IHUT studies, which perform consumer research in their homes.
  • Customers experiment with the product in their homes, preparing it, consuming it, and sharing their results.
  • Companies and platforms carry out IHUTs for mobile and online market research.

Central Location Test

  • Consumers are enlisted in CLT studies to take part in scientific research in regulated settings.
  • Consumers visit these areas to use or consume products and share their experiences in these controlled surroundings, such as a mall or a lab.
  • Conventional market research firms carry out CLTs.

Websites that pay money for Testing Products


OneOpinion is an additional website for product reviews that is expanding quickly. To assist businesses in growing, it surveys fresh goods and services. You can get paid for your time and frank ideas while also assisting them in producing better goods. There are numerous reliable options for them to earn some extra cash. Members of OneOpinion can test products before they are even made available to the public.


Procter & Gamble is the owner of the product testing website SuperSavvyMe. This website runs a product testing project through marketing campaigns and is mainly built around several Procter and Gamble brands.

You may score a respectable haul of cosmetics and apparel from companies like Wella, Braun, Olay, and MaxFactor. You can also download the SuperSavvy app to participate in weekly, cost-free product testing. Additionally, you may join our SavvyCircle community to represent the companies you love as an ambassador.

Clicks Research

A survey website that also conducts product testing is called Clicks Research. It asserts that it has over 500,000 members who direct the delivery of goods and services globally. The website offers a variety of items for testing, including cosmetics, weight-loss products, everyday foods, and beverages.

Additionally, Clicks Research offers paid survey options that let you accumulate points. You can withdraw your earnings once you’ve reached the specified criteria.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a top market research firm that pays consumers to participate in internet surveys to express their opinions. Data, a pioneer in internet market research, is the website owner.

Secret shoppers and product testers can both work on this site. Some of the largest companies in the world have ties to Opinion Outpost. You might anticipate earning fast money from home while promoting your preferred products.

J.J. Friends & Neighbors

One of the top and largest healthcare firms, Johnson & Johnson, owns brands including Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Roc, and others. The J.J. Friends & Neighbors program is also held there. Before the products are out on the market, it allows you to test and store them.

The Neighbors program offers online forums, focus groups, and product testing opportunities to discuss new product ideas. Prepaid gift cards are also available. Some studies compensate you with a prepaid Visa Gift card in exchange for your insightful evaluation of skincare or health and wellness items.


Another website that administers product trial programs is BzzAgent, which works with well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Tesco, Cadbury, Dove, and Garnier. If you are more active on social media platforms and share product testing with friends and family, you will have more opportunities to test products.

Your hobbies and demographics are two of the most critical factors in choosing customers for any product. Assume you often write reports, do surveys, take photos, and post about your experiences on social media. You’ll perform well on BzzAgent in that situation.


One of the most well-known websites for paid product testing is UserTesting, which collaborates with companies including H.P., Samsung, Adobe, Alaska Airlines, and Ford. User testing tries to gather exact data and comments from the target market regarding the goods and services.

To get data, brand product users film videos of themselves discussing the product. Opening the container and using the actual product are the first steps in the review process.


The second-largest athletic goods company in the world, Adidas, oversees the program. You can test Adidas footwear and sometimes apparel through this program. You have the chance to test-drive your preferred Adidas footwear or equipment using this program, which is similar to an offline survey.

You may free test the newest Adidas sporting clothes, new arrivals, and designs. This exam program is suitable for you if you enjoy sports. Before they hit the market, new Adidas items will be tested and made available to you.

Toluna Influencers

With the help of the internet platform Toluna Influencers, you may make some additional cash while having your Opinion heard. Online games, polls, tests, and other activities are available on the website and mobile application.

More than 10 million individuals have enrolled on this website, one of the most popular online survey platforms. Toluna is one of the most significant survey platforms you may choose because it has a strong Trustpilot rating of 3.3 out of 5. Products for the home, cuisine, fashion, and cosmetics are all included in the product testing survey. Toluna selects product testers from a pool of candidates at random.

Playtest Cloud

For developers, PlaytestCloud provides a one-stop shop for testing mobile games at various phases, such as during development, prototyping, soft launches, and testing post launches. As a game tester, you may sign up with PlaytestCloud and earn some additional cash. To join and expand their network, mobile game players can also use Playtestcloud.

How to do product testing?

Product Testing Checklist

You will learn about several product testing stages in this area, which will help you better understand this industry and how to work in it. Then there will be opportunities to get paid to test products.

Check Requirement Development

You must first choose the things to test and the components of the product to examine. The qualities you’ll need to consider for the product testing depend on your objectives.

To assess if the product achieves its goal satisfactorily, you must also choose the standards by which you will evaluate the outcomes of your test. A contract, an industry standard, or a governmental directive may include these conditions. Sometimes the manufacturer or testing facility must create these on its own. The information you gathered in this stage will guide the following action.

Make Test Plan Development

The next step is to prepare a test plan, a document outlining your testing strategy. The scope of the tests, the approach you’ll take, the tools and other resources needed, and the testing schedule will all be covered in this plan.

The best action is to be as specific as possible while creating your test strategy. You must follow strict guidelines and requirements to guarantee the validity of your test. This document may help develop your test plan if you’re running a test to verify compliance with a standard, regulatory requirement, or contractual need.

Do Testing in a Suitable Environment

After that, the testing environment will be set up following the criteria for the product testing you specified in your plan. You will start conducting the tests in line with your predefined strategy once the testing environment has been set up and all necessary equipment is in place.

It is crucial to follow the test plan during the actual testing rigorously. To ensure that the test is successfully administered and the results are given, you must monitor the exam as necessary and properly document the findings.

Check and Evaluate Results

You will assess the exam’s outcomes and report them after that. Any product failures or performance issues can be investigated to determine the underlying cause and how to address such issues in upcoming design iterations to improve product performance or prevent product failures. If the test has problems, you must look into them, change your test plan, and retake the evaluation.


After reading this post, you must understand that product testing can also be one of the professional careers to be chosen to make money. But Companies and brands also provide their products to influencers or reviewers with a significant number of followers to make videos or posts for their brand and product for promotion. If you are interested in this job and want to get paid to test products, Then you can try applying at different websites and on Amazon.