Alternatives To Western Union: 5 Best Money Transfer Apps

Need to send money to relatives or friends abroad, but are looking for options other than Western Union? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best Alternatives To Western Union. 

These alternatives are convenient, reliable, and cost-effective for individuals and businesses who wish to transfer money. Whether you’re sending money or paying for goods and services abroad, exploring these alternatives can help you find the best option.

So, let’s take a look at the Alternatives To Western Union that makes sending money internationally easier.

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Alternatives To Western Union

The following are the best Alternatives To Western Union

1. Remitly

Remitly is a company that helps people send money abroad. The service allows you to send money quickly and safely to your loved ones. With Remitly, you can send money to over 150 countries around the world. 


Easy to Use: Remitly’s website and mobile app make sending money easy, so you can complete the transaction in just a few clicks.

Fast Transfers: Depending on the location of your recipient, your money can reach its destination within minutes.

Multiple Delivery Options: The recipient can choose to receive money via direct deposit, cash pickup, or home delivery in some locations.

24/7 Support: Remitly provides 24/7 customer support so that you can get support at any time.

Fees & Exchange Rate:

Fees: Remitly charges a fee for their service, which varies depending on factors such as the amount, the location, and the speed of delivery.

Exchange Rate: When you send money via Remitly, your currency is also converted to the recipient’s currency. In some cases, they add a markup to the official exchange rate you see in the news.


  • Easy to use.
  • Variety of Delivery Options.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Higher fees for fast transfers.
  • Exchange Rate Markup.
  • Limited Reach for some locations.

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2. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is another money transfer service that lets you send money overseas. It’s like a digital wallet that lets you send money abroad easily and conveniently, making it easier for them to support their loved ones. With Worldremit, you can send money to 130+ countries. It also offer mobile apps and online services.


Easy Online Platform: WorldRemit offers both a website and a mobile app for sending money abroad.

Various Transfer Options: There are several ways to transfer money, including bank deposits, cash pickups, mobile money, or airtime top-ups.

Quick Transfers: Sending money with WorldRemit often takes only a few minutes, sometimes immediately.

User-Friendly Interface: This platform is designed to be easy to use, even for those who do not have technology experience.

Track Transactions: Track your money transfer from beginning to end so you know when it was sent and received.

Fees & Exchange Rate:

Fees: WorldRemit charges fees for each transaction. There are several factors that affect the amount, including how much money you send, where money is being sent from, and where it is being sent to.

Exchange Rate: WorldRemit offers exchange rates to convert your money into the recipient’s currency. The rates may vary and may include a markup compared to the midmarket rate.


  • Speedy transfers.
  • Multiple Transfer Options.
  • Convenience & Transparency.


  • Higher fees.
  • Exchange rate margin.
  • Limited Reach.

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3. Wise

The Wise platform is like a digital bank that lets you move money internationally. It is an online platform that makes sending money abroad easier and cheaper. With Wise you can send to over 70+ countries. It also lets you hold money in over 40+ currencies.


Online Platform: With Wise, you can send money internationally online. To make a transfer, you can use their website or app.

Transparent Pricing: Wise has transparent pricing, so you know exactly how much you will pay upfront.

Borderless Account: Wise offers a borderless account feature that lets you manage your money in many different currencies.

Fast Transfers: Wise enables you to transfer funds quickly, often in minutes, depending on the currency.

Multi-Currency Support: Wise supports a wide range of currencies, making it suitable for sending money internationally.

Fees & Exchange Rate:

Low Fees: Wise typically charges lower fees than other money transfer services and traditional banks.

Fair Exchange Rates: Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate, which you can find on Google or Reuters. Thus, you get a fair exchange rate without hidden fees.


  • Low  Cost.
  • Real Exchange Rate.
  • Transparency.
  • Fast Transfers.
  • Borderless Account.


  • Bank Account Required.
  • Limited Delivery Options.
  • Not Available Everywhere.

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4. XE

Xe Money Transfer is a service that lets you transfer money to people around the world. With Xe money transfer you can send money to over 200 countries in 100+ currencies. It’s a convenient, hassle-free way to transfer money internationally.


Online Platform: With Xe Money Transfer, you can send money to people in other countries via their website or mobile app.

Global Reach: Xe Money Transfer offers transfers to 200 countries worldwide, which makes it suitable for sending money around the world.

Competitive Exchange Rates: Xe Money Transfer offers competitive exchange rates, so you may get more money for your currency.

Transfer Options: Various methods of receiving money are available, such as direct bank deposits or wire transfers.

Track Transfers: You can track your transfer to see when it has been sent and when your recipient receives it.

Fees & Exchange Rate:

Low Fees: Xe Money Transfer typically charges low fees for international transfers, making it cost-effective. Fees for money transfers vary depending on the method of payment, the currency, and the country.

Competitive Exchange Rates: It offers competitive exchange rates, so you may get better rates than at traditional banks.


  • Widespread Coverage.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Transfer tracking.


  • Limited Transfer Options.
  • Not always the cheapest option.

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5. OFX

OFX is an online platform that facilitates international money transfers. OFX allows you to send money internationally more conveniently and at a lower cost, whether it is to support your loved ones or to manage your business internationally. It also offers money transfer services to more than 170+ countries and 50+ currencies.


Online Platform: OFX allows you to send money internationally online. To initiate a transfer, you can use their website or app.

Global Coverage: OFX supports transfers to many countries around the world, making it suitable for a wide range of international transfers.

Customer Support: The OFX customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have related to your transfers.

Risk Management Tools: OFX offers forward contracts and limit orders for managing exchange rate risk.

Fees & Exchange Rate:

Fees: With OFX, international money transfers are typically cheaper than with traditional banks. A flat fee is charged by OFX for transactions below a certain amount. You may occasionally be charged a fee by third-party banks before your transfer is paid. The fee can vary, and OFX does not receive any part of it.

Exchange Rates: The exchange rate offered by OFX may be better than other services, allowing you to receive more money in the recipient’s currency.


  • Cost-Effective.
  • Global Coverage.
  • Provides dedicated support.
  • Risk Management Tools.
  • Competitive Exchange Rates.


  • Transfer Fees.
  • No Cash Pickup.
  • Limited Features.


There are a number of Alternatives To Western Union available for sending money internationally, each with its own features and benefits. Services like Remitly, WorldRemit, Wise, Xe Money Transfer, and OFX provide competitive rates, low fees, and transparent pricing. 

However, it’s important to consider delivery options, exchange rates, fees, and availability in the recipient’s country when deciding which service is best for you. 

We hope that in this article you have got a lot of information about Alternatives To Western Union.

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How to get money from Western Union without ID?

Western Union offers a “pay without ID” option. It would allow the recipient to use a pseudonym (fake name) along with pre-arranged test questions.

Can you get MoneyGram without ID?

No, you cannot get MoneyGram without a valid government-issued ID. 

Can you pick up money from Walmart without ID?

No, you cannot pick up money at Walmart without a valid government-issued ID. To prevent fraud and ensure transaction security, Walmart requires ID.

Can I receive MoneyGram on my debit card?

Yes, you can receive MoneyGram on your debit card.