27 best places for handmade items to be sold online

In recent years, the best places for handmade items to be sold online or the handmade crafts industry has grown from a small niche to large industry. Etsy is a pioneer in allowing makers of all types to sell and market their products online to a worldwide audience.

However, Etsy isn’t the only place to sell handmade crafts online. Here are 27 websites where you can sell and market your handmade or homemade crafts and find new customers.

Homemade Crafts

The global craft market is growing as more individuals sell their creations on craft websites. Flea markets no longer limit the kinds of handmade crafts that can be sold.

It is the best places for handmade items to be sold online

1. Etsy

Etsy One of the most popular online marketplaces for artisans, Etsy allows artisans of all types to sell their handmade crafts. The site sells both handmade and vintage items and craft supplies. The site charges users a small listing fee and a commission on sales, but creating an account is free. Both sellers and shoppers benefit from its active community. The site offers categories for nearly anything you can imagine.

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2. ArtFire

The ArtFire marketplace is another well-known indie marketplace with a strong sense of community. The company also offers paid accounts to more experienced sellers who need more inventory space.

3. Supermarket

Supermarket, for example, aims to connect customers directly with designers. There are only four categories: everything, wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints. Users can browse by item type or directly visit the designers’ stores. The design is simple and clean with a designer directory.

4. eCrater

The online marketplace and store builder eCrater are both free. Setting up your own online store is free for sellers. eBay stores can also be imported into eCrater. 

5. Free Craft Fair

The Free Craft Fair is not an actual marketplace but rather a directory of handmade businesses. Various crafters and handmade shop owners are featured on the website regularly. The site also includes some resources for crafty businesses.

6. Handmade Artists’ Shop

Crafters and artists started Handmade Artists’ Shop as a community forum to share their products and seek and share advice among themselves. The site now allows you to browse and purchase products directly.

7. Folksy

The Folksy marketplace is a U.K. online marketplace for handmade and homemade crafts. You can purchase jewelry, clothing, and art supplies on the site. There’s also a forums section and blog, so there’s an active community around the platform.

8. Misi

MISI is a U.K.-based marketplace where users can set up a shop for free, then pay listing fees and commissions when they sell. Products include fashion, bath and beauty, art, food, and more.

9. Dawanda

Dawanda is a worldwide community of craftspeople and artisans. Registering for an account enables sellers to create their own collections of products to sell. As well as commenting and joining in on discussions in forums and groups, sellers can also interact with other sellers.

10. SpoonFlower

SpoonFlower focuses on a more specific niche than many of the other sites on this list. Designers can use the platform to create their own patterns for fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. After designing fabrics, designers can sell them or use them to create other handmade items.

11. The zibbet

Zibbet is a marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade crafts online, from fine art and photography to vintage items and craft supplies. Using the site is free, but users can pay for additional exposure on the site, which will make their items appear earlier in search results.

12. I Made It Market

I Made It Market provides a directory of different craft fairs and events where makers can sell their products. The website also offers a variety of different services for creative entrepreneurs, such as social media management and online marketing.

13. iCraft

A handmade item is the only item available on iCraft. This means there are no vintage items, food items, or craft supplies. There are three plans ranging from $5 to $15 per month. There is no commission charged on sales.

14. Bonanza

With Bonanza, users can sell handmade crafts online by listing their handmade products and automatically publishing them on major buying channels like Shopping on Google. Bonanza also offers users the option to create websites from their product listings as well as photography help.

15. Made It Myself

Account creation is free, but listings and sales commissions must be paid. You can create a showcase, a collection of products you want to sell, on Made It Myself for free. Additionally, sellers can designate a price that is open to negotiation.

16. eBay

eBay is well known for selling all kinds of products, including handmade and homemade crafts. There used to be a separate marketplace for sustainable items, which was a good fit for many handcrafted artisans. Since it discontinued that marketplace, the company has worked on several green initiatives that are likely to fit with various handmade products.

17. Renegade Craft

Renegade Craft is a series of craft fairs that take place in several cities throughout the year. Renegade has a web presence, which it uses to promote its sellers from time to time. There are no listings of products for sale on the website.

18. Maker Faire

An alternative series of events is Maker Faire, which targets artisans and other DIY enthusiasts. The events feature DIY demonstrations and products from independent makers.

19. Society6

The site Society6 caters to artists and designers. On the site, artists can upload their work, and it will automatically become available in a variety of formats, including art prints, phone cases, mugs, clocks, and even leggings. Sellers can, however, specify how much profit they want to make on top of that base price.

20. LocalHarvest

We are an online directory of organic and local food providers, such as small farms, farmers’ markets, and other independent food producers.

21. Alibaba

Alibaba is an online platform designed for B2-B transactions. It allows businesses to create profiles and list products and supplies for sale to other businesses. Consider Alibaba if other businesses can use your product to create end products for consumers.

22. Meylah

Meylah is an eCommerce site that allows crafters and other small business owners to sell handmade crafts online. A seller can list physical products for sale and digital products such as patterns, tutorials, and digital downloads.

23. Sourcing Handmade

An online platform that connects makers and artisans with businesses looking to sell handmade goods. Source Handmade describes itself as a virtual trade show. It allows independent makers to sell their products wholesale. Businesses can even place orders directly on the site.

24. Craft Site Directory

The website features a huge selection of craft-related content, as the name suggests. This includes craft items for sale, tutorials, and other resources for crafters and makers.

25. GLC Arts and Crafts Mall

The GLC Arts and Crafts Mall offer a few different monthly plans for artists and crafters to sell their products. Each plan includes a flat monthly rate with no commissions or setup fees.

26. Handmade By Amazon (U.S.)

In order to compete with Etsy, Amazon jumped on the handmade bandwagon. The majority of the company’s traffic comes from the U.S., despite being a global company.


Currently, Amazon does not charge a listing fee (meaning you can list as many items as you like for free), but they take a 15% commission on each sale.

These are the fees if you listed five items on Amazon Handmade and Etsy and sold one $20 item on each:

Fees on Etsy: $3.35 total ($1.30 for listing fees, $1 commission fee, and approximately $1.05 for payment processing).

Fees for Amazon Handmade: $3 total (20 x 15% commission fee).

27. How to Sell Handmade Crafts Through Facebook

  • Use your social media accounts to sell your products if you have active accounts with engaged followers.
  • It is not a great idea to post products and tell people to message you or comment about buying; that is not a streamlined purchase process.
  • Online shoppers expect to be able to purchase items in just a few clicks of the mouse. When you need them to message you to inquire about purchasing, which is followed by several steps to transfer money, you are likely going to lose several sales. Instead, use a platform like Ecwid.


Handmade items can be sold online through your own website, on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, on niche sites like Etsy and Big Cartel, and on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Handmade items can also be sold wholesale to other businesses.


Can I sell homemade items on Facebook?

If you don’t share your Facebook Page with your friends and their friends, you won’t build a following of potential homemade craft customers. 
You can pay Facebook for targeted marketing to specific types of Facebook users — in this case, people who indicate that they like your content.

Is the Facebook marketplace an option for selling handmade items?

Easy or Artfire are both options. Facebook offers marketing tools that can help you market your products. Your customers will be able to browse your homemade craft image gallery, share images of your products and leave comments, but they won’t be able to buy anything without visiting an e-commerce website.

What is the most popular item in the world?

Fashion items and clothing
What is the most popular item in the world? Fashion and clothing items are the most popular. It includes clothing for men and women as well as shoes, accessories, and more for children. Fashion never goes out of style!

How much money do crafters make?

Yes, you can make living selling crafts, and you do not have to go into debt to start one. You don’t need a retail space or a lot of inventory, and most crafts don’t require expensive equipment or tools, so startup costs are low.